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This article appears in the September 27, 2013 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Germany's Future Will Be Very Different:
The Bell Jar Will Crack!

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

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Sept. 21—Historians will one day assess the 2013 election campaign in Germany as the most extreme example of how an already washed-up establishment tried ruthlessly to keep any reality out of the public debate, so as not to endanger its own power. It was afraid that the political situation would go out of control if the voters grasped what was really going on. Ironically, it made no fundamental difference which coalition came to power, because no combination of parties was mentally able to go beyond the limits of the post-democratic zoo into which the Federal Republic of Germany has deteriorated.

Since there is no doubt that all the leaders of the parliamentary parties know very well that the objective of the European Union's and the financial elite's draconian austerity measures is to reduce living standards and even shorten lives, we are talking about deliberate fraud against the voters. It will become clear very soon after the election, at the end of the fiscal year, that it is not only Greece that needs a new bailout. The escalating economic collapse of all the southern European countries will reveal the collapse of the euro experiment, and all indications are that the entire trans-Atlantic financial system will disintegrate very soon; it is not a particular bank, but the whole system of "Too Big To Fail" banks, that is threatening to go under.

With this in mind, the Fed, the European Central Bank, the Bank of England, the European Commission, the Financial Stability Board, the Bank for International Settlements, and the various finance ministries are gung-ho to push through the so-called "bail-in," also known as the Cyprus template. This means that, just as happened in Cyprus in March, depositors will have to pay the banks' debts, and, with a hierarchy of creditors that favors the banks and derivatives bets, a large portion of the general public's accounts will be expropriated. This would amount to cold-blooded expropriation of the population's savings, radically driving down the real economy and living standards.

The outrageous scandal is that the plans for expropriation of citizens' savings were kept out of the election campaigns by all the parties represented in parliament. The proponents of the bail-in only organized "internal" meetings, such as that with former Deutsche Bank chief economist Thomas Mayer and Hesse Minister of Finance Thomas Shepherd, at the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Wiesbaden, where the inner circle was given the line that "there is no alternative to the Cyprus method."

Only when activists of the Civil Rights Solidarity Movement (BüSo) spoke at other parties' campaign events, were the issues of the coming crash and the intention to pay off the gamblers' debts with the citizens' earnings presented to shocked audiences. The cynical and facetious remark on the Heute-Show, that after the elections, a Grand Coalition (multi-party government) will send our bank accounts on a "Cyprus holiday," shows that the proposed expropriation is actually a done deal.

Fed Chairman "Helicopter Ben" Bernanke did not dare to scale back the wonderful (hyperinflationary) monetary expansion during the recent Federal Open Market Committee meeting, knowing that without a permanent flow of virtually unlimited liquidity, the collapse would be triggered in an instant. Advocates of high-risk, globalized speculation have long behaved like junkies who cannot do without their next fix.

House of Cards in Germany

Yet, there is another house of cards that will collapse in Germany: the model of the energy shift, derided by the whole world, in which the phase-out of nuclear power was adopted whole-hog, without an even remotely workable economic alternative. Institutions and experts at the behest of the federal government are now pushing for the so-called Premium Model, a scheme for modernization of heating systems, which threatens to be even more expensive than "green" electricity. The Heinrich Böll Foundation, which is close to the Greens, also knows very well how this is supposed to be paid for: A levy system will pass on the costs to customers. Small and medium-sized enterprises that can, are trying to outsource their operations abroad, while many others are threatened with imminent insolvency.

Germany faces a blowout, from many standpoints. Chancellor Merkel succeeded, with her "asymmetric demobilization" of the population, in keeping reality out of the election campaign, replacing it with staged "debates" orchestrated by PR firms. But this threatens to tragically backfire, if those who are presently doing well, soon fall from the media's cloud-cuckoo land to the hard ground of the financial collapse. Another section of our compatriots know that they are being literally betrayed and sold out, from the Hartz-4 workfare program and one-euro jobs, to pension reduction and planned bank account expropriation.

But the crisis in Germany has a much deeper dimension. The NSA scandal has forced us once again to be painfully conscious that we are not a sovereign nation. Closely related to this, a growing proportion of the population is suspended in a virtual, ahistorical vacuum, apparently without any relationship to its cultural roots, for which younger people often do not even know the names. Behavior modification by the Congress for Cultural Freedom, a huge CIA operation after the Second World War to change the axiomatic basis of German consciousness using social engineering, did its work: Only relatively few today identify themselves with the best period of German history, the "German Classic," or with the enormously long list of pioneering scientists and inventors who would entitle Germany to a premier place among nations.

The lack of a collective sense of national identity, reinforced by an ever-deeper distrust of politics (whose representatives are seen as law enforcement officers for the financial oligarchy), has created a dangerous sense of political powerlessness, which in turn promotes escape into mindless consumerism and a supposed "fun society." In other words, German society's identity is extremely fragile, and the moment that the bottom falls out, and neither technical gadgets nor the illusion of three-day weekends can assuage the inner emptiness, an implosion with unforeseeable consequences threatens.

Grounds for Optimism

But there is hope! President Obama's star is setting, and with it the whole war faction in the U.S. and the U.K. Opposition voices are multiplying, like former CIA analyst Philip Giraldi calling for impeachment of Obama, because the intelligence agencies under his command are working with avowed enemies of the United States, such as the Saudi-financed al-Qaeda groupings. The truth about the real sponsors of terrorism, especially the ominous role of Saudi Arabia's intelligence chief and former ambassador to Washington, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, is even penetrating the columns of the Wall Street Journal, stiffening the will in Congress to clean up treasonous elements within its own ranks.

There is also hope, because the ideas of the BüSo are being heard, even if the election results reflect the dynamics of the post-democratic zoo more than strategic reality. Chinese President Xi Jingping, at the latest conference of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, placed on the agenda the expansion of the New Silk Road, a program that the BüSo has been developing since the disintegration of the Soviet Union, in the form of the Eurasian Land-Bridge. For Germany, cooperation with the Pacific nations will be the way out, when the collapse of the trans-Atlantic financial system and the euro, and the failure of the shift to green energy, have made it clear that the post-industrial, Green, monetarist paradigm was a tragic aberration.

The chances are good that the United States will re-adopt the Glass-Steagall Act. Among other indications of this, is that the six major Wall Street banks have already made the provision of outsourcing their riskiest derivatives transactions to offshore markets. If the United States were to return to its republican tradition, and Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, India, and other nations were to put together a crash program for the development of thermonuclear fusion and achieve the next higher economic platform, then sovereign Germany, freed from the stranglehold of the EU dictatorship, would have reasonable partners for the creation of a design for our planet that is not a zoo, but rather, part of our Solar System and our galaxy. (Voyager 1 has, incidentally, just left our Solar System and entered interstellar space.)

Germany may again find her identity! We can again become the nation of poets, thinkers, and inventors!

Translated from German by Daniel Platt

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