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This article appears in the August 16, 2013 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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July 30, 2013

A Prologue

(Some Urgently Needed Tough Talk:)
The evident outcome of civilization since the succession of the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert, had sent the United States itself careening into successive, apparently relentless waves of an accelerating decline, down, down, and down: to the verge, presently, of our civilization's presently threatened early, self-inflicted extinction.

I explain that matter of fact, as follows.

Although there had been subsequent relative ups and downs in the net fluctuations, both earlier and later, since the successive assassinations of the two Kennedy brothers, the U.S.A.'s currently long-wave trend has been, in effect, in a downward direction as since the fraudulent suppression of the true, but forcibly suppressed evidence, respecting, once again, the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and of his brother, Robert.

The result has been actually a net, relentlessly downwards trend in the continued development of our republic and of its society since that time; the data since that time, shows this downward trend. This has been a process, which has now reached a present time when all related, wrong-headed circumstances are now soon due to be taken brutally into account.[1]

In these presently ever-more-awesome and worrying times, the world has entered the wildest, globally-extended hyperinflation in contemporary history. It could also be described as that which has already been spilled into the verge of the worst, and clearly intentional, trans-Atlantic hyperinflation in the recent history of this planet.

It is now a hyperinflation which had been explicitly intended through frankly admitted joint actions by the jointly evil forces of the British empire and Wall Street. This has been, and now remains as a stated intent of those same brutally evil forces, an intent to reduce the present human population of the planet, rapidly, from an heretofore reached level of seven billions human beings, to what is now the declared goal, as stipulated by the British monarchy and its Queen, of less than one billion survivors. It is a British imperial goal intended to be accomplished by measures to be in effect during a span of sheer terror against mankind generally, a terror to be launched approximately, earlier than the close of this present year.

Thus, meanwhile, since this moment, even the populations of very large national economies generally, such as those of China and perhaps India, have not been enabled, yet, to foresee clearly the sheer ferocity of the actually intended extremes of a persistent, currently downward trend in world economy.

Thus, what I must report here and now, is an ugly, global reality, which is a renewal of the evil actions launched, in chief, by the actually same authors as those of the Anglo-Saudi, mass-murderous attack on the United States September 11, 2001. Now, China is likely to become seriously concerned with the presently threatened renewal of these originally "9-11" threats. That is the original "9-11" attack which had been organized, almost entirely, by the relevant, allied Anglo-Dutch-Saudi forces, an attack then, which had set off the now accelerating global trend in sheer "Bush-league" financial swindles, swindles which are to be measured now in a count of the varieties of not merely millions of deaths, but the swindling of actually billions of innocent victims, at the least.

Thus, to summarize the point of fact immediately here, the continuation of that original September 11, 2001 ("9-11") attack on the U.S.A., by the same leading, Anglo-Saudi institutions, has had a continually increasing impact among the targeted populations of a now rapidly growing rate of looting of nations. In the meantime, there has been a persistently accelerated rate of a currently downward trend present in most conditions of human life within the planet at large, a "super-crime" which is now the currently, openly declared intention of the British monarchy. This is a threat which is now intended, explicitly, as stated by the present Queen of England herself, to become the source of a currently measurable collapse in the population, that from a former level of about seven billions for the world population, to the stated, intended, early, present British goal of approximately one billion persons globally.

This immediately current, world-wide trend, varies in intensity as applicable to regions; but, the ultimate direction of the intended goal, is, that, despite all mere shadings of appearances from particular case to particular case, the result would be more or less the same, generally: an intensely downward plunge forced upon the world by the British-Dutch empire. All that would be the effects of an actually, publicly stated set of mass-murderous efforts, by the British empire, toward a presently stated goal of reducing the entirety of the Earth's population to less than a single billion of intended survivors, globally: as it were "Troy re-enacted on a now global scale."

That if we were to permit those same, relevant British imperial interests and their inherently immoral associates, the Wall Street interest, to continue their stated goals for the presently hyper-inflationary rates of that mass-murderous policy of the combined Wall Street, with the Anglo-Dutch monarchical system and their attachments, and their goal of a world-wide human population driven down in the immediate future. This, in fact, is indicated as an intended process of rapidly accelerated collapse of the total population of the planet. That means a rapid reduction from that of a world population of, presently, approximately seven billions, to probably less than a single billion of total world population: an intention which would probably occur, under presently reigning systems of government, during the interval of the immediate few years ahead, if not though the much quicker thermonuclear assault: this is the presently threatened case of global genocide, unless we act efficiently to stop that already moving scheme of genocide against the general population of the planet, now.

What the proper understanding of that presently, actually global trend, requires of us now, is a leadership supplied with a deep and actually systemic insight into the fact of the matter: what had occurred since no later than such events as the historic virtual extermination of the population of ancient Troy. Since that time, human civilization as we have known it, from even such relatively early times as those, has been careening, now, along a course of ups and downs, mixed with surges of brutal and also exhausting trends of a type which would be akin to a precedent in the model of a virtual extermination of the population of Troy. Most notable, are present trends which are presently directed by that same Anglo-Dutch imperial power which had been first established since the relevant developments of the early-to-middle Seventeenth Century.

Now, her nominal Majesty, the Queen of England, Elizabeth II (and, her Royal Dutch partners), have publicly decreed, repeatedly, the drastic measure of a rapid plunge of the human population of this planet, from an approximate total of seven billions persons, toward less than one billion. Exactly that intention, is now already in progress under Her Majesty's public stated intention-in-fact, the urgently pressed warning of her launching of this horror. And, meanwhile,"no damned fool among us" seems to respond decently to this warning of an already clearly and widely expressed fact, the fact of an already onrushing, abysmal collapse.

I repeat, that this represents the threat of a currently accelerating death-rate for the planet as a whole, a rate which is explicitly intended, according to that Queen's publicly stated intentions: intentions which are presently stated to signify, as intended by her circles of power, to lead soon into a world human population collapse into a level of substantially less than one billion, that within your own immediate lifetime, or, quicker—or, should we not, therefore say, "mass-death time."

That trend against which I warn, here, represents a long-standing outlook of an Anglo-Dutch-led evil, an imperial action which no reasonably disposed, well-informed, sane, decent, and intelligent person, would honestly condone, and would certainly not support—excepting certain Wall Street types and kindred wretches. Even an Adolf Hitler had been relatively tame—if only relatively, by comparison with the degree of sheer evil of these currently global trends prompted from among those mass-murderously inclined Anglo-Dutch imperialists' inclination to thermonuclear warfare.

One need only consider the case of such bestial primitives as Britain's Tony Blair, as a most relevant sort of an example of a British maker of mass-murder; he is but one most visible case, a case whose virtually Satanic ferocity against targeted peoples and their nations, should certainly make even the likeness of an Adolf Hitler blush.

We must consider carefully, and also painstakingly, the officially stated, current intentions of the inhumanly monstrous imperial partnership in schemes for genocide by the Queen of England and her Royal Dutch cronies, both of which sets are currently still dominant, for the moment, in the terms of being a single, unified, quasi-global imperial power, a power now reaching to the prompting of a virtually global, thermonuclear genocide towering over the world generally: a thermonuclear genocide whose effect is to be expected as in full, probably no later than the presently oncoming new year—unless an urgently, drastic needed change were introduced.

These are to be taken as among the factors which must be placed under consideration: factors which have pre-shaped, and which now define the relative immediacy of the likelihood of a British imperial willingness to set off a global thermonuclear holocaust of even total genocide, rather than abandon the intent for the Anglo-Dutch empire's present, mass-murderous goals. Only the combination of leading powers, such as the combined abilities of the U.S.A., Russia, China, and, perhaps, also India and others, would be a sufficiently combined aggregation of motive and resources, to check the mass-genocide which has been specifically announced already by the predatory Anglo-Dutch imperial monarchy.

Despite the abundant evidence already at hand, only a small fraction of even the population of the United States, has yet been capable, this far, of actually recognizing the actual causes and motives for the carnage of sheer evil which has been already implicitly pre-publicized as the intent for a present Anglo-Dutch-led program of globally directed genocide. It is an intended genocide whose intention and passions are rooted in its monetarist, stock-market-based, programs of global mass-murder already in an accelerating motion.

This intended such genocide, which has been demanded, and against which I, for one, have repeatedly warned, is one of shameless openness in fact, as shown by the current Queen of England and those of the Queen's current roster of lackeys, as that fact is typified by the financial super-bubbles attributable to Wall Street, London, et al. This is now a set of already-fully-in-the-making, intentionally accelerated rates currently. Those monetarists in the likeness of those certain British accomplices of the mass-murderers, and their kindred varieties of oligarchs, are not really citizens of any nation in a meaningful sense; they are, like the Emperor Nero, not as much people, as they are careening monsters fabricated by their own evil intentions.


The Mars Complex

Should my herein-stated concerns be heeded, the long-ranging prospects for policy-shaping of our planet and its peoples, lie along the course of an orientation toward the long-term cooperation of the Earth with the planet Mars. I do not mean any immediate attempt to colonize Mars with a human population. That would be worse than a futile folly for the early generations of this presently still-young century; a longer-term, "practical" association of the two planets, as planets, one, Mars, to be engaged in a pro-human set of developments steered from, the other, Earth is needed, instead. Any present prospects for mankind's development of Mars as such, and for other needed, Earth-directed developments on "fields of Mars," come in a future time, later, probably within the later fraction of this present century.

The sketched outline of prospects goes as follows.

Our appropriate goal for this immediate case ahead, is to integrate (conceptually) the territory of Mars within the nearby regions of space-linked developments, all with increasing effectiveness, and dedicated to the role in space-based developments fostered by a present population on Earth itself: that also according to the relevant, crucially important roles to be provided by placing appropriate forms of stationed, highly useful functions on our Moon.

The common defense and development of the physical development of Mars in an adjunct role, is paralleled with a related defense of the human population of Earth from asteroids in relatively nearby Solar space. This is, presently, an available as much as an urgently needed prospect for mankind, beyond. This phase includes the Mars development's certain beneficial influences on stimulating correlated developments on behalf of the human habitation and security of Earth as such.

With the completion of my recent publication, titled, "At The Brink of Mars," I had completed an argument for the sake of which I must now participate in moving relevant matters onward. We must move toward a position outside those presumed limits traditionally assigned to what I had more or less regarded as the heretofore traditional notions of Earth's biology. Here, in the following pages, I shall now re-examine certain alternative, hypothetical, but nonetheless popular assumptions, assumptions respecting some among the apparently more significant subjects of life on, and, prospectively, also beyond Earth.

Those ostensibly slight, initial differences in shifts of such a common interplanetary outlook, turn our attention, for purposes of justified conjecture, away from some of the heretofore presumed facts respecting life on Earth, and, thus, toward facts which forewarn us to tend to consider other Earth-bound options on the future prospects for Mars, too. Such a survey must include relatively immediate consideration of the need for a cure of an accumulated set of long-standing, popular mis-perceptions now prevalent among our own "Earthlings."

All that which I have just stated here, at this time, is as if to say, in turn, that we must abandon certain relatively customary presumptions. To wit, instead of looking at Mars from a standpoint of Earth, we must imagine, hypothetically, an experimental outlook respecting Mars, that in company with a certain alternative conception, that of an outlook on the Mars-Earth relationship as a subject to be considered for crucial "thought-experiments": as I shall make clear at an early point in this report. My immediate "thought-experiment" on this account, is to act as if to consider looking at a biology of Earth from the vantage-point of reference to the principles of the Mars surface and its sub-surface. This must be directed as a "thought-experiment," for not only Mars, but possibly later, relevant other Solar-astronomical locations.

To restate that same point: instead of defining biology on Mars from the reference-point of analysis of currently preferred, Earth-bound outlooks on the biology of the Solar system, outlooks which may now serve, nevertheless, as an hypothetical insight, as if to be secured by means of observations as if from Mars, as if from the standpoint of the currently common opinions on the subject of the biology of Earth. This time, we must turn the outlook around, against customary approaches, to look at the needed corrections of some hitherto popular, but nonetheless already actually known as wrong-headed assumptions by Earthlings: presumptions respecting a physical biology of life on Earth, when that were reconsidered in a fashion as might be imagined from an alternative, leading vantage-point, one contrary to the ordinary, popularized, but usually mistaken notions of the human sense-perception relationship.

I explain these extremely important, and already somewhat known, but too rarely considered essential facts. I summarize the case by the aid of the following means:[2]

A Fresh Approach to Earth
The critical point of an argument which is now to be demanded, respecting the subject of the biology heretofore attributed to Earth, is that it should have become recognized, already, as obviously including some rather wild, systemically, but commonplace sorts of what have been actually traditional errors, even among Earth's scientific intelligentsia. However, for the reason which should have become obvious to a rapidly growing, if presently only small part of the population earlier: there is, nonetheless, the fact, that what are currently conventionally considered to be Earth-bound biologies presently, had been customarily interpreted according to some overwhelming, but profoundly mistaken, systemic presumptions, presumptions which have dominated popularly-taught human biologies since even ancient times, but also, very much, in the present time.
The Legacy of Cusa
My "alternative approach" indicated above, becomes soundly premised as factual, when we take into account what I presently know to have been the "artificial" character of the biology of sense-perception: as that is to be considered as the popular delusion which is named "sense-certainty." One should study carefully the true facts of that matter expressed in these highly significant remarks on the role of the combined work of Nicholas of Cusa and Johannes Kepler, as follows.

It has now been several centuries past, since the great founder of a true modern science, the same Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, had sparked those initiating outlooks of his, outlooks which had been proven necessary for the establishment of the truly modern basis of understanding the importance of founding a society based on an extended destiny across (in fact) the Atlantic Ocean.

What Cusa had bequeathed is a view, on which hopes for the world across the Atlantic Ocean had provided a great escape toward freedom: to escape that still pro-feudalist barbarism, which persisted in the European social-political systems. I emphasize the crucial role of Cusa in the progress of mankind generally, that including the legacy of Cusa's most crucially significant follower in the field of physical science, Johannes Kepler.

From Kepler, there has been a continuing, if often varying, and manifold approach to true scientific progress; but, unfortunately, there have been frequent cases, as in the instance of what are generally classed as "the reductionists:" those unfortunates (on both sides of the proverbial "pond") who have attached themselves, foolishly, and also often fraudulently, to a much-too-much abused mere name of "science."[3]

I refer to such mistaken presumptions as those which are premised on the currently still academically fashionable, but false notions: those are notions which have been included as a subject in a presumed, but commonly mistaken, general system of Earthly biology: as customary patterns of systemic frauds are often typified by such particular cases as those of the hoaxsters Euclid and Aristotle. Many victims of such foolish beliefs as that, may have been clever, despite their limited capacity for correctly estimating in respect to what is actually a limited outlook on secondary matters at issue; they premised their mistaken outlooks on what are often nominally clever, or even brilliant insights respecting details, at the same time; these were insights which have been premised on a view of the larger structure of what passes currently as nominally "scientific," through attachments to mediocrity, and which have therefore confined themselves to a set of ultimately crumbling foundations for the attempted building of appropriately urgent interests of mankind as a whole.

I mean, explicitly: that, rather than recognizing the rather plain fact which some among us may already share, we must recognize that opposition to that misguided intention which comes from the wider popularity of a system of false evidence, one which is now, actually, customarily employed for considering the actually mistaken facts about Earth. This latter fact, implies that the present outlook on this subject should remain, however mistakenly, confined, essentially, to a systemic, but also falsely biased notion of the underlying biology of Earth: a notion which is expressed according to the views of such hoaxsters as the representatives of the persistence of the duped followers of such ancient hoaxsters as Euclid and Aristotle.

What is necessary, if we are to speak of a future physical science of life on Earth (or, as extended to Mars), that, rather than merely customary notions of sense-perception, the need is to obtain a relatively independent, critical examination of the inherently fraudulent resort to the a-priori presumptions which are often preferred up to this present time.[4] These latter are presumptions which have left a shadowy cast of uncertainties upon that which has been a nominally conventional practice of science: a convention which continues to leave us often wondering, whether our own such "primary" presumptions concerning sense-perception, might be true or not.

The Fallacy of Sense-Perception
Admittedly, from the vantage-point of what have been, heretofore, customary standards for what are often mis-taught, as by some among the customary, a-priorist presumptions of physics, notably presumptions which represent, ontologically mistaken, underlying presumptions spread on behalf of mathematicians who are actually, or implicitly, products of the late Nineteenth and Twentieth-century influence of the wretched, late Bertrand Russell. Nonetheless, in fact, there is no actual need for concerns on that account; the basis of my argument reposes in having first identified, and then rejected, the systemic hoax which deeply underlies, and which broadly taints prevalent academic and often foolish presumptions such as those of the dupes of the evil Russell.

Those are certain presumptions, closely related to belief in what is misnamed as the "elementary truth" of sense-perception, which, when properly tested by a careful scrutiny, show themselves to have been not only merely arbitrary, but also viciously errant presumptions. Those have been presumptions which have been often claimed as the basis for arguments which had been made, in turn, on behalf of the generality of those who have been trained as merely mathematicians per se; I mean those who lack the honestly independent, supporting principles of original proof of what have been the products of actually, efficiently physical evidence.

That has been the case with the sheer fallacies which have often, mistakenly, "been on the table." It is urgent to be forewarned against, especially, the unsubstantiated work of certain mathematicians' common assertions. I mean, most emphatically, those pretexts typical of the followers of that now deceased Bertrand Russell, who, nonetheless, still represents the relics of his fraudulent intention toward the universe in general.[5]

The connections toward which I am pointing in my discrediting of an a-priori reliance on sense-perception, demonstrate the profound fallacy of doctrines which rely upon the presumption that sense-perception as such could be the foundation of human knowledge.

Human sense-perception as such, is merely a substitute for the attempt to correlate the human senses directly with almost any notion of a foundation of direct human knowledge.

The adoption of any such notion of sense-certainty, is ultimately a fraud in belief in-and-of itself. For that reason, it is important to contrast the images of sense-perception to the view of Earth's surface phenomena from the standpoint of the chemistry inherent to both a different planet, for example, and also to the "mechanisms" of human sense-perception. The fallacy inherent in sense-perception has been already clearly known by some; however, to enable human beings on Earth to recognize the implications of that fact, we require a measure urgently needed for building up a much-needed escape of the population from the fraud inherent in the notion of Earth-bound sense-certainty.

The proofs supplied, on this account, which are supplied by Classical artistic composition in music, are an obvious key to true knowledge of human social experience on Earth, and to liberate the human mind from the morally worthless trash of the popular "music," such as that of Franz Liszt and Richard Wagner of modern times, generally. That notion of thought-experiment, is only a sample of a broader, more profound examination, as pointed out, also, now immediately, here below.

The Folly of Human Sense-Perception
Although the a-priori notion of human sense-perception is almost universally distributed into the receptacles of belief, the actual implications of sense-perception are only rarely even known to what is merely the effects of "popular opinion," effects which are simply "taken for granted." That is the crucial subject-matter which is to be clarified, betwixt now and the conclusion of this present chapter. This is a subject to which I had devoted relatively significant attention in my "Nicholas of Cusa, Kepler & Shakespeare" of June 10, 2013.[6]

The commonplace, systemic fallacy of even the typically literate populations, is the common source of what is essentially a folly, the actually systemic folly of mistaking the fruits of "sense-perception" for realities, rather than the merely "virtual quality of shadows," which they are in fact, merely ephemeral surrogates for reality. Although this fact is ill-known to the broader population, and even to some otherwise qualified scientists, the implications of that same fact are profound in fact.[7]

The crisis aspect of that often mistaken reliance on sense-perception as such, is notable, as such, for our purposes here. Essentially, to put the crucial point forward, the fact of the matter is, as the notion of Chorus indicates quite efficiently, that human reliance on sense-perception is an illusion, not otherwise a fact. In fact, the reality that sense-perception is based on such a state of illusion, is known by intellectually well-developed persons. However, nonetheless, the popular opinion in this connection prevails in public opinion.

The most significant of the practical effects of that popular misunderstanding, is that mere sense-perception is adopted generally, and mistakenly, as a direct expression of physical facts, rather than being the shadow-world which it actually represents, not only traditionally, but also directly. Whereas, the witting scientist's judgment is recognized promptly by the relevant scientist, yet the popular reaction to mere sense-perception as such, still dominates non-professional beliefs, and, regrettably, some otherwise significant ones.

As I had elaborated in my "Nicholas of Cusa, Kepler & Shakespeare," it is the standpoint of that elaboration which provides the only explicitly competent connection to the physical reality of the experience, contrary to the reading according to mere sense-perception, an experience which is to be correlated with the practical effects of physical truth. Scientifically, the still-popular, a-priori reliance on the sense-perceptual experience, is an elementary systemic error.

The latter error needs, even urgently, to be recognized as in fact. Thus, for example, what the planet Mars "experiences" is that scientific reading which has a common system of reference predicated on the physical scientist's explicitly physical reading of the phenomena and their actually physically efficient reading, as typified by the approach of such scientists as Cusa, Kepler, Gottfried Leibniz, Carl F. Gauss, Bernhard Riemann, Max Planck, and Albert Einstein—i.e., the figures whose memories were bitterly hated by Bertrand Russell and Russell's dupes among nominally scientific associations.


Vicarious Hypothesis

The preceding and following chapters of this report, will aggregate, in their content, what I now present as an urgently needed, fresher (but often contested) view of certain crucially important corrections. These are corrections which are required to yield an actually competent outlook on mankind's needed correction of the customary, but misguidedly accepted, but popular fallacies respecting the notions of "sense-certainty." The significance of this correction, which was referenced and outlined in my preceding chapter, will have been, provisionally, fully identified in due course in these concluding chapters of this report, here and below. The subject of the connection between the sensations reportable from Earth and Mars, respectively, as to their underlying truthfulness, is, in these recent and present times, the properly most exciting and rewarding, and also crucially necessary, and also deepest-rooted subject of the inquiry here.

As I have emphasized, implicitly, in the close of the immediately preceding chapter of this report: that the foundation for study of physical processes, does not and could not, provide any effective basis for honest support in a mere (e.g., "ontologically empty") mathematics as such. Here, the common failure to distinguish causes from effects properly, serves as the crucial issue to be challenged. That includes a need for the separation of the honest science of living processes, as distinguished from the a-priori pseudo-sciences which are premised on the mere mathematical presumptions which, in turn, remain presently premised essentially upon a mechanistic form of an ideology of non-life: such as, for example, the ideology represented by the categorically fraudulent teachings of, again, such ancient malefactors as Euclid and Aristotle.

Thus, we might state, fairly, that: from nothing, such as Euclid, there comes, most remarkably, an even less than nothing; and, consequently, that "nothing" actually lacks any actual content which need be considered as directly efficiently real, as in the end of each day of Earth's continued existence.

To simplify the needed discussion, the cases of Euclid and Aristotle represent the production of what have been outrightly intended frauds. The specific character of such frauds, is that they are premised on what is termed as sense-perception ("sense certainty"). That represents, pretty much, the spectacle of the Devil chasing his own reductionist's tail. There are numerous meaningful treatments of the practical effects of the fraudulent reductionism of that wicked pair.

I have been compelled to emphasize here, that the fact to be restated for the sake of emphasis, is that of the essentially underlying fraud of those reductionist fanatics such as Euclid and Aristotle. Their action had been the introduction of what is sometimes identified as a reductionist's peculiar, greatest hoax, that of the implicit reliance on an attempt to lend the mere appearance of reality by a pseudo-number which can be identified as "zero," not necessarily by name, but in the effect which underlies the a-priorist fraud which has been slipped into the common classroom use of arithmetic per se, such as the merely conjectural representation of Euclid and Aristotle.

Of necessity, contrary to the reductionists, the universe actually shows itself as perfectly creative, from which all of the universe is as if born to our minds for the sake of our consequent recognition of the necessarily repeatedly, ever-freshly reformed nature of their presently inherent imperfections: their vast incompleteness. As a matter of fact, there is no quantity, or a likeness of quantity, or of quality, between the radical reductionist's mythical sort-of-fascist "zero," on the one side, and the simple quantity of such as even the individual unit "1," on the other.

That is the same point in fact which I had restated, implicitly earlier, and as now, in my June 10, 2013 feature, "Nicholas of Cusa, Kepler & Shakespeare."[8] This applies directly to the subject of the preface, the present chapter, and the presently following chapters here. The crucial point of the argument, is, as I had pointed out briefly in the prefatory part of this present report as a whole, that human sense-perception exists, and has crucial importance in reaching toward an understanding of the typical human use of sense-perception; but, be warned, as I had done in the feature just referenced, that sense-perception as such is not a direct source-medium of the truth of the matter per se.

All among the greatest scientists and poets since antiquity, have wrestled with the inherent bit of irony which that issue involves. Sense-perception is an essential tool ("a compass" which merely aims, for its direction) for the ordinary challenges of daily life's experience; but, despite that fact, as the greatest scientific minds known to us concur, sense-perception is not a truth in fact, per se; it is a mere shadow which we often find convenient to reference, but, one which, also, usually leads us into the traps represented by the effects of the inherent follies of what is merely sense-perception as such. The celebrated 1854 habilitation dissertation of Bernhard Riemann, most notably the concluding single brief paragraph/sentence of the close, aims directly at that crucial point. The work of Max Planck and Albert Einstein, sets a comparably relevant standard for reference on this account, in contrast to the work of the frauds of incurable degenerates such as Bertrand Russell and his often highly praised, and absolutely overpaid dupes.

The universal principle at issue under the heading of that subject-matter, is located in the categorical distinction of the member of the human species, from all lesser species. Among all living creatures, only the human individual is actually known to us, potentially, now, as being actually capable of foreseeing future events such as I, for example, have done successfully on a number of important occasions of my work in forecasting; but, sadly, even most human individuals remain victims of an abortive quality of outlook which is expressed by the lack of ability to actually foresee the future: call this problem "Wall Street's Dirty Disease."

This, just aforesaid, conditional factor of intellectual incompetence which is also typical of the cockroach-like crawlers of Wall Street,[9] is generally expressed as the condition induced for the purpose of an intrinsically fraudulent denial of actual knowledge of the future, a denial which is to be regarded as typical among the intellectually dumbed-down majority represented by the victims contained, intellectually, within the inherently, systemically absurd pretexts of an oligarchical system of "sense-certainty," a condition which is typical among the currently reigning oligarchy's submitting subjects, presently. The cruellest fraud to be considered, on this account, is the customary inability of the greater mass of humanity, to enjoy access to a knowable experience of the future, an access which, for example, the most important scientists and poets have employed at crucial moments in their life's experience.

In fact, the all-too typical contemporary European or American thinker (notably), is often actually stupefied, if only to the degree that each has been successfully "dumbed down" by the reigning oligarchical and related academic systems of what is actually a form of mental disease which has been often customarily referenced as "prevailing opinion." Indeed, from the long history of the reigns of the oligarchical systems in such locations as Europe and the Americas, as also, emphatically, among much of the U.S. population, this has been true, most emphatically, for us here and now, but as also since the effect of the assassinations of U.S. President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert.

On this account of fact, since the time of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, there have been a few noteworthy U.S. Presidents, such as the President Ronald Reagan who supported, notably, the initiative for a Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), and with an added consideration for the possibility of a near-echo of something not-dissimilar during President Bill Clinton's actual term in office—the whole tribe of familiar Bushes echoes the deeply-rooted, treasonously fascist outlook of the late Adolf Hitler crony Prescott Bush. It is essential to bring the nation out of the Bushes.

The Genius Shared by Cusa & Kepler
The most useful among all the most significant modern illustrations of the practical considerations required on that account, are to be recognized as having continued to be fruits of those discoveries made by both Nicholas of Cusa (i.e., De Docta Ignorantia) and, in particular, later, the rarely recognized true meaning of the vicarious hypothesis of Cusa's most notable follower in science, Johannes Kepler.

The probably worst among the arguably notable errors of the civilized, and also among the sillinesses of the generally contrary argument on record, is the doctrine associated with the "creepy-crawly" character of the absolutely contemptible Isaac Newton, one who is to be described as the most corrupt, and, also, the most outrightly silly of them all (Descartes aside). Newton and his influence is far worse than silly dogma; it has been, probably, the greatest maker of fools among the body of even relatively many certified scientists, up to the present time, as still in relatively large numbers, in modern centuries of the trans-Atlantic region, fore and aft. However, the most truly evil of them all, as measured in relatively global effects for a science of modern times, has been Bertrand Russell.

Actually, Russell represents an attitude whose point to be made has been sought as a means to actually qualify in a fashion "according to the lights" of such outright hoaxsters as Euclid and Aristotle; that is to say, that which does not actually express a competent representation against what are merely popular, but intrinsically worthless academic opinions—or even worse! Unfortunately, the arguably worst perpetrator of the destruction of the ostensibly educated mind, has been the great evil for recent society which has been typified by the case of the same, justly infamous and murderous Bertrand Russell.[10]

Thence, with due consideration, it should follow, that the design of our universe is not to be premised upon the "hollow" foundation of foolishly conventional "economic dogmas of the present day"; but, rather, solutions which are systemically contrary to utterances of such sheer hoaxsters as Bertrand Russell, or the Aristotle and Euclid whom Russell, for one, had followed, perhaps not "faithfully," but as faithfully as he could in his intrinsically repulsive nature. Money, for example, has no intrinsic value; only the increase of newly-produced power to create truly human creative wealth, as according to the great and profound principle of U.S. Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, were ever actually relevant to mankind's appropriately actual intentions.

In brief, the "hard point" of truth to be considered here, exists only in its expression as "an ontologically active" motion: it moves, in one sense, or another, but, actually, only through net physical growth and development which is properly now centered on the human species. Life-in-and-of-itself is such an expression. The issue thus before us here, is the analysis of the meaning of motion, or, in other words, a properly qualified principle of causality. If we proceed from the center-of-reference provided by the work of Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, life as such, is readily to be included; but, there is motion simply as apparently such, a motion which either appears to actually generate motion, or is generated by real motion. The only competent question in an actual physical science of economy, is, therefore: What creates what net increments? Alexander Hamilton had already supplied the needed answer to that question for society.

That now said in, perhaps, a sufficient number of ways, what, then, is to be considered as a kind of distinction of what we have chosen to term "life," as distinguished from mere motion generally? Let us, therefore, also recognize, that the term "motion" is not a simply self-contained notion; the tentative "explanation" of this, is that, speaking "practically," the universe is, itself, a complexly organized process of processes; and, the task of the relevant investigator, is to sort out, preferably, processes of net physical growth which, variously, complement, or underlie one another as if reciprocally.

That much now said to set a standard question-mark of reference: how does life, as we experience this as a phenomenon on Earth, locate and implicitly classify itself? There are several expressions of proof by suitable approximations, by means of which the subject of human insight can be approached as a matter of successive approximations. That much just spoken, a careful consideration of some facts, as I shall outline the case here at a later point in this report's conclusion, will assist considerably in gaining approaches to the clarification needed for the gaining of relatively good, and significant insight into that subject-matter as a whole.

To restate that same point, as is necessary, runs as follows.

Who Really Knows the Meaning of 'Human Mind?'
My opening statement in the body of these now following aspects of this report, here and now, had not been a spectacular one in its actually essential content, if, perhaps, somewhat surprising to some readers. It were better regarded as in the form of application of some useful ABCs of science, ABCs which usually suffer the inherent risk of not being "perfectly argued," but are, for exactly that reason, reasonably acceptable, and also preferable for their quality of truthfulness, in contrast to many from among the many actually erring academics and the like, especially in contrast to the cases of such as those who prefer a mere reputation for the popularity of the opinions which have been impressed upon them, rather than the pursuit of what were often difficult truths, but truths nonetheless.

The evidence on that account is momentous in both quality and magnitude; I can only include some essentials here.

In the meantime, the mankind now dwelling within this Solar System, faces the contention represented for our use as located in some serious errors, especially popular ones; but, in the proper alternative, there is also mankind's available potential as a source of elementary great achievements for mankind: this, on the condition that the stench left over from heretofore popular opinions were quenched.

The Actual Principle of the Human Mind
There is one essential quality which distinguishes the potential of the individual human mind from that of all among the known beasts: it is, one and all, the ability to foresee the onset of the future.

On the one hand, such an ability is specifically native to the human species (despite all contrary sentimentalities), as distinct from all other known species on this specific account. Apparently, "on the other hand," the effect of the widespread installation of an asserted separation of the members of a ruling class, as often met in the generality of the human population, has produced a specific kind of pernicious effect on the potential of virtually any, perhaps every member of the otherwise unique human species. The "Zeus versus Prometheus" legend, proffers a fair sketch of the matter: which is the image of the murderously vicious slave-master and murderer Zeus, versus the creative mind of the actual producer, the latter as in contrast to such as the murderous oligarchical, brutish beasts of the presently reigning Anglo-Dutch links of our nation's Wall Street crew and its like abroad.

The essential distinction is that of opposition to the victory of the master-slave model of relationship among persons. It is the issue of the scientists, versus the brutish killers represented by the financial oligarchy, such as the depraved creatures which populate Wall Street. That is a fair description; but it is a description of the means by which the oligarch intervenes into the actuality of the distinction of two mutually opposed hominid social prototypes, the one with the correlated intent to crush humanity, such as Queen Elizabeth's mass-murderous intentions threaten to bring about a massive genocide.

An Account of Mankind
This is to be considered notable, on the account of the selection of certain narrowly defined, special subjects which I have pursued during the interval of the recent approximately six decades, which I have represented in my continued function as a leading-economist-in-matter-of-fact, as since certain achievements in economic forecasting carried out since the later part of the 1950s, the 1960s, and beyond.[11] Much of what I have done, thus, professionally, on this account, fits within the domain of the relatively best among the categories of economic forecasting, categories which are locatable in a domain in which my publicized role in economic forecasting has served in promoting the production of a set of fairly unique achievements, speaking relative to the generality of what are otherwise fairly competent, but still poor results among even relatively leading economists in such regions as U.S.A. and in European ranks.

Those among my actually relevant achievements, to which I have already referred here, have depended for their sometimes perhaps rare, but relatively spectacular achievements on that which can be brought into focus according to my own emphasis on the potential rates of promotion of the use of a crucially important distinction of the beast from man. By that I mean, thus, my own ability, rather often, to foresee an element of the future of mankind, an ability which, in principle, is nothing less than a unique sort of universal potential, a potential which is specific to the human mind, a quality lacking in all other known species, but, which is typically expressed, variously, in such examples as my rather frequent, successful forecasting of the future breaking-points, and as by the expression of the long-range trends of failure, or success, from time to time, of the economies of specific nations.

In fact, it has been a conclusion which I have drawn from a long experience from my own more than ninety years of life this far, that all human beings, if and when they have developed certain innately distinct qualities of the intellectually appropriately cultivated individual, share in the potential of the ability to foresee crucial turns, up or down, in the destiny of their society. This specific distinction of the potential of the appropriately cultivated human individual, corresponds to another unique qualification of human society, the unique role of the use of fire, which has been an ability traced as ranging from earlier signs of fire-sites of "primitive man," to what has been shown on the account of today's thermonuclear fusion and prospective matter-anti-matter insights, of such leaders as Max Planck and Albert Einstein, and, hopefully, in the future beyond their time, now today.

On the Subjects of Fire & Forecast
The human species is to be distinguished absolutely from plant and animal life generally, by a principally two-fold distinction of the member of our living species from all others presently known to us.

First, there is the principle of fire, which, insofar as we know presently, has been unique to man since the first fireside ever left from a site used by man. It is the categorical advancement of the qualitative intensity of category of fire, as from chemical power, into fission, thermonuclear fusion, and beyond, which distinguishes the human species uniquely as mankind.

Second, there is mankind's potentially willful capacity to foresee the future.

The leading indicator of a suppression, or loss of the individual's capacity to foresee qualitative unique future developments, identifies one crippled by the loss of the ability to foresee future developments, as distinct from a complete human being. Every great scientist has exhibited that ability. Conversely, every person who lacks a show of the ability to forecast the future, is, in the case of young or older persons, thus denied access to an actual foresight into the future.

It is almost certain, that the damaging effects of a dominant role of popular opinions, are a principal source of the lack of intellectual and moral foresight, and hence, the suppression of majorities of populations' ability to rise above the crucially destructive inability to foresee future developments. That was an important factor in the practice of measures of control over human beings who have been victims of a reign of oligarchical systems such as the effects of the reigns of Prescott Bush and his notable family members in U.S. political life.

The effect of that disorder of those who lack creative foresight, includes the consequence of cutting off almost the entirety of actually creative human insight into the future, to the effect of defining such persons as inherently depraved with respect to the implications of the ability to develop a conscience which is actually sensitive to the human needs of society. The depravity which the British empire, for example, relishes in Presidents such as the brutish Andrew Jackson, is a reflection of such a disposition which is deadly in its effects on the population of the United States, and in comparable expressions of relative depravity among the governing circles of Europe, and elsewhere.

Our republic has failed to incorporate, efficiently, the creativity inhering in such U.S. leaders as Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses Grant, William McKinley, Franklin Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, and John F. Kennedy, who have been inspired and creative Presidents; the Bush tribe in the Presidency, and, now, Barack Obama, have exemplified the very worst known political minds of recent times. The case of the indicated Bush's "I.Q.", has a certain significance, but not as a profound one in any sense. The British Empire has concentrated a great amount of its political and related energies on keeping the dumb, crooked, or foolish in the office of U.S. President, that as early and often as seems to have been possible. The substitution of money for mind in highest office, has been a lingering sort of a recurring affliction among the ranks of our system of the Presidency.

On the Subject of Foresight
Here and now, precisely there, lies an expression of the creative principle which is characteristic of that which Shakespeare's work once defined as the "Chorus principle."

That is to emphasize, that such features of the actual history of mankind as great scientific achievements of discovery, have had an effective reach of their personal influence from within society, the result of which has often spanned even centuries, or, implicitly, even more. It is characteristic of justly durable such gifts of immortality to the mortal, which distinguishes mankind from both beasts, and from the beastly humans of Wall Street and like monstrosities. Any truly great discovery of principle, is distinguished by the fact that it never continues as a fixed object, but, rather, exists as a seminal element of the actual in-progress "motion" of a future of mankind, a future proceeding from relatively lower origins of achievements, to those masterpieces, which, like seeds, have been transformed into a fruit of immortality in the outcome of the present, as also the future.

Such persons as those, are the true immortals. Their characteristic feature, is that advance in a society which moves from a relatively modest past, to bring about a relatively awesome future state of reality.

We come, thus, like seeds, to be, ultimately, as like the great forests composed of a future humanity, an ever-nobler, loving creation of, and by, humanity. Such are the goals of a true immortality, that of the once-born human soul, as written in that heritage which is presented in I Corinthians 13. The important thing to be said, or written, on that account, is, as written by that great prophet, to know, and to be known, born of such a realization as to become within the great bounds of the realized intention of both the presently living and their inheritance. The transition from merely generating a mysterious contribution to future mankind, and to true happiness of the presently living of it, which is the realization of that feat, is also the proper self-realization of one's own future existence, a true apprehension of a quality which is tantamount, in effect, to immortality. It were better to give a greater future to humanity, than to rely only upon a past which had already been lived; such is the true principle of a human life expressed as an immortal principle of human generation after generation, and after that generation, as shown by the particularly, notable and relevant case of Alexander Hamilton's uniquely true and brilliant conception of the process which no one lacking actually noëtic qualities of devotion, could actually ever understand, but would rather rely on the dead-end called "deduction," than that of realizing the true intent of the Federal Constitution of our United States of America.

The question: Which is the most natural consequence of the remarks which I have made, immediately, here, is expressed as the proofs of the success of those experiences of our living, whose realization is implicitly more the work of the immortal quality of noëtic achievement of the once-living personality, than the mere product of what has been presently experienced.

However, be careful: fantasies as such are plentiful, ephemeral, and never sufficient. The truth must be experienced in the likeness of the life which is still being lived for the sake of the future; otherwise, the wished-for happiness with a prospect for the future, will not be sufficient to secure the indispensable outcome. Thus, the monster, such as the wretches typical among Wall Street's predators today, relies upon tormenting its intended victims, of which it, too, is also a victim in the end. Even those tortured into a tortured state of self-induced death, must secure some expression of assurance of the efficient, nobler meaning of the life of each of even the tortured, a realization which requires the reduction of the abilities to check the members of the predator class: "I defy you!" The nation which loses that defiant connection to its own future, may lose everything, even for many entire nations! The prankishness of Wall Street, for example, must be squeezed into its suddenly earlier, permanent retirement.

The crucial implication of what I have written immediately here, this far, is that the design for promised true freedom must be true, lest it become, otherwise, a silly mere charade.

This required achievement which I have placed before you here, immediately, could only occur within the ranks of the human species. That means that it is supplied to human beings through the actual achievements which are forebearers-in-practice of actually realized invasions of the intended future. I have just said, "could!" It must be done actually in some significant part, lest the intention melt away.

Now, the Practical Measures Needed
This possibility of our intended success, depends upon a certain principle, which is a unique achievement for the human being: the ability to foresee, and to make the future as it had never been achieved before. The most notable failure among our particular society presently, is the inability to conceptualize an actual future state of progress. The tragedy, heretofore, on that account, is that widespread prevention of the sense of true human progress, an always necessary condition which is created within an active insight into the future of the currently living members of society.

On this account, the creatively inspired education of the children of our society, that for gaining a more advanced scientific and closely related knowledge of the future, occurring in such as the classrooms, is the only assurance that mankind will become truly fit to be called mankind, rather than molt into some profoundly evil thing to the contrary. That must be leading virtually everywhere, in countering, thus, such leading policies of practice of the present role of that inherent evil of the Anglo-Dutch imperialist tyranny which is currently still dominating, and worsening the current state of most of the world, directly, or indirectly, still presently.

For the sake of ourselves, we in the United States must become truly the Americans we have often claimed to have been, as in a mirror of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and for the sake of the outcome provided by the great master of a unique quality of the science of economy, that U.S. Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, without whose genius, the United States would not have survived even early on. It is from that vantage-point that we may become enabled to realize what it is that we must strive to become. The failures of the United States, as distinct from the most frequent choices for President (especially the legacy of "Bushes" since Hitler-supporter Prescott), have been the disease which has done the most to destroy our republic so far.


The Genius of the Human Mind

As I have already included within the closing paragraphs of this chapter now in progress, the human individual differs qualitatively, and, yet, also most profoundly, from all other forms of life presently known to us. The essential distinction resides within the uniqueness of what is best identified as the noëtic principle, which is presumably known, or, at minimum, is practically knowable to members of the human species.

That is a principle which is actually accessed by the human species, but, unfortunately, does not often reach efficiently enough into the ranks of most of the populations up to this time. The very idea of human intellectual freedom to decide competently, depends absolutely on insight into the subject of this distinction.

There exist essentially three respectively distinct categories of differences to be considered here. The differences have lain, chiefly, under the domination of the often ruling influence exerted by what is known as "the oligarchical principle." (E.g., the Roman or British empire.) The other two have been, for one case, the depressed victims of such forms of oligarchism as that of the Roman empire prior to its rulers' descent into a probably fully-deserved Hell, and, for the other case, the truly principal human type, the relatively richer population of what true mankind must become: what mankind is implicitly to be intended to become.

Those three exemplary classes of types are by no means arbitrary, nor merely fanciful. The quality of what might be usefully classed as "the good," is not merely fanciful in any actual respect. The history of mankind as such, has delivered what is to be regarded as the living prospect of "The Necessary Truth." The crucial fact to be considered, is the indispensable difference of mankind from all of the beasts, as also from the two-legged beasts.

The Essential Difference
From the standpoint of biological distinctions among functions, mankind enjoys two leading, interactive qualities of distinctions from all other presently known, living species. For the one instance, the measure is the increase of the energy-flux-density expressed by the human species per-capita: i.e., the principle of what is called "physical science." For the other, the closely related ability of the adequately developed exercise of the human individual's ability to actually foresee the future; that, as I have often learned afresh, from experience, is the true acme of human achievement which is to be located in the combination of those two distinguishably, essentially indispensable qualities: science and the making of the future.

The notable additional consideration, is the distinction among nominal classes of members of the human species, which once often signified the distinction of master from slave. Somewhere in the process of past history of mankind, the human society had been (so-to-speak) divided between masters and the more populous aggregations of virtual slaves or quasi-slaves, the division of the reigning, from those identifiable as the suppressed.

Notably, were there not the agency of suppression of those who are classed as underlings, as by the self-described brutal current world empress known as the Queen of England at this moment—the Queen who demands a rate of mass-death of all but 14% of the current human population—the common human standard for human individual life would be expressed as a concentration of persons associated with emphasis on behaviors dedicated to rising rates of human progress in energy-flux-density of the individual human capabilities per-capita generally. For the contrary course, the mass-murderous fall of Troy bespeaks the prototype of reduction of so-called classes of society, whether either to utter destruction by ugly victors, or virtual, or actual slavery and its associated tendency toward utter degradation, as by itself, which now reigns in and is uttered from the slaughter-house of Windsor.

But, put that imperial bestiality to one side. Consider the uniquely astonishing true genius of mankind! Let the effect of the progress of the human mind, once unleashed, speak for itself.

There is presently, no visible evidence in support of reasonable doubt, that mankind has the prospectively known means to reach the early goal of transcendence to a general means of thermonuclear fusion. None of the presently apparent limitations on the rate of progress of mankind, commands a visible true certainty of failure in such achievements for the remainder of this present century. Two illustrations are convenient. Consider, first, the fact that the rates of evolutionary progress which had been illustrated in such cases as the Presidency of President John F. Kennedy, need never have been obstructed, except by the brutishly crude methods of frustration by, chiefly, the advocates of President Kennedy's murder by the opponents of his policy as President.

If we take into account what was readily waiting to be accomplished as progress, but for President Kennedy's assassination, we are implicitly compelled to recognize the fact, that a general launching of a so-called "environmentalist" dogma was being actively promoted as a "green" policy during the same interval as President Kennedy's assassination, as, coincidentally, by the British monarchy and its Dutch oligarchical associates. Whatever the details in that pattern, the pattern had been introduced, top-down, not by need, but by choice. The pattern of accelerating collapse of the U.S. economy over the continuing pattern of changes since, leaves no reasonable doubt of the truly underlying causes of the horrid sufferings which those same trends have brought the Americas, Europe, and other regions of the world, similarly, since the death of President John F. Kennedy.

We have now reached the outer limits of seventy-five years of a drift into a presently looming Hell, made, in effect, by the reigning powers of the trans-Atlantic world since the close of the war that never actually closed, the alleged non-gaps between the nominal close of World War II, and the presently rising prospect of a thermo-nuclear extinction conducted in the indicated motive of the combined interest of the British empire and thermonuclear World War III.

There should have been no reason for confusion respecting the causes, intentions, and likely outcome of the actually unbroken link between "World War II" and an impending, thermo-nuclear "World War III." Only the Human Will appears to stand between the past and present prospects and virtually total destruction. I am, at least potentially, of a different image of the future; the future, in principle, is not what happens, but what must be made to occur.

On that account, consider the true prospects of mankind, and the evil forces which threaten a different outcome. In fact, it is foolish, in the extreme, to prejudge the outcome, in light of the great, outstanding power represented by the presently very existence of the human species as it has developed, as we have actually known it during the course of thousands of years to the present date. The choice of outcome has never been "the end" at any time to present date, whereas, today, there would be no hope of survival for anyone, not even the utterly, less than truly depraved fool, who caused the unleashing of thermonuclear War III. No one could be a worse criminal, than he, or she, who failed to prevent it.

It, therefore, appears to me, that the immediate bankrupting of Wall Street and similar ventures, is the most probable option for preventing thermonuclear World War III. If Wall Street were as bankrupted as it were already bankrupt in fact, and surely deserves to be, then, the cause for general warfare would no longer exist. It is, in fact, already, long since, a hopeless investment. The fact of the matter is, presently, that there is not sufficient nominal monetary wealth in the entire planet to prevent a fatal extinction of the existing, far worse than hopelessly bankrupt, current international monetarist system itself.

What I have just reported, so, is true in fact, already. It is the implications of the presently hopeless financial collapse of the trans-Atlantic powers, which dominate the present trends. Those financier-predators have no successful reason to continue to exist, except to hope to outlive Wall Street's own self-inflicted extermination. Their own sense of security on this account, is their witless determination not to acknowledge the reality of their own, now imminent, self-extinction. They are following now nothing as much as the futility of their own search for their wholly hopeless, already onrushing non-existence. The solution, the only real solution, is to be found in that solution. For how many hours could they, themselves, expect to continue to exist under the same conditions which they themselves are presently determined to now bring quickly upon themselves?

Seeing Our Future

The greatest achievement of any human individual, is to be located in that which is fairly identified as the noëtic principle. The standard for performance of the human individual or his or her species, is located essentially in the so-called "noëtic principle:" recognizing the essential experience of experiencing an actually creative discovery during the latest moment of a truly unique discovery, no later than the moment before "now."

[1] The silly practice of counting quantities of merely money as a measure of wealth or decline, needs be judged against two most relevant measures of fact. First, the actually physical rate of consumption of net physical resources of what had been the actual physical standard of living per capita, as compared against the lunacy of Wall Street gamblers' net consumption of sheer waste. When actually physical standards are adopted, everyone on Wall Street is implicitly exposed as a worthless swindler, who belongs, consequently, in a prison for swindlers, not in positions in government.

[2] Unfortunately, numerous among notable specialists in the subject of space, have shown themselves ignorant of the intrinsic incompetence of the customary, but misguided, popular conceptions of sense-perceptions as such.

[3] Cf. Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., "Nicholas of Cusa, Kepler & Shakespeare," June 10, 2013, in EIR, June 21, 2013, or LaRouche PAC. Most people of this planet are so much attached to their experience, that they tend to imagine, mistakenly, even usually, that their habituated outline for opportunities is, for them, the only existing truth.

[4] This is not to deny the phenomena of sense-perception, but to "downgrade" such phenomena's being merely "self-evident" phenomena, rather than "merely sense-phenomena." I.e., the case of Johannes Kepler's actual intention in stating a notion of vicarious hypothesis: e.g., "as if shadows of reality."

[5] As contrasted to such modern scientists as Nicholas of Cusa's De Docta Ignorantia, Johannes Kepler, Gottfried Leibniz, Bernhard Riemann, et al., Max Planck, and Albert Einstein, and as contrary to hoaxsters such as Bertrand Russell and his Twentieth-century school of pseudo-scientific behaviorism. Consider my own proposed action, in that specific light, for installation of Glass-Steagall. That is the only actually available means for preventing a massive genocide launched against a global humanity: unless Glass-Steagall were launched during the immediate future.

[6] Cf. Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., "Nicholas of Cusa, Kepler & Shakespeare," op. cit., footnote 3.

[7] It is a matter of scientific principle, that sense-perception read as literally true, is presently the source of inherent incompetence for the purposes of actual science. See "Nicholas of Cusa, Kepler & Shakespeare." Cf. Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., "Nicholas of Cusa, Kepler & Shakespeare," op. cit., footnote 3. Adopt Shakespeare's "Chorus" from King Henry V as a relevant example here.

[8] See footnote 3.

[9] I had the pleasure of exposing the utter incompetence all of the notable Wall Street forecasts of that time, during the period following the general collapse of Summer-Winter 1971. See the Queens College events of December 2, 1971. [On that date, leading Keynesian economist Abba Lerner disgraced himself in a debate with Lyndon LaRouche—ed.]. Wall Street has never actually improved in net performance since that time.

[10] Before I shall have completed this report, I shall state the case for actual human creativity.

[11] My first forecast "on the record," had been made formally, initially, as a by-product of my role as a management consultant, in the middle 1950s onward. What I have recognized, for my own part, as my status as ranking economist in the U.S.A. and beyond, had come quickly in my outstanding role in international contention during the very early 1970s and beyond. That was established in the simplest terms of reference in a celebrated, internationally publicized debate, on that account, on December 2, 1971, conducted at New York City's Queens College.

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