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This article appears in the January 15, 2010 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Case of Obama:
Tantamount to Treason

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

January 6, 2010

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I lay the crucial existential issue of the moment on the table, here and now.

Whatever President Barack Obama may believe he is doing, matters have now reached the point at which his conduct in the matter of so-called "health-care legislation" must be condemned as tantamount to treason. Which is to say that his present actions are of the character, in effect, of an attempted destruction of our United States, in favor of the efforts of that manifest enemy of our republic's Constitution which is the British monarchy.

As in the provisions of that monstrous assault on our Federal Constitution embodied in provisions of the so-called "health care," draft legislation pushed through the Senate, President Obama and his accomplices have pushed through clearly anti-constitutional legislation which, if adopted, would become a mass-murderous form of national practice against our citizenry, which would probably result in massive wrongful deaths among our citizens before a due-process nullification of implicitly criminal forms of law could be remedied.

The presented evidence indicates that the intention of that monarchy is to reduce the world's population, rapidly, from a presently estimable level of about 6.7 billions living souls, to less than 2 billions.

Already, with the present stage of the British campaign against China, the clearly manifest intention of the present British monarchy is to destroy, one by one, the principal nation-state powers, including the U.S.A., Russia, China, and India, whose continued existence would be a serious impediment to the realization of the criminal intentions of the present British monarchy, whose policy would be mass-murderous crimes against humanity vastly beyond those perpetrated by the war-time Adolf Hitler tyranny.

Those who should be witting in this matter, who could resist such clearly anti-constitutional, immoral proceedings must be warned that they will probably be held accountable for the wrong which they are working to enable.

In the relevant circumstances at hand, more than sufficient reason for the impeachment of President Barack Obama has been presented by the combined actions and expressed intent of President Obama's actions up to this point in time in the ongoing proceedings.

The time for wishy-washy vacillation by those who would be our patriots has ended. Our republic is already faced with an existential threat expressed by the actions and avowed further intentions of this President. Some one must put that clear issue clearly on the table. I am doing so now, herewith.

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