Volume 38, Number 14, April 8, 2011



LPAC-TV Weekly Report: Galactic Challenge Demands: Obama Out! Let NASA Fly!  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The third in a series of special LPAC-TV Weekly Reports featuring Lyndon LaRouche and Sky Shields of the LaRouche Basement Team, on the subject of the cosmic occurrences in our galaxy and Solar System, that are behind the recent activation of the Pacific Ring of Fire. “We’re now in a situation, in which the existence of humanity is being challenged,” LaRouche stated, by a lawful process in our galaxy, which is affecting the behavior our Sun.

There are measures we can take, which will manage this kind of crisis. But the detection systems that could protect us from the kinds of earthquakes and tsunamis that recently struck Japan, and now threaten the U.S. West Coast, are being shut down by Obama. Millions of people in the United States will die, he said, “unless Obama is removed from office.”

Documentation: Obama Budget Guts Earthquake Preparedness and Recovery

by Carl Osgood

British Genocide Policy

The Empire’s Genocide Policy, Key Threat to Man’s Survival  

by Nancy Spannaus

Today’s global British Empire traces its ancestry back to the Roman Imperium, which controlled its population by spreading irrationalism, and suppressing technological progress. Like today’s imperial oligarchs, they prefer to treat people like cattle, culling the herd when required. The evil Lord Bertrand Russell, aka “Dirty Bertie,” is the precursor for Obama’s ghoulish advisors Sir Donald Berwick and Dr. John Holdren.

Japan’s Fukushima Plant: Media Lies Incite Anti-Nuclear Hysteria

by Ramtanu Maitra

Blatant media lies about the alleged threats posed by Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power reactors are diverting attention from the real threat to human life: the dozens of volcanoes and tectonic activity along the Pacific-Indian Ocean “Ring of Fire.”

Elections in Germany: Goebbels Propaganda Brings Green Victory

Crimes of Barack Obama

Killing the Future: When Obama Attacked NASA, He Violated His Oath  

Lyndon LaRouche’s Feb. 3, 2010 call for the President’s impeachment, two days after Obama’s announced intention, as demanded by his British controllers, to shut down manned space flight in the United States. Also, reactions from America’s heroic astronauts to the sabotage of our future.

Haiti: Obama Decisions Led to Mass Death

by Dennis Small and Marcia Merry Baker

Obama Blocked Move To Revive Glass-Steagall

Criminal Negligence Demands Obama’s Removal


A Report to Helga: How To Make Sense  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“The kernel of this present report of mine, is to be located by reference to certain recent developments observed within our galaxy, developments which now prompt responsible thinkers to consider some hitherto neglected implications of the so-called ‘Crab Nebula,’” writes LaRouche, referencing the concluding interchange between him and Sky Shields, from the March 30 LPAC Weekly Report (see p. 4).


Stupid or Treasonous?