Table of Contents

I. Introduction:

  1. Has Your Neighbor Been Brainwashed About Lyndon LaRouche?

  2. How The Bankruptcy Shutdown Rigged The LaRouche Trial

  3. Judges in LaRouche Cases Cite Gov't Misconduct

II. The Court Record

  1. Summary of the Relevant Evidence on the Record

  2. LaRouche Testifies on his Case

  3. U.S.A. vs. LaRouche: 'He's a Bad Guy, But We Can't Tell You Why,'
    by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

  4. Addendum I:
    The John Train Salon and the Evidence of Criminal Fraud Filed with Fourth Circuit Court

  5. Addendum II: John Train Salon Delivered Perjured Testimony

III. Political Prisoners in Virginia

  1. It's Time for Truth-In-Justice in Virginia

  2. Ollie North's Cronies Targetted LaRouche