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This article appears in the December 4, 2020 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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New Green Fascism, or
New Paradigm for Mankind?

On November 21, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, founder and Chairwoman of the Schiller Institute, addressed the world on the extreme danger that we are falling into a new fascism, which is centered on the replacement of sovereign governments by central banks and universal mega-banks to impose a global “Green Finance,” cutting off credit to fossil-fuel and nuclear technologies, and the industries and agriculture dependent on those fuels, under the fraudulent claim of anthropogenic global warming. This is the edited transcript of her presentation. The full broadcast is available here.

WEF/swiss-image.ch/Jolanda Flubacher
Left: WEF; right: UN/Rick Bajomas
In the forefront of the Great Reset. Clockwise from top left: Mark Carney, Christine Lagarde, Michael Bloomberg, and Prince Charles.

We are only 75 years away from the end of World War II. At that time, people said, “Never again!” to fascism. Under the horrible experience of World War II, of the terrible victimization of so many people around the world by this war, people meant it. They really wanted to establish principles and an economic and political order so that this would never happen again.

The Great Reset

I hate to tell you, but we are now in front of the danger of the immediate implementation of something which would amount to global fascism, or at least fascism in the Western world, if you say that countries which are allied with China and Russia are not quite so exposed to this. But the major central banks of the so-called Western world are plotting, and it’s already a done deal. What they want to do is, by the beginning of 2021, in January, just a few weeks away, they want to come out with the Great Reset and the Green New Deal, and the digitalization of the currencies by central banks.

This scheme has been promoted for some time, but especially since June of this year. There was a series of conferences sponsored mostly by Prince Charles, the IMF, by the former head of the Bank of England Mark Carney, Michael Bloomberg, and the relatively new head of the IMF, Kristalina Georgieva. What they have been saying is that the Great Reset is supposed to restart the economy after the coronavirus pandemic is over, and supposedly relaunch the economy. However, what they want to do—and they’re already in the process of implementing it—is that the central banks will make sure, including exerting control over the major banks, that absolutely no investment is allowed any more to take place which is not Green.

They want to eliminate everything which has to do with fossil fuels, anything with the idea of non-Green investment, meaning normal investments in industry, in agriculture, in infrastructure. And they want to replace it using something they call the “taxonomy” [an EU-sponsored classification of technologies in terms of “sustainability,” or green-ness], for which each firm has to calculate its CO2 footprint, so to speak, and then it would only get investment if it fulfilled the absolute, strict criteria of “Green technology,” of carbon zero, of going into solar and into wind and related industries.

Now, that would completely destroy any industrial nation, because if you try to change the energy-flux density of the production process of an industrial nation, like the United States or the European countries, or Japan, and you force it to go only into Green alternative energies, the energy-flux density of those technologies is so low that you absolutely cannot maintain modern industrial nations.

And since most of these forces are also opposed to nuclear fission—they want to reduce it, for example, even in France, which was a relatively strong fission-based economy, but they’re moving out of that now—and naturally, they’re not doing what Lyndon LaRouche has prescribed throughout his whole life, namely, to go for a crash program for thermonuclear fusion. Because once you have thermonuclear fusion, you have energy security for many, many years to come; and you have raw materials security, because with the fusion torch technology, you can take any garbage, any waste—not only nuclear waste, but any waste—and separate out the isotopes and make new raw materials. So these are the vanguard areas which they’re not pushing.

The Green New Deal means a complete destruction of real industry. However, naturally, they would open the sluices of the central banks to issue much more liquidity than they have done since 2008. Remember that in 2008, there was a systemic crisis, which was again absolutely predicted and prognosed by Lyndon LaRouche. But rather than addressing the root causes of why we were at a point of systemic crisis in 2008, the central banks just printed money like crazy—quantitative easing, zero interest rate, negative interest rates—and that has been going on ever since. But now, the whole system is so much more indebted than it was in 2008, that they know perfectly well this debt will never be paid back.

So the idea is, how do you get rid of this debt? Well, you digitalize the currencies, and you sell that to the population by saying, “this makes your account safe, there is a danger of a financial crash, but if you agree to this digitalization, then we can distribute helicopter money directly to your account, and it will protect you.”

What that would do, other than directing an enormous amount of new liquidity into the Green economy, creating a new bubble in Green technology, which will destroy the real economy, but it will also absolutely create incredible gains for the speculators and the mega-rich—the billionaires and millionaires—but it will be at the expense of the normal middle class and the poorer parts of the population. Because this will create inflation: That is the old trick, how do you get rid of debt? Government debt, corporate debt, the general indebtedness of the system? Well, if you have a motion towards inflation, that debt becomes cheaper, and eventually you can pay it back.

Now, that’s essentially what happened in Germany in 1923 with the great inflation: At a certain point you had hyperinflation, and that destroyed the entire life’s work of the population. And they did “reset”—at that point it was relatively easy, because this happened only in one country—but this time, it is global.

The Great Reset, therefore, is forcing all banks to only issue credit to Green investment. This is already going on. Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank have already written letters to their clients, that they can only get credit if they invest in Green.

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The life’s work of the German people was destroyed by hyperinflation in 1923. The Great (green) Reset will burden the entire world with a mountain of debt, and no industrial production. Shown, German children playing with virtually worthless stacks of inflated currency in 1923.

Digitalization of Currency

Now, it also will mean the digitalization of the currency, and that will have several purposes. It will increase the total surveillance. What we know from Edward Snowden, and people like [former NSA experts and whistleblowers] William Binney and Kirk Wiebe, about the NSA surveillance apparatus, which is already collecting data on everything that people do electronically, together with the British GCHQ, the equivalent of NSA. They are already surveilling everything in these incredibly large depots, collecting data on the whole world population. They can pull out anything they want at any given moment. They are not fighting against terrorism, but they’re using it for the surveillance apparatus. If you add to that digital currencies, then every economic activity you are doing, everything you buy, everything you invest in, all your economic activities, will equally be traceable.

The decision for that has already been made. European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde said as much; all the central banks have all the plans ready. It’s supposed to go into effect by January.

Now, in the second phase of this, they want to phase out cash, meaning, banknotes, coins, and similar instruments of so-called cash money. The pretext for that, again, is that it will eliminate money-laundering and such things, but it’s already in the cards, that if you still insist on using cash—because you don’t like them to know everything you are doing, that you like to eat certain chocolates and you don’t want them to know that—well, then you become a suspect, immediately, because maybe you have something to hide. So, you can already see how this will go into a complete surveillance of every activity.

Hans Joachim Schellnhuber

And naturally, all of this is a bubble, because the Green investment will reduce productivity, tremendously. John Schellnhuber, who was the head of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, even many years ago talked about the “Great Transformation” of the world economy with decarbonization—and this is what they’re doing now. At the time, he said that with Green technology the population potential for the planet to be maintained by that much lower energy-flux density production is about one billion people. And that is about right! Because you cannot bring back the energy-flux density to levels before the industrial revolution, without going back to the population densities of that time!

So this is a depopulation policy, and naturally, if you go Green, you can absolutely not address the urgent problems of the developing countries, which are right now not only faced with COVID-19, but they’re also faced with a famine of “biblical dimensions,” as World Food Program Executive Director David Beasley has stressed many times in the recent weeks and months. You cannot do the industrialization of Africa, of Latin America, of Asia: It would mean imposing alternative technologies on the developing countries. In this crisis, this will mean mass deaths! And that is exactly what they would like to see, because they are Malthusians.

That is why we say this is a fascist policy. It’s a policy aimed at the depopulation of the world, and it is very, very dangerous. Because if you look at the present chaos in the United States, but also in Europe, you have similar revolts in the streets, which have slightly different characteristics—but if you increase the unemployment,— people already have no trust in their governments. This is why Trump gets so many votes—the people vote for Trump because they have lost all confidence in Wall Street, and the same goes for the Brexit in London, in the City of London; but also on the Continent of Europe, and in many other countries of the world.

Left: CC/Olaf Kosinsky; right: Needphoto.com
German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer wants to send a lone German Navy frigate into the South China Sea to confront China’s “aggression.”

The Crisis Is Huge

So, we have a huge crisis! The danger is, if you go ahead with these neo-Malthusian, monetarist schemes, defrauding the mass of the population, people will go out into the streets. People will realize that their livelihood is being taken away, and you will have mass chaos. And it is absolutely the concern of anybody who thinks these things through, that out of this chaos will come war—especially if you look at the bellicose posturing of NATO and certain politicians of the trans-Atlantic system, like the German Defense Minister AKK [Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer], who wants to send a German Navy frigate into the South China Sea to combat China. One frigate, that will really do it! This is just insane. Many of these policies are completely crazy and unworkable—but they’re very, very dangerous.

Naturally, they promise—Mark Carney has said, this Green investment, that’s the greatest opportunity of the whole period. They call the Green Deal the “new gold,” where the rich will make a super-profit. But the majority of the population will be impoverished, and it will absolutely not function.

There is a remedy: The remedy was defined by Lyndon LaRouche, already many years ago. The first step is a global Glass-Steagall separation of the banks. With this scheme of the central banks which I just described, they want to eliminate savings and loans banks, they don’t want to have savings and loans banks and smaller banks giving credit to normal SMEs [small and medium-sized enterprises]—they want to eliminate them! They want to pull together the entire power in the hands of a few big investment banks, and central banks, and all the other banks are supposed to go bankrupt.

Now, Glass-Steagall will do exactly the opposite: It will put the commercial banks, those banks which give credit for craftsmen, for industry, for agriculture, it will put them under state protection; it will separate them from the investment banks; it will no longer allow the investment banks to have access to the savings in the savings banks. And then the investment banks will no longer have access to taxpayer bailout packages: If they can’t get their books in order, they have to close down and declare bankruptcy. If they disappear—no big loss. We do not need this kind of speculation.

The whole discussion to the effect that you need derivatives, is completely not true! All you need is credit to finance production, that is what makes an economy function. And if you look, for example—go back to the writings of such people as Friedrich List, or Henry C. Carey, or Wilhelm von Kardorff, who was the head of the industrial association at the time of Bismarck, and who wrote a beautiful little book called Against the Current!

There are many such books that describe the absolute difference between the American System and the British system, namely, that they differ in what is regarded as the source of wealth.

Left: Josef Kreihuber; right: wikimedia
The principles of nation-builders such as Friedrich List (left) and Wilhelm von Kardorff (right) are being thrown out, in the green fascist frenzy.

In the American System, and for that matter, the Friedrich List system, wealth is only created by the creativity of the individual, because it is only the ability of the creative individual to again and again come up with scientific and technological discoveries, then transform these discoveries into technologies; we apply these technologies in the production process, which leads to an increase of the productivity of the labor force, of the productive capacities; it increases the living standard, it increases longevity. And that is why a good state does everything possible to protect the development of the creative powers of its people, because its leaders know that that is the source of wealth. Now, that is the American System.

The British system says, well, we couldn’t care less about the individual, because we have to control trade. We have to make sure we buy cheap raw materials; if possible, exploit the developing countries to take their raw materials; don’t let them develop, because that would be counterproductive. Let them be cheap labor places of production. And then we control the trade and we sell goods at high prices. And as long as we control these trade conditions, and naturally the conditions of the banks, of speculation, the monetarist games—in that way the rich class becomes richer and we couldn’t care less if the poor become poorer. Let’s keep the population as backward as possible, because then our profit margins are the biggest.

So, this is really what is at stake. And therefore, Glass-Steagall is absolutely the first step, because you have to protect the commercial banks, so they can do what their job is, to be industrial bankers! We don’t want investment bankers; we want industrial bankers! A banker is supposed to be the servant of industry; he’s not supposed to be the King! We’re not against the banks: The banks have a useful function. They must provide credit for production, credit for international, long-term cooperation among countries, for long-term infrastructure investment which goes across borders. So, you need banks. But a banker is a servant of industry, and that’s what we have to reinstate.

National Banking

Now, Glass-Steagall is only the first step.

The next step is you have to have national banking, because the power of issuing credit must be under the sovereign control of government. Central banks are not national banks, they are private—the Federal Reserve, for instance, is a private bank—no government controls the European Central Bank or the Bank of England, for that matter. These banks should not be in a position to issue credit—but we need national banks.

In Germany, for example, we had a national bank in the postwar period, in the form of the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau—the Credit Institute for Reconstruction—which was modeled on FDR’s Reconstruction Finance Corporation. And the Kreditanstalt could be used. It still exists; now it’s Green, but it can be remodeled and go back to the function it had when it financed the great German economic miracle. In the same way, we should have a nationalized Federal Reserve and a national bank in every country, because that is how you get the economy going again.

Then, among these national banks, you need an agreement for international cooperation for such projects as joint investment in thermonuclear fusion; in biotechnologies; in finding cures for new and old, reemerging diseases, like we have seen right now in the fight to get a COVID-19 vaccine; in international space cooperation. And once these national banks have such agreements, you already have a credit system, an international credit system, a New Bretton Woods system, in which the purpose is to give credit to invest in those kinds of things that increase the living standard of the entire world population. That is what Franklin D. Roosevelt said is the precondition for a stable world order.

So, that is what is available in terms of policies: A crash program for fusion, for space cooperation, for biotechnologies, space medicine, and these are beautiful areas that only cry out to be put into focus in light of the experience we have gone through this year. And that should be put on the agenda immediately!

I think it can be done. It will never be done with Biden. But as long as President Trump is still in office, he could move to do that. And he could even have a summit with the other countries of the permanent five members of the UN Security Council.

President Putin has reiterated many times, he wants to have such a summit, and I think that that would probably be the best thing he could be doing. And if the major governments of the world, like the United States, Russia, China, and all the other countries that would like to cooperate in that, if they would now say, “We are in incredible danger, we are faced with a potential financial collapse: We need a New Bretton Woods system and we will apply it to address the most important challenges of the world, like the world famine, a world health system in every country”—I think the whole world would change, and it could still be done in the middle of this election fight.

So, I think the solution is there, but it needs people who support President Trump, to support him to do that. But I can only say, it’s a defining moment for the entire human species, and if you do something at this point which is in the interest of all of mankind, you can win.

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