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Why Global Warming is a Scientific Fraud

Introduction:  Time to Say `No' to World Government

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
November 1997

As this Special Report goes into production, George Soros's operations are reported as having lost an amount in excess of 2 billion U.S. dollars equivalent, much of this in the last two weeks' unsuccessful efforts to break the Hong Kong economy as the same forces had successfully looted Thailand and other Asian economies earlier.

Nonethless, the piratical speculative assault on Japan, Korea, and China continues, with the London financial center calling new forces from Sweden and other parts of Europe, for the next round of assaults. Thus does London continue to saw at the branch upon which it sits.

No matter what else may occur, by the close of the present century, plus or minus a year or two, the international financial system, as we have known it during the most recent decades, will have ceased to exist. Either a concert of governments will act to put the present system out of its misery, by declaring it bankrupt and putting its institutions into receivership, or, if governments lack the nerve to do so, then the system will self-destruct, leaving global chaos behind.

The point I am making, is that what have become, until now, the ``mainstream'' trends in policy-making, during the course of the recent 30 years, are now facing an abrupt end. Most of these trends will end automatically, through the unstoppable collapse of the institutions associated with them. Others, unfortunately, might outlive the inevitably doomed present international financial system. However, at the worst, the time is either here, or fast approaching, when it may be possible to summon sufficient popular support to bring certain malicious, dangerous hoaxes of the recent decades to an end.

Among those trends which must be ended, is a series of frauds, beginning with Rachel Carson's {Silent Spring} hoax against the safest insecticide since the invention of birds, DDT. Since then, the virtual banning of DDT has killed countless human beings through the pests whose menace to humanity had been virtually ended with DDT. Since then, the rate of human sickness and even death through tainted food, has been escalating as a result of another hoax, the anti-scientific charge, that chloroflourocarbons are the cause for man-made depletion of the so-called ozone layer. Now, the same hoaxsters are deployed by Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair and his European allies from behind Alice's Looking-Glass, in demanding an accelerated increase in misery, sickness, and death-rates, through a ``Global Warming'' hoax.

There are three leading issues among those which should impel us to rid our planet of these anti-scientific hoaxes put forward in the name of ``ecology.''

(1) The Issue of National Sovereignty

The chaotic state of economic and monetary affairs being unleashed by the present global financial crisis, is creating a situation in which either sovereign nations return to significant degrees of economic protectionism, or the entire planet will collapse into a ruinous state of

chaos worse than anything imagined during this century to date.

Under these conditions, it is necessary to bring to an end, and to reverse trends toward imposing self-enforcing, supra-national rule over the internal affairs of national economies. Most of the so-called ``population'' and ``ecology'' regulations already in place should be repealed, and, certainly, no new such regulations ought to be tolerated.

(2) The Issue of National Economy

There has been no net physical-economic growth in the U.S. economy, since the 1970-1972 interval of breakdown of the replacement of the old Bretton Woods agreements by the increasingly chaotic and corrosive effects of maintaining a ``floating exchange-rate system.'' Measured in physical content of market-baskets, including maintenance of infrastructure and productive capital, per capita of labor-force, the U.S. economy's productivity has collapsed by about half during the recent three decades.

The reported growth of employment in the U.S. economy, is in forms of administrative and unskilled services, while the percentile of the employed labor-force in production occupations has collapsed catastrophically. Otherwise, the alleged growth of the economy is a mixture of fraud and self-deception cloaked in a mushroom-cloud of purely parasitical financial speculation.

Without both a massive infusion of such elements of infrastructure as water-management, modern mass transit, massive expansion of power production, and renewal and modernization of urban infrastructure and productive capital, the physical economy of leading and other nations will spiral into an early state of general collapse. Without purging the system of groundless, irrational restrictions imposed in the abused name of ``ecology,'' it is human beings who become the world's leading endangered species.

(3) The Issue of Technology

If we measure market-baskets of incomes of households, infrastructure-maintenance, agriculture, and manufacturing in terms of ``energy of the system'' standards, per capita of labor-force, the productivity of the U.S. economy has been declining during the recent quarter of a century, a collapse which is becoming nearly irreversible during any future medium-term period. This danger to the human species can not be resisted effectively without introducing high rates of technological attrition. This will require us to apply the intensity of credit and other investment incentives to scientific and technological progress in peace-time production of power, mass-transit, and goods, which we have pushed previously only as a part of national-defense mobilization.

We must remove unnecessary bureaucratic and related obstacles to such greatly increased emphasis upon investment in scientific and technological progress.

For these three and other implicit reasons, the time has come, for rational people to join forces, in reexamining the so-called ``ecology issue.'' It is time to bring reason back into policy-making of government, and to purge the system of the kinds of anti-scientific hoaxes which should never have been tolerated in the first place.

Thus, the time has come for a fresh examination of some of the worst of the hoaxes which have been made virtual articles of religious blind faith among the ``ecology lobby'' set. Let us return to the proven methods for ``cleaning up the environment,'' deploying the technologies needed to do the job.

Economist Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. is a Contributing Editor of the Executive Intelligence Review, and a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of 21st Century Science & Technology magazine.

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