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This editorial appears in the March 23, 2007 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

See the Film That Pops Gore's Bubble

In the name of "saving the planet," an international fascist movement has been created with the intention of reducing the world's population on a scale greater than Hitler dared dream of. Environmentalism is just a new name for the policy of Malthusianism or eugenics, long promoted by the Anglo-Dutch finanical system. The purpose of the fraud known as global warming is to justify the slashing of living standards in the developed world, and to condemn billions in the developing sector to a sub-human life, without access to even so elementary a benefit of modern life as electricity.

Al Gore emerged in the 1980s as a leading spokesman for this fascist movement. In the image of the Fabian-controlled British Labour Party, the U.S. Democratic Party was then well on its way to becoming the mass-based vehicle for a fascist policy, with its embrace of the anti-science, anti-industry cult called environmentalism. Today, as much as 30% of the Democratic Party's active membership, mostly drawn from the white-collar strata of the Baby-Boomer generation, can be rallied, like storm troopers to the modern version of a Horst Wessel song, whenever such code words as "global warming," "endangered species," or "nuclear energy" are uttered. With backing from Gore, and the British-founded Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), that movement has begun to take on a McCarthyite quality, fraudulently claiming that no competent scientific opposition to the global warming fraud remains, while tarring those who do oppose it with comparison to Holocaust deniers.

Can we save the Democratic Party, and the rest of the nation, from the irrational, and often violent, temper tantrums of these New Age fascists?

A made-for-television documentary, aired March 8 on Britain's Channel 4, can prove to be one powerful remedy. Titled The Great Global Warming Swindle, the documentary is available here from the producers, Wag TV, in DVD format. A version can be found on the Internet (e.g., at youtube), where the documentary is already becoming an underground classic.

The lie that no reputable scientist opposes the global warming myth is overturned within about the first five minutes of viewing: The film features more than a dozen experts, in climatology, oceanography, meteorology, and biogeography from such institutions as NASA, the International Arctic Research Center, the Pasteur Institute, and MIT.

In the remaining 70 minutes, you will become engrossed in a penetrating and intellectually stimulating overturning of the entire CO2 hypothesis. Carbon dioxide, whether man-made, or from the far more abundant natural sources, such as volcanoes and ocean absorption, does not determine climate. You will learn, instead, that it is the output of the Sun, varying over both short-term and long-term cycles, which drives climate on the Earth. You will also see a presentation by one of the Danish scientists who just established the exciting connection between cosmic rays and climate, recently featured in our coverage.

A surprise ending makes the clear case that environmentalism is genocide. In a visit to an African clinic, just a few miles outside the plush meeting halls of the UN's Nairobi conference on climate change, we see the real meaning of the solar power myth. In a building with only a solar panel to supply its electricity, health workers must decide whether to turn on the lights, or the tiny refrigerator used to store vaccines and medicines.

The documentary's closing words come from ecologist Dr. Patrick Moore, a co-founder of Greenpeace, who left that movement in disgust: "The environmental movement has evolved into the strongest force there is for preventing development in the developing countries.... I think it's legitimate for me to call them 'anti-human.' "

Can our friends in the Democratic Party learn that simple lesson? If not, their episodic tiltings toward a Roosevelt economic recovery program, remain empty gestures. Social Security, health care, jobs—all of the pressing issues related to the general welfare—cannot be addressed without a thorough and total rejection of the anti-science, anti-industrial prejudices of environmental fascism. Without nuclear energy—now!—without an unleashing of science around the principle of the isotope economy, without a commitment to world economic development centered on Lyndon LaRouche's conception of Eurasian development projects, you are leaving to the next generation a world of pestilence and misery.

Our advice is: Watch the movie, learn the lesson, and leave Al Gore to his own cold fate.

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