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This article appears in the March 30, 2007 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Gore of Babylon

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

March 16, 2007

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21st Century Science & Technology's Laurence Hecht's editorial for the March 23 edition of Executive Intelligence Review, drew upon a crucially relevant historical background, that of the role of Malthusian corruption which was expressed in the spread of the 20th-Century fascism of Mussolini, Hitler, Franco, and their imitators. Gore's implicitly racist utopianism in his Africa policy today, like that of those Twentieth-Century horrors, is nothing other than a modern echo of the still deeper roots of the same illness, roots which are also to be found in the ancient Delphi cult of Dionysus.

This tradition of that Delphi Apollo cult, is described by the legendary Olympian Zeus of Classical tragedian Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound. This ancient tradition has, persistently, menaced the cause of the sovereign nation-state with imperialist schemes, such as today's "globalization" scheme by former U.S. Vice-President Al Gore, Jr., and others, a scheme for replacing the sovereign nation-state by an imperial Tower of Babel. Gore, thus, represents that Sophist's tradition, traceable since as far back as today's most ancient memories of European civilization have reached. It remains impossible to understand the historic mission of the pseudo-scientific frauds of Gore today, without recognizing him, as I show here, as not only a true echo of Twentieth-Century fascism, but, also, an echo, in that specific, historical sense, of the example provided by Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound.

There are deeper, unfortunately rarely considered, scientific considerations, underlying what might appear to many, as merely the crudeness of that "global warming" fraud which Gore has adopted. There is nothing accidental about this specific aspect of Gore's moral rottenness, the personal malice against mankind permeating Gore's expressed creed; but, to understand any of this, then or now, we must recognize the deep, and ancient, systemic, virtually hereditary roots of the evil which Gore perpetrates today.

Thus, what Gore represents, is one among numerous varieties of an epidemic "childhood disease of mankind," a cultural disease not of some people, but of humanity as a species. It is a "childhood disease" of the predominantly immature life of human development so far. It is only in this ancient origin of his present role, as an expression of a loathsome type of social disease, that Gore's behavior and influence can be competently understood, and the pestilence, which he carries, properly treated.

These are strong words; and they require strong proof; without them, we would have failed to grasp the awful end which threatens civilization now, and, perhaps, for generations still to come. Civilization could be doomed to the rather immediate onset of a prolonged dark age of all humanity, unless the Dionysiac evil gripping Gore's malthusian passion, is recognized for the efficiently Satanic religious qualities it represents.

*   *   *

"Is Gore already bringing the Democratic Party, once more, to something which would be, truly, far worse than another electoral defeat, this time in 2008?"

The time has come to go more far more deeply into the danger to all mankind, from what has been fairly described by relevant scientists as "the great global warming swindle." The scientists' public ridicule of former Vice-President Al Gore's hoax has already provided more than adequate demonstration of the proof that Gore's claims are entirely fraudulent. It remains for me to go into a much deeper, truly shocking implications of the political-historical side of that scientific evidence.

In the history of European science since pre-Homeric Mediterranean civilization's "dark age," each provable test of a principle of science, has usually been, as now, directly contrary to the popular Sophistry of its age, as with the prevalent opinion among most presumed experts today. A notable demonstration of the effect of underestimating this danger, had been the long-asserted authority of the neo-Aristotelean hoaxster Claudius Ptolemy's fraudulent doctrines for astronomy.

As this point was demonstrated by Pythagoreans such as Archytas, truth in physical science always lies in those principles which are demonstrated, experimentally, to be universal, like Archytas' constructive doubling of the cube.[1] As Albert Einstein emphasized, this point is typified by the succession of both Kepler's founding of a universal mode of modern European science, and Bernhard Riemann's bringing of Kepler's method, by way of Leibniz, to its needed, fuller resolution.

In such matters, public concern must be concentrated on two distinct, if functionally related propositions. In the first instance, practical attention is focused upon the issue of the intrinsic truthfulness of a discovered principle, such as Kepler's uniquely validated discovery of universal gravitation: truth for its own sake. In the second instance, society must be occupied by concern for the sometimes deadly consequences of acting contrary to such a knowable universal physical principle. Both of these types of concerns, are at stake in the matter of what has been fairly documented by actual scientific authorities, as Al Gore's "great global warming swindle." Here, in this report, I address both of these types of concerns.

By that standard which I have just identified, those so-called "scientists" who have lined up in support of former Vice-President Al Gore's blatant fraud on the subject of "global warming," have adopted what is, if anything, a fraud far worse, on every count, in respect to both method and catastrophic social consequences, than that fraud of Claudius Ptolemy which leading officials of medieval and even Seventeenth-Century Europe upheld as an inquisitional standard of truth and personal morality.

I do not exaggerate in the slightest degree. In the present case, Gore's fraud, the consequences are immediately worse than they were for any earlier hoax in the entire sweep of known ancient through modern civilization. Were Gore's swindle to become established international law, the result would be that the entire planet would now plunge quickly into a prolonged dark age, one deeper, and worse than any other known to us from historical records of the past, a dark age from which only distant future generations would probably recover, but, that only after a probably long, and deep descent of depopulation, into rivalry with whatever species of baboons, or the like, might be available for making such comparisons.

The fact that Gore, and so many others, could demand that the human species be plunged into such a new dark age, in such a manner, bespeaks a quality of criminality as bad, or even worse, in implied consequences for mankind as a whole, than Adolf Hitler's. Nonetheless, in dealing with creatures as morally rotten as Gore, we must recognize that their criminality is an outcome of a blend of bestialities, both a malice against mankind as deep as Hitler's association with his own pro-eugenicist roots of the 1920s and early 1930s, and also Gore's repeated exhibitions of a certain kind of sheer, implicitly psychotic degree of "fly hanging-open" quality of stupidity.

But, Gore Is a Sick Man

Nonetheless, despite the passion this problem requires of us, we must study a criminality like that of Gore et al., with the scientific compassion a physician might bring to the study of a patient who is a homicidal madman. The ability to muster such clinical qualities of compassion, is necessary, if we are to discover the truth of the case: as a matter of scientifically validatable principle, how could a representative of so noble a creature as mankind, descend into that morally diseased state of awful degeneracy which Gore's aggressively fraudulent ideology and its practice expresses?

Before he became U.S. President, Ronald Reagan had presented theater audiences with the relevant clinical case of the "Bonzo," a young chimpanzee, which, by nature of its species, would degenerate from a naughty, pet-like creature of its youth, like, perhaps, young Al Gore, into a kind of "King Lear," a "Bozo" among apes.

Sometimes, as in the profession of drama, it were wise to skip the temptation to stage a sequel; on that account, a more candid viewing of the continuing real-life prospects of President Ronald Reagan's "Bonzo" should warn us, that, when well-trained, captive male chimpanzees enter adolescence, or become U.S. Vice-Presidents, they cease to be fun. That fairly sums up the monkey business we witness in the case of sometime Senator and Vice-President Al Gore, Jr. Some of his adolescent classmates had the smell of this in their nostrils, when they nicknamed him "Ozymandias." Adolescent Al was trained at what Washington, D.C. would consider "the right schools," but, nonetheless, in the end, like actor Reagan's "Bonzo," it was Al's cultural roots, the ape within him, which came to the surface in his current adult, dramatic role as the "Artful Dodger" of the zinc and carbon swaps.

For reasons which are implicit in the discovery of the Noösphere, a discovery made by Russia's V.I. Vernadsky, there are almost species-like, culturally induced differences among human types, axiomatic-like differences in types of cultural breeding which are sometimes comparable in form of expression to differences in biological varieties among lower forms of animal life. In that sense of the matter, in the strictest sense of the term, Al, at bottom, underneath the affected "company manners" exterior, Gore as a specimen, is simply not a desirable sociological type, nor, at this stage in his life, probably civilizable, either.

Gore is, culturally, a sick man; he represents an infectious sickness; but the possibility of a cure, or at least an amelioration of his moral disorder, which is, after all, the crucial issue, depends upon recognizing, as scientists must, the root of the infection which defines both Gore's influence as, like syphilis, that of not only a symptomatically nasty, but also deadly social disease.

Therefore, to put Al Gore's noxious quirk into its appropriate scientific focus, it is necessary to pivot the investigation from the crucially relevant fact, that the greatest contribution to the world's science made by Russia's great Academician V.I. Vernadsky, was his defining the notion of the Noösphere as a universal physical principle. Vernadsky's discovery must be recognized as establishing a universal physical principle—a principle of the universe, that in the same sense that universal gravitation, as originally defined, uniquely, by Johannes Kepler, is not a statistical object, but a universally efficient principle underlying the existence of the universe as a whole.[2] It is that principle of discovery, which distinguishes mankind from the apes, which is our proper concern, a principle we must serve, promote, and defend against all corruption.

I explain the aforesaid connections.

1. The Human Species & Its Noösphere

The human species is unique among all known types of living creatures. This existential distinction between man and beast, is most clearly expressed by the effect of the human discovery, and use of universal physical principles. Johannes Kepler's uniquely original discovery of universal gravitation, typifies this form of action: a form of potential for action which is uniquely specific to the sovereign cognitive powers of the individual member of the human species. The effect of this quality of the human individual, is typified by the potential increase of the human population, by more than a thousand decimal orders of magnitude, from what is already the range of potential relative population-density of a species of higher ape, to the more than six billions human individuals living today.

Therefore, the significance of the work of V.I. Vernadsky on this account, is expressed in two, interdependent, but qualitatively distinct ways:

First, that the power which this unique principle expresses in the social behavior of the sovereign individual personality, is not expressed in any species of animal.

Second, that the social effect of the expression of this unique principle, is shaped by the notion of dynamics, as dynamics is expressed, in fact, by the uniquely original discoveries of Kepler, and as dynamics is defined, successively, in modern scientific practice since Kepler, chiefly by Gottfried Leibniz,[3] Bernhard Riemann, and V.I. Vernadsky.

As will be clarified, at an appropriate point below, Vernadsky's notion of dynamics, is explicitly premised on Bernhard Riemann's development of the dynamical principles of physical hypergeometry. Here, in this notion of Riemannian dynamics, lies the essential functional distinction of Vernadsky's use of the term "Noösphere" (as distinct from the mystical mish-mash of the hoaxster Teilhard de Chardin of documented"Piltdown" complicity).

The most crucial distinctions to be considered, are, in summary, the following.

1.) Vernadsky's usage of dynamics as applied to the notion of the Biosphere, appears on stage with startling simplicity and clarity, in 1935-36, in his defining the Biosphere.[4]

To wit: although living processes are composed, chemically, of elements and isotopes of the Mendeleyev Periodic Table, the harmonically ordered behavior of these components in the functional characteristics of living processes, expresses a distinct principle, of life, not otherwise present in the role of the same elements in non-living processes. Thus, living processes are bounded, dynamically, by a universal principle of life which is not expressed in non-living chemistries. Hence, Vernadsky's definition of the Biosphere.

2.) However, the issue does not end with the discovery of the principled distinction of a universal physical principle of life, a discovery comparable to Kepler's uniquely original discovery of the principle of universal harmonics called gravitation. There is a higher principle than that of the Biosphere, a principle, of the Noösphere, which, as defined by the same method of scientific investigation of matters of principle, sets the human individual absolutely apart from, and above all other expressions of life as such.

3.) That higher, parallel exception is expressed, empirically, as the absolute, qualitative distinction of human from animal behavior. Here, the discovery of universal physical (and comparable Classical-artistic) principles, such as Kepler's uniquely original discovery of the harmonics principle of universal gravitation, sets the human species apart from, and above all other forms of living processes.

In each instance, this higher principle, expressed only by human individuals and their society, is the power of discovery of man's willful power in, and over the universe, a power which defines man and woman, as Genesis 1 describes this, as set apart from, and above all other living creatures, as man and woman made equally in the likeness, in nature, and character of duties as the servant of the Creator. This is the quality of power, unique to mankind, whose existence is illustrated by the uniqueness of Kepler's discovery of that harmonic principle of universal gravitation which orders the composition of the Solar system as a whole.[5]

Thus, if evil is defined as a quality of personality which places the individual, or his beliefs, as hostile to this likeness of man and woman to the Creator, then, Al Gore is, like the late Bertrand Russell, cast in the role of a truly evil person. I mean "evil," as like that of the Olympian Zeus of Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound, as like the "Belshazzar" of Rembrandt and of Robert Schumann's setting of Heinrich Heine's poem, or as like the "Ozymandias" which some fellow-students recognized in the personality of Al Gore: a likeness comparable to a legendary prototype of a purely evil principle.

Wherein, then, lies the essential evil of the Delphic Zeus? Of the Delphic Dionysus whom Gore currently follows? For what alleged offense does a Satanic Zeus condemn Prometheus? For giving mankind knowledge of the use of fire for mankind's benefit (e.g., the power of nuclear fission)! Yet, "fire," nuclear and otherwise, is only typical of the issue at stake. It is not the discovery of fire which was at issue; it was man's discovered knowledge of the use of fire (and of the use of nuclear fission), which is the immediate issue of Aeschylus' drama; the issue is man's access to practical knowledge of the nature and use of, and due respect for, universal physical principles.[6]

To restate that same point more appropriately: the issue is that of man's knowledgeable access to knowledge of man's own true nature, as made in the functional image of the Creator. It is not our ability to perform tricks, parlor or otherwise, which defines mankind; what defines mankind is this knowledge of our own true nature, which is necessary to separate the quality of our conscience from that of the mere beasts. Whoever would deny us that knowledge, as the intrinsically irrational philosophical Liberalism of such followers of Paolo Sarpi's followers Hobbes, Locke, Mandeville, Quesnay, and Adam Smith do for economics, is acting as an expression of a principle of evil.

On this latter account, Aeschylus' celebrated drama, Prometheus Bound, typifies the root of the mental and moral disease characteristic of the noted neo-Malthusian perversion of Albert Gore, Jr. That meaning is typified by the ancient use of the term "the oligarchical model," the model of ancient Babylon, as the Christian Apostle John's dream references the imperial Rome of Augustus, Tiberius, and Nero, as "the Whore of Babylon," as typified, in turn, by the imperial systems of, combined, ancient Rome, Byzantium, the Venetian-Norman feudal order, and the Anglo-Dutch Liberal form of imperial thrust associated with the legacy of Paolo Sarpi, and also Al Gore, still today.

The Oligarchical Principle

Thus, as I have just stated, above, the root of Al Gore's decadent ideology, is the doctrine under which the majority of human beings are degraded in juridical, or comparable status, to that of "human cattle," rather than what man and woman are described as being in Genesis 1. There lies the proof for the essential charge of "satanic," against ideologue Gore and his like.

This charge against Al Gore and his like, is not original to me; it is the essential issue of all known ancient, medieval, and modern European civilization since the Homeric Iliad and Odyssey. It is the core of the division of ancient Greek society, by a great struggle between the legacy of the oligarchical system of Lycurgus' Sparta, on the one side, and the humanistic standard associated with Solon of Athens and the Socratic-Platonic legacy, on the other.[7] It is the struggle for civilization, against the influences typified by that Delphi cult of Apollo associated, still today, with the Delphi traditions of Gaea, Python, Pythia, Apollo, Dionysus, and of that great fraud of modern European civilization, and with the Nazi-paradigm of Friedrich Nietzsche's Apollo-Dionysus myth, The Birth of Tragedy.[8]

The great tragedian Aeschylus puts his finger on the core of that issue, in the surviving, middle section, Prometheus Bound, of his Prometheus Trilogy. The central issue of Prometheus Bound, and, implicitly, the Prometheus Trilogy in its original entirety, is the issue between the humanistic tradition of Solon, Socrates, and Plato, and the opposing, oligarchical tradition leading into things such as Adolf Hitler, as typified by the Lycurgan code, of the Delphic Apollo cult and the related dogmas of the certifier of the Hitler dictatorship, Professor Leo Strauss' original sponsor Carl Schmitt. In fact, all of the crucial issues of the cultural and political history of European civilization, from about the Seventh Century B.C., to the present revival of the pro-fascist cult of so-called "environmentalism," are a continuing expression of the issues posed by both Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound and the work of the Pythagoreans, Socrates, Plato, et al., on the one side, and the influence of the tradition of Sophistry associated centrally with the Delphi Apollo cult, on the other.[9]

Although the term "humanist" is also misused by many contemporary currents of opinion, the essential, useful meaning of that term, we must always emphasize, within the context of globally extended modern European cultures, is identical with the implications of Genesis 1:26-31. We may put the squabbles among sundry religious factions aside. That meaning, as I employ it as an issue of physical science, here, is, that there is a fundamental line of division, a division defined by a universal physical principle, between mankind and all relatively lower forms of life. Whereas, it has become conventional, to regard that principle, that dividing-line, as a convention of "received religious belief;" the fact is, that the distinction to be made, as I do here, is founded on physical-scientific certainty, as Vernadsky's rigorous, experimental-physical principle of the Noösphere reflects that division. For us, who know of such matters, the existence of the efficient intention of a willful, all-subsuming Creator of our universe, is also a fact of a properly conceived physical science.[10]

These considerations lead our attention to two, successive statements of principle respecting human nature. The first step, especially in the U.S.A. today, is to recognize the true genius of Frederick Douglass, as against all those foolish fellows, especially among the "macho-like" behavior of some descendants of slaves, who reject Douglass's wisdom on this account.

In civilized forms of European cultural life, Classical science, as in the tradition of the methods of the Pythagoreans and Plato, as opposed to the reductionists, and Classical artistic composition, are the exemplary distinctions in practice of man from man mis-making himself, as the implicitly anti-African racist Al Gore and other reductionists do, in the image of a beast.[11] Thus, in the fight against slavery, the first step to real freedom was a quality of literacy leading to Classical modes of physical-scientific and artistic progress, as Frederick Douglass's own life and family attest to this. A man who sees himself as an oppressed beast, as Al Gore implicitly defines the Africa component of his current "Global Warming" hoax, remains a beast in his own mind. It is by freeing the mind of the feudal peasant, or slave, to be encouraged to think in terms of Classical forms of scientific and artistic knowledge, that the human individual becomes freed to assume a human identity in his or her own mind. "In his or her own mind," is a crucial matter of principle, a matter of knowing one's own true identity. Think of Frederick Douglass, as a notable example, of a self-freed slave as being like the Prometheus of Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound.[12] Contrast the policies of Frederick Douglass on this account, with the often wildly misguided, present-day opponents of Douglass on this issue of culture.

"Human culture" should be treated as having a fully legitimate, double meaning. It means, fundamentally, the progress of development of the specifically human cognitive powers of the human species; however, in opposition to all past and present efforts at the "globalization" tradition of the Biblical "Tower of Babel" (e.g., "Babble"), it also signifies the sovereignty of the experience of progress in sovereign development of the powers of each cultural branch of humanity as a whole; it must signify the interaction of specific "national" and kindred cultures with a scientifically adducible mainstream of progress in the potential relative population-density of the human species as a whole.

2. The Modern "Oligarchical Model"

The presence of systemic evil within the known civilizations of mankind, is best known to qualified historians and the like by the name of "The Oligarchical Model," the model associated with such examples as ancient Babylon and the Achaemenid empire. It is, otherwise, fairly described as "The Asian Model," against which ancient Greece fought to defend its struggling civilization against conquest from imperial forces within Asia Minor. It was when an Athens whose youth had been polluted by the Sophistry which radiated from the Delphi Gaea/Apollo/Dionysus cult, and which had corrupted a generation of young Athenians of influential families, that that generation of ancient Grecian "Baby Boomers," typified by Sophists such as Thrasymachus and Glaucon, prompted a corrupt Athens under Pericles, into a campaign of rape against other parts of Greek culture. In this fashion, Athens was self-destroyed, in large part, by the added crime of its judicial murder of Socrates, a crime perpetrated by an organization of ancient (almost Sarpian) Liberals known as "The Democratic Party of Athens."

Despite the great leadership in morals, science and statecraft provided by Plato, ancient post-Peloponnesian War Greece never regained what Athens had been before Pericles' corruption—never, to the present day![13] However, the heritage of Classical Greece of Socrates and Plato lived on, chiefly under the benefit of Christianity, to erupt gloriously in the great A.D. 1439 session of the great ecumenical Council of Florence, and the launching of the modern nation-state republic and methods of modern physical science introduced under the leadership of the greatest, most moving genius of that time, Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa.

From this Renaissance came the first sovereign commonwealth states of Europe, Louis XI's France and Henry VII's England. Unfortunately, the relics of the medieval oligarchical, ultramontane system returned in a Venetian resurgence marked by the Fall of Constantinople and the subsequent events under the anti-Semitic Grand Inquisitor Tomás de Torquemada. Over the course of the following century, globally extending European civilization, inspired by the plottings of Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, reached across the Atlantic and elsewhere as defined by a conflict between the commonwealth legacy of the great ecumenical Council of Florence, against the reformed Venetian oligarchical model associated with the Liberalism of Paolo Sarpi and his Anglo-Dutch Liberal followers.[14]

The developments of 1789-1815 in Europe left the world at large dominated by two contending products of English-speaking civilization, the American System of political-economy, represented, respectively, chiefly, by the U.S.A., and the opposing, Anglo-Dutch Liberal system of financier oligarchical hegemonies. This conflict within the English-speaking systems, between the legacy of the American System and the opposed Liberal systems, has been the essential pivot of world history taken as a whole, from February 1763 to the present time.

Over this interval, most notably from February 1763 to the present, the dominant cultural forces of the planet considered as a single whole, have been divided between the implicitly Anglo-Dutch Liberal system, the paramount oligarchical system of today's planet considered at large, and that system's only serious global rival thus far, the American System of political-economy as typified by names such as Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Quincy Adams. Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

As I have repeatedly emphasized heretofore, the victory of the U.S.A, led by President Abraham Lincoln, in defeating the Confederacy puppet of London's Lord Palmerston, not only established the U.S.A. as an independent nation-state power in the world at large, but rallied nations of continental Eurasia, and elsewhere, as in Bismarck's Germany, Mendeleyev's Russia, and Japan, around the idea of the American System of political-economy as the alternative to the imperial global hegemony of the Anglo-Dutch Liberal monetary-financial system.

Since the 1863 Battle of Gettysburg, and, most emphatically 1865-1877, the grand politics and its related warfare within the planet as a whole have been organized around a so-called "geopolitical" conflict between the challenged supremacy of the Anglo-Dutch Liberal maritime system and the rivals of British imperialism located chiefly within the Americas and the continent of Eurasia. The special significance of this form of chronic global conflict, is that the Anglo-Dutch Liberal form of imperialist monetary-financial system, is a product of the long sweep of oligarchical rule in European affairs since the Peloponnesian War.

Consider the immediate expression of that conflict, today.

Shultz, Kissinger, & Rohatyn

For those who care to look at the evidence, the evidence is, that the design of what became the "Baby Boomer" generation, was the product of a presently continuing determination by relevant Anglo-Dutch Liberal fanatics, such as FDR-hater Felix Rohatyn and his cronies in the Pinochet coup d'etat and Operation Condor butchery, George Shultz and Henry A. Kissinger. That crime in the Southern Cone was done by them as part of their continuing commitment to ensure that no new President Franklin Roosevelt would ever appear in U.S. history again.

For precisely this reason, I have been hated, personally by the Liberal oligarchy, and increasingly so, since my celebrated, late 1971 Queen's College debate against the Congress for Cultural Freedom's advocate, Professor Abba Lerner. It is not only that I have been committed to return to the standpoint of President Franklin Roosevelt's revival of the American System of political-economy out of the rubbish-heap created by the Coolidge and Hoover Presidencies, but, as Lerner's close associate, Professor Sidney Hook, commented upon my complete defeat of Lerner in that debate, I had shown myself an "effective advocate." What my adversaries regarded as either my successes, or near-successes, prompted leading circles in the U.S.A. and abroad to regard me as dangerously competent in my profession, especially after the SDI affair; for that, to the present date, they have never forgiven me.

The witting use of the morally degenerate existentialism of such cronies of former Nazi Professor Martin Heidegger (at the Hitler period's Freiburg University) as Horkheimer, Adorno, and Arendt, and also the notorious Paris Review of John Train, Teddy Goldsmith, et al., among those deployed to conduct the mass-brainwashing project for Europe known as the Congress of Cultural Freedom (CCF), points clearly to both the intention and the method by which a certain "white collar" stratum within the generation born between 1945 and 1956, would be pre-conditioned to produce the frankly fascist quality of rioting "68ers" and "environmentalist" movement of today.

The policy used by the enemies of Franklin Roosevelt's memory, was a policy of corrupting a newborn post-war generation from, chiefly, middle-class white-collar households, in Sophist doctrines such as "information theory" and the existentialist dogma of "the authoritarian personality," to bring into being exactly what was brought into the streets of the leading cities of the U.S.A., Paris, Berlin, and elsewhere during the riotous days of 1968. Those and related facts of that period, underline the fully witting intent behind the mass-brainwashing of those dupes constituting what is known today as the "Baby Boomer" generation.

In mid-1968 I was startled into recognizing the continuing importance this, after a second campus "strike" at New York's Columbia University, in late Spring, 1968. This second campus eruption, as distinct from the first, showed itself as a recurrence of what I knew of the sociology of the pre-Hitler Berlin "trolley car" strike, during which the Communist and Nazi party had been swapping memberships, back and forth, virtually by the week. Here we saw, in Berlin then, and in the U.S. and western and central Europe during the Spring of 1968 and beyond, the specific doctrine of Nietzschean Dionysian violence of which Nazi and similar political movements and revolutions are born, such as the movements surfacing as the "anti-fa" violence in Germany today. My Summer 1968 publication, The New Left, Social Control, and Fascism, which documented my concern of late Spring and early Summer 1968, made that point.

The reference to the Mark Rudd faction of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) as "left-wing," or even "radical left," misses the point. As we compare the pro-violence movements spawned from places such as Hamburg during the time of the terrorist murderers among the Baader-Meinhof gang, and the right-wing spawn of the same pedigree in Saxony and Berlin today, this should remind us, as the history of the French Revolution should have done, that the key feature of the Jacobin killer-mobs of 1790s Paris was their Phrygian caps, the hallmark of the terrorism of the followers of the civilization-hating Delphi Dionysus cult.

It is what you are for, not what you might choose as a temporary target of your role within a raging mob, which defines what you really are; it is what you are being used to attempt to bring into being, whether you know what you are actually doing, or not.

Gore & the Recipe for Fascism

The danger today, is that, under the influence of the anti-Roosevelt crafting of the "white collar" Baby-Boomer generation, which was manufactured, by social-cultural programming, from the ranks of many born during 1945-1956, there emerged the core of a fascist political current, in the guise of the extremists of the following of former Vice-President Al Gore, today. Gore's ideological types, on this account, have all the same essential characteristics of those Anglo-Dutch Liberals, and their American fellow-travelers of financial capital, who created Hitler's fascism out of the environmentalist (e.g., "eugenics") cults of the 1920s and early 1930s.

This echo of the eugenics used to bring the fascist movements of the 1920s and 1930s into being, is precisely what the Gore, speaking in the name of "environmentalism," promotes as "green genocide" against black Africa today. Such was the impact of the influence of Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair, and his close accomplice Al Gore, as U.S. Vice-President, on U.S. Africa policy for Uganda, Sudan, and elsewhere, during that past period.

Contrary to the widespread myth today, the patriots who actually designed our constitutional U.S. Republic were never "leftists," never Jacobins, but republicans in the tradition of the great Fifteenth-Century Renaissance, the defining of both the modern nation-state by Nicholas of Cusa, the founding of modern science by Cusa, and the founding of the first modern commonwealth republics under France's Louis XI and England's Henry VII. Our U.S. republic was unique in the respect that it led in carrying the best aspirations of the commonwealth system of nation-state republics to be planted on soil, in the Americas, at a prudent distance from the oligarchical systems which ruled Europe culturally then, and, for the greater part, still today.

In that specifically American tradition, U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt's leadership saved the world from a more or less permanent Hell under the reign of the oligarchical system represented by the figure of Adolf Hitler, that despite the Harrimans and other anglophile oligarchical types descended from the tradition of the 1763 British East India Company's American Tories.[15]

So, with the death of President Franklin Roosevelt, we of the U.S.A. and western and central Europe, were destroyed afresh, as Sophistry ruined Pericles' Athens; an entire generation of our white-collar class born between 1945 and 1956, drilled in the systemic corruption by the new, anti-Franklin Roosevelt Sophistry thus expressed by the 1945-1956 brainwashing of the "white collar" generation. It was a "brainwashing" intended, by the followers of Bertrand Russell and others, to produce the still reigning "Baby Boomer" generation of 1968-2007 today. To a large degree, since 1968, that scheme of corruption of our nation has succeeded. Relative to the mid-1960s, we are a ruined, looted nation.

What Al Gore represents, in particular, is a picaresque reflection of the essence of the oligarchical model traced in our national history from traitors such as Lord Shelburne-backed crony of the British Foreign Office's Jeremy Bentham, the traitor Aaron Burr who founded the Bank of Manhattan. This connection to Gore has been shown most clearly by that, almost swamp-creature-like, self-disgraced Tennessean's "mint-julip" racist, and "environmentalist" (i.e., eugenics)" orientation, in alliance with Britain's Fabian imperial Prime Minister Tony Blair, against the black-skinned population and nations of sub-Saharan Africa.

However, it is to be emphasized, that, in Gore's case, the silliness comes less from the hooch, than the "branch water." Shades of the 1970s collusion among the clippings-service mentalities represented then by the fellow-Confederates Gore, neo-Jacobin Newt Gingrich, and the pathetic Tofflers! It might be said, that one could get Al Gore out of the swamp, but it would be much more difficult to get the swamp out of Al Gore.

If I seem to view Gore as so much rubbish, take note of the fact that everything I say on that account is true, but, also, that I am obliged to do so to put the emphasis truthfully where it belongs. Gore is essentially an intrinsically expendable, mere errand-boy, not the master. Expose Gore for the miserable creature which he is, but save your fire for the global financier circles which are the architects of the immediate fascist danger to the planet now, as financier interests of the same breed, such as Felix Rohatyn, which, like Hitler's British sponsor, the Bank of England's Montagu Norman, and the Bank for International Settlement's Hjalmar Schacht, led, among numerous other Anglo-American, Dutch, French, and other financier circles, in creating the Hitler regime. So, the hedge funds, an operation centered in the British Cayman Islands, were created today. We must take Gore fully into account for what he represents; but, we must not let him be treated as a scapegoat for the truly evil masters which he, like programmed and scripted wind-up toy, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, merely serves. This time, the financier circles like those which created Hitler must not escape the accounting for their crimes.

The essential enemy of civilization today, is the same oligarchical model which induced Classical Athens to destroy itself, in much the same way the U.S. has been already largely destroyed through fools in the U.S. government who permitted the nation to be sucked into those wars, first in Indo-China, and, now, under a mentally impaired G.W. Bush, Jr., in Southwest Asia: wars by means of which our republic was set up to be self-destroyed, as the oligarchical faction of the time of Pericles induced Athens to destroy itself in the Peloponnesian War.

This brings us to the oligarchical issue as such.

Zeus' Oligarchical Model

The oligarchical model, on which the Roman and Byzantine empires were premised, is an echo of the medieval ultramontane system run by a partnership of Venetian financiers and Norman chivalry, is also, like the Anglo-Dutch Liberal world system centered still in London today. These imperialist systems were premised on the assumption that the majority of the human population must be kept in the juridical status of either wild, or hunted cattle, rather than as persons in the sense of Genesis 1:26-31. The essential feature of this system, is not monarchy as such, but oligarchy: a code of behavior shared among allied oligarchies, an arrangement under which the majority of humanity was kept in the status of virtual brutes, either tamed drudges to be herded, or wild beasts to be hunted down.

Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound captures the essence of that system of oligarchism. Aeschylus pins the issue of law on the matter of the essential distinction of man from beast. That issue of law, is the potential of the human individual, not only the potential to discover a universal physical principle, such as the principle of fire, nuclear fission, or gravitation, but to use the knowledge of that discovered principle to mankind's advantage as a species.

The infuriated oligarch, such as the Olympian Zeus, storms: "You will discover nothing of that sort! You will do as we bid you, except as you do nothing which would be strange to the habits of your ancestors before you!" Thus, Prometheus ("forethought" = science) is the person most hated, and most feared by Zeus. Thus, we have the Simon Legrees of today, the Al Gores and others who herd a duped, half-crazed population into destroying the economy on which their own and the children's lives depend.

To be free today, especially if your skin is black, is to be freed from the tyrannical intentions of a frankly evil Al Gore.

Thus, the Olympian law of the U.S. slave-states made it the rule to murder any slave who learned to read and write, or any person who assisted the slave in learning to read and write. In opposition to that, Frederick Douglass focused directly on the essence of the slave-system, the truly human person's ability and right to discover the store of knowledge of scientific and Classical cultural knowledge for practice of earlier generations of mankind, and to develop and employ such practice for the advancement of humanity as a whole. The slave who simply rebelled physically against tyranny, might be free, temporarily, in his or her body, but not in his or her mind. To be free, it is first necessary to be human, to enjoy and express those creative powers of physical science and Classical culture which distinguish the truly free individual from the chimpanzee.

Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound thus points to the most crucial issue of what is rightly termed "natural law" in society. The discovery of a principle of "natural law" is expressed to the advantage of the human species, in the form of the ability of the human individual to make, and to employ an experimentally valid discovery of a universal physical, or comparable artistic principle, a quality of potential which is the functional distinction of men and women categorically from beasts.[16] We are speaking, therefore, of the Noösphere, a domain whose distinguishing characteristics exist entirely outside the domain of animal ecology.

Therefore, competent economic science is subsumed under the notion of what Vernadsky defines as the Noösphere. In this setting, competent economic science is expressed not as a function of monetary processes, but as a function of physical-economic processes.

However, what is crucial in all this is the notion of the ontologically infinitesimal. This is the essential distinction of man from beast, or from man driven into a state of mind and conduct like that of a beast. The typification of such an infinitesimal is Johannes Kepler's discovery of a harmonically defined universal physical principle of gravitation, as ordering the relationship of bodies within the Solar system. The center of this is the work reflected in the combination of his The New Astronomy and World Harmonics. These were works developed by Kepler on the foundations laid by Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa's De Docta Ignorantia and other relevant writings on the method of modern physical science.

However, to state the case before us now, in the relevant technical terms, I repeat what I have frequently said in earlier locations here, as matters of definitions:

To situate the relevant functions of modern physical science in respect to a science of physical economy, we rely on the complete overthrow of the entire edifice of Euclidean geometry and its outcomes, an overthrow which was implicitly accomplished by Bernhard Riemann's development of the foundations of an anti-mechanical-statistical, dynamical system of physical hypergeometry, as this is reflected in V.I. Vernadsky's development of the notion of the respective dynamics of the Biosphere and Noösphere.

By dynamics, we should understand the implicitly axiom-free, pre-Euclidean method of mathematical physics, called Sphaerics, which is associated with the Pythagoreans and other circles of Socrates and Plato. The active principle of Sphaerics, called dynamis by the Pythagoreans, was revived by Gottfried Leibniz, as dynamics (as noted above), to eradicate the folly of the mechanical-statistical method of Descartes and the empiricists generally. Leibniz's definition as carried forward by Riemann, is central to the work of Vernadsky, and is, retrospectively, as Albert Einstein indicates, the implied method of Kepler.

Keep that definition in view; I shall explain its implications as we proceed, as follows.

Begin with a focus on Kepler's discovery of universal gravitation's function as an ontological infinitesimal. This discovered principle, as elaborated for the harmonic composition of the Solar system, is a principle which, in its essential identity, efficiently encloses the universe, and therefore appears to bound that universe, implicitly, as being actually, ontologically, intrinsically finite but without external boundaries. Gravitation's pervasive efficiency is therefore expressed, in detail, ontologically, as an infinitesimal. This was the basis for Kepler's prescribed task for future mathematicians: to develop a mathematical calculus of such ontological infinitesimals. Notably, the neo-Cartesian empiricists, such as D'Alembert. Euler, and Lagrange, attempted to outlaw such infinitesimals. Implicitly, Carl F. Gauss put the infinitesimals back into the physical complex domain, in his 1799 doctoral dissertation, and Riemann made this explicit from the publication of his 1854 habilitation dissertation, onwards.

The most crucial implication of the immediately foregoing set of definitions, is that the difference between man and beast, is located ontologically in this notion of the infinitesimal as I have just described that above. All those discovered, and otherwise discoverable universally efficient physical principles, which define those characteristic modes of human action which do not exist for lower forms of life, occur in human practice as expressions of such infinitesimals.

The human discovery of such a universal physical principle has two qualitative forms of expression, and occurs either as simply a passive discovery of the existence of a principle in fact, or as a qualitative change in the form and effect of human behavior employing knowledge of that discovered principle.

The types of such universal principles are also two. They are expressed in the form of human direct physical action on nature, or in the form of Classical artistic principles of composition, as implicitly revolutionary progress in the mode of specifically social relations. The relationship between Kepler's discoveries of harmonic principles of astronomy, the harmonics of the periodic table, and so on, are one quality of relationship; the ironical relationship of Keplerian harmonic dynamics to the ground-basis of J.S. Bach's method of composition, typify the other quality. Scientific discovery informs the hand; Classical artistic composition, as in music and Classical poetry and drama, informs the human soul.

That much just stated summarily on these points, we now turn our attention to two distinct, but intertwined subject-matters. The purpose of this brief set of excursions, is to indicate the way in which the evil consequences of Gore's ideology must be foreseen, and avoided. The most crucial of these considerations is the nature of the ontologically actual infinitesimal which corresponds to a principle of the universe, both as a principle of physical-economic practice as such, and as a principle of social relations as such.

3. Science & Economy

Be optimistic, as measured in deeds, rather than in wishes.

From out of the wreckage which President Franklin D. Roosevelt inherited from such predecessors as Presidents Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover, came the mightiest economic and military power the world had ever seen, that during about a dozen years under Franklin Roosevelt's leadership. Although what the U.S. could have become under a continuation of Franklin Roosevelt's clear intentions for the post-war world, was lost, the uncompleted system which the world inherited from Franklin Roosevelt's revolution, continued, by itself, to serve the U.S.A. and others well, until the developments unleashed by a wave of high-level assassinations, including that of President John F. Kennedy, and the launching of a protracted Indo-China War, in which the U.S. actually brought about its own political defeat in an unnecessary and prolonged, asymmetric war.

Thus, after the assassination of President Kennedy, the U.S.A. largely ruined itself.

Since the inauguration of President Richard Nixon, and the rabid anti-Franklin Roosevelt economic and social reforms of the 1969-1981 interval, the U.S. economy has disintegrated, far more by the foolish policy-changes introduced by the complicit, increasing incompetence of its own successive 1964-2007 governments, than through any other causes.

The continuing causes for this economic collapse of what had been, previously, the world's most powerful physical economy, were chiefly the result of the intentional 1964-1981 destruction, chiefly by the combined initiatives of the British and U.S. governments, of every principal pillar of monetary and physical-economic policy on which the 1933-1963 successes had been premised.

Therefore, the way in which this 1964-1981 collapse was organized, is of exceptional relevance for the understanding of the leading topic of this present report.

In the meantime, a frankly pro-Satanic Bertrand Russell's utopian plan for world government, was brought into being as the threat of an unprovoked nuclear attack on the Soviet Union. That Russell scheme failed badly under the Administration of President Harry Truman. There were numerous reasons for this outcome, including the surprising successes of the Soviet Union, in developing not only its own sovereign nuclear-fission weapons capability (as distinct from the version copied from U.S. and British sources), and also the Soviet precedence in developing a deploying thermonuclear weapons capability, when the U.S.A. had not. However, there were many other considerations; Truman sullenly retreated and left the field to the Administration of President Dwight Eisenhower.

Bertrand Russell did not give up. To a relatively large degree, it was through his efforts, that the world was steered into what became the 1962 missiles-crisis.

Russell was essentially a British imperialist, but of a particular kind.

He hated the U.S.A., and gave his whole efforts to destroying that U.S.A., that to the intended relevant imperial advantage of the Fabian version of an Anglo-Dutch Liberal system of actually imperial world government.[17] Russell's primary goals were the destruction of the institution of the sovereign nation-state, and the wrecking of science (except as a secret of a small oligarchical super-elite) by outlawing the principles on which the successes of modern European science and technological progress in the productive powers of labor had depended more or less absolutely. Russell, in his own way was what was called, during the 1920s and 1930s, as a "eugenicist;" he was of the same persuasion on subject-matter of population-control and regular cullings of the human population, as the Nazis then, and the declared impulses of the pro-racist ideologues associated with Al Gore today.

Russell's principal target was the destruction of the U.S.A., especially of those principled features of the American System of political-economy on which the rise of President Abraham Lincoln's U.S.A. to challenge the British Empire's supremacy, had been premised.

At bottom, Russell was a British oligarchical variety of a Nietzschean, much like Russell's foolish follower, Al Gore today. On this account, as shown by his attachments to Prime Minister Tony Blair, Al Gore is much more a virtual agent of British Fabianism, than an American. For on this account, Gore is thus a leading candidate for the role of an enemy within our nation's ranks.

It is in those terms of reference that the deadly challenge which Gore and his like represented for the continued existence of our U.S.A. today, must be seriously considered. What, for example, is that American System of President Franklin Roosevelt which such former Pinochet accomplices as George Shultz, Henry Kissinger, and Felix Rohatyn assisted in wrecking, through their support to Nazi-like Pinochet at relevant times? What is the difference between the brilliantly successful American System of political-economy, and the version of the perennially failed British system of political-economy which has reigned, so ruinously, in the Washington, D.C. policy-shaping of George Shultz, Henry A. Kissinger, et al., since the inauguration of President Richard M. Nixon?

The Highlights of Our Ruin

The most crucial of the relevant elements of the change which came with the 1962 missiles-crisis and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, must be traced from no later than Soviet General Secretary Khrushchev's dispatch of four representatives to a London meeting of Bertrand Russell's World Parliamentarians for World Government.

Recall earlier Soviet reaction to Bertrand Russell's public call, in 1946, for a preventive nuclear attack on the Soviet Union, an attack which Russell identified publicly as intended, by him, to serve the purpose of establishing world government, and the elimination of the institution of the sovereign nation-state. Russell's leading role in promoting a policy of so-called "preventive nuclear attack" on the Soviet Union had not prompted kindly utterances from the Soviet government of Joseph Stalin.

Thus, the gushing affection for the same Russell, which the Khrushchev representatives expressed at the London meeting of Russell's World Parliamentarians, did, and should have lifted eyebrows. Were there any reason to doubt the significance of the Khrushchev representatives expressed affection for Russell, Khrushchev's rude break-off of the Paris meeting with Eisenhower and Charles de Gaulle, should be seen, together with the earlier Khrushchev approach to Russell's London Parliamentarians' meeting, as warning of the true implications of the later Cuba missiles crisis, and the repeated assassination attempts against President Charles de Gaulle, the orchestrated Profumo affair and the ouster of Britain's Prime Minister Macmillan, and the assassination of President Kennedy himself.[18]

To understand Khrushchev's sometimes strange adventures in Soviet domestic and foreign policy, we must recognize that, from the moment of the death of President Franklin Roosevelt, the circles around Winston Churchill were determined to do all possible, as rapidly as possible, to destroy the life's work of that President Roosevelt, especially Roosevelt's plan for creating a decolonized world in which the British Empire and its like would go out of existence and a U.S.-sponsored community of sovereign nation-states would bring the evils of colonizations and imperialism to an end. The assassination of President Kennedy was the crucial development which brought the wrecking of the U.S. economy and U.S. power to fruition, as through the subsequent launching of the official U.S. war in Indo-China. Without the dubious role of Khrushchev, this process could not have gone as it did.

Continuing the account: by no accident, after a brief, and indecent interval, the first British government of Prime Minister Harold Wilson was ushered into leadership of the UK. Wilson's first ministry uncorked the destruction of the UK economy and the crisis of Pound Sterling, which set into motion the international monetary crises of 1967-68. Meanwhile, the combined eruption of the Baby Boomers from the university campuses of the U.S.A. and western Europe, and the Baby Boomers' hostility to farmers and industrial operatives, shattered the Democratic Party, and thus made the way for the destruction of the U.S. dollar-system and the U.S. economy, this through the radical destruction of all of the crucial elements on which the post-1933 achievements of the U.S. economy had depended.

After 1968, Democratic Party politics themselves became, in effect, increasingly anti-labor and anti-farmer, as the Baby Boomers who had rioted on the streets in 1968 and beyond, transferred political power and influence inside the Party to the increasing hegemony of an increasingly Baby Boomer-dominated, upper twenty percentile of the family income-brackets, leaving the lower eighty percentile to slide, increasingly, into the poverty associated with the arranged decline of the farmer, the ruin of basic economic infrastructure, and the increasing pauperization of what had been the great agro-industrial and urban complexes developed under the initiatives of President Franklin Roosevelt. The sordid role of Felix Rohatyn in the New York City "Big MAC" affair, typifies this to the present day. Thus, the U.S. was driven into bankruptcy, in a long wave, beginning about 1967-68, and continued up to the present situation of a desperately impoverished lower eighty percentile of a de-industrialized U.S. which, itself, were gripped by a process of forced collapse of national welfare and a correlated waning of popular political-economic sanity.

These years of ridding the U.S.A. of its Franklin Roosevelt legacy, have become increasingly stormy and ruinous times.

So, presently, there is no visible future for the continued existence of the U.S.A., or, for that matter, civilization generally, unless we return, immediately, to the kinds of monetary and economic-management policies of the 1945-1963 post-World War II period. We must return to economic policies dedicated to a regulated "fair trade" economy, rather than the silly "free trade" system, which has ruined us so awesomely over the recent thirty-six years. On this account, the continued existence of the U.S.A. as a functioning republic, and its economy, depends now, immediately and absolutely, on the abandonment of the recent, anti-Franklin Roosevelt trends in economic policy and global outlook, back toward an appropriately modern echo of the principled features of the achievements of that Roosevelt administration.

The crucial features of any rescue of the U.S.A. from the presently onrushing threat of a general, global economic breakdown-crisis, would echo the outlook of, and lessons learned from President Franklin Roosevelt's response to the crisis of 1933 and beyond. However, although the details of a needed policy-change for today are not quite the same as suited the circumstances of the 1930s and early 1940s, the underlying principles of FDR's recovery measures are implicitly the same, for today, as the pillars of the successful changes made in his time.

The American System

The leading lie taught by pompous asses to all credulous fools available in universities and elsewhere today, is that the American System of political-economy is an outgrowth of the teachings of such Anglo-Dutch Liberal ideologues as Bernard Mandeville, Adam Smith, and British Foreign Office "Secret Committee" figure Jeremy Bentham.

In fact, in a successful form of real economy there is no principled correlation between prices expressed in "free trade" modes and relative physical values of income and output. The American System of political-economy, as it reigned as a standard of public policy in the U.S. dollar-system, from President Franklin Roosevelt's reforms until the ruinous administrations of Presidents Nixon and Carter, was what was termed during the informed 1950s as a "fair trade" system. A "fair trade" system was understood then, as it should be now, as one in which government regulation joined with well-informed private business practice, to bring the relative prices of goods produced by aid of long-term physical investments, into conformity with the goals of a general rise in technological progress and output-rates for a growing national economy, and for a rising national physical income-level of households as a whole.

The American System of political-economy, as in opposition to the lunatic teachings of Adam Smith, is premised historically on the policies of the first modern commonwealth form of nation-state economy, that of France under Louis XI. Louis, no silly George W. Bush, Jr., himself, avoided wars by submitting to the demands for French bribes from France's enemies. Louis did this, in order to give France the peace through which Louis promoted fairs and other devices for encouraging that surge in prosperity though which both the quality and relative productivity of agriculture and manufacturing virtually exploded upward by aid of means such as regular fairs. Louis XI's approach was echoed for England by Louis' admirer Henry VII.

These two pioneering commonwealths, Louis XI's France and Henry VII's England, represented a new form of political nationhood erupting to transform Europe into the economic center of the entire planet from that point onward. As the given name suggests, it is the improvement of the general welfare of the present and future population as a whole, which is the general law of practice by such forms of government. This form was a reflection of two leading scientific principles elaborated by Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, who had been a central intellectual figure of the great ecumenical Council of Florence. The rise of modern Europe from the refuse-heap of Venetian-Norman feudalism, was made possible by ideas, by Cusa's relevant contributions, for our purposes here, were chiefly four.

  1. The principle of the perfectly sovereign nation-state republic. (E.g., his Concordantia Catholica)

  2. The science-driver principle, from which all competent modern science, such as those of Leonardo da Vinci, Johannes Kepler, and Gottfried Leibniz was derived. (e.g., his De Docta Ignorantia.)

  3. His dialog on the subject of ecumenical peace among differing religious faiths. (De Pace Fidei).


  1. His proposal for trans-oceanic voyages of exploration, to bring the peoples of the world as a whole into cooperation. His plan for that policy was obtained and employed by Christopher Columbus for the famous voyages of Trans-Atlantic exploration.

However, this impetus, radiated by Cusa et al. from the proceedings leading into and through the great ecumenical Council of Florence, encountered the contrary forces of a resuscitated power for evil, the Venetian financier-oligarchy which had reigned over the quasi-imperial form of the medieval feudal system. The role of the evil Tomás de Torquemada, as in the expulsion of the Jews from Spain, was exemplary. Thus, during the entire interval of religious warfare, from 1492 until the 1648 Peace of Westphalia, Europe was torn internally by homicidal religious conflicts orchestrated by the resurgent Venetian financier oligarchy.

The failure of the pro-medievalist Venetian faction to cope with the challenge of modern European scientific and technological progress gave way to the rising influence of the Venetian Paolo Sarpi, a Sarpi who remains today the actual author of the systems of Anglo-Dutch Liberal political and social thought throughout most of the world today. In this process, the colonization of the Americas, created an opportunity for the fulfillment of the intentions of the reforms by such as Cusa, Louis XI, et al., an opportunity situated at a relevant distance from the rule of both reactionary Iberian influences, and the rising Anglo-Dutch Liberal power of Sarpi's followers in Europe. The ideas on which the U.S. Federal republic's existence has been grounded were, virtually all European ideas and European values; but—a very large, and very important "but"—at a relatively advantageous distance from the reach, even still today, of the European oligarchical classes as such.

So, the ideas on which the U.S. republic was grounded, were essentially the ideas spread in Europe from the radiated effects of the great Council of Florence, as these effects were uplifted in quality by the great influence which the leading scientist Gottfried Leibniz had in shaping the world-outlook, and ideas, of what become the constitutional order of Benjamin Franklin and his circles.

However, in the meantime, the course of developments radiating from France through the 1789-1815 interval, have, thus far, prevented the successful development, with temporary exceptions, of durable forms of republican self-government in western and central Europe. The passage of continental European development, from the influence of the Franklin Roosevelt outlook of the early post-war decades, to the resumed hegemony of Anglo-Dutch Liberalism, during more recent decades, especially since the rampage of Prime Minister Thatcher and her French asset, Mitterrand, during 1990-1992, has created a present situation, such that, without a return of the U.S.A. to its Franklin Roosevelt legacy, there is no likelihood of the continuation of civilized forms of political existence in a western and central Europe. This is a Europe which is, at this very moment, attempting to transform its already Thatcher-Mitterrand-ruined self into the leader of a new attempt at creating a Tower of Babel.

In fact, to come closer to the concluding argument to be made in this report, there is no longer any present chance for the near-term continuation of civilized life on this planet, unless four key major nations of the world, the U.S.A., Russia, China, and India, agree to bring a consort of sovereign republics of the world into a system of respectively perfectly sovereign nation-state republics, through whose concerted power a suitable order, one comparable to the post-war intentions of U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt, can be established as a constitutional alliance among respectively sovereign nations, an alliance for the kind of ordering of affairs among nations which had been envisaged by President Franklin Roosevelt until Winston Churchill et al. gave the world decades spent in virtual Hell, as the alternative.

To this end, it is absolutely essential that the so-called "free trade" system be uprooted, and sent to repose for future contemplation in a museum for dangerously insane ideas. The American System, as understood by Alexander Hamilton et al., a system premised on the notions of physical, rather than monetary economy, defines the terms of agreement among sovereign states, on which a new relatively fixed-exchange-rate system is to be established with an estimate fifty-year forward span of treaty agreements on credit and trade, for promotion of long-term capital formation and technological progress, among these sovereign states.

I explain.

Science & Economic Freedom

As I have already stressed, the distinctive characteristic of the human individual which separates man from beast, is typified by that scientific method which is to be associated with the ancient Pythagoreans and Plato, and with the successors of Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa in science and statecraft, such as Kepler, Leibniz, Riemann, and Vernadsky.

To understand economics, as very few living economists today—even otherwise intelligent and well-meaning ones, do, we must clear our heads on account of two crucial issues of scientific method on which the survival of republic for the immediate future now depends. In taking into account that life is a process which is not derivable from the customarily chosen mathematics of non-living processes, and, also recognizing that the cognitive processes which distinguish human individuals from animals are not derivable from biology as such. Such are the implications of Vernadsky's definitions of living processes (the Biosphere) and human cognitive processes (the Noösphere). In the instance of the Noösphere, the physical-experimental basis for defining this distinction of human mental processes is located, in a modern science context, in the notion of the ontologically infinitesimal, as this notion was typified by Kepler's and Leibniz's definition of the ontological principle of the ontologically infinitesimal calculus.[19]

This notion of the ontologically infinitesimal, is key for any competent treatment of life as such; here, we are treating this notion as it is paralleled by the mental act of discovery of an experimentally validatable notion of a universal physical principle, such as Kepler's uniquely original discovery of the principle of gravitation. The standpoint from which such matters are to be explored in physical science today, is the higher implications of Bernhard Riemann's 1854 habilitation dissertation, in which he throws all Euclidean and similar, reductionist, sorts of aprioristic notions into the sewer of bad ideas.

On that account, we begin the relevant discussion here with discussion of what it is that we must throw away, such as Euclidean geometry, or its empiricist derivative, the Cartesian mechanistic-statistical method of usually taught mathematical-economics today.

If we throw away mystical blind faith in Euclidean definitions, axioms, and postulates, with what are we left for mathematics? In place of Euclidean, or kindred intuited notions of space, or physical space-time, we are permitted to entertain no axiomatic assumption which is not established experimentally as a universal physical principle. Thus, in place of the interpretation of physical space according to a priori notions of space and time, we are permitted to employ nothing but experimentally proven universal physical principles

Look at the Pythagorean treatments of the functional relationships among points, lines, surfaces, and solids, and do this with special emphasis on the constructive doubling of the cube, as by Archytas, and the connection of the definition of the so-called "Platonic solids," as by Theaetetus, with the implications of Napier's construction, as adopted by Carl F. Gauss, of the Pentagramma Mirificum. Compare this with Kepler's refutation of the merely presumed existence of the equant in astronomy. In such ways, rid oneself of the fetishistic delusions of simplistic sense-certainty.

What your senses are interpreted as presenting, is never actually self-evident as a matter of sense-certainty; what the senses report to us, is the shadow cast upon the processes of the individual human mind by something. This does not mean that sense-perception is intrinsically a lie; this means that sense-perception is the shadow of something whose substance we must discover by the kinds of experimental methods employed by the ancient Pythagoreans, Plato, et al., as by the founder of the only competent strain of modern physical science, Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa and his followers. The sense-perception is something cast, as like a shadow, of what is being actually experienced. Exit: sense-certainty, in our needed searches for the experimentally validated realities made known to us only through the kinds of crucial experimental methods presented to us by such followers of Cusa as Kepler, Fermat, Leibniz, and Riemann.

The continuing development of the methods of the ancient Pythagoreans and followers of Plato, through Cusa, Leonardo da Vinci, Kepler, Fermat, Leibniz, Riemann, et al., focus our attention on the experimental evidence which reality presents to us, from experimental evidence, as a moral and intellectual failure of ordinary mathematics. Kepler's uniquely original discovery of a harmonic ordering underlying the system of gravitation within the Solar system, and the comparable discovery of the microphysical underpinnings of physical chemistry, as by Pasteur, Mendeleyev, Harkins, Vernadsky, et al. demonstrate to all properly sentient beings concerned with these matters that the universe in which we exist is essentially Riemannian. It is a universe in which no physical principle can be adduced by aprioristic methods, but only as the discovery of experimentally validated discoveries of universal physical principles which exist entirely outside a reductionist mathematical method.

It is the human species' sharing with the Creator of the awesome power of discovery of universal physical principles existing outside the bounds of any reductionist mathematical scheme, which provides us the only competent view of economic processes for today.

To capture a sense of this, it were most appropriate to compare the common characteristics of the fundamental discoveries of physical principle by the methods of Sphaerics which were employed by the Pythagoreans, Socrates, Plato, Eratosthenes, et al., and which are demonstrated with great force by the actual work of the founder of modern astrophysics, Johannes Kepler. The central feature of those discoveries by Kepler is the pivot on that ontological concept of the infinitesimal, developed by Kepler as the principle of universal gravitation, from which, together with the related principle of least action introduced by Fermat, afforded Leibniz the premises for his uniquely original discovery of the dynamic concept of the calculus. This implications of the combined efforts of Kepler and Leibniz are the central feature of Riemannian ontologically physical hypergeometries. In those geometries, an open-ended array of discovered universal physical principles, each defined experimentally by an ontological discontinuity, became the sole ground-basis for scientific method generally, as Einstein once argued against the reductionists.

It is such discovery of both such universal physical principles, and of their practical implications for society, which becomes the sole basis for a proper conception of both science in general and economic practice: the practice of a science of physical economy.

The function of the competent economist becomes thus the creation of a system which replaces, absolutely, the notion of "free trade" in economy.

The Dynamics

This correction, the dumping of the mechanistic-statistical methods characteristic of intrinsically incompetent, presently prevailing notions of economic forecasting, requires a shift in the entire approach to economic forecasting and analysis to the characteristically dynamic methods of Riemann physical hypergeometries.

In so-called "conventional" methods, calculations proceed from the assumption of a set of aprioristic assumptions, like those of the arbitrary, radically reductionist, Sophist modes used in so-called Euclidean geometry. The result of calculations so constructed is a mechanistic-percussive system. Whereas, in competent economic science, Euclidean or kindred types of a priori assumptions are not allowed. Instead, as Kepler does with the notion of an ontologically infinitesimal principle of universal gravitation, the shape of the physical space-time in which phenomena appear is defined by dynamic boundary-conditions, against which the considered process is buffeting. Thus, as a limit of that sort is approached, the geometry of the unfolding process appears to change, the "curvature" of the relevant physical space-time undergoes an apparent change.

The only remedy for the barriers so defined, is to introduce a new choice of universal physical principle, such as the application of a discovery of that character. This, in return, requires certain relevant changes in the environment into which that new principle is being introduced.

Typical of the changes this involves, is the effect of upward leaps in the order of sources of heat, moving from burning of wood, to charcoal, to coal, to petroleum and so-called "natural gas," and to the higher orders of "energy-flux density" represented, successively, by nuclear-fission and thermonuclear fusion modes.

The world has now reached the point of development, at which meeting the requirements of the world's present level of population-density, requires a fully modern mode of agro-industrial economy, and its associated basic economic infrastructure, but one premised on the shift into a primary emphasis on nuclear-fission and thermonuclear-fusion. Without that shift, there is no hope for avoiding a presently onrushing general collapse of the human race, in virtual entirety, into a deep and prolonged "new dark age" beyond any known historical or quasi-historical precedent.

Thus, it is no accident, that all attempts to circumvent the urgency of entry into a nuclear-fission, nuclear-fusion order of world affairs, would mean the assured, onrushing collapse of the entire planet into a new dark age beyond all known precedents in lowering of the levels of population and conditions of life of the human species.

In this light, the ideology of Al Gore and those who admire him, is an indulgence which the human species can no longer afford.

What this also signifies, is that we have reached the end of all possible toleration of that oligarchical model of society currently represented by the Anglo-Dutch Liberal system and that system's fascistic offshoots. The only model of reference for use of sane nations and their peoples today, is a long-overdue shift, away from the so-called "Adam Smith" model of moral depravity, to the principles expressed by the American System of political-economy.

If you could succeed in rejecting my proposals on this account, the problem would be solved by the early disappearance of any form of society to which your stubbornly wrong opinions would now quickly bring upon us.

[1] As by that method of Sphaerics employed by the Pythagoreans and other circles of Socrates and Plato, a method derived, by implication from not only Astrophysics, but, implicitly, Astrogation.

[2] Other contenders for authorship of such language, such as the dubious Teilhard de Chardin, have no scientific merit.

[3] E.g., Gottfried Leibniz's introduction of the ancient Pythagorean principle of dynamis, in opposition to the empiricist method of statistical mechanics, as, for example, in: "Critical Thoughts on the General Part of the Principles of Descartes" (1692); Specimen Dynamicum (1695), as in Leroy E. Loemker, ed. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Philosophical Papers and Letters (Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2nd ed, 1989).

[4] Cf. Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. "Vernadsky's and Dirichlet's Principle," passim, EIR, June 3, 2005.

[5] The recent decade's discovery of the role of the Crab Nebula's history in shaping the Earth's principal experience with so-called "cosmic rays," and the effects of that radiation on the Earth's Biosphere, adds a monumental touch to the fact, that, not only, is the entire Solar System as a process an expression of the physical atmosphere created for that system by the "history" and current functions of the Sun, but that our entire galaxy, when considered from the standpoint of Riemannian dynamics, is also the efficient "meteorological" context in which the environment of Earth, including its weather, is shaped.

[6] H.G. Wells' Things to Come should be audited as both an echo of Wells' earlier The Open Conspiracy, and as the same intention expressed by Bertrand Russell's 1946 public declaration of the intent to launch nuclear war to eradicate the nation-state, and replace it, promptly, with the same imperialism of "world government" expressed by Al Gore's fraudulent "global warming" of today.

[7] The meaningful use of "humanism" is the treatment of the effects of the cognitive features of human behavior, as typified by the uniquely human discovery of universal physical principles, as separating mankind from the beasts, and beastly behavior generally. In Christian and Mosaic theology, the proper use of the term humanism references Genesis1:26-31.

[8] Friedrich Nietzsche (English edition), The Birth of Tragedy (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1999)

[9] The designation of a social class of persons as set apart from, and beneath the quality of humanism, is the intrinsic principle of evil common to Lycurgan Sparta, the Roman and Byzantine empires, the medieval Venetian-Norman ultramontane system, and the British Empire established by the Anglo-Dutch Liberal financier-oligarchy under the leadership of Lord Shelburne and his successors.

[10] Philo Judaeus' refutation of the Aristoteleans, on the subject of the potency of the Creator, is of manifold relevance here. In science, the experimental refutation, by Kepler, of the assumed existence of the equant, leads to the same conclusion delivered, against Aristotlean theology, by Philo. Kepler proved, by this repeatedly employed discovery of the non-existence of the equant, that, the universe (e.g., the Solar system) is a process of continuing creation from the starting-point of the Sun, and that this shows the determining function of creativity, by the Creator, in the development of the Solar system from the relative starting-point of a lonely, fast-spinning, solitary Sun. Hence, the anti-entropic universe of Kepler and Leibniz, in which the principle of creativity, as reflected by Leibniz's Keplerian principle of the ontologically efficient, infinitesimal calculus (of catenary-cued, universal physical least action), defines an anti-entropic Solar system, and, implicitly, an anti-entropic universe free of such pitiable encumbrances as the pathetic notion of a "Second Law of Thermodynamics." Substitute the pragmatic term, "relative energy-flux density" for "energy," and one is on the road to clearing away the relevant, popularized, ontological delusions of Clausius, Kelvin, Grassmann, the Machians, et al. Why should the existence of a willfully creative Creator of the universe be left to a matter of mere opinionated belief, when the evidence needed is so clearly available?

[11] See "The True Story Behind the Fall of the House of Windsor," EIR Special Report, September 1997, for details on the role of Gore's friends in the World Wildlife Fund in illegal trade of ivory and rhinoceros teeth, as well as involvement in provoking civil wars and intracommunal violence in southern Africa.

Gore's "CO2" hoax, echoes Henry A. Kissinger on pro-genocidal Africa economic policy. On Dec. 10, 1974, the U.S. National Security Council under Henry Kissinger completed a classified 200-page study, "National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests." The study falsely claimed that population growth in the so-called Lesser Developed Countries (LDCs) was a grave threat to U.S. national security. Adopted as official policy in November 1975 by President Gerald Ford, NSSM 200 outlined a covert plan to reduce population growth in those countries through birth control, and also, implicitly, war and famine.

[12] The Romantic composer Hugo Wolf, set a portion of Goethe's fragmentary Grosskopta, a defiant declaration by Goethe's and Wolf's Prometheus, to song. Here, Wolf errs in leaning toward the Romantic side of Goethe. Aeschylus' Prometheus is defiant, but never a Jacobin! This was the pivotal issue which set the founders of Germanic Eighteenth-Century Classicism, the promoters of Leibniz and Johann Sebastian Bach, such as Abraham Kästner, Gotthold Lessing, Moses Mendelssohn, and Friedrich Schiller from the post-Vienna Congress poets and musicians, as Heinrich Heine's confessional treatment of the Romantic School locates the crippling cultural effects of the post-Schiller "Romantic School." The free man casts off his chains, and proclaims his freedom, as Keats and Shelley did; he does not proudly rattle them.

[13] The Athenians' Nazi-like butchery of the people of the island of Melos, is the landmark event, the specific crime, corresponding to the case of the "Gulf of Tonkin" frauds and George W. Bush, Jr.'s lying his way into the currently still ongoing war in Southwest Asia, which led the U.S. into wars of its own relative self-destruction.

[14] It was Cusa's development of perspectives for crossing oceans to engage parts of the human cultures beyond Europe, which explicitly inspired and guided Christopher Columbus.

[15] The triumph of the British East India Company at the February 1763 Peace of Paris, divided the political ranks of the leading circles of the American colonies between the patriots and American accomplices of the British East India Company gathered around Judge Lowell. It was the issue of the new British imperial policy established in February 1763 which led into the American Revolution. Cf. Anton Chaitkin, Treason in America and H. Graham Lowry, How the Nation Was Won.

[16] For this reason, the matter of physical science, as understood by Plato and Kepler, and the principle of Classical artistic composition and practice, are separated practically from so-called "popular cultures."

[17] By 1927, Russell and H.G. Wells had patched up their earlier personal differences. Russell's role in pushing for an unprovoked nuclear assault on the Soviet Union (when it was presumed that the USSR would not be equipped with such weapons), was in keeping with Well's The Open Conspiracy and Wells' script for the utopian fantasy Things to Come.

[18] I have never been so naive as to consider the late Allen Dulles as a true U.S. patriot, nor do I believe that President Eisenhower did in referring to the existence of what he had experienced as the insurrectionary threat to our republic from a "military-industrial complex." The virtual coup d'état which Dulles and his flunky James J. Angleton ran against President Roosevelt's policy for Italy, for example, must be taken into account, as well as President Truman's dropping the nuclear-weapons prototypes on the civilian population of an already decisively defeated Japan, and other typical developments under the influence of the Churchill-led gang to which Dulles was attached as much during the 1950s as in 1945 Italy.

[19] I.e., Carl F. Gauss's 1799 doctoral dissertation, in which he demolished the anti-Leibniz theses on which the mathematical physics of D'Alembert, Euler, Lagrange and their continuing faction is premised, to the present day! However, it was only in his last writing on this subject that the seriously threatened Gauss dared to present the concept of the physical complex domain explicitly. The implications of Gauss's actual views are to be found expressed plainly in the work of Bernhard Riemann on the physics of anti-Euclidean geometry.

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