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This article appears in the June 10, 2011 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Germany's Nuclear Phase-Out Means
Deindustrialization and Genocide

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

This article is translated from German.

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Wiesbaden, June 4—The Merkel government and most of the German party establishment, as though dominated by some deviant swarm-intelligence, are plunging to their own demise, and that of Germany as an industrial nation. The consensus behind a nuclear phase-out reflects about as much survival instinct as lemmings display in their periodic migrations. The phase-out of nuclear energy—in the context of the final stage of the collapse of the global financial system—will soon lead to the deindustrialization of Germany and the collapse of its social system; the massive reduction of German industrial potential, in a world of hunger and poverty, means genocide, plain and simple.

Even among energy experts, there seems to be some mental block to a clear understanding of the costs of this reckless adventure, and the public, dazed by the constant static from the media, is permitting itself to collectively ignore the massive cuts in living standards that are going to hit it. And even though the utility companies are forecasting that very cold days this Winter will pose a serious threat to the power supply, and the Bundestag's Office of Technology Assessment fears the consequences of a major power failure, on the level of a "national disaster," in which, after a few hours, basic power supplies would collapse, the watchword is still obviously: "Shut your eyes and keep on going!"

There will, of course, be direct costs—in the form of **costly** investments in the expansion of offshore and other wind farms, transnational electricity networks, new coal and gas power plants, geothermal plants, pumped storage hydropower stations, etc., meaning an increase in consumer prices—and then **indirectly through the increase in production costs.** We hear that supposedly something like EU200 billion will be spent on plant conversion by 2020, and households will pay EU40-80 per year in additional costs. There are supposed to be "winners" in this business, such as craftsmen, contractors for solar and wind energy, etc.—as well as "losers," namely the operators of energy-intensive industries such as aluminum, steel, and paper. But these alleged costs, which are calculated in monetarist categories such as euro sums, do not give the entire picture at all.

What about the warnings from EU Energy Commissioner Gunther Oettinger, who attacked the German government on Feb. 27—just under two weeks before Fukushima—for Germany's high electricity prices, which would lead to "gradual deindustrialization," he said, because companies will relocate their production facilities—no longer due to high domestic wages, but rather to the high cost of importing electricity? And where does the government really get the confidence that financially precarious energy companies that are hit by the nuclear phase-out will still want to invest in Germany at all? That gradual deindustrialization threatens to turn into precipitous deindustrialization.

The actual costs, from the standpoint of the physical economy, lie not only in euro sums and the relocation of businesses, but in the reduced total productivity of the economy because of the lower energy flux-density, which is several orders of magnitude less with so-called renewable energies than with nuclear power. This reduction will obliterate the entire complex system, and that will really bring us to the "Great Transformation" propagandized by Hans Joachim Schellnhuber's WBGU[1]: namely, the explicitly desired deindustrialization of Germany. Have we really become so collectively insane as to accept that?

'The Kleptocratic Culture of the Elites'

In connection with the financial crisis, Wolfgang Hetzer, Europe's top anti-corruption fighter and the head of Intelligence: Strategic Assessment & Analysis at the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), gave an interview on June 1 in Brussels to Die Welt, in which he placed the blame for the financial crisis on a financial mafia, whose sole motives are greed, privilege, and personal enrichment. No less to blame for the crisis, he said, are the "political accomplices" who let lawyers for the financial industry draft the laws that affect the financial sector (e.g., Guttenberg, Linklaters, Freshfields), and allow the State, as Norbert Blüm said, to become the "gamblers' lookout man."

Unfortunately, it cannot be denied that, as Hetzer says, politics has not only been dragged by the nose around the world stage by the financial sector, but also 00that they are equally complicit with those financial interests that are switching over to renewable energy, and consider the new sale of Indulgences—CO2 emissions trading—as the new bubble for their casino economy. For it is quite demonstrably the hedge funds and investment banks that, along with the operators of wind farms, solar installations, dealers in CO2 emission certificates, and the eco-counterculture "experts," who are among the beneficiaries of the new "enrichment orgies." One need only look at the list of funding partners of Schellnhuber's European Climate Foundation, to see "which way the wind is blowing." And as usual, the "political accomplices" are on the scene.

It is well documented that both the theory of anthropogenic climate change, and the thesis of alleged limits to growth, are swindles invented by these financial interests. The climate on Earth is not determined by the negligible man-made CO2 emissions, but from long-term cyclical processes in our galaxy and related processes in our Solar System, which are also responsible for the current increased frequency of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, etc. But since you can't make a killing on an investment in relevant research or remote-sensing satellites, both have been scaled down by the Obama Administration, as well as the EU.

In light of these real threats, which will increase in the coming years, Schellnhuber's "Great Transformation," which is the basis for the government's nuclear phase-out, would be the sure path to suicide of the human species, because we would drive into an ideological impasse the very scientific and industrial capacities that are urgently needed to better understand the scientific principles at work in our universe.

Just how fatal such aberrations are, is demonstrated by the current political helplessness and disorientation of the private hospitals in the face of the E. coli pathogen, which has, within days, caused "more diseases and deaths than nuclear power in the 60 years of its use as an energy source in this country," as the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung wrote. The health sector is certainly one area that should by no means be privatized, and thereby oriented to the profit motive. But unfortunately, this is an integral aspect of the wrong direction that has been tolerated by what Hetzer calls the "culture of kleptocratic elites" in the past four decades.

Foreign Countries Are Not Deterred

Fortunately, countries such as Russia, China, India, South Korea, France, and many others are not confused by the deviant swarm-intelligence of some Germans, and have intensified their research and investment in all relevant areas, such as nuclear energy—especially the high-temperature reactor and fusion power—manned spaceflight, and earthquake and volcano early-warning systems.

For Germany, however, the path that it is taking poses the greatest danger. It threatens us not only with an eco-dictatorship which, as the WBGU report adequately demonstrates, would subject all areas of life to the fanatics' strict regimentation. And so it is no surprise that Gerhard Schick, the financial expert of the Greens, described the proposal of European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet for a European Financial Ministry, to dictate the national budgets, as an "important impulse." Eco-dictatorship and financial dictatorship are one and the same thing.

Belatedly, but hopefully not too late, numerous articles are appearing both at home and abroad, exposing the unsavory "brown" tradition of the environmentalist movement—from Svante Arrhenius, the Swedish inventor of anthropogenic climate change, racial hygiene, and the idea of the superiority of the Nordic race; to the parallels drawn by Die Welt on June 3, 2011, between the current nuclear phase-out and "the U-turn" (die Kehre) of avowed National Socialist and technology-hater Martin Heidegger.

The word "irreversible" has a good chance of being declared the 2011 Ugliest Word of the Year,[2] for neither the nuclear phase-out, nor the European Monetary Union, nor the bailout policy, nor globalization, are irreversible. They are all just different aspects of an oligarchical policy whose failure is becoming obvious, not least because young people in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, and other countries are taking a stand against it; they know that this policy has stolen their future from them.

In the United States, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur's (D-Ohio) bill, H.R. 1489, reintroducing the Glass-Steagall standard—a two-tier banking system in the tradition of Franklin D. Roosevelt—is winning solid support in both houses of Congress, and on a nonpartisan basis, as well as from leading trade unions, business associations, mayors, city councils, and even bankers and board members of the Federal Reserve. If this bill is adopted—and it probably will be very soon—the oligarchic control of the world and the power of kleptocratic elites will be broken.

[1] The German Advisory Counciil on Global Change (WBGU), which is headed by Dr. Hans Joachim (John) Schellnhuber, Honorary Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE), on April 6 issued a report titled World in Transition: A Social Contract for Sustainability. Schellnhuber is a climate advisor to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. See See Helga Zepp-LaRouche, "No to Global Gleichschaltung: Make June 17 the Day of German Resistance," EIR, May 6, 2011; and several articles in EIR, May 13, 2011.

[2] This "competition" has been ongoing since 1994.

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