Volume 37, Number 2, January 15, 2010


The Question Before Us

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche puts forward the perspectives needed to implement a Four Great-Powers initiative to shift the world away from the present global imperialist-monetarist system, to a fixed-exchange-rate credit system of global cooperation among respectively sovereign nation-states. Without a shift of outlook, from merely past experience, to the needed discovery of a future, we are doomed to a prolonged, planet-wide dark age of all humanity. It is the challenge of the horrid poverty still met en masse in Asia and Africa today, which should become the source of stimulus which will bestir the rescue of our planet from a presently, otherwise, inevitable slide into the abyss.


The Case of Obama: Tantamount to Treason  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

LaRouche charges that President Obama’s action to push through his so-called health-care legislation must be condemned as tantamount to treason. That legislation, if adopted, would become a mass-murderous form of national practice against our citizenry.

The Case for Impeachment of President Barack Obama  

by Nancy Spannaus

In July, LaRouche warned that President Obama was impeachable for his Nazi health-care plan. Now that the President and his henchmen are about to ram this Nazi health bill through, LaRouche states that impeachment must be put on the table.

‘Day of Action’: LaRouche Candidates Call on Patriots To Back Impeachment of Obama

by Harley Schlanger


Russia Seeks To Develop Far East; Invites U.S. Role  

by Rachel Douglas

Russian Railways president Vladimir Yakunin wants to connect Eurasia to the Americas, via a Russia-Alaska Bering Strait tunnel, which would trigger a worldwide renaissance of railways.

Girding the Globe with a Tramway of Iron

by William Jones

Next Comes Hyperinflation  

by John Hoefle

The truth is that none of the problems facing either the U.S. economy, or the world economy, has been solved. Instead, the various scams which have been run under the guise of the “bailout” have only made matters worse. And the bill is coming due.

Iceland Revolts vs. Anglo-Dutch Empire

by Ulf Sandmark

The President of Iceland, on Jan. 5, refused to sign a bill which would have paid Britain and the Netherlands almost EU4 billion, one-third of the nation’s GDP, for defaulted bank depositors, and instead, will refer the decision to a referendum of the people.

Herd on the Street

by Les Swift

Get Ready for the Nudie Cam.

Economics in Brief


Shut Down Londonistan’s Terrorist Operations Now!  

Yemen Deputy Prime Minister for Defense and Security, Rashad al-Alimi, revealed that the Nigerian would-be plane bomber, Abdulmutallab, was a London-made terrorist, but President Obama ignored the evidence pointing to London.

Don’t Let the British Turn Yemen into an Afghanistan!

by Hussein Askary

Both Yemen and Afghanistan are impoverished tribal societies, and former British colonies. Both countries have become fertile ground for terrorist activities. But there is still time to prevent Yemen from becoming another Afghanistan.

Science & Technology

‘Global Warming’: A Lie Aimed at Destroying Civilization

Dr. Zbigniew Jaworowski, a multi-disciplinary scientist, has researched the atmospheric pollution in glaciers and CO₂ concentrations in the atmosphere for many years, and is the author of numerous publications on climate change. In this interview, made available in English translation to EIR, he spoke with the Polish daily Our Journal.

Book Reviews

Girding the Globe With a Tramway of Iron

The Bering Strait Crossing, by James A. Oliver.


2010: The Year of Doing Good