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Why Global Warming is a Scientific Fraud

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Introduction:  Time to Say `No' to World Government
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
November 1997

Part IGlobal Warming -- Who Pulls the Strings?

  1. Global Warming:  Eco-fascists Target Clinton
  2. Eco-fascism:  A Royal Virus
  3. Blair Delivers Gaseous Emission at U.N. Summit
  4. Prince Philip Orders Breakup of  the U.S.
  5. Who's Who in Prince Philip's Eco-fascist SS
  6. Environmental Hoaxes Are Population Reduction, Not Science
  7. British Empire Pushes Malthusian Treaties

Part II:  Global Warming is a Scientific Fraud:
               Leading Scientists Look at the Models and the Data

  1. Orbital Cycles, Not C02, Determine Earth's Climate
    Contrary to the scare stories about the alleged danger of "global warming," the Earth is headed into a new ice age.
  2. The Coming (or Present) Ice Age
    A long-term perspective on the current global warming fad.
  3. An Oceanographer Looks at the Non-Science of Global Warming
    The science of climate has been buried alive by an avalanche of ideology-based computer models
  4. Scientists Respond to the 'Non-Science of Global Warming'
  5. Ice Core Data Show No Carbon Dioxide Increase
    Attempts to support the global warming thesis with analyses of the carbon dioxide content of air bubbles in glacial ice samples, are based on fudged data and ignorance of the physical processes of glacial ice formation.
  6. What Man-Induced Climate Change?
    The claims of human-caused global warming are not corroborated, even by the scientific studies on which they are supposedly based.
  7. Global Warming, Ozone Depletion -- Where's the Evidence?
    A leading scientist urges Americans to fight for the truth on environmental issues.
  8. What You Never Hear About Greenshouse Warming
    A comprehensive review of the facts and fiction in the global warming fraud.
  9. Global Cooling and Scientific Honesty
  10. Climate Modeling:  Linearization in the Small and the Large
    Why climate models fail to model reality.

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