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This transcript appears in the April 8, 2011 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Galactic Challenge Demands:
Obama Out! Let NASA Fly!

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This is the third in a series of special LPAC-TV Weekly Reports, hosted by John Hoefle, and featuring Lyndon LaRouche and Sky Shields of the LaRouche Basement Team, on the subject of the literally Earth-shaking events taking place, as a result of cosmic occurrences in our galaxy and Solar System, as evidenced by the March 11 Japan earthquake and tsunami. We encourage you to view the video . Here is an edited transcript. {Videos of first and second of the series.]

John Hoefle: Hello, welcome to the LaRouchePAC Weekly Report for March 30, 2011. I'm John Hoefle, and with me in the studio today are Sky Shields of our Basement Team and Lyndon LaRouche. So, Lyn, take it away.

Lyndon LaRouche: Okay. There will be a lot more coming on this: We're now in a situation, in which the existence of humanity is being challenged—I don't say it's being menaced, it's being challenged. It's being challenged by a condition which is a product of a development, which is lawful in our galaxy. The process in this galaxy is affecting the behavior of the Solar System, the Sun most specifically. As a result of that, we have a threat of a chain of events, crucial events, volcanoes, so forth, which threaten humanity.

We could, despite our depleted condition—the fact that science in the United States and Europe has been collapsing, essentially since the time of the assassination of first, John F. Kennedy, and then his brother Robert Kennedy—there's been a long-term trend in the collapse of civilization, and science in particular, but also the economy, since those times.

And therefore, we have, for example, a population today among people under 21, which generally is not really human in terms of any of its capabilities for productive labor. They just have not been given that ability, nor the opportunity to practice it. And therefore, we're at a point where this decay, this decadence, of several generations now, since the end of the 1960s generations, or we may call them de-generations—the successive de-generations, two de-generations.

And it comes to the time that a lawful cycle, which is a little bit older than mankind's appearance on this planet, about 62 million years, a lawful cycle, coinciding with a cycle of the Solar System, has triggered a series of phenomena, which began to become apparent this year, especially with the earthquake at Christchurch in New Zealand [Feb. 22], and then going up to Japan [March 11], and now threatening the entire planet, particularly in those parts which are vulnerable to these kinds of seismic events.

And we're in a period in which the President of the United States, and the governments of Europe, combined, have adopted policies which actually are flagrant violations of any common concern for the future of mankind, in particular, in terms of this series of volcanoes and earthquakes and so forth, which are occurring now. And nuclear power is not a cause of any of these problems; nuclear power is one of our best weapons against this problem, but because of the incompetence, the virtually criminal incompetence of this President of the United States, who has been destroying the very means by which we might be defended, civilization might be defended, we're now in danger of losing civilization. In what form, in what degree, we don't know.

We Can Manage These Crises

But on the other hand, we do know, that there are measures we can take, as humanity, which will manage this kind of crisis. For example, we do not know now, how to prevent certain kinds of earthquakes or similar kinds of phenomena, but we do know how to detect the onset of such things, and to move people from the localities, in which the greatest danger lies, to temporary places of safety for them. And when you take what happened in Indonesia, where you're talking about the better part of a million people getting wiped out by one event, which was a similar type of event. It was not a galactic event, but one of the plates, the plate system, particularly crucial plate system, in the area of Australia and Indonesia, which caused this sort of thing. If we have advance warning, we have the capability, under sensible governments—such as if our own government were sensible, which it is not right now—we could move people temporarily to areas of safety, if we had prepared for these things, and then move them back, once we got the damaged area under control again. That's our best bet.

And so therefore, we are now actually in a year, in which what happened in Christchurch, in particular, and in Japan, is a warning to the rest of the planet, and specifically, the rim of the Indian Ocean and Pacific. There are other spotty areas which are also, for example, islands around Italy, Vesuvius itself, islands in the eastern part of the Mediterranean, these are exceptional areas. And also in the Atlantic Ocean, where there are certain areas where these things can break out. But in terms of populated areas, we're looking at now, the greatest danger lies in the continental rim of the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, as such.

Therefore, we know, if we have the plans and policy, that we could prepare to move people, through the reestablishment of the function of the Corps of Engineers, what we did not do in the case of the New Orleans, Louisiana flood. We did nothing; it was criminal. The behavior of the President of the United States at that point was absolutely criminal: criminal in preventing things from being done which could have prevented the worst catastrophe, and then doing nothing—nothing!—afterward.

Now, we have a President who is tearing down every element of the warning systems which we already have, and is actually blocking the warning systems, additionally, that we could have, including the shutting down of NASA, effectively. NASA is one of our main lines of defense for human life on this planet, because NASA's work in space is one of the leading elements of our ability to detect the onslaught of a threat to any particular area on the planet, as well as some general knowledge about the whole problem.

So, we have reached the point, that if the people of the United States do not act on the basis of what is in hand, under our Constitution, the 25th Amendment, Section 4: The President of the United States is, by that definition given there, under Section 4, clinically insane, at least for his function as President. And as long as he remains President, with his present policy, there will be no organization of protection for the citizens of the United States, in particular, against the threats which are going to start hitting them, in places like California, Oregon, Washington, and so forth, and so on.

So therefore, what we need is, we need the detection systems which Obama is shutting down. We have other detection systems which are planned and scheduled. And it's not just one detection system. What you work on is a basis of a collection of readings, like meter readings, and it's the combination of the calculations you can make from a combination of meter readings, which indicates the probability of when and where something is going to happen. We know, as of now, that there have been many catastrophes of this nature, which had been knowable, but we had not been using the means we had available, to get the warnings there, and functional, in time.

We Cannot Defend the People Unless Obama Goes

So therefore, we are not going to save millions of people in the United States, who will die, unless Obama is removed from office, because he is destroying the means of detection by which effective warnings of these kinds of events can hit the people of the United States, in particular.

What he did, in the case of a relevant event, in Haiti [Jan. 12, 2010]: Haiti is an area which is in one of these offshore zones, off the Continental Shelf, which was hit by this kind of phenomenon. It was said by the former President Clinton and others, that this could be dealt with. Nothing was done! Obama ordered it not to be done! And he's been taking down the instruments which we had, which are essential for this kind of forecasting, since then. And that's his policy.

It is obvious, from his personality, his mental makeup, which is not a healthy one, that we will not be able to defend the people of the United States, against this growing threat, now, unless we get him out of office. And the grounds for his removal from office, under the 25th Amendment, Section 4, are clear: We just have to have leaders in this society, who have the guts, to act upon their own authority, and cause him to be safely removed from office to a place of safety, where no harm will come to him, by his own hands or other hands. And that's our job. If we don't do that, we are betraying the people of the United States.

It's worse. You have a situation now, in Western and Central Europe, absolutely impossible. The governments—except for Ireland, which is now having a refreshing development there—of Central and Western Europe really are not acting sanely. The problem is largely the influence of the British Empire—and it is a British Empire—which, through the euro: the euro is like a "bad bank." The whole European system, of continental Europe, is the equivalent of a "bad bank."

Now what's a "bad bank"? In a bad bank, you've got a rotten system, like we have now, and you take all your bad assets and you dump these assets in a bank. But this bank is designated as a "bad bank," and what you're going to do, is get rid of all those debts, by collapsing and bankrupting the "bad bank." For example, the major "bad bank" system in the world today, is British. It was set up as the Inter-Alpha Group, by Lord Jacob Rothschild in 1971, as part of the takedown of the U.S. fixed-exchange-rate system. What they did is, they created the euro, the euro system, put the nations of continental Western and Central Europe inside the euro system, and actually defined the euro as a "bad bank." The intention is, to bankrupt every nation of Europe, on behalf of the British Empire, by having all these nations of Western and Central continental Europe involved, as owned by a bad bank, the euro system!

The euro system is in the process of going into total bankruptcy and collapse, unless something is done to change it. Germany, for example, has gone through a state of reported demoralization. The party system in Germany is breaking down, at least temporarily, now. France has not been hit as hard. Portugal is hit. Greece has already been hit. Spain is hit. Italy's about to be hit, and other nations. So, Europe is being treated, continental Europe, as a "bad bank," to be thrown on the junk heap, along with, for example, Brazil, the so-called BRIC system, which is a bad bank, as a bad-bank adjunct of the Inter-Alpha Group!

So, under these conditions, with this kind of power, the British system, the British Empire in fact, and its puppet Obama, are the chief factors in the way of the survival of humanity.

We Can Be Prepared

Now, to be frank about it, we do not yet know, how to prevent, major earthquakes and volcanic eruptions—we don't. What we do know, is that we have, or can have, detection devices, a system of detection devices, which, put to work, will give us warnings.

Now, if we get those warnings, and the Corps of Engineers is functioning, which is a key institution for this, and it has to be expanded and put into work, we can break the territory for example, of the United States, into territories which are the most probably threatened, least probably threatened, and the middle condition, and so forth; we can, with the Corps of Engineers, set up a system of the type that was not done in New Orleans, in which we have advance notice of a major volcanic or similar event, earthquake, which is a threat to humanity, to move people from the threatened area to a temporary holding area of safety. And then, presumably, to work their way back to the original territory from which they came, Whatever is left of the places. And you see what happened in Japan as an example.

Actually, the Japan model is extremely important. Once upon a time, not so long ago, I was in a hotel in Tokyo, in this tower, and I was in an earthquake. Now, what had happened—Tokyo had had a very devastating earthquake before that time, and Japan had made a decision on how to deal with this. So, Tokyo was rebuilt, and this new Otani Hotel, we were up in the tower, the thing is rocking back and forth, bending like a reed in the wind. But we were quite safe there, and we were told we were quite safe, and we were quite safe: Japan has the best protectionist system for this purpose in the world. And they went through this process. The fact that anybody survived at all in Japan, in that area, is a result of what Japan had developed as a system.

Nothing went wrong, with the nuclear plants there! What's in the press about the nuclear plants is a damned lie! Every leading newspaper in Europe and the United States has lied about what happened in Japan: There never was a nuclear radiation problem. There was a nuclear radiation problem when the cooling systems of some of these power stations were shut off, and they had a problem. They got hot! But it was inside the system! And people took precautions. The buildings, these power stations are standing, and the newer generation of the same type of system, an improved version, came out clean. There never was a nuclear threat to the world from what happened in Japan. There was a tsunami, which is the wall of water, [from an earthquake] of a type 9 [on the Richter scale] crisis, which came across there, and knocked things down, and drowned and killed people en masse, a tsunami, caused by an earthquake, like what killed several hundred thousand people in Indonesia, some years ago [Dec. 26, 2004], from a severe earthquake of that quality.

We must now accept the fact that we must expect this level 9, or level 10, or 11, types of earthquakes and similar kinds of phenomena on this planet. Because we're going now into a period, in what we call the life-cycle of the Solar System, within the galactic system, which forecasts for us, as the best forecast, that we must expect a period of this kind of violence coming from the system. Therefore, we must be prepared. To be prepared, we must do as Japan did, when Japan learned its lesson from the great earthquake that hit Tokyo, and changed its policy, to a defensive one. Japan has a capability of defending itself, that no part of the Americas has. So what happened in Japan is the best result, compared to what the result would be in the United States, on the West Coast of the United States for example, today. Or what happened in Haiti. So we must expect these, up to level 9, 10, or higher, in this coming three years!

We also have a long-term problem, which comes a little bit later, but we're in that kind of period. Now therefore, what can we do? Well, if the U.S. government does what it should do, and has a President who is a U.S. President, not some kind of a nut like the guy we have right now—and I'm using that term quite accurately; this guy is a nut. That's the vernacular for what he is—the simple thing that anybody on the street can understand—he's a nut; you can't do anything with him! He's insane! And if you read the provision of Section 4 of the 25th Amendment, and read the findings which went into the adoption of that provision, and you look at the profile of this President, you'd say, "This guy should not be in the Presidency!" And he can be removed by a well-known procedure, under Section 4 of the 25th Amendment. Get him out of there, and you have a chance to save the United States. If you don't get him out of there, if you make cheap excuses for not getting him out of there, then you're to blame! You're to blame for the horrors that will hit the people of the United States.

A Wartime-Style Mobilization

Now, what does that mean? All right, we know what to do, in a sense: The Corps of Engineers knows what to do, historically. We know how do designate areas of high risk. We know the seismic characteristics, we know most of the kinds of shocks we're worried about now. We know how to move people from areas which are endangered, or potentially endangered, when the danger arises. And if we're lucky, we'll get several weeks of warning before these things hit—at least in a great number of cases. We will simply then have to move people, en masse, in an orderly way, under a system organized with the leading role of the Corps of Engineers, and move them to the nearest area, an area of safety, during the period of that crisis. We will then go back in, afterward, and whatever damage is done, we'll go back in and then repair it, and gradually move the people back in, as this job is done. This is the kind of thing we've done before.

It's the same kind of thing the United States has done under conditions of general warfare, as in World War II for example. You had a catastrophe, you had the engineering capabilities, which were one of the most crucial factors of our success in World War II. It was not our military capabilities. The German Army was much better trained for warfare than we were. We had technology, superior technology, and we had an engineering capability in the Corps of Engineers and related kinds of things. And it was our infrastructure capabilities, so called, which saved us, and made us a victor, made the Allies a victor, as they became in World War II.

We apply that same concept which is built into our Constitutional system, of using the Corps of Engineers, a traditional unit, to be assigned the responsibility, for doing this combination of things to prepare the areas of withdrawal, of temporary withdrawal or other withdrawal, for people—for what was not done in Haiti! Which the former President of the United States [Bill Clinton], said at that time, must be done, and the current President of the United States, said it must not be done! You saw the result.

So, if we get this guy out, as he should be out, under the present 25th Amendment, Section 4—and to save the United States, he must be out! Because he is killing the very means, by which we would be able to set in force a program for defending our own citizens in these endangered areas. And the entire coastal area of the Pacific, is a danger zone, up and down, from the Bering Strait, all the way down to the tip of South America, the whole area of the Pacific; whole areas going into the Indian Ocean, are endangered. There are areas, like the old area of Vesuvius, or Stromboli, and so forth, around Italy. There's one of the greatest areas of volcanic eruption, which occurred in, sort of pre-historic times, in the eastern Mediterranean: A whole island blew up, and a whole culture blew up, and the area was covered with sawdust and sand and whatnot. It was bigger than Krakatoa, and civilization in the eastern Mediterranean collapsed for a period of time, because of the effect of this one explosion, a volcanic explosion in the eastern Mediterranean.

But today, we know how to do this scientifically, if our scientific capabilities are allowed to function.

Now, there's another thing that's required: We have some tens of trillions of dollars of absolutely worthless debt, gambling money debt, which is stuck upon us, as a result of especially the two previous administrations, 2008 to the present time, 2011, now. And this debt is absolutely worthless. It has no credibility. It should be simply cancelled, under Glass-Steagall! It would be cancelled into a bad bank, called "Wall Street." And Wall Street would collapse, along with other bad banks in Europe—but who the hell would care? Who would miss them, after what they've done?

So, if we do that, then we will be able to unleash the equivalent of this debt, of trillions of dollars of worthless debt, we would stop cancelling the existence of our citizens, we would stop shutting down our states, we would build our health-care systems, and we would have the means for organizing the support structure, centered on the Corps of Engineers function, and scientific functions, and the NASA function, which must be totally restored, because without NASA we can not defend the United States, we can not defend the planet. The function of NASA is an essential one, for being able to defend the planet against the period we're coming into now.

So we would have a revival of the United States. Get this guy out, enact Glass-Steagall, use what you've freed up by cancelling the debt of the government, to these accounts. It means you're going to wipe out Wall Street, you're going to wipe out the City of London, you're going to wipe out some banks in Europe, so what? They're bad banks!

Hoefle: Very bad!

LaRouche: Worse than bad, right? So therefore, we're doing that. We then have, like a wartime project, as we had in World War II, where you have a national defense, in this case, not against an invading human enemy, but against a problem in the galaxy and in the Solar System, which threatens humanity's existence in this Solar System. We would have the system, which would give us a reasonable capability, in the short term, of dealing with these crises: that is, advance warning is what we have, as a weapon. And the implementation of action, on the basis of advance warning, is what we have as the chief means to save lives.

We Need Glass-Steagall—Yesterday!

And the other thing is, we have a system which is breaking down. Our basic, what's called infrastructure by ordinary people—that system is breaking down. Now, if we allow disorderly breakdowns to occur, because we do not have advance warning, and don't have a system of advance warning to move populations to safety, the entire so-called infrastructure of the United States will break down. Such an event would cause a dark age for the United States in particular. Therefore, we must, immediately, have that program: We need Glass-Steagall enacted, yesterday. We need this President out, the day before yesterday!

We simply need to go back to the tradition of Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy and a few other leaders of recent times: Let NASA fly! Rebuild it! Cancel Obama, and restore NASA. Get rid of Obama, and bring NASA back in. It's like the little witch and the children: Obama is the witch, the children are NASA and good people like that. We want the witch to go back in, and the children to come out. And that means we're going to have a program—we're talking about $10-15 trillion of credit, steered away from Wall Street and the system, back into the U.S. system, to launch the programs of infrastructure and investment, which are necessary to get this economy functioning again. And the program for this economy, applied to this situation, is the best defense.

Use Kepler's Method

Now, one other thing, and Sky will get into more in detail on this: The way you deal with a problem like this one, you don't depend upon one warning sign out there. You depend upon a comparison of different qualities of measuring instruments. And you take a coincidence among them—it's just like the way Kepler discovered gravitation. He took, on the one hand, two considerations. He took the line-of-sight view of the organization of the Solar System, as he had adduced from his previous work on the Mars-Earth orbit. But he added another thing: He added harmonics.

Now, from a sense-perceptual standpoint, line-of-sight and harmonics are two completely different qualities of sense-perception, or the equivalent. And what Kepler did, by applying both of these together, is he found, not what was a mathematical deduction from either of these, but rather a unique signal, which corresponded to the contradiction between them.

What we're doing with this work on NASA and similar things, as defense, is, we're taking different kinds of signals, like different kinds of sense-perceptions. We're combining different kinds of sense-perceptions, and we're correlating the interactions among them to find out unique signals. And so therefore, we need a great variety of measurements on Earth, history of certain events in the past, certain kinds of metering instruments, all together, which give, as a scientific estimate—and we could get a pretty good estimate in most cases, these days—of what's going to happen. We do not now know, how to have the capability now, to prevent these things from happening. We don't have that capability yet. Maybe we could have, if Truman had not replaced Roosevelt; or if Kennedy had not been killed; or if his brother had not been killed, we might have had this capability. We don't have it. The best we have, is the ability to forecast an event, as occurring in a certain area. And by using that forecasting method, we can defend humanity, as you would defend troops in warfare, by moving them to an area of relative safety, and then coming back to operation.

But we need to have every single, possible kind of instrumental reading of factors, which combined, tell us what the likelihood of the crisis is, and what the time is. We're hoping for seven weeks advance warning; we're hoping for at least four weeks advance warning. That's the kind of terms we're now dealing with. Perhaps we can do better. But the first step we have to do, on a scientific level, is we have to get a full mobilization of our scientific instrumental capabilities, in the Earth orbit, and beyond the Earth orbit! Such as Mars! And in the Moon! We have to have instruments there, which will help us determine what is happening within the Solar System. With that information, we will be able to forecast more precisely, and over a longer term, what is likely to hit the United States, or some other part of the planet, and when. That's what we have.

If we have that information, if we use Glass-Steagall, get rid of this bad bank nonsense, use the credit we retrieve, for the United States government, to build the kind of infrastructural system, as you call it, that we need for this case, we can rebuild the economy; we can take the shocks that we can not avoid, and we can save humanity. And not only can we save humanity—we give humanity back confidence in itself. And that's the mission.

Obama must go! Anybody who doesn't think he should go, should not be in government. Because the man has demonstrated factually, all those faults, which are specified within the domain of the 25th Amendment, Section 4, for his ouster. That ouster should occur! Europe's not going to do it, we have to do it! We can probably get cooperation from Russia, a lot of scientific cooperation in particular; we can get cooperation from China, from India, and from other countries. We can make a dent in this thing, and once we start that, we can save this nation, and save civilization, from the worst threat known to mankind, in the entire known history of mankind! Because the last time something like this came, that's threatening us now, was about 62 million years ago, before mankind was around, and that's what's threatening us now.

But we do have the potential scientific capability, which we can organize, which will give the United States and other nations, in cooperation, the means to understand, how to foresee what the threat is, and therefore, how to know what action to take, to save human life, and to save civilization. And Sky will give you a picture on this thing.

An Oligarchical Policy

Sky Shields: Yes. I think a good way to approach it, is the point you've been making repeatedly: that there's no way to discuss any of these policy issues, unless you've got some idea, a really clear idea, of what exactly the human species is, of what the relationship is between the human mind, and then, what you might immediately receive as your human sense-perceptions. Because there's a relationship there.

The policy that's being pushed by Obama, as you've said, has been the policy of empire and oligarchy, since recorded history. It's the policy of the Olympian Zeus: How do you take a whole population and reduce them to nothing but the barest of their sense-perceptions? The way it expresses itself now, is that you've got to get an idea of man which is much more broad than man's sensorium, that's not just what people usually identify as the sensorium, as your sense-perceptions. Our current sensorium, what it looks like, and what it could look like, is a little more like this image here (Figure 1a-b), that what you've got is actually, potentially an extended set of instrumentation, that goes beyond what you would normally get from touch, from sight, from sound, that reaches into a realm that's otherwise invisible, that to most of the population is entirely invisible. And to Obama and Obama's controllers, they would like it to remain invisible, because their political power comes from having a human population that's constantly buffeted by invisible forces that they feel they can't control. If you have a population that's subject to that, then you have all the effects of what's been called for by Malthusian economic policy: You will have periodic disasters, you will have periodic mass deaths (Figure 2). And you will have a population whose development is easy to contain, from an imperial standpoint.

But the healthy approach, as you can sort of get a mental image here (Figure 3), is that you want to say: Well, a number of these processes that are incredibly important, but are invisible to our normal senses, are actually very visible to the properly designed instrumentation (Figure 4). And when you can see with the properly designed instrumentation, you see causal connections you wouldn't see otherwise. And so, we'll give as an example here, what exactly are you seeing when you're seeing all seismic effects, here on Earth (Figure 5)? What broader process are these a part of? And why is it so criminal, this line you're getting in the news press, that this is unpredictable, this is unknowable, there will not be an earthquake (Figure 6). That's not just an attack on this one point, that's an attack on the human mind's ability to operate in the universe, and it's an intentional one. It's intentionally designed to destroy people's confidence in that ability to operate (Figure 7).

So, we get a sense, we've got a number of these satellites right now, which, on the face of it, are all taking a look at very different phenomena (Figure 8), but put together, these, we'll see, will be as different as you've described in Kepler's work, in comparing sight and sound. Each one will give us a completely different picture; they're designed to look at something entirely distinct (Figure 9). But put together, between them, they construct an image of something that's not being looked at by any one of them in particular.

And we'll start with the two that are very specific, but have been cut by Obama recently. These have been cut by Obama in the last few months. The first was this proposed DESDynI satellite (Figure 2). Now, this is typically discussed in the media; there's a lot of "green" stuff that was tacked onto it in order for them to be able to get funding. But what's not often discussed is probably the most significant part of it, which is that this was designed to be something to monitor the more mundane, literally mundane, the more Earthly aspects of earthquakes, but an important aspect: This would have had an extensive, what they call LIDAR; it's a laser radar system, that would have been monitoring, in detail, the topological changes that are associated with earthquakes and earthquake precursors, to start to put together, and this would be largely research, but a picture for us on the planet, of what kind of changes would we anticipate prior to an earthquake? And potentially, form part of an earthquake warning system.

We can show some images of what exactly it looks like. There's some shots of what elevation changes would look like as viewed from a LIDAR system, and we can see. There are some very clear changes that we saw, in particular, after this Japanese earthquake.

But that program was cut. This is one of the things that was just slashed by Obama, ostensibly for budgetary reasons, but this was a tiny drop in the bucket. This is not a question of saving money. You take a look at what's being dumped on the bailouts, you take a look at what's being dumped on all these other, inconsequential, criminal activities, this is nothing. Compared to the amount of debt the Glass-Steagall would eliminate, this is nothing. This was not done to save money, this was done to kill human beings.

Same thing, also cut recently was this GOES-11 satellite (Figure 3). The funding was cut for anybody on the ground being able to read any of the data being sent down from it. So now you've got a lot of useless data being sent down to Earth.

Now, this is one of these weather satellites, observing different things connected to climate. But one of the very useful things for certain people, if you have a lot of this data that's coming down, that's available to all sorts of other researchers in the area—certain people have figured out that they're able to use the infrared radiation connection to earthquakes, as a method of forecasting and monitoring of earthquake activity. A lot of this was being picked up by these various satellites. To the extent that you're out there, and you're looking for this, even if it's not intentional—you know, some of these weren't designed to look for that; some of these were designed to look for completely insane other effects, connected to greenie things, etc. But when they're used properly, this, again, gives you a picture of earthquake precursors that were never anticipated, with certain kinds of long-wavelength radiation that's emitted, both before and after the earthquake.

And, again, this has been recently cut by the Obama budget. And again, I stress the point, if you look at what a tiny section, what a tiny amount of money it is, that goes into NASA, this is not done to save money. The intention of this is not to save money. The intention of this is to kill human beings. That's the driving policy behind this.

Hoefle: Well, if you compare that to the extraordinary amount of money we're spending to spy on our own citizens—

Shields: Yes, right.

Hoefle: You know, we have money. We're looking for nonexistent national security threats, while ignoring—shutting down the programs that will actually point to real national security threats! So the whole thing is just completely phony. It's fascist.

Earth's Ionosphere

Shields: Right: The only unifying thread you get through it, is this Zeus policy: that this is the Olympian Zeus, that's the only thing that unifies all these distinct activities. And it's given to people piecemeal, and to the extent that people take it piecemeal, they're never going to be able to get a full picture of what is the threat that actually—both the threat that's aimed at them, but also the way out of this requires them to get a unified picture of what exactly is creatively thinking humanity.

We'll give a couple more—take a look. This one, now, is something that just went offline, just lost funding. This is not a U.S. satellite, but this is a French satellite (Figure 4). But it gives you an idea of what we should be doing from here, if Obama were not criminally—I say, "criminally negligent," but this is an intentional negligence—if he were not, this is the sort of thing we'd be looking at. This looks at earthquake precursor effects in the Earth's ionosphere.

Now, this, again, is incredibly important: The Earth's ionosphere is implicated in a number of different, major transformations on Earth, possibly playing a major role in the 62-million-year cycle, the 145-million-year galactic cycle, and other ones; possibly playing a major role in animal evolution, definitely playing a major role in certain kinds of regulatory physiological functions, like the ability for animals, including humans, to keep time.

This is a layer of the atmosphere, generated largely by the interaction of the Biosphere with the radiation from the Sun, which created a charged conductive plasma layer (Figure 10). Now, this charged conductive plasma layer changes its height, with incident solar radiation (Figure 11). I'll make the point with another animation, showing that, for instance from day to nighttime, the thickness of this layer changes; from season to season, the thickness of this changes.

Now, the combination of having that conductive layer above the Earth, and then a conductive layer on the surface of the Earth, creates an oscillating cavity of electromagnetic radiation, which creatures use to maintain time. If you block human beings off from that, keep them in a dark room with no access to the outside, the human beings will still be able to recognize the change of roughly a daily cycle, on their own—people have experienced, maybe something similar to that, in your ability to wake up when your alarm clock should wake you up without the alarm clock doing so: that you're responding to other things, besides what you call your normal five senses. If you shut people off from this electromagnetic radiation, they lose the ability to respond to that daily clock cycle.

So we know it plays a major role in biology. It's implicated in certain types of heart disease, and other major physiological—like if you take a look at rates of heart disease, you take a look at other biological disorders, they're timed to solar cycles. Implicated in their being timed to the solar cycles, is the fact that they depend on this radiation that's generated by the Earth/Sun interaction.

So that's a very complicated thing, lots going on here. This satellite, the DEMETER satellite, was meant to take a look at a number of the known changes in the ionosphere, eliminate those, so it became an orbit that matched the observed orbit of the Sun from the Earth, so it could remove the effects of the Sun, and then look for smaller-scale changes that would be caused by a) human activity; but then, b) volcanic and other kinds of seismic activity.

With a number of the major earthquakes recently, they observed precursors of a type. This was sketchy, a lot more work needs to be done in this area. But enough was done, that you could see that at least in a number of these cases, clear precursors were observable in the ionosphere, in the electromagnetic phenomena around the Earth, that could have let us forecast these earthquakes.

This satellite is now offline, and we've got nothing similar launched from the U.S. end. But this would, again, combined with the prior two, this would form our extended sensorium, our ability to forecast these disasters, possibly with an incredible amount of lead time. I mean, any lead time, even around an hour's lead time or so, which this next one proposes they be able to get, would be excellent. But some of these, worked into a science, could potentially give us the several weeks' lead time that you described earlier.

One Invisible Causal Process

I'll move on, and kind of give the roster.

This one, again, is not a U.S. satellite; this is a Russian satellite (Figure 5), but some of the problems that occurred with it, you could attribute to also a lack of U.S. involvement in a program of this sort. Namely, in this case, this was something that was only up for a few months before it had an equipment malfunction. But this one, the Coronas-Photon, the goal of this satellite was to observe the proton flux from the Sun, specifically with the intent of correlating it to seismic processes on the Earth, looking for earthquakes. And there's a forecast by Russian scientists, a correlation between this proton flux and earthquake activity here on Earth. For various reasons of equipment failure, they shut down. It was only on during the period of the solar minimum, and shut down right before we moved into this period of intense activity, which has been correlated to the other earthquakes. And the researchers are still very clear that this was something that would have been able to forecast what occurred with the later activity. And they're perfectly solid, that with this, they would be able to have at least a 70-minute lead time, based on past correlations, based on sort of a retrospective view of what's going on, they would have had a 70-minute lead time warning for some of these major quakes. That's significant—that's usually significant, but again, this is no longer active.

There's nothing, certainly not with the insanely tiny budget that Obama's giving to NASA on the U.S. end, that would correlate to that. We've got a number of different instruments that are observing Sun/Earth interactions, but again not enough, not enough to get a clear, detailed sense of what the interplanetary magnetic field is, and all of its relationships.

This next one is another Russia satellite, part of that same system, also intended to be observing the Earth/Sun relationships, specifically with respect to earthquakes (Figure 6).

This should give you a sketch. There's a few other ones, which have been useful: This one is a German satellite, this CHAMP here. This one was making maps of the Earth's gravitational field and Earth's geomagnetic field. Again, looking back retrospectively at prior earthquakes—the two big quakes in Indonesia in 2004 and 2007—they were able to realize that they had signs; in looking back at the data they had, in the data they saw signs, preceding these earthquakes. So again, a different method of mapping: Each one of these, it's important, gives you a completely different image of what's happening on the planet.

Between them, though, you're realizing that there's one invisible causal process there, that could be seen, could be known, and is enough to save lives, in the event of a crisis of the sort that we just saw in Japan, that we just saw in Haiti.

To the extent that we lack this sort of a unified system, people will die. There's no reason not to be moving with the program like this, except that you want people to die. That is the only argument for this. And there's no reason to argue against this; and this is what you're getting right now, the really irresponsible discussion, in the press, coming from the worst of the public officials, that, "There's no way any of this could possibly work, anyway. All this is fundamentally unknowable." We've got plenty of evidence, more than enough evidence, here, and we'll be releasing more documentation, that this is completely knowable. And, with more study, definitely subject to our emergency response action, possibly—and I would argue even, necessarily, ultimately, subject to our conscious control: To the extent that you really understand how these processes work, mankind's destiny is to be able to act directly on these, and control them. And meanwhile, the bare minimum we could do, is be able to keep them from killing human beings.

So it sort of gives you a picture, a real sense of what do you mean, when we're saying, "the human sensorium"? And what is it, what is the image of man, that's attempting to be destroyed here? Because that's the conscious target of this.

And maybe in a minute we can go through some more of what it actually means, some proof, using the Crab Nebula, of why it is that the causality for this system, couldn't be contained entirely within the Earth.

The Long Cycles of the Galaxy

LaRouche: I think one thing, just to mention, not to leave things obscure by not mentioning them, is the tendency: There's still a habit with society, not among some of us, but with society in general, even scientific workers—for the sake of public edification, in particular—they try to say things that correspond to what newspaper editors would understand, which is almost nothing, about anything of importance. Even the desire to tell the truth is apparently not there any more, as we've seen recently in the past period in these reports.

But, the point is, we have to start looking at the universe, now that what we have is evidence, for example, of the long cycles of the galaxy. And we can demonstrate, and it has been demonstrated, now, that these cycles are crucial in determining the behavior in the Solar System, and particularly in terms of life on Earth: They're absolutely crucial in terms of life on Earth. And therefore, we have to think from the outside in.

Now, you have, for example, you have a phenomenon, in the galaxy, which occurred about 1050-1054 A.D., which is now a big event there in the galaxy. Now, what we know about this, is that this event, which occurred in finite time, about a thousand years ago—the Chinese observed it at that time—this event actually is an event which characterizes a change in the galaxy as a whole. Which means, that looking back several millions of years, like 62 million years, this event occurred since that.

Shields: Yes.

LaRouche: So, we now have in the galaxy, a condition, where a galaxy is not dominated by something inside the galaxy; it is a characteristic, a functional characteristic of the galaxy itself. That's why the "strange anomalies," otherwise strange anomalies of this process—this Crab Nebula. And therefore, we don't know. But it's not wrong not to know, in a sense, because when you identify something you don't know, that is significant; it calls your attention to the fact that you better find out what it is. And scientific progress, and experimental scientific progress is certainly driven by some people who are smart enough to catch onto this, realize that the fact that there's something there that we don't understand, we'd better find out what it is. It's like the policeman looking for strange things in the neighborhood: He investigates, because there might be something that comes within his province of attention.

And the Crab Nebula is not something within the galaxy; the Crab Nebula is a characteristic of the galaxy, which became manifest about a thousand years ago, which is much more recent than 62 million years ago! And we're now at a conjunction, where this effect—we're getting the effect of something that happened 62 million years ago. And thus, it's extremely important for us to have the kind of scientific investigation: For example, we weren't there. We don't have any witnesses from 62 million years ago.

Shields: We had an interview, just recently. [LPAC-TV Interview.]

LaRouche: Right. Exactly.

But we're able to understand processes which indicate this to us, and of course, we have a record. Of course, in the Earth, we have a record of things that happened billions of years ago, as well. So, looking at these things from the standpoint of that record, we get an idea of what's coming at us. And it's that kind of approach, understanding the galaxy, that we are an integral part of the galaxy, we're not something outside the galaxy, we're in the galaxy! We're bouncing around on the edges, like a latecomer. It's like the teenager coming up to the ball, bouncing all around the place. And that's our Solar System, but that's only a few billion years ago.

So therefore, what we're dealing with, the threats that affect us right now, are effects which lie within the span of hundreds of millions of years ago, in terms of just this galaxy alone. And what we try to understand about beyond that period of this galaxy, is something still further.

But we find out today, that we as human beings, with science, are able to understand these processes or discover what the understanding of these processes have to be. And we find, as we found recently by looking at the universe, not from the standpoint of particles in empty space, which is a nonsense view which is very popular, but it's nonsensical; but looking at this as a domain of cosmic radiation, and understanding how the different aspects of cosmic radiation interact, like the case of we on Earth—we're part of the Solar System. We're dominated by the Sun. But the Sun's a little puny little thing on the edge of the galaxy! And most of the important things that have happened, in terms of life on Earth, have been as part of the galaxy, not part of the Sun! The Sun is a little interloper there, a bum on the block.

And then, we look at the galaxy, we have an event like the Crab Nebula: It has anomalies, which tell us that that Crab Nebula is not something within the galaxy, it is a characteristic change which occurred in the galaxy! And this tips us off to think about some other things.

We Need a Rebirth of Science

Shields: Right. Some new changes just recently, on this point, it's nice: Only this year, January of this year, looking at the Crab Nebula, everything we thought we knew about it was—oh, everything that the officials thought they knew about it from the standard theory, was completely overturned (Figures 12a-c). And it was exactly what you're saying right now: The idea that this thing could be treated as some kind of distinct object is now completely lost.

Because, you saw, there are two major events (Figure 13): Beginning of this year looking back at—examining the data, since 2008, we've had our major gamma-ray telescope pointed at the Crab, and it's significant: You can get a picture of what the whole gamma-ray sky looks like here (Figure 14), and in that, the Crab Nebula is a particularly very bright point. Looking closely at it, through the gamma-ray telescope, we were able to see that two events happened since 2008, two major ones. In February of 2009, the gamma-ray intensity from the Crab Nebula jumped by a factor of four, in the course of just 16 days (Figure 15). Again, in September of 2010—and this is just looking back at this retrospectively this year—in September 2010, it jumped sixfold over a period of just four days. The intensity that's in the gamma-ray spectrum—now, this is a very high-energy part of the electromagnetic spectrum. First, just reaching that kind of energy is amazing, that kind of output, over such a short time, is amazing.

But then, what's interesting, is not just the fact that it leaps that high in such a short time, but then that it manages to cool itself down in such a short amount of time. Which rules out all the typical kinds of processes that would be causing this: This rules out simple heating of the gases. It would take—I believe the estimate given of the amount of time it would require for gases that had been heated that high to cool down, is on the order of millions of years.

LaRouche: But this is implicitly occurring at a rate of action, which is faster than the speed of light, the calculated speed of light. That's the crucial thing. And the fact that it's occurring in that form, indicates it is not a local phenomenon occurring within the galaxy, it's a characteristic of the galaxy.

Shields: And in fact, you can't find anything within the Crab Nebula as an object that would account for it.

LaRouche: No.

Shields: As you had those changes, nothing changed about the pulsar in the center, which implies that there's something, some much larger process that's initiating the changes, it's not the standard model—that the pulsar is somehow pulverizing everything outside of it. That's clearly not what's happening.

LaRouche: Well, what all this indicates, of course, is the fact that we need a rebirth of science on this planet. Science is being degraded. We have people who have no idea of what science is any more, even in the form we had it before. And there are a lot of things out there, since we're coming to this 62 million-year cycle point, which is a period of the greatest threat to species on Earth, is that 62 million-year cycle: the wipeouts of whole species occurred, 90% or more of the species wiped out with one of these things. So the time has come, we've got to pay attention to this.

Shields: Right.

LaRouche: And so, it's not just the defense of us, of mankind against what's happening right now, in terms of these seismic effects. But we have to think about mankind, in the universe. Because we are in the universe, we are a factor in the universe, and we've got to come up to our responsibilities.

Hoefle: Well, on that note, I guess this is good place to wrap it up for this week. So, thank you for joining us this week, and we'll see you next week.

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