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This article appears in the October 6, 2006 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

What's Wrong With Congress

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

September 30, 2006

During the recent weeks, the break in the U.S. economy which I had forecast as likely, had already struck the world system. This change was expressed as a phase- shift, sharply down, in not only the U.S. economy, but the world economy generally. The Amaranth case, but, more importantly, sharp down-shifts in the already ongoing real-estate collapse, were only acknowledged markers of a broader pattern. At this moment, in the higher echelons of trans-Atlantic ruling circles, desperation tactics, going beyond the scope of early "plunge-protection team" operations, are in motion.

There are no signs of any action from relevant powers, inside or outside the U.S.A. itself, which could actually reverse, or even halt the collapse now in progress. All that is being attempted are efforts to delay the popular perception of the reality of the situation. It is this state of affairs which drives the U.S. side of the trans-Atlantic Anglo-Dutch Liberal financier interests to the state of desperation in which a massive U.S. aerial attack on Iran is an immediate prospect for a time as early as a short week or weeks before the U.S. mid-term election, during this present October.

More and more of the U.S. population has the smell of the foregoing situation in their nose. They do not see the particular danger, as much as they sense the ominous change in the political-economic weather. One thing which really scares a growing portion of the thinking part of the lower eighty percentile of family-income brackets, and others, right now, is the dread of the smell the population is getting from the U.S. Congress, the smell of the leadership of the Senate's Democratic fraction, in particular.

Such is the situation with which the disgusted electorate will confront those members of a failed U.S. Congress who have now departed the fantasy-land playgrounds of Washington, D.C., for the reality of the electorate's anger welling up in the proverbial hustings.

The problem is, that most of the leading economists of the trans-Atlantic world, in particular, now faced with the breakdown of the global economic engine, not only lack any competent conception of how to actually repair that beast, but, did they have the competence which they lack so desperately, they would have no present wish to attempt the necessary forms of repairs.

In today's moment-to-moment reactions to the more immediate recent developments, as those in the U.S. Senate, for example, the essential pattern of developments—the cause of the relevant, disastrous behavior—is usually overlooked.

On this account, the Congress, the leading press, and the ordinary citizen, are each guilty of negligence, each in their own way. As in the self-inflicted doom of the Athens of Pericles, Sophistry, the substitution of the apparent popular expediency of "go along to get along" for the sanity of reason, has caused an effect which might be otherwise judged to have been the work-product of damnable treason.

We are victims of a reigning variety of politics which avoids taking into account any reasonable principle. This modern Sophist's immorality of policy and practice, is often expressed in the catch-phrase, "but, it's our tradition."

So, in physical science, no astronomer but Carl F. Gauss would have discovered that the orbits of the asteroids Ceres and Pallas were products of what Johannes Kepler had defined as the necessarily existing orbit of a destroyed planet of our Solar System. So, the failure of Gauss's putative rivals in this matter illustrates the point, that the substitution of the intrinsically irrational, mechanical, percussive interplay of short-term impulsions, for reason, is as deadly in statecraft generally, and also mere popular political opinion, as in producing the great blunders of practice in the domain of physical science.

On this account, politics, and the management of a modern national economy, must learn a lesson from Gauss.

Gauss, a student of both the leading historian of mathematics of the Eighteenth Century, Abraham Kästner and A.W. von Zimmerman, and a follower of both Johannes Kepler and Gottfried Leibniz, had already absorbed much of the essentials of the accumulated experience of that European physical science and its mathematics since the ancient Greeks of the circles of the Pythagoreans and Plato. For Gauss, the events of the Solar System had a long-reaching history of patterns of development. So, in the case of G. Piazzi's 41 days of observation of what Gauss discovered to be the asteroid Ceres, Gauss followed an historical-scientific approach to that meagre data of Piazzi's, an approach which was rooted in the precedent of Johannes Kepler's original discovery of the specifically harmonic principles of organization of the Solar System.

This approach of mine to the subject of the present world economic crisis, has a long history in European physical science, as from the work of Thales, the Pythagoreans, and Plato, to the modern experimental scientific method defined by Kepler's acknowledged predecessor Nicholas of Cusa. The same approach must be applied to important patterns of behavior in social processes, such as economic processes and their crises, as I do here. It is only from this standpoint that the apparent, stubborn stupidity of much of the recent behavior of leading elements within even the Democratic ranks of the Senate must be understood, and corrected.

How the Senate Bungled

During the first quarter of 2005, I had warned the Democratic leaders of the Senate, among others, that the U.S.A. was about to lose the heart of its strategic economic production potential, the machine-tool-design potential represented chiefly by our Ford, General Motors, and their closely associated partners. The validity of my warnings of Spring 2005, onward, is now demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt.

I emphasized, then, that this was an urgent issue of national security. I defined, then, the principled solution which must be taken as actions initiated, chiefly, in the Senate. I warned, then, that the time for Senate action was very short. The leadership of the Senate, including most of the Democratic fraction's leadership there, not only did not understand; during 2006 so far, most notably, they have, in the main, refused to understand.

A negligent Senate, in the main, pushed that now richly validated warning aside. Now, there are still automobile manufacturing firms inside the U.S.A., but they are no longer ours; they belong to foreigners, or, even mere predatory charlatans without either morals or any national loyalties of any kind. Now, while there are golden parachutes for the virtually useless men and women who have betrayed their nation from places of prominence in corporate life, yet the pensions, and the hopes of the firms, and of the employees of the firms they led, are merely cinders, in places where the jobs, the pensions, and the health-care of the employees and their families once stood. Those who assert that they defend our Mexico border so zealously, after having connived in betraying our nation's economy from the inside, as the negligence of the Senate leadership has done, have richly earned the contempt which history will heap on such miserable wretches as they have been—unless they consent to change their habits now.

So, largely through that complicity from within the Democratic leadership in the Senate, irreparable damage has been done already to not only the U.S. economy, but the welfare of actually millions of our citizens. The damage is done, but the lesson must be learned, lest our republic be destroyed by the same kind of negligence in oncoming developments more or less immediately at hand.

The failure in the ranks of the Senate was not spontaneous. By May 2005, a typical factor in disorienting the Democratic and other members of the Senate was the same frankly fascist Felix Rohatyn,[1] who, together with Henry Kissinger, George P. Shultz, and the network associated with John Train, and others, had banded together to install effects such as the Nazi-laced dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet in Chile. The wretched Felix Rohatyn is on the undeniable record as playing a key, leading role in that Pinochet operation of George P. Shultz, et al. Imagine that prominent Democratic members of the Senate, apart from William F. Buckley, Jr.'s choice, Senator Joe Lieberman, could associate themselves with a notorious backer of fascist regimes such as Shultz crony Rohatyn.[2]

Later, as of mid-February of the present year, the Democratic Party's leadership in the Senate had suddenly collapsed, a collapse expressed in the setting of the vote on the nomination of a hard-core follower of the same legal doctrine of the Nazi Carl Schmitt who had designed the legal doctrine on which Hitler was put into power in February 1933! Since then, it has been mainly a down-hill run. Some Democratic and other Senators, even a majority of Democratic members of the Senate, and others, too, are, clearly, intending to stand up for principle, but, to the present date, what had been the 2005 leadership of the Senate fraction has collapsed for the moment. This collapse has now accelerated at precisely the time that the lower eighty percentile among the citizens of the U.S.A. is in a rising state of disgust and revolt, against what they are viewing, more and more, as the current, top-down leadership of the Democratic Party, in the nation generally, as in the backing for the Republican California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who is the clownish stooge of the same George P. Shultz.

On the hopeful side, the situation of the Democratic Party today, parallels the time, in 1932, when Franklin Delano Roosevelt ran for President, against the leadership machinery of the Democratic Party. Now, the Senate Democrats are rushing to meet their waiting, largely very angry constituents, back among the proverbial hustings. Hopefully, as in 1932-1933, the Democratic Party will turn, once again, before it is too late, against its own trend of the past months' decline.

A Geometry Lesson

The predominant forms of the recent failures of the Democratic Party's leadership in the Senate, can not be competently understood without seeing this phenomenon as part of a global pattern. As we review the situation within regions and particular nations, we encounter significantly different types of local patterns; but, the array of these local patterns also forms a subsuming general pattern. In other words, the global situation which is reflected in one way inside the Democratic Party today, either echoes or differs in particular ways from that in other parts of the world, but what appear at first glance to be quite different places on the global map, are actually reflections of a common, subsuming pattern around the planet as a whole.

Around the planet, for example, people challenge me: "When is the collapse coming?" My response is: "Hey, you jerk, what's wrong with you; the collapse is already fully under way!" Those misguided, poor fools are simply exhibiting the fearful fact that they wish to be respected as rational beings without incurring the pain of actually earning that distinction. Those poor fellows are actually, modern Sophists echoing the same type of fatal moral failure as ancient, self-doomed Athens under the leadership of Pericles. Just as the Age of Pericles was often praised as "a Golden Age," so, we have a kindred "Golden Generation" of high-and-mighty, but self-doomed fools in our Baby Boomer generation of today.

Take the comparable case of Europe's so-called "Seven Years War."

France under the leadership of the Cardinal Mazarin who had led in crafting the 1648 Peace of Westphalia, had emerged, under the economic and scientific leadership of Jean-Baptiste Colbert, as the leading center of economic and scientific progress for all European civilization. But, then came the foolish King Louis XIV with his treacherous Fronde partners, followed by the ensuing reign of France by the lecherous fools of Deer Park. The Anglo-Dutch Liberal faction of the heirs of Venice's Paolo Sarpi, came to dominate continental Europe through its creation and control of the financier power associated with the British East India Company.

In the middle of the Eighteenth Century, the forces of Anglo-Dutch Liberalism expressed by the British East India Company, lured continental Europe into what became known as "The Seven Years War," a war which aligned most of continental Europe against Prussia's Frederick the Great, the most capably creative military commander in the tradition of Graf Wilhelm Schaumberg-Lippe of that time. As the peace came in the February 1763 Peace of Paris, the British East India Company of Lord Shelburne had established a private empire crafted according to what became known as the design, as portrayed by Shelburne's Swiss-baked lackey, and associate of Jacques Necker's circles, Gibbon, for a permanent British Empire to succeed the fallen imperial Rome of the Caesars and their Byzantine successors.

Despite the success of the U.S.A. in becoming a constitutional republic, the London-steered, Martinist freemasonic cult, had orchestrated the events leading into the July 14, 1789 siege of the Bastille, events which established the Anglo-Dutch Liberal financier interests centered in Britain as the hegemon of Europe and the world's oceans combined.[3]

Behind the mask, the new Anglo-Dutch Liberals were the old Venetian financier-oligarchy as reorganized under the direction of the Venice New Party's Paolo Sarpi. This domination of the world, increasingly, by the Anglo-Dutch Liberal form of modern financier imperialism, was interrupted, only briefly, by the effects of the few decades of the fixed-exchange-rate, Bretton Woods monetary system launched under President Franklin Roosevelt. At other times, the U.S.A., even when sovereign in its internal affairs, was gripped by an alien, global system of Anglo-Dutch Liberal imperialism of a character as intrinsically, intentionally hateful to our Federal Constitution as the implicitly treasonous U.S. Bush-Cheney Administration of today.

Today, the 2001-2006 U.S. Bush Administration, with its resident, "Nero-like" lunatic in the Oval Office, has brought our nation near to the termination of its existence as a sovereign nation-state republic. An Anglo-Dutch Liberalism crafted according to Paolo Sarpi's revision of the system of medieval imperialism, an imperialism conducted by Venice in concert with the Norman chivalry. This form of quasi-medieval imperialism called "globalization," threatens the planet as a whole with a new dark age akin to that into which medieval Europe collapsed during its Fourteenth Century.

The relevant generation of Baby-Boomer-aged financial predators of today are probably as stupid as they are evil. Wretches as incompetent in economics, as those of such a type, might conquer the world, but only by bringing down the catastrophe they create upon their own heads, too.

Under that Anglo-Dutch Liberalism's influence, our republic is near to the threatened end of its existence. Is this treason? Or, is it something worse than mere treason? What must we say then of those Senators and others who have condoned the measures, step by step, which have led us into such folly over the course of 2001-2006 to date? Can we say, "Forgive them, for they know not what they do"?

If such ignorant behavior as theirs is a crime, in its effects, let us, then, pinpoint the systemic root of the culpability. To that end we must look at politics with the eyes of science.

Euclid, Cycles, and History

Here and now, as in any earlier great crisis in the history of civilization, the importance of science for politics, is what has been frequently overlooked. We must take note of a type of negligent oversight for which certain past nations and their governments and their peoples have paid the price of a calamity as severe as a dark age in history, or a catastrophe which narrowly escapes such a fate. For once, Senators are not permitted to escape the consequences for our nation of their doing what pleases them, or seems to profit them, rather than what is needed of them.

The problem to be addressed now, on that account, is the same Sophistry which was responsible for the plunge of Pericles' Athens into the doom which was the Peloponnesian War. The form in which that same sophistry persisted as a cancer-like disease of both science and statecraft still today, was what became known, about a half-century after Plato's death, as a pestilence otherwise known as Euclidean geometry, a view of geometry expressed as the fraudulent, Cartesian substitute for physical science which underlies all of the important corruption permeating the systemic features of statecraft and science of globally extended European civilization still today.

The moral crisis of modern science and statecraft which that Cartesian echo of the hoaxster Euclid engendered, is the formal expression of the source of the rot at the base of the process of collapse which the U.S. economy and others have experienced since President Richard Nixon's folly of August 1971, and Nixon lackey George Shultz's crime of 1972 (as not really distinct from Shultz's crime, in collaboration with Rohatyn, Kissinger, and others, in putting Pinochet into power in Chile).

The notable fact about the launching of the fraud called Euclidean geometry, is that a competent physical science had not only existed at that time, but that all of the essential contributions of ancient Greece to modern experimental physical science, including that of Kepler, launched by Nicholas of Cusa's De Docta Ignorantia, had been based on the Greek adoption of an Egyptian development of, not mere astronomy, but actually astrophysics. This is the science, which had been taken up by leading Greek thinkers such as Thales, Heracleitus, the Pythagoreans, Socrates, and Plato. Every important theorem reflected in the Sophist hoaxster Euclid's legacy, was a Sophist perversion of an actual discovery made earlier by the circles typified by the Pythagoreans and the circles of Socrates and Plato. It is not the mere motion of the astronomical objects, but the universal physical principles which generate and control that seemingly anomalous, but lawful motion, which are the basis for all competent physical science, and, implicitly, therefore, economics, too.

The distinction of competent science in the Pythagorean and Platonic tradition, from the Sophistry which is typified by Euclid and Descartes, was identified by Gottfried Leibniz as the principle of dynamis which modern science inherited from the tradition of the work of the Pythagoreans and Plato. Leibniz pointed to the reason for the fraudulent error pervading all of the method of Descartes, by contrasting the intrinsic incompetence of the mathematically mechanistic-statistical method, otherwise typical of nearly all of today's professional economists, with the dynamic method which Leibniz traced specifically to the Pythagoreans and Plato.

That is the same dynamic method which Albert Einstein defended against the intrinsic incompetence of the Sophistry of modernists, such as the respective followers of Ernst Mach and Bertrand Russell such as the hoaxster Professor Norbert Wiener and the virtually autistic fanatic John "It" von Neumann. What we must defend against those latter wretches and their like, is also the same principle of dynamics met, explicitly, in the Biogeochemistry of Academician V.I. Vernadsky's definitions of the Biosphere and Noösphere, and Albert Einstein's insistence that modern science is a view of the universe based on the landmarks of Kepler and Riemann, a universe which is finite, but self-bounded.[4] There is no competent scientific method in existence, past or present, which is not rooted exclusively, as if axiomatically, in what Leibniz defined for physical science as anti-Cartesian dynamics.

The opposition to the dynamics of the Pythagoreans, Plato, Cusa, Kepler, Leibniz, and Riemann, is, strictly speaking the outgrowth of Sophistry known as Gnosticism. Modern Gnosticism, except when encountered as the fruit of weird, right-wing religious cults typified by the Washington, D.C. area's Buchmanite offshoot, the Fellowship, and other followers of the severely mentally disturbed President George W. Bush, Jr., is typified by the world-view expressed by such Sophists as Euclid and Descartes.[5] The root of Cartesianism as a formal, Gnostic doctrine of mathematics is Euclid.

The method of Egyptian-Pythagorean Sphaerics, on which all competent varieties of modern physical science, including economics, are premised, is consideration of the relevant physical evidence, that the universe is not limited to the primacy of simply circular or spherical action; but, that there are astrophysical phenomena which typify the evidence that the universe is run by a higher state of Being whose efficient presence can be expressed as paradoxes which appear regularly within the bounds of an assumed spherical domain.

In the Classical Greek standpoint of Pythagoras, Plato, et al., these regular paradoxes which disturb, and yet efficiently subsume the apparently spherical domain, are what are to be recognized as expressing the principle which the Pythagoreans and Plato's dialogues define as dynamis.

Thus, in contrast to the hoax known as Euclidean geometry, there are no self-evident definitions, axioms, and postulates of mere sense-perceptual experience. Indeed, if we strip away that hoax upon which the arbitrarily assumed, essential principles of Euclidean and Cartesian geometries are premised, all of the important theorems identified within Euclidean geometry are willfully fraudulent reifications of original discoveries made almost entirely by the Pythagoreans and their Platonic successors in a time more or less long before the existence of Euclid. This historical fact has been well known to European science since Nicholas of Cusa's De Docta Ignorantia. It was the basis for the founding of modern astrophysics and mathematical physics generally, in the concrete work of Johannes Kepler, in the discovery of a principle of quickest time by Fermat, the uniquely original development of the calculus by Leibniz, and the fulfillment of another challenge posed by Kepler, by Carl F. Gauss and others, in that treatment of the apparent mysteries of elliptical functions which led into the culminating achievements of Bernhard Riemann in the tensor domain of physical hypergeometries. All competent modern physical science since Cusa and Kepler through Einstein, and also all competent European science earlier, have been expressed in the form of anti-Euclidean (anti-statistical-mechanics), dynamic forms of physical geometries.

The relevant arguments on the subjects just summarized thus, have been made in an extended form in other locations. They have been just summarized here as a necessary prelude to the treatment of the psychological catastrophe at the root of the U.S. Senate's recent and continuing failure on the subject of both economics and statecraft more generally.

Euclidean geometry, and its modern offshoot, Cartesian statistical-mechanistic argument, falsely assumes a virtually flat universe extended without limit. In such a pathologically mistaken, statistical-mechanical view of the universe, we are brought to a delusion associated with the frankly pro-satanic, Anglo-Dutch Liberal mysticism of Bernard Mandeville and his present-day followers of the Mont Pelerin Society and related, so-called "neo-conservative" ideological associations.[6] The assumption of Mandeville, as by Lord Shelburne's lackey, the anti-American plagiarist of François Quesnay and A. Turgot, Adam Smith, is that the world is run by what might be fairly described as "little green men from under the floorboards of reality," creatures which cast the dice whose effects make some men rich and powerful, and others poor and despised. For the Anglo-Dutch Liberal philosophers in the wake of the implicitly pro-Satanic founder of modern liberalism, Paolo Sarpi, the universe itself is a kind of gambling casino, a flat-land run, from beneath, by predators from under the floorboards, on the account of the reigning establishment.

This view of reality is congruent with the flat universe implicit in the definitions and axioms of the Cartesian system. That view is what is otherwise identified in mathematics as the statistical-mechanistic view of the universe as a whole. In this view, statistical projections of that time are the accepted method of forecasting the outcome of present developments.

In the real universe, which no neo-Euclidean Cartesian has ever returned from under the floorboards of his universal gambling-house to describe as to principle, forecasting is based on the same method of cycles which was employed by Johannes Kepler to discover and define both the universal physical principle of gravitation, but also the harmonic structural ordering of the Solar System as a whole. As Gauss did in discovering that the object now named Ceres was an asteroid of the type foretold by Kepler, it was the study of the principles of regular cycles which deviate from a perfectly spherical regularity, which not only expressed efficiently universal physical principles contrary to a simply spherical universe, but which enable us to foresee the consequences of the cyclical patterns implicit in those apparent anomalies known as experimentally demonstrated universal physical principles.

All of my own, relatively unique successes in long-range economic forecasting have been premised on recognition of the fact that all statistical-mechanistic forecasting is intrinsically, professionally, scientifically incompetent. The ability to forecast depends upon ending reliance on statistical methods of monetary-financial accounting, and locating the meaning of the developments reflected by monetary-financial patterns in an underlying, real set of causal relations which are physical, rather than monetary-financial in actually efficient content.

The needed method for competent long-range forecasting, is that based on the discovery of physical cycles which are akin in form to the cycles which were first introduced, as concepts, by Johannes Kepler's uniquely original discovery of both the principle of universal gravitation and the harmonic ordering of the Solar System which has been spun into existence by what had been earlier a solitary, fast-spinning Sun.

Man Is Not an Animal

There is, however, a fundamental distinction between predictable patterns in human social behavior and in the behavior of any other living, or non-living set of phenomena. The difference is, that the individual human being has the specific quality absent from both animals and digital computers, the quality of generating a discovery of universal principles, as witnessed in the work of the Pythagoreans, Plato, and the modern followers of Nicholas of Cusa.

The problem of society, still today, is that the concept of the modern sovereign nation-state, the concept of the so-called commonwealth form of state introduced under France's Louis XI and England's Henry VII, is the first form of state in which the majority of human beings are not regarded as virtually merely the human cattle, which the satanic figure of the Olympian Zeus described by Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound prohibited from knowing the use of the universal physical principles by the use of fire. Mankind is by nature, as the Genesis 1 defines man and woman, a creature made in the likeness of the Creator of the universe. Man is therefore required to be Promethean, whereas all the evil forms of society, such as ancient Lycurgan Sparta and its associated, Pythian, Delphi Apollo cult, had been premised on the treatment of the masses of human beings, by a reigning oligarchical class, as merely cattle forbidden, as by Zeus, from the use of discovered universal physical principles.

That oligarchical model was chosen as the basis for the development of the society of Imperial Rome, of that Rome's successor Byzantium, and of the medieval alliance of Venetian financier-oligarchy with both the bestial, anti-Islam, anti-Semitic Norman chivalry and the frankly Satanic wave of religious warfare unleashed by the truly Satanic, anti-Semitic grandfather of the Adolf Hitler regime, Grand Inquisitor Tomás de Torquemada, who unleashed the religious warfare of 1492-1648 throughout modern Europe.

Our U.S.A. was a creation of a movement, in Europe, in the commonwealth tradition of Nicholas of Cusa's Concordantia Catholica and De Docta Ignorantia. Our American culture as typified in origins by the pre-1688-89 Massachusetts Bay Colony, served as the opportunity to express these principles of the commonwealth form of society in a newly explored continent, at a distance from a Europe dominated by both the Habsburg and Anglo-Dutch Liberal modes of oligarchical elite rule. Our republic was founded as the best of modern nations on that account, a republic intended to inspire "Old Europe" and other parts of the world to enjoy that freedom which can not exist where the reign of oligarchical elites is tolerated.

The establishment of our republic was forced upon us by the kind of tyranny which came to power within Europe, as among our own native American Tory "families" of today, with the February 1763 Peace of Paris, which established the British East India Company as an emerging Anglo-Dutch Liberal form of world empire in imitation of the medieval Venetian financier-oligarchical tradition. Despite all of the corruption which our own domestic oligarchical "families" have imposed upon us, it was possible for President Franklin Roosevelt to turn the cyclical tide of history with his accession to the Presidency. But, it was also possible for a scoundrel such as Harry Truman to become the instrument used to begin to destroy everything which our founders had accomplished, and which President Franklin Roosevelt had done to play the crucial part in saving the planet from the Nazi world empire which would have been a global reality, but for President Roosevelt's turning of the tide of history in his time.

We are in a comparable danger to that of the early 1930s, again today. The descent to immediate threat of the end of the existence of our republic, and of civilization generally, completes a cycle of history which began with the tragic insertion of Harry S Truman as President. We are therefore at a point, at which the only worthy task of any patriot of our republic, is to launch a new cycle in history, one which may differ from what Franklin Roosevelt accomplished, but which represents the same kind of commitment to the future benefit of all mankind.

The central task posed to us thus, at this moment of our republic's existential crisis, is to launch the needed new cycle. This task is centered on physical-economic objectives of the type I presented in my 2005 proposals for saving the U.S. economy from what the intended oligarchical destruction of our auto-centered machine-tool economy represented.

As our Democratic Senators and others go forth upon the hustings now, the blame or the credit for what happens to the U.S.A. during the weeks and months immediately ahead lies on their shoulders. We are at a turning-point in history, where the continuation of the follies which I have witnessed in the Democratic Party's leadership since mid-February of this year, can no longer be tolerated. The very existence of our nation, even of civilization, depends upon the actions taken during the present weeks. However the voters may judge the candidates' and parties' performance, the manner in which future history will judge those actors and their parties is already predetermined by the combined threat of new Bush-League wars and economic catastrophe facing us in the weeks ahead.

[1] "Frankly fascist" is no stretch. George P. Shultz-connected Rohatyn is not only an heir of the French Synarchist circles of Lazard Frères and Banque Worms involved in bringing the Nazis to power in France; his economic practices and his Nazi-SS-like privatization-of-the-military policies are frankly, and wittingly in the Synarchist tradition. He, like Shultz, is a representative of a species of financial predator called by some experts, "the economic hitmen."

[2] Compulsive totalitarian Shultz and "Middlebury Monster" Rohatyn were not only accomplices in the installation of the Pinochet tyranny in Chile; they are common conspirators, like professed international fascist Michael Ledeen, in the Shultz-crafted George W. Bush. Jr. regime's efforts to replace the constitutional military institutions of the U.S.A. by private armies controlled by enterprises such as Bechtel and Halliburton.

[3] The storming of the Bastille was armed and conducted by the Duke of Orléans, "Philippe Egalité," on behalf of the candidacy of the Duke's crony, the Jacques Necker who had largely bankrupted France on behalf of Britain's Lord Shelburne and Jeremy Bentham. The stated purpose of the siege of the Bastille at that time, was the imposition of Necker as poor foolish King Louis XVI's Prime Minister! Bentham ran the British Foreign Office's secret committee which operated in concert with the Martinist Freemasonry of Count Joseph de Maistre et al. This secret committee ran the French Revolution of July 14, 1789 and beyond, from London, and, through related channels, including a key role by de Maistre, in the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte to the model of power later imitated in the person of Adolf Hitler.

[4] Cf. Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. "Vernadsky and Dirichlet's Principle," EIR, June 3, 2005.

[5] Examples of Cartesianism's influence are the work of the irrationalists John Locke, Bernard Mandeville, David Hume, François Quesnay, A. Turgot, Adam Smith, and Lord Shelburne's foreign operations controller Jeremy Bentham. See below, for the relevant systemic connections between Cartesian Sophistry and Anglo-Dutch Liberal ideology generally.

[6] Bernard Mandeville, The Fable of the Bees, or Private Vices, Public Benefits (1734). Reprint edition, London, 1934.

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