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This article appears in the May 4, 2012 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Time for Glass-Steagall in Britain?

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

April 15, 2012

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In respect to the reporter who has had a named role in prompting the useful consideration of a matter of grave public interest, as in this case of Liam Halligan, I think it appropriate, even obligatory, to lend suitable credit to the person who has prompted the public crafting of a significant contribution to the public understanding of the crucial strategic developments in public affairs.

I am responding, thus, to a strategic global crisis whose vortex of action still appears to be clustered chiefly among the trans-Atlantic regions of the world at large. My own immediate intention here, is principally focused on the subject of the global implications of both the presently plummeting economic crisis of the United Kingdom, and the tumult which that brings into the trans-Atlantic region generally: a region which is presently clustered within a wildly accelerating decline into the vortex of a state of onrushing, hyper-inflationary collapse.

That special quality of the background of my own present report on that subject here, demands that there be an immediate overturn of what had been historically global strategic processes, processes which had created the urgency of certain crucially needed, sudden and radical corrections of a very dangerous direction in current British policy. Any rescue from this present world crisis, requires the kinds of immediate, systemic corrections which could only be expressed now in the form of a profoundly radical shift in global trends in statecraft. This requires sharp overturns in presently reigning, official opinion throughout the trans-Atlantic regions in particular.

What we require, urgently, now, will be radical measures of forward-looking change of applied principle for both British and related policies. Suitable changes, if they occur, will be experienced as the immediate, and radical overturns of certain hitherto prevalent presumptions, presumptions respecting both the evolutionary and even revolutionary development respecting expressions of most among both the ancient through contemporary policies of nations.

In that context, it is an exemplary, immediately urgent matter respecting factors afoot now, that a changing view of the history of life itself, especially human life, should now direct the practice of modern science to reject the radically reductionist fiction concocted by the Nineteenth-century Rudolf Clausius and his like. By that, I mean the needed eradication of the politically motivated fiction which had underlain the still prevalent, Nineteenth-century, fraudulent concoction of a so-called "Second Law of Thermodynamics."

On this account, the relevant evidence has shown, as since the ordered succession of the excellent work of such as, emphatically, Max Planck, Albert Einstein, and V.I. Vernadsky, that the universality of the particular subject-matter of human life, is to be situated within the determining context of a special sense of a lawful principle of universal anti-entropy. This principle of anti-entropy, is a certain principle of life, which, to the best of our present knowledge, pertains not merely to life in general, but also remains as an expression of a specific case restricted to that uniquely peculiar property which is specific to our human species.

The pseudo-scientific view of matters, such as that of the mid- Nineteenth-century mathematician Rudolf Clausius' hoax of a "Second Law," is a view which had adopted its roots, not from the actual evidence of the performance of human life as such, but from what are implicitly, errant, radically reductionist notions of the essential meaning of "scientific evidence." Those have been notions traced to such followers of Clausius as a highly relevant case of a Soviet follower of Bertrand Russell, the Alexander I. Oparin, a public figure who remains on record to this date, as a thoroughly wrong-headed and bitter adversary of V.I. Vernadsky.

The notions of both Russell and his follower Oparin, are among those effects which are still currently attributable, significantly, to the falsehood of a rabidly reductionist, modern academic misrepresentation of both the existence of the human species in particular, and life in general. This has been a notion which has been derived from what is commonly known to history as "The Oligarchical Principle," a principle innate to the notion of the function of what is called "money per se," as the notion of "money" is to be recognized as distinct from that notion of a system of "credit," as distinct from money per se, a distinction which had been built into the design of the original Federal Constitution of the United States of America.[1]

The modern oligarchical notion of money per se, has echoed that same principle which is familiar among such ancient topics as the account of the Iliad, as also through the experiences of the "Peloponnesian War," and through the histories of the Roman Empire, Byzantium, and the respectively medieval and modern expressions of those European imperial systems which were descended from the original Roman empire.

These cases include, similarly, the British empire which was a direct offshoot of what had been that same Netherlands-based New Venetian Party which had steered William of Orange and a related class of Anglo-Dutch offshoots, whose ancient influence remains hegemonic among the planet's notably reigning oligarchical systems, still today.

The essential lesson which must guide successful escapes from the presently onrushing, oligarchical disaster of mankind, requires our attention to the urgent need of all mankind for a repeal of the presently still-corrupting residues of the oligarchical tradition.

Britain Presently

The typical result of that oligarchical tradition has been, that the United Kingdom, for example, presently encompasses among its inhabitants, two most notable, mutually contrary contending policies of general social practice of modern human societies.

The first of these two which I reference here, is the humanistic tradition, a tradition like my own, (which relies on the principle of the progressively higher energy-flux densities associated with the use of "fire"). This humanistic tradition is to be contrasted with the opposing, oligarchical form, a form which is typified by those reductionist doctrines of practice which have been more ancient than the maritime legend of the siege of Troy. The contrary, reductionist doctrines are best identified as "oligarchical systems": those are systems modeled on that particular oligarchical principle which had been presented in the mid-Nineteenth Century as the hoax known as a "Second Law of Thermodynamics."

This ongoing contention has now reached the state of affairs along that course of conflict, at which the continued efforts to sustain the hoax known as a so-called "Second Law of Thermodynamics," tend to ensure a virtual certainty for what would be the early, virtual, or even complete extinction of the human species throughout this planet. That "Second Law," expresses an intended trend toward extinction, an extinction which has been rendered much more likely by the extremes which are expressed as the current trend of the strategic and the related economic policies of the U.S. Obama administration with its sundry ideological accomplices.

Thus, the issue here, is a matter of the urgency of liberating mankind from the malignant tradition inhering in the function of oligarchical systems.

All of these aforesaid considerations, and more, require focusing our attention on certain, presently little-known, but crucial, scientific considerations, considerations which I shall have summarized by the time we have reached the appendix of this report. Those considerations are essentially the following.

  1. First, I shall summarize the immediate crisis-situation, with my special emphasis on the exemplary economic condition in the dominant, northern part of the trans-Atlantic region, and beyond, deep into Asia, and into the prospective rich development of the Arctic.

  2. Second, I shall outline the principled features of the crisis from the vantage-point of a physical-economic standpoint, as this is opposed to what might be considered mistakenly by many, as a conventional set of monetarist's notions.

  3. Third, I shall emphasize what was launched by me and others as what has been lately termed, "The Defense of Earth," and beyond.

  4. Fourth, I shall outline the higher, presently almost entirely unknown, higher qualities, which are represented by the physical principles which must begin to be brought into play in the closing part of this present outline of the matter presented here.

I. Name It "Halligan's Crisis"

Initially, I had not intended to react publicly to reference my reading of Liam Halligan's April 14th Telegraph report. That had been the item in which he had delivered an appropriate particular warning: "Eurozone crisis roars back to savage Spain." But, I had quickly changed my opinion on that point, to place emphasis on the fact that the United Kingdom is presently trapped in virtually the same financial quicksands of what has been "unchristened" as "governance," as in the rest of western and central Europe: more or less, case by case, but often from immediately opposing sides in the general ferment. His published April 14 warning, while harsh, is not merely appropriate; it could, and should have impelled what remain as thoughtful Britons to seek an appropriate route of escape from the oncoming ruin of the United Kingdom and other nations. In brief: A lesson so learned might be a better destiny won.[2]

For example, while the United States economy recently turned into bankruptcy, if the unfortunate "Euro" were to continue along the course of its present, currently accelerating trajectory as an intrinsically hyper-inflationary type of collapse, the only practicable source of a recovery of western and central Europe from that presently accelerating danger, would appear to be the launching of a general, decently coordinated "Glass-Steagall" action, an action which would be a virtual "carbon copy" of the original form of that law. The initial benefit which Glass-Steagall would provide today, would be only an indispensably preliminary step toward its follow-on effect in preparing the way, immediately, for establishing a physical, rather than monetarist form of public banking system in the U.S.A. and other places presently.

Nonetheless, consider what would be the effect of a mere resort to the likeness of a constitutional U.S. national credit system based on physical principles, as had once reigned under the leadership of President Nicholas Biddle of the Second Bank of the United States, back then under the principle of U.S. National Banking at that time. Consider that as opposed to a monetarist class of banking systems under the pack of scoundrels, such as Aaron Burr and Martin Van Buren, as directly under the scoundrel known as President Andrew Jackson. This contrast, implicitly elevates a Glass-Steagall reform of today into the role of an indispensable first step required to prepare the foundations for the more profound, long-ranging, and also durable steps of national public banking.

The present obstacle to today's needed return of the United States to the principles of its original U.S. Constitution's reforms, has been, that the monetarists' dupes on both the western and eastern shores of the Atlantic share a temperament which prompts them to adopt the fallacious demands of monetarism itself, that to the effect that the notion of "value" has been subordinated to the merely nominal measure of what is named "money." The latter effect is encountered whenever the monetarist spirits of London, and certain other places, were determined to abandon the practice of actual scientific and related progress in the quality of production as a standard for measuring nominal wealth, such that a virtual monetary Hell would come to reign over any republic, as it is said, "sooner or later," as that should have been recognized from the effects of that U.S. repeal of Glass-Steagall in the closing moments of the President Bill Clinton Presidency, which had led into the post-August 2007 launching of the present general breakdown-crisis which has been prompted by those frauds against the U.S. Constitution which had been executed under the supervision of the U.S. Federal Reserve System, as earlier by the cabal of such as British Foreign Office assets as Aaron Burr and his accomplice, another Wall Street banker, Martin Van Buren, which had directed the regrettable scoundrel and swindler, U.S. President Andrew Jackson.

In the case of the U.S.A., for example, and beyond, the outbreak of the currently rampant, trans-Atlantic state of monetary panic had been properly pre-dated by me to a wicked change in direction of U.S.A. policy which had actually broken out in the U.S.A. at the onset of September 2007. The effect of that September 2007 shift in U.S. policy-shaping became the 2008 outbreak of the "bail-out" panic which began the worst trans-Atlantic financial "bubble" in modern history: the present, wildly escalating, and inherently hyper-inflationary, trans-Atlantic crisis, which has now entered its current "breakdown phase."

To seek the wellspring for such lunatic pranks as those U.S.A. and European hyper-inflationary "bailout panics," which had been launched by such present schemes, schemes which have varied somewhat from time to time; note that, in the present instance, a wild-eyed commitment to monetarist practices has seized upon the accompanying statements of intent to promote the radical reduction of the population, while savagely destroying the level of efficient per-capita physical output of both produced and consumed wealth, which has been typified by the British-led demands for the collapse of the world's present human population-levels, that from a designated ceiling of seven billions persons, to a ceiling of no more that one billion living persons, or less.

"Who, Then, Is Really Fit To Survive?"

It happens to be the case, that the existence of what have been known forms of life on Earth, has selectively eliminated the continued need for species of a lower evolutionary characteristic of "energy-flux densities." To just such comparable effect, a memorably sudden extinction of the intrinsically failed species of dinosaurs, has demonstrated the advantage of the inherently better selection of the seemingly, relatively "cuddly" predecessors of our mammal species, species which had "taken over," and which, in the course of their continued evolution, had steered the way, in effect, to the emergence of the highest known form of life, that of the specifically unique human species.

The human species consumed relatively more than the inferior species, but was not only better qualified to survive, but was enabled, thereby, to reach beyond mere animal life, to inherit that special development represented by the creation of not only the greater value of the human willful power to live, but the power to advance its own evolution to qualitatively higher levels voluntarily, as no other known species could do this.

That much said thus far, the human species can not be competently equated to anything which could be classed, otherwise, as simply "an animal species."

There is, as I shall emphasize here below, a crucially important history behind the evidence of that absolute distinction of the human species from any merely animal species. To the best of our currently estimated knowledge, what has, ostensibly, emerged on Earth as the human species, has been the expression of that uniquely voluntary power which is well-defined as the meaning of human scientific and equivalent expressions of the uniquely human, voluntary expressions of creativity. These have been voluntary expressions which have not existed in any presently known form of life other than the effect of what is to be identified as the specific function of "the human mind."

Review a summary of relevant background for approaching this subject-matter of the human creative will.

The Monetarist Folly

The root of the presently reigning, monetarist's panic now prevalent throughout the trans-Atlantic system of economy, has been the widely accepted folly of an absurd belief in various forms of "monetary tokens as such." Such is the silly, but popular belief, that those tokens are the foundation of the basis for the notion of "value" to be associated with a nation's, or sundry nations' economy.

In fact, when the existence of any system of what is merely money, or its like, is regarded as the standard, or "natural" measure for physical-economic values, and when that system defines the notion of "value" attributed to the relevant economy as being inherently of an oligarchical system, the continued existence of mankind is placed in danger.

In the contrary case, such as the founding of the U.S. Federal Constitution, or, briefly, earlier, in the Massachusetts Bay Colony's Pine Tree Shilling, the public credit system, provides the mechanism unifying the practices of production and trade.

That mechanism of the original U.S. Federal Constitution, which had founded the constitutional law of public credit in the United States had persisted, often stubbornly, until the baldly treasonous conspiracies introduced by the Manhattan swindlers Aaron Burr, Martin Van Buren, and their associated swindlers, under the puppet-Presidency of an Andrew Jackson.

Whereas the genesis of the original American system of political economy had been the prescribed model of the Massachusetts Pine Tree Shilling as a system of public ("national") credit, until the crushing of the Massachusetts Bay Colony by the New Venetian Party of William of Orange et al.

It has been the offshoots of the practices of the succession of the Venetian monetarists, which have been most notable for imposing and enforcing the monetarist swindle in their times; the same swindle has been the standard of oligarchical practice throughout the greatest part of the well-known history of Mediterranean-centered systems.

In modern history of the trans-Atlantic regions, the proper standard of economic value respecting production and trade, has been the use of the type of the Massachusetts Bay Colony's and Benjamin Franklin's "paper money," as the basis in practice for an implicitly "national" expression of "public credit." The subjugation of the national economy to a monetarist system, by the attribution of various forms of "specie" as the source of the public "value" of a nation's, or other currency, degrades the citizens of any relevant nation to the condition of being the subjects of an outside power, as this same effect is generated by such means as gold and silver, or their like. The latter type of system thus becomes the virtual owner of the thus-indebted peoples themselves, an implicitly imperial, "outside" power represented by the nation's debt to the "alien" monetarist usurers.

True value of a national economy resides in the nation's debt to itself, as that principle may be extended to a concert of nations through a fixed-exchange-rate treaty system of public credit among nations.

Nonetheless, there has been an alternative to monetarism, to which troubled nations may resort now.

Energy-Flux Density

Up to the present time, mankind's relevant scientific practice had been a fairly reliable scheme for a contemporary representation of the biological history of the net upward emergence and evolution of life on this planet. That evolutionary process corresponds, on balance, to a progression through what are presently defined estimates of a qualitative succession of notional stages, stages presumed to lead into the emergence of a quality of living species whose qualitatively defined distinction is that of the human species, a species qualitatively distinct from all others known to us presently.

In human terms, it is the cultural rate of increase of what is conveniently identified as "energy-flux density," which determines which set of living species is relatively more "physically fit to live." The specific evil of monetarist systems is to be blamed on those so-called "environmentalist" specimens, which serve as models for species of those classes of humans which have become, eventually, increasingly unfit to live, whether by habit, or lack of the use of all the human species' uniquely voluntary powers for mental development: human beings which can gain the needed voluntary means, ultimately, through access to the practice of upward cultural revolution, as achieved through the reach of mankind's inherently greater "fitness to live" than all other species presently known by us.

This is known to us, thus far, as the uniquely human-species capability to live, which is to be measured in terms of the uniqueness of the dependence of our chosen purposes on the relative uniqueness of mankind's "use of fire." It is man's voluntary form of creativity, as used to increase what has come to be known as the relative energy-flux density of technology, which reflects both the principle of a culture better equipped to survive, and which also represents the population which can effect the increase of the ability to survive through the means of broadly defined application of what is definable as human scientific, and science-related cultural progress.[3] Thus, we know mankind presently as the only known species which could, and must increase its per-capita density of concentration of power, that per capita and per square kilometer of surface-area of the planet.

Human capacity for survival depends, "practically," on forms of both fire and the equivalent of "fire" which are to be measured in "energy-flux density" of the concentration expressed by the form of "heat" passing upward from the standard of local sun-beams, upward, toward the burning of wood, of charcoal, coal, coke, petroleum, high-energy-flux density modes of combustion, into nuclear-fission, into the much more efficient thermonuclear fusion, and to the vastly more effective function of Einstein's "matter/anti-matter" intentions.

As Albert Einstein had foreseen, and as Bernhard Riemann had previously expressed the relevant, related principle in the concluding summary of his habilitation dissertation, the use of such means as thermonuclear fusion for fueling a procession of acceleration/deceleration breakthroughs in combustion, up to and beyond the optimal use of thermonuclear impulses, makes an ugly moral mockery of the legend of the notion of a self-evidently extant notion of both space and time as such alike, as Albert Einstein's principles were already notably in accord with this.

Thence, apply those considerations to that matter among those notions which I have placed for consideration here.

The problem in seeking such a rescue as I have emphasized above, would be the need for an action prompted by a sense of an urgently needed benefit for the nations, including such examples as those of continental western and central Europe, as much as the United States itself. That is the only model for available action which were likely to provide the opening for the urgently needed action for halting that terminal breakdown-crisis which is already careening, at the present time, throughout the trans-Atlantic regions of western and central Europe (and also elsewhere).

For example, we must think of the injection of the original design for Glass-Steagall as proffering the presently indispensable economic "first aid:" an action which clears the way for introducing the more durable and profound remedies. This would mean acting according to a policy of what might be identified as an accelerating rate of increase in the orders of magnitude of "energy-flux density" per-capita and per square kilometer of cross-sectional physical-economic and derived potencies.

To put that larger and longer view in the proper perspective: locate, provisionally, the reform which I have indicated here, as being a notion within the orders of magnitude inherent in the proceeding of the expressed legacy of Albert Einstein's implicit principle of matter/anti-matter actions. The crucial practical question of policy becomes: how much increase of power to accomplish work might be gained through setting such standards for defining the increase of the potential power expressed through the application of the noëtic potential of the individual human mind?

We Constitute the Core of Our Posterity!

Capture the grandeur of the possible choice of a great moment of mankind before us.

We are presently in reach of the capability, perhaps within a generation, or, perhaps, even earlier, of attaining the goal of travel from the Moon to Mars at optimally configured thermonuclear velocities, a journey which could be accomplished during a span of a single week, and, then forward from that achievement, onward, some time later, then in the direction of the higher, matter-antimatter velocities of acceleration/deceleration.

For example: among the leading challenges to all nations of mankind, one of the most important of the immediate challenges, is the exemplary urgency of preventing human life on Earth from being rendered extinct by the impact of some unreasonably large, vagrant rock, or rocks, from "outer space."

The wistful desire for the charm of some cottage in Scotland would not be endangered by scientific progress of this indicated sort; rather, that progress brings the spiritual warmth of a true charm closer to us all. Only poor fools should think of individual human life as something to be smashed between the fictitious "bookends" of a single individual's mere birth and death.

The time for this action to be taken is now, now virtually immediate, as I shall craft the argument, accordingly, in other portions of this present report. Or, to put the matter in the following, different way. Exactly what would be the disastrous penalty which Britain, for example, might bring upon itself, if it were so silly as to refuse such a specific form of needed agreement to bring on human prosperity, even continued survival? Should the Briton sit, perhaps plump, flat-bottomed, and supine, awaiting and wasting some expectation of a time of an end-of-it-all, all the while dumbly awaiting an expected extinction of our Sun itself within some part of the span of about a billion or more years until "the great extinction" of our Solar system?

To the best of our present knowledge, only the human species, when being really human in his, or her performance, self-evolves voluntarily into successively higher states of being, always working as the likenesses of creatures of self-increasing power within the universe which we inhabit. We men and women are rightly intended to become servants in the dutiful likeness of a Creator, not like some mere, flatulent herd of cattle. Consider the recently accelerating rates of potential progress of the human species, from ancient forms of simple fire, toward nuclear fission, thermonuclear fusion, matter/anti-matter, and then to higher cultural states of advances effected by the miraculous abilities of the upward evolution of mental powers beyond. We may also consider the curiosities of the Crab Nebula in its recently most active of known modes; let us never become less than as being the quality of being human, so defined.

Mankind is, in principle, an immortal species. Unlike the mere animals, our so-called "death" is not the end for what we have developed to become our own higher form of life: insofar as we rely on those specifically creative, voluntary powers lacking among the beasts. We are to be defined properly by the true meaning which is embodied, not in our deaths, but in the proper further consequence of our mortal existence during and beyond our life-span, an existence whose meaning is that by which we may justly hope that our coming and passing shall lift our species to a still higher quality of existence, all done in our given power as an intentionally creative being, an accomplishment made in the course of the passing of each new generation to rise to an intended higher mission than that before.

The Meaning of Human Generations

When our Sun will have been gone, mankind must have willed that it itself must continue, willfully, to exist in future times and places. That may be accomplished through our species' development to dwell in prudently created, better places, when our species and our present Sun will have long since parted ways. That transformation of the placing of localities and abilities for distant descendants will occur, on the condition that we have devoted ourselves in timely ways and means, and successfully, to prepare the realization of that inexhaustible noëtic potential inherent in that which is already the potential of our given human nature.

Therefore, what I recognize in the trans-Atlantic part of the world as today's leading problem, is the variously asserted, or merely implicit presumption, that the efficient meaning of the individual human life ends with the death of that individual. I view such a belief as a form of a foolishly practiced evil which implicitly condones all crimes against mankind and Creator alike.

The root of common error in belief and practice, is for me, and I think many others living today, the wrongheaded sort of implicit presumption, that the meaning of the individual's human life ceases with the death of that individual. Granted: there are still religious organizations, and even sole individuals, who will defend a notion of the intrinsic immortality of the individual human life as a sentiment, but who, nonetheless, present no credible expression to that end in their actual experience of a sense of, and active role in the efficient meaning of such a continued influence (as if: "I built that for you!") of the soon-to-become-deceased person in the meaning of the life of the coming future generations.

The most saddening fact of contemporary experience among those still living, is the lack of a vital inspiration respecting the consequences of one's own life for the future benefit of mankind's future generations. That lack is already a terrible thing on its own account.

On that account, the human species is not like any other species presently known to us. On that account, consider the signal Chapter 13 of the Apostle Paul's I Corinthians, the which is so widely (relatively) circulated among the formal Christians, and also beyond. The distinction of the human being, is to be recognized in the role of those creative powers of the individual human mind which do not exist in any other presently known creature. These are our access to a true immortality.

Is that religion? For mankind, the intention expressed by devotion of the human individual to such an eternal mission assigned to the future, is the only truthfully ultimate reality.

II. The Principled Features

Therefore, continue the present discussion within the scope of homely comparisons, by thinking back to the practical ironies of Winston Churchill's appeal to President Franklin Roosevelt in what had been identified then, sentimentally, as "Britain's darkest hour."

The situation for the British Isles, presently, is of the kind of a somewhat historic importance comparable to what had been the particular case when Winston Churchill had uttered his original appeal for succor to U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt. President Roosevelt and Churchill had never shown to me either then or now, any particular known liking for one another while Roosevelt was still in office. What remains now as grander than all that, is the matter of a present prospect for the posterity of each and both of our respective nations. Nonetheless, as I have just indicated, the chronic, and deeply embittered conflict of outstanding world-outlook between Roosevelt and Churchill back then, had been of a certain specific relevance for the kind of point of critical comparisons for our studies, today, of the bearing of the history of their trans-Atlantic relations of the past on the future of our respective nations at this present time. We, of both nations, and also of others, probably would not survive the present crisis, unless that kind of relationship itself produced a net result much better than had been done in common prior to this present time.

For example, since the stage of development of massed nuclear-fission weaponry since those clearly unnecessary bombs dropped upon Japan at the 1945 close of that war, we have now reached the immediate prospect of a form of thermonuclear weaponry at which the launch on Asia from Pacific and Indian Ocean basings promises an aftermath with the potential for the ensuing extinction of the entire human species. The U.S. forces whose President Barack Obama had launched the virtual entirety of that mass destruction wreaked against Libya, if followed by the Obama administration's intention for setting off the virtual fuses of mass thermonuclear destruction by an invasive assault against Syria and Iran, would be sufficient to set off a chain-reaction response which might send the human species to extinction in the aftermath of such a conflict.

Those who seek to realize goals by initiating such threatened action, would be the worst criminals found in all humanity up to the present date.

I shall come to that matter of the intended outcome of the present threats, within an appropriate point, below; but, let us now examine some most relevant points for this present case, as the following.

The Present European Crisis

Western and Central Europe are presently gripped by a crisis with certain essential characteristics, including certain critical, inherently hyper-inflationary features of a presently onrushing collapse not much unlike those reached in Weimar Germany in November 1923, but on a virtually global scale. Britain might wish to place itself "outside" such a misfortunate, and actually already failed state of present continental European affairs; but, such a choice expressing the British empire's presently continued intention would be very, very silly on its part. Now, at this time, Britain itself is now presently gripped by a state of actually accelerating physical-economic conditions of a collapse which is expressed as a general, monstrous quality of hyper-inflationary "breakdown crisis." This represents a quality of a crisis whose combined effects are currently prevalent through all of the trans-Atlantic domain. In general, neither the current policies of the current President of the United States, nor the current, Brussels-centered, intrinsically hyperinflationary, monetarist policies of the so-called European "governance," are actually sane at this time.

The root of the present trans-Atlantic crisis, is to be traced to those World War II, post-Normandy-landing conditions which had reflected President Franklin D. Roosevelt's sense of his unavoidable obligation to tolerate a Vice-Presidential nominee, Harry S Truman, a nominee whom he would have hoped, might never have been required to actually serve as a U.S. President.

The unpleasant outcome of that state of affairs left behind with the death of President Franklin Roosevelt, meant, under the former Vice-President Harry Truman's administration, a situation had been created, thus, as what became what has seemed to be a sweeping reversal of every valid, strategically crucial point of the Roosevelt Presidency's U.S. strategic outlook for the future of the world, at that time. To a large degree, Truman had acted more like a mere flunky of habituated imperialist Winston Churchill, than an actual U.S. President; or, should we say more appropriately for today's U.S.A. case, a likeness of that wretched puppet of those Wall Street swindlers Aaron Burr and Martin Van Buren, the swindler President Andrew Jackson.

The U.S.A. suffered a similar misfortune with the effects of the 1963 assassination of that President John F. Kennedy, who had represented a return to the directions associated with the Presidency of Franklin Roosevelt. The assassinations of President Kennedy and his brother Robert, unleashed a generally persisting trend toward prevalent national disasters for the U.S.A. The launching of a series of economic and strategic policies directly opposed to both Franklin Roosevelt's and President Kennedy's legacies, has dominated the trend of overall U.S. national policy-making since the assassinations of both President Kennedy and his brother Robert, as continued through to the present time.

To understand the present implications of that history for the present time, consider the following.

The Monetarist Principle

Speaking of principles of physical science as if in terms of some proverbially "final" outcome, all economic processes must be treated as essentially underlying physical-economic processes, rather than merely monetarist systems. Such required physical-economic processes should have been of characteristics measured, ultimately, as per-capita, per unit of energy-flux density, and so on, rather than being a state of affairs subordinated to monetarist systems whose purported principles are never far from the charlatan's.

The monetarist system (the rule by the medium of exchange of what is merely money), as in the practice of folly known as a so-called "principle" of bullion, promotes an advantage for the cause of the medium of exchange at the price of the looting of the potential for scientific progress expressed in terms of rising energy-flux density: a specific form of progress which is the inherent quality of physical production of active generation of human wealth.

In other words, as I had already considered this fact of the monetarist system, above, that system is to be recognized as the oligarchical system in principle. Hence, the present world system today echoes the characteristics of the ancient roots of the system of the "western world's" presently preponderant "oligarchical systems."

Notably, during the interval since the attempted, but failed "right wing" attempt at the impeachment of U.S. President William J. Clinton, there has been a set of bitter consequences reigning in the monetary system, in morality, and in cultural practices of the United States, this most emphatically during the recent nearly dozen years.

That is no mere opinion; the facts show themselves beyond reasonable doubt. The U.S. Glass-Steagall law, which had once rescued the United States under the introduction of the terms of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, had been cast out by an increasingly reckless, and therefore immoral majority of the U.S. Congress. The present conditions of deepening U.S. crisis, a virtual breakdown crisis, has been promoted by the weakness induced by the torment of a thus-wearied President Clinton during some parts of his concluding years in that office.

Brown Brothers Harriman & Hitler

As a direct consequence of that repeal of the Glass-Steagall principle, the U.S. has fallen increasingly into the hands of wicked trans-Atlantic interests which are typified by those same, London-steered monetarist agencies which had come to be associated with Alan Greenspan since his career with that same Anglo-American firm of Brown Brothers Harriman (of Prescott Bush et al.) which had originally backed Adolf Hitler's rise to power in Germany. Over time, faces, and superficial trends in policies have changed; but, that same specific breed of monetarist traditions, of the political likenesses of the Brown Brothers, Harriman firm, as it had appeared during the Hitler era, have since continued to reign, with a relatively accelerating decline of the trans-Atlantic economies, up through the present time.

Since the recent decades' process of change from the Franklin Roosevelt Glass-Steagall law, the trans-Atlantic world had entered into the critical state of what has been, since, an accelerating plunge toward economic Hell, in Europe, as in the Americas generally. The worst consequences to date have been those experienced, with the increasing depravity of induced effects, under the succession of the terms of Presidents George W. Bush, Jr., and worst of all, under the classically "Emperor Nero-like" characteristics of a President Barack Obama.

The Rudiments of this Case:

The considerations which I have now examined for you, immediately above, are essentially those specific to the human species among all known living species. Some people enjoy the hypocrisy of blaming some ill-defined notion of "human nature," whereas, in fact, the proper name for prevalent customs of society currently were better named "humanity denatured."

The remedy for such faults of societies in so much of human history this far, is to be discovered as an option more likely to be made available to the informing of the human will through attention to those certain principles of knowledge whose nature I shall summarize in the concluding part of this report.

To put the matter of those principles into perspective, we must first put the subject of "The Defense of Earth" into perspective.

III. The Defense of Earth

Our Sun is presently estimated, fairly, to destroy itself within the span of approximately two billions years. We must expect that Sun to die in the manner stars otherwise proceed toward their "death," much earlier than that indicated lapse of time. The time available for human habitation of our Solar system is fairly estimated to be much shorter. We must act on the plausible presumption, that as much time as might be estimated for man's habitation of the Solar system, contains many doubtful features. Much of the currently prospective, early discovery and scientific progress, must be completed by mankind relatively soon, if the human species is to become enabled to move to a new habitation outside the Solar system.

The list of the first steps toward that progress must include two challenges to be included on our list. First, the defense of Earth against nasty rocks and relevant other projectiles and hostile streams within, or even beyond the range of our Solar System, and, second, man's development of Mars as emerging as a principal supplementary base of human operations well within the present century.

Certain early features of this perspective have been made clear, such as the scheduling of flights between our Moon and Mars-landings within a lapse of in-flight time of a thermonuclear span of about "one Einstein-week." The even much more important consideration is the choices of human attitudes which we may bring to bear on launching such missions to the point of matter-antimatter manned flights to Alpha Centauri. Were Johannes Kepler alive today, I strongly suspect that he would have come to agree with that perspective, had he lived up to our present time.

Bringing mankind to a safe distance from the "death" of our Sun, is no less than a great galactic challenge. Yet, in principle, all of these tasks, given sufficient time to reach "safety" for our species, are implicitly realistic, given sufficient time, and also sufficient human determination to complete the successive stages of progress of the tasks such a galactic march to such goals implies.

The importance of my stating that in the manner I have employed now, lies within the intellectual bounds of the presently immediate time needed to produce the coming generations of scientists and statesmen qualified to grasp the implications of the timely steps of progress which I have outlined in the immediately preceding sketch of our human perspectives. I have solid reason of principle to believe that that perspective is within the design embedded in the intention of the Creator of this universe. I know, with certainty, that the understanding of my argument here, itself, is a possible achievement implicitly existent among the several remaining generations of this present century.

The first next step to be taken now, beyond the missions which have been already considered by relevant scientists, is the "Defense of Earth" against dangerous "rocks" and streams to kindred effect, the which had already struck Earth with great destructive force in Earth's own prehistoric past. Then, comes the leap in time from seeing Mars as a place from which scientific teams will land and depart, to seeing relevant spans of the past and future history within our Solar system, as a territory which mankind will be enabled to inhabit, at least for some future time. The next great leaps forward beyond that coming relatively long interval of time, will have begun with a systemic capability of general defense relatively soon within the range of our present Solar system. Out of this, will come the experience of man in the process of efficiently viewing our Solar system as a project for extended pioneering within our galaxy. Once such steps of commitment have become our own, a great leap in mankind's much better understanding of the more profound challenge beyond that mission will have emerged.

IV. The Higher Physical Principles

The most important error respecting the customary functions of the use of the powers of the human mind, is to be recognized as located in what may be regarded as a corresponding, implicitly blinded faith respecting the ordinary powers of human sense-perception. This point is most readily adduced from close study of the systemic contradiction between the respective principles of ordinary sense-perception of the powers of non-living objects by mankind, on the one side, as in contrast to each of the respective experiences of any form of ordinary life in one case, and, in the other, the experiencing of the actuality of human creativity, as in truly Classical musical composition according to J.S. Bach, and as the relevant subtleties of musical composition according to musical "well-tempering" in musical performance, were treated definitively by Wilhelm Furtwängler, and recognized by relevant others.

The most convenient of the representations among such distinctions as these, is to be recognized in the difference of the experiencing of a non-living object, from that of an experiencing of the active expression of a principle of human creativity. The most significant expression of human creativity, is properly associated with the experience of metaphor (a.k.a., Johannes Kepler's crucial notion of a metaphorical principle of "vicarious hypothesis;"or simply said of Classical poetry, as that is sampled in the concluding paragraph of Percy Shelley's "A Defence of Poetry"; etc., etc.).

The intertwined necessity and folly of human belief in the pseudo-principles of a presumed "sense-certainty," have, so far, customarily blinded that generality of the human population, which now includes, unfortunately, a very large ration of those who intend to be appropriately devoted scientists generally. For the purposes of my publication of this present report, the following, summary report should suffice as relevant illustration.

The problem I shall now address is not an inevitable choice in any meaningful sense; it is a trait rooted in the composition of a presently generally reigning culture whose accumulated effects are attributable to the long cultural reign of that "oligarchical principle" of such as the legendary Olympian Zeus. It depends, customarily, upon the habits associated with the case of the ancient banning of the authority to use the legendary "fire." That is the ban, which the legendary oligarchical custom, imposes as part of the package of "population control" and associated relative stupefaction imposed, "top down," on those deemed the Olympian Zeus's proper "human chattel."

I think that it will be sufficient, for this occasion, to present a useful sampling of those issues which I shall have now placed as at hand. Therefore, I write as follows.

Euclid's & Nietzsche's Hoax

Take the case of the exposure of the inherent fraud of what is named as "Euclidean geometry," a fraud which had been so identified by such relevant authorities as him who has been known, variously, as the "friend of the Christian Apostle Peter," or who was otherwise known famously to Christian scholars as "Philo Judaeus," or, to laymen scholars and scientists otherwise, as "Philo of Alexandria."

For modern scholars and scientists, the doctrine of Euclid is congruent with the dogma of the modern existentialist Friedrich Nietzsche's "God is dead." The axiomatic structure of the entire dogma of Euclid, is premised upon the arbitrary, mythical form of presumption that the Creator of the universe had died when the completed perfection of science had rendered the existence of a creator of the universe as "unnecessary." That, latter prescription is prescribed on the basis of the exact-same, "a-priorist logic" expressed as Nietzsche's "God is dead," or the equivalent stated in the form of the argument that "Who had created the universe, has now perfected creation, has, therefore, ceased creating, and is now, therefore, dead." The "logic" of that is essentially the same as that of the British Bertrand Russell who dictated the same alleged principle of failed biology to his dupe Alexander Oparin.

The proper conclusion to be drawn, therefore, is that the actual a-priorist notion of "mind" shared by Euclid and the syphilitic Nietzsche, as also, the Olympian Zeus, is now, similarly, to be classed as "of the dead." The logic of Rudolf Clausius' "Second Law of Thermodynamics," and of Bertrand Russell's own creation of his Russian puppet known as Alexander Oparin, are systemic frauds of the same systemically "hereditary" import as those dogmas of Euclid and Nietzsche, as I have referenced those cases here.

Notably, the follies which I have listed here as representing the same set as that of Euclid, are characteristic of what may be regarded as a certain core of what passes for an ostensibly "official" British ideology, still presently, as Oparin's role as a puppet-like follower of the late Bertrand Russell, is similarly exemplary.

That much said thus far, what is wrong with what might be termed the "typical academic modern mind" which permits the popularity of such relatively standard academic hoaxes as those? There are two distinct, but ultimately coincidental, systemic qualities of causes to be considered. I concentrate our attention at this point on two categories for consideration:

  1. The prevalent basis for the use of systems of human communication, as locatable within the bounds of what is customarily definable biologically as the allegedly "self-evident (axiomatic)" dogma of human sense-perception.
  2. The appropriate modern alternative to that systemic crudity of a customary reading of sense-perception, is now accessible to modern science through an alternative, crucial factor of physical-scientific examination of a view of the three categories of substantial phenomena of human physical qualities of mental functions associated with sense-perceptions which are distinguished, as categorically unique, as by V.I. Vernadsky, (a) as non-living, (b) as living, and (c) as systemically noëtic (e.g., specifically human).

In the latter two categories, references aid us greatly in breaching the barriers of customary notions of sense-perception. The key to this qualified solution is to be recognized, and that not arbitrarily, as enjoying the advantage of Classical modes of practice of well-tempered musical composition. My treatment of the three ontological implications so indicated is crucial for demonstrating the proof of my discovery.

I have understood the nature of the relevance of this range of capabilities, but another step forward has been essential for, so to speak, the "closing a crucial empirical gap" to be defined before I dared to presume I had a necessary degree of "grip" over the crucial principles to be identified as the key to the puzzle. This means solving the puzzle posed by the experienced universe, including the solution for the systemically anti-entropic characteristics inhering in the notion of the ordered evolution of life. That qualified solution is to be credited as the fruit of painstaking efforts inherent in what has been shown in certain related work done by certain of my associates.

I now leave those referenced, other specific aspects of the packaged subject as a whole, to my own work over approximately seven decades. That new part of this puzzle will suffice to present the crucial features of the point which I present here, as follows.

Classical Music as a Physical Science

My solution to the indicated riddle is posed as follows.

If and when we approach the subject of Classical musical composition as a key for insight into what is called "physical science," and if we are working from the ontological basis of the leading work of V.I. Vernadsky, we are enabled, presently, to explore the functional interdependency of the three categories of sense-perception which I have indicated, and do this in a way which is crucial.

The relevant universal principle is to be recognized ontologically, as follows.

This approach to the subject of human creativity affords us a method of escape from the dungeon of heretofore ordinary sense-perceptual practices. A great principle of musical performance, which was presented by the most rigorous experimental method of the late Wilhelm Furtwängler, provides us now with some most crucial assistance in exploring that part of the fundamental principle of the science of the subject of the matter at hand.

What is most crucial in this respect, is that we are thus enabled to present a rigorous approach to matters of sense-perception, an approach which frees us from the enslavement by the crudities inherent in the still conventional approach to the subjects of sense-perception when sense-perception is defined simply and crudely as "communication."

The solution, whose discovery makes the proper definition of the relevant principle of physical science accessible, is best located in study of the lawful medium of the system of well-tempering according to Johann Sebastian Bach's tuning of the system of counterpoint at C=256. The treatment of the subject of counterpoint by Wilhelm Furtwängler is crucial, as is also a scientific experiment, conducted to test my thesis for "natural tuning" with aid of the performance of a truly Classical violin, a principle which was demonstrated with masterly and memorable excellence by my friend, the late master Norbert Brainin.

What the proofs flowing from those lines of investigation

exposed, is that the relevant passages of a composition engage the role of the performance of a Classical musical work in counterpoint which arises as a pre-sensed tone which exists only as a "future" tone which is to be actually sensed, and that truly, before it is actually heard in the equivalent of "normal clock time."

There is also, as Furtwängler demonstrated, a "ghostly" after-tone a whisper later.

The crucially specific implication of this "ghostly" phenomenon, is fairly summarized as the manner in which the experience of the future precedes, preconsciously, what is heard as the present.

Experiences of that character are not only innate to human beings, but occur similarly, but with difference in intervals of lapsed time as a specifically different timing and related characteristics, among animals.[4] The ironies of this type include the effect on musicians (in particular) which include the form of hearing "the idea" of a part of a musical event before that part of the ghostly future music—the experience of experiencing the future—is actually heard by the audience.

These considerations reflect an opposition of the character of the physical space-time of non-living and living processes. Here, we find, for example, the key to the inherent incompetence of statistical forecasting by economists, and, at the same time, the implications of the fact that I, who reject statistical forecasting, have been customarily successful, where virtually all customary forecasters have been almost always perfectly wrong.

There is no "voodoo" or the like involved in setting up these contrasts. The essence of that matter of differing experiences, is that the beliefs of the usual economists suppress the natural forecasting potentials of those who attempt to be statistical or kindred sorts of economists, whereas I insist on relying on the same powers of foresight where the "kennel-trained economist" (like reductionists generally) both rejects the relevant potentials of the healthier human mind, and imposes an intrinsically incompetent (as if to say "synthetic") practice instead.

So far, fine and good; but the case for such phenomena as "musical powers of forecasting" has further great qualities of mankind's ability to "hear the overtones of natural experiences of the universe we inhabit." Taken as a whole, these are the properly defined kinds of experience which we should associate with true geniuses such as Nicholas of Cusa, Johannes Kepler, Gottfried Leibniz, Bernhard Riemann, Max Planck, Albert Einstein, and V.I. Vernadsky.

All that I have just presented, has a direct connection to something also knowable, but with truly, relatively galactic scope and depth of resonance. What I have written here this far, thunders through the universe in the degree we are enabled to capture the experience of the resonance. Much of that higher resonance is already accessible under the categories of the earlier sections of this present report. Be patient; more is coming.

[1] Anton Chaitkin, "Image of the American Patriot" (Schiller Institute, December 2007). Chaitkin's subject included that British scheme which was crafted to defraud the United States, a scheme which was built up around the Puppet-President Andrew Jackson, together with his confederates Aaron Burr, Martin Van Buren, and August Belmont.

[2] In a good practice of science, we owe credit for those who provoke us into producing reports which are useful presentations of principle.

[3] This means "Classical humanist forms of culture."

[4] For example, the case of the factor of delay in experiencing earthquakes, among differing species.

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