Volume 33, Number 40, October 6, 2006


To Read in Preparation: Like JFK’s Manned Moon Landing!  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The Isotope Economy

by Jonathan Tennenbaum

“More than in any previous ‘phase state’ of man’s physical economy,” the author writes, “the emergence of what I am calling the ‘Isotope Economy’ signifies a condition, in which social practice must necessarily be oriented to true ideas: to the discoverable, universal principles that govern change and development of the universe, and not primarily to objects of the senses. This means the end of empiricism and materialism.

“Such a revolution has profound political implications. Its realization is plainly incompatible with further toleration of an irrational, oligarchical organization of society, in which essential decisions, concerning the future of nations and the fate of the humanity as a whole, are subject to the whims of a tiny number of influential families, while the vast majority of humanity lives in ignorance and servitude.”

Strategic Overview

In This Matter of Dynamics: What’s Wrong with Congress  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“As our Democratic Senators and others go forth upon the hustings now, the blame or the credit for what happens to the U.S.A. during the weeks and months immediately ahead lies on their shoulders. We are at a turning-point in history, where the continuation of the follies which I have witnessed in the Democratic Party’s leadership since mid-February of this year, can no longer be tolerated. The very existence of our nation, even of civilization, depends upon the actions taken during the present weeks.”


Is Desperate Cheney Scheming Nuclear Sneak Attack on Iran?  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

A number of well-placed military and intelligence professionals identified the period from Oct. 4-18 as a possible window for just such a pre-election “preventive strike.”

Congressmen, Military Experts Speak Out  

On the danger of an imminent Bush Administration attack on Iran.

Bill Clinton Snares the Fox

Infrastructure Jobs Act Is Introduced in House  

by Nancy Spannaus


Cheney Uses Hard-Core Fascists for Illegal CIA Operations  

by Claudio Celani

Prosecutors in Italy are finding out that Dick Cheney relied on help from convicted felons and bona-fide fascists to carry out illegal kidnapping and torture operations abroad, in violation of the Geneva Conventions.

Cheney-Addington Set Up Rendition Policy

by Edward Spannaus


Syria and Israel Wait for a Signal from Washington

by Dean Andromidas

It is crucial for a dialogue to begin between these two neighbors, if the tenuous Israeli-Lebanon ceasefire is to be maintained, and no new escalation of Israeli-Palestinian violence generated.

Berlin-Washington Webcast: LaRouche E-Mail Dialogue Continues on Eurasian Peace, Development

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

In the aftermath of his Sept. 6 Berlin-Washington webcast, Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. answers questions from Iran, Egypt, Poland, India, and the Philippines.


A Child of Two Augusts: Russian Central Banker Kozlov Assassinated

by Roman Bessonov


It’s Not the Homes, But the Bubble Loans That Won’t Sell  

by Richard Freeman

Regions of the United States dominated by risky mortgages and speculative practices are the ones whose housing markets are blowing apart.

CDC Call for Mass HIV Testing Echoes LaRouche 1980s Anti-AIDS Program

by Mary Jane Freeman

LaRouche’s Three-Point Battle Plan To Stop AIDS


A Matter of Survival