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This article appears in the October 25, 2013 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Art, Science & Sense-Perception

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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October 21, 2013

I now continue the examination of those topics which I had first introduced in my June 10, 2013 report, topics introduced under the title of Nicholas of Cusa, Kepler & Shakespeare.[1] To which, I had later added those supplementary references which had been published in my September 21, 2013, Contemporary Pseudo-Morality.[2] I now go on, to resume the process of this discussion from the point where I had left off in the course of producing those two earlier items. My subject here and now, has brought us to the fact, that any notion of sense-perception taken literally, presents us with a mere shadow of the actual relationships among mankind, up to the point at which people are being presented with what appear to be, physically, shadowy effects, effects which are based on mere sense-perceptions as such.

Consequently, the set of actual relationships being treated by me here as the subject for our examination of matters, is located presently in ideas which are associated with an essentially misguided, but a still popular delusion, one which is rooted in a stubborn error of belief in mere sense-perception as such. In fact, sense-perception represents a dubious form of dependency on a certain, cultivated system of belief which had been premised on presumptions situated within the essentially imaginary, and often dubious limits, of presumptions which are to be attributed to any set of mere sense-perceptions as such. Some sense-perceptions are to be regarded as the likeness of a set of the footprints which had been apparently cast on the mind as if they had been merely pains without substance.

I explain. Sense-perceptions are to be properly defined as being merely a kind of shadows, and should be recognized as such, if and when they are treated according to a higher order of reality. That had been done by those from among the greatest figures of modern science, such as Nicholas of Cusa and his discoveries, as in his De Docta Ignorantia (1440), in which he had already demonstrated that to be the case. I mean the actual reality of the proof of the discovery made by man's creative demonstration of all that are properly known as being universal physical principles, as this was demonstrated implicitly in such exceptions as the work of both Max Planck and Albert Einstein, in particular. The basis for that class of true knowledge, corresponds implicitly to the precedents of the opening statements by Bernhard Riemann, as in the opening statement of the plan of his hypotheses respecting the founding of what had been actually a physical geometry, in his habilitation dissertation.

In the ideas of the "physical principles" of inter-action as such, there are those ideas which reference such phenomena as being reflections of actually "Classical compositions," even in our notions of the experience of our own living bodies. That subject-matter is to be treated presently, as being an extension of the themes which I had introduced earlier, since June 10 of this present year.[3]

Now, the time had come, even before mankind had set foot on neighboring planets (notably, such as Mars, or some asteroids, or a return to a landing on the Moon, or acts to bring some menacing asteroids under control). There comes a time when it is already necessary to lessen what had been our customary attachments to hitherto admired presumptions, based on biological experiences premised upon mere human sense-perceptions as such. The time has come, to shift attentions less upon human sense-perception (in the customary sense), and more to our role in acting with foresight into the actual future, within the relations of the identity of the mind of the human individual within the universe, as much as we might presently come to know that universe.

By stating that, as just done, I am implicitly arguing here for the establishment of a newly incorporated, "fourth state" of maturation of the members of our human species: the realization of a newly added, higher category (a fourth) of the human mind: (foetus, child, post-adolescent, and "transcendental"): e.g., "forethought," "noëtic." By this use of the term otherwise knowable as "transcendental," I mean that we are to be considered heretofore as prisoners of the kind of immature, mistaken state of belief, the dubious belief that mere sense-perception is the author of reality.

By "transcendental," I am now indicating, as I often had in times past, for emphasis: the notion of the human individual identity, as no longer a prisoner of mere sense-perception; but, rather, that we need to emphasize the fact, that it is the specifically human mind which is the actually existent personality which must be properly associated with the notion of a human individual's personality: the domain within which both science and Classical artistic composition combine, in effect, as noëtic: the only true "substance" of the actually living human personality. Or, might we not say: "Soul?"[4]

Then, this much now said, if sense perceptions are merely shadows, what is reality? The answer? Discovered physical principles, such as the discoveries in niches of physical science where we are confronted by such as the discoveries of such as Max Planck and Albert Einstein, (or, earlier) Nicholas of Cusa, Johannes Kepler, and, later, Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, and Wilhelm Furtwängler, et al., all expressed in the principles of Classical music, and, also, principles of truly Classical dramatic composition for the stage, the latter as in contrast to the centuries of such bad examples as Aristotle and Euclid.

Creation works as if from above: creation is, actually, nothing less than the uniquely human prescience of the future!

Rejecting Bad Habits

There should be no reasonable adult's personal objection to the claim, that the human species represents a quality of life absolutely distinct from all other living species presently known to us. Unfortunately, there could be very many persons, thus far, who would agree to that use of language, but, unfortunately, almost none of those who would literally speak such words, would correctly identify what those words should be understood to signify.

I explain my report on this subject-matter, as follows (I therefore repeat the following point):

The most critical, and also most common error of presumption among human beings presently known to cultures with which I am familiar, is the widespread, but gravely mistaken presumption, that sense-perception, as such, is the elementary waiting-room of "fact," within whose bounds the discovery of primary actual human knowledge lies. That belief in such a merely deductive sense-perception,[5] had been freshly exposed, notably, as being shown to have been a fallacy, as since modern civilization's discoveries of such works as Nicholas of Cusa's De Docta Ignorantia, and the subsequent work of his outstanding follower in such matters of physical science, Johannes Kepler. In fact, Nicholas of Cusa, like the latter's most notable follower in science, Kepler, had recognized the essential foolishness of any a-priorist, so-called "practical man's" brutishly pro-oligarchist attempt to substitute something else for the essential principle of human reason. I mean: the unique principle of the presently, actually rarely understood principle of human reason: the actual foreseeing of the future.

The crucial evidence pertains to the manifest foresights expressed, chiefly, among exceptionally gifted thinkers: including such relatively outstanding moderns as Max Planck and Albert Einstein.

I continue that argument as follows.

For the purposes of the appropriate pedagogy respecting this subject immediately, the simplest demonstration of the absurdities of much of presumably educated scientific principles, can be best found through a rigorous study of the foolish doctrine of so-called "sense-certainty," a fraud which is suitably illustrated by the reductionist's hoax which is named "Euclidian geometry." What should have been considered as the obvious correction needed? What should have been the only truthful principle of physical science, would have taken its origin from a certain, special quality of knowable subject, from mankind's converging "practical," wider experience of the universe: the principle of a converging expansion in, specifically, that quality of knowledge. Take the following illustration into account for this purpose.

Mankind, a Unique Species

Take known history, as if from the top, down.

Mankind, according to my presently known evidence, bears evidence specific to those among our own living species, and its unique relationship to the function of the included principle of "fire." "Fire," so defined, is directed according to man's mustering of successively higher orders of fire (e.g., "energy-flux density"), which is to be used as the power which man employs as our species' process of climbing upward, as by discrete intervals, towards goals of ever-higher orders (e.g, "leaps") of man's selection and employment of "energy-flux density" as a method: as mankind's own, practically universal meaning of "fire." The ordering of successively higher ranges of "energy-flux density," in discrete, rather than merely gradual leaps forward in chemistry, is a convenient definition of the function associated with mankind's practiced use of "fire," so estimated.

So far, a prevalent "textbook" quality of what is actually best identified as misleadership, the which is common among the nations of mankind, has acted to block against permitting the practiced notion of a systemic increase of energy-flux density into that "realm" of the thermonuclear fusion which had been already implicit in the extension of the intervals of leaps in progress of such as Bernhard Riemann, Max Planck, and Albert Einstein (and others)—and of Nicholas of Cusa and Johannes Kepler before them. That limitation must now be breached, despite the leading opponent of mankind's progress, that Anglo-Dutch empire, which opposes mankind's opportunities for what is presently, even desperately urgently needed progress: e.g., defeating the "green disease" imposed by the Anglo-Dutch imperium.

The evil expressed, that as a more or less world-wide corruption spread, most notably, by the Anglo-Dutch imperium, is not unique in the known history of the human species. In general, for the known history of mankind, our species' own knowledge of a recorded history of that species itself, has been dominated by what modern evidence identifies as imperialist systems. These have been systems which have been indicated as being (usually) a relative minority engaged in crushing a subjected majority, as the Roman empire, and also the contemporary Anglo-Dutch imperium, demonstrate this in practice, currently.

What has remained the most notable, particular achievement of Nicholas of Cusa, had been to have sought to free the brutally subjected victims of Mediterranean-centered imperialist systems, which Cusa did by charging his heirs-in-principle to direct the way "across the great oceans," and thus away from the virtual "captivity of political and cultural foolishness" prevailing through the means of the imperialism which had usually occupied the Eurasian territories over prolonged intervals. That achievement had been expressed as the deeply embedded intent of Cusa, the intent to permit the human species to escape from the imprisonment of oligarchical systems, such as those systems which had long imprisoned nations of continental Europe, as presently and at the time of Columbus' adoption of the pledged intention of Cusa. The original creation of our United States, by Cusa and his followers in this effort, had thus been the principal instrument created with the intention to free the nations from the oligarchical tyrannies of the imperialist-dominated systems of Eurasia.

It might be difficult, although not impossible, to scrutinize the effect of the colonization of the Americas by Cusa's specific influence, in inspiring European and other resistance to the depravity ongoing in Europe which Cusa's devotion had bestirred at that time. However, that devotion of the mission to the Americas, has been, in effect, crucial up to the effects of the aftermath of two "world wars" and their sequels since the time of the ouster of Germany's Chancellor Bismarck.

Thus, Cusa and Columbus did succeed, at least most significantly, in their respectively intended missions, but mainly also within imposed exterior limits. Nonetheless, the emergence of, first, the successes which did succeed, temporarily, in the Massachusetts Bay achievements until the Nazi-like, Dutch mass-murderous attacks of the 1640s, had ignited the spark ignited by Cusa, which led, in turn, to the later century's creation of the United States, which had, in turn, thus, achieved the moments of our republic's successes in its mission, up to the presently perilous times.

The typical instrument of imperialist practice, as in Europe, has been the "oligarchical principle" which is currently typified by the same Anglo-Dutch imperium now tyrannizing a great part of the subjected human species, as throughout a great part of Europe, presently, and now also the foreign, imperialism-directed elements of leadership of the United States itself, especially since the repeal of the Glass-Steagall law. The murderous ideologies typically expressed by the oligarchical types of subjection of the majorities of the Mediterranean-centered peoples to the systems of Aristotle and Euclidean dogmas, typify the systemic practices of the imperialist systems generally, such as those associated with the Anglo-Dutch imperialism and its present, tyrannical, Saudi-Arabian lackeys which had been employed in the terror launched in the U.S.A. called "9-11."

Imperial tyrannies have thus been superimposed upon the human species generally. Aristotle and Euclid are merely typical of this evil, as was Ancient Rome: all such had been typical of imperialist ideology and its associated practices. Today's nominally "British" (i.e., Anglo-Dutch) empire, as expressed in the mass-murderous rampages of its "Wall Street" puppet, is among the archetypes of evil in the world for today.

The foregoing summary points, are those which I continue to emphasize up to my delivery to you of this present report. It is the most relevant fact, that those wicked such misconceptions often adopted in the abused name of "science," such as the cults of Aristotle and Euclid, are typical of the evil of the cults which are at the root of the threatened extinction of civilization immediately threatened now. Once we had cleared our heads of those ideological delusions traced to the legacy of the cultural depravity which had been typified by the Roman Empire, and which had also been the enemy of the Christians (and others), the way could be cleared for the necessary discovery of a true physical science. However, until we rid mankind of the pestilences of the oligarchical ideology of the ironically, appropriately titled "Netherlands," (and of London and Saudi Arabia), it were likely that the human species might probably soon be rendered extinct.

The Fallacy of Mere Sense-Perception

Real history shows that mankind, and the human mind, have been created and developed within the Solar system accordingly: not according to the dogma mustered to generate the interpretation of the human mind according to some farce such as the British-like legend of the alleged "evolution" of the human brain. The true case of the actual human mind, is clearly implicit in the history of the evolutionary process of development of living species; "human history itself," properly conceived, is determining, as the source of the uniquely specific evolutionary progress of the human species demonstrates this with a certain relative finality.

As the relevant chemistry of "energy-flux density" demonstrates, human progress evolves along an evolutionary track of biochemistry: that of higher rates of concentration of energy-flux density. The evolution of the chemistry of the human evolution along such a track of roughly rising energy-flux density, has been, in turn, willfully driven by the absolutely essential role of the human noëtic quality of will. Somewhat analogously, living processes generally, and also their evolution have the form of an expression of willful evolution of species. Contrary to all reductionist opinion respecting living processes, continued human existence is, most explicitly, willfully "upwardly" evolution-driven. Mankind is the one different species presently known to us; it is the willful aspect of human life, which generates the basis for the specific characteristics underlying the functions of the human will, unless that is resisted, or even willfully reversed. The direction is given, not by the species as such, but by the potential shaped along the track followed by the species. The specifically human expression of this, is that human evolution has been conditioned by the course taken by the human will's impact on the direction of the other species.

What Dooms Wall Street Now?

The lesson urgently to be learned here, is typified by the fact that the Roman empire was thoroughly evil, top-most down, that like the evil Zeus throughout his fabled existence as a satanic emperor-in-fact who called himself "God." That evil was then typified by the genocide at Troy. The very notoriety of the name "Satanic," is, by no means, an unjustified charge to be made against Zeus himself, or, more important, his likeness on that account to the present day.

"Satanic" is a charge to be placed against all truly imperialist systems, such as European Anglo-Dutch, imperial system, especially at this present time when genocide even worse than that by Adolf Hitler, is the frankly expressed intention of the present reigning command of the so-called "British empire" which has been, most certainly, no exception to that wicked legacy. Queen Elizabeth II, has made that claim repeatedly and publicly in recent years: it has been her stated policy for the planet, as expressed by the so-called "green" policy of "population reduction" of the human population, from approximately seven billions persons, to no more than one billion; that policy is currently in accelerated practice, as, presently, under the Queen's own Barack Obama.

An evil of similar characteristics to that Queen's stated intentions, is to be readily encountered among the monetarist oligarchy operating against our U.S. Constitution, within our own, present United States. This represents an evil of modern times which had been always, chiefly, a product of the subversive influence of the so-called "British monetarist" (i.e. Anglo-Dutch) system of asserted world empire, as its extended banking systems have polluted our United States repeatedly, not only since its founding, but by the Dutch tyranny which had supplied the actually presently reigning foundations of the so-called "British empire." That, in turn, is to be contrasted to the truly lawful constitutional principle on which the creation of the United States had originally depended, upon the principle which has depended upon the codified form of the U.S. Constitution's definition of a credit system (rather than an intrinsically corrupt monetarist system), and upon the role which the economic genius Alexander Hamilton showed in making possible the establishment of a functioning U.S. republic under our first President, George Washington.

The center of the monetarist corruption of the presently current abuses wielded against that Constitution, was centered, early on, on the nominally British-Empire-controlled monetarist system: the system of evil which had been represented by the intrinsically treasonous and thoroughly evil British agent, Aaron Burr, and such dupes and followers and tools of Burr, and of his legacy, as that was continued by such U.S. Presidents as, in fact, Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, James Buchanan, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, Harry S Truman, Richard Nixon, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Jr., and an especially weird and vicious fanatic, the British imperial puppet Barack Obama. Even more horrid cases than those can be often found, similarly, in Europe, as in the British system, and in the Dutch system of which the British system has been a continuing outgrowth, and so on, and on, thus far.

Particular notice must be given to the crucially significant role of assassinations of such as a relevant selection of our very best Presidents, including such as President John F. Kennedy, and that of his brother Robert. So also to similar efforts against our nation's military and other professional leaders of outstanding quality, throughout their careers in both service and retirement, such as the General Douglas MacArthur who, according to the best of my present information, did live out the allotted span of his life peacefully, despite the assassination of MacArthur's personal associate, President John F. Kennedy.

The particular point which I emphasize most pointedly in this immediate report, is to be placed upon the assassination of Alexander Hamilton by the British spy and frequent murderer, Aaron Burr, and upon crimes by other British tools sharing Burr's pro-satanic affinities and actions. Wall Street, like the silly and obscene board-game named "Monopoly," has, had, generally, the same, essentially treasonous qualities in principle of practice respecting our United States, as that had been done earlier, in the train of the purely evil, British agent Aaron Burr, and his legacy.

The Sheer Evil of Monetarism

The most often overlooked concept implicit in the adoption of the U.S. Federal Constitution (which that Constitution had then required), lay in the distinction of the intended principle of a credit system, as systemically opposed to a foreign monetarist system. The distinction, respecting the notion of that precious principle, is that the essential, also intrinsic evil characteristic of a monetarist system, is what is identifiable as gambling, as typified by the U.S.A.'s pestilence known as "Wall Street." That connection requires strict attention to the principle of credit, rather than the intrinsically thieving monetarists' predatory rules. In short: the value of the exchange lies in the standards for an increase of social productivity (which depends upon a credit system, like that of our original Constitution), rather than a money-system.

This monetarist model, as opposed to the crucially needed standard of a credit system, is a fraud which became, often, the means to pollute, and thus ruin, the intercourse between the United States and the systemically inferior qualities of the design of the presently ruined European monetarist systems presently: the so-called "Euro System" which had been thrust virtually down the throats of subsequently looted nations of continental Europe, that done by the leading combination of Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, George H.W. Bush, and the President of France, François Mitterrand—and beyond. Europe is now being destroyed by means tantamount to mass-murder among the populations of the "Euro" system.

Thus, the proper intention of the increase of the per-capita, net physical productivity of the human species and its properly sovereign governments, lies within the per capita usefulness of both the product, and of its use, rather than a mere profit from the price. The original economic policy of the United States, was led in its time by the genius of President George Washington's Alexander Hamilton, who was its founder, as later by such among later Presidents as the bold and masterly James Monroe, and then the organizer of the system of Federal States of the territorial organization of the economy of both the then-present and future states, and the greatest in his own lifetime, John Quincy Adams; and, then, such later greatest Presidents as (the assassinated) Abraham Lincoln; (the also assassinated) William McKinley; Franklin Roosevelt, a notable true leader; a President Eisenhower whom I had personally admired as a prospective replacement for the wretched President Harry S Truman; and, then, the assassinated President John F. Kennedy. President Ronald Reagan, if permitted, could have become known as a much needed, and accomplished President, but for the presence of such as his Vice-President George H.W. Bush, who had been a wretched choice of Vice-President, and a terrible President, while his son President George W. Bush, and Barack Obama, have proven themselves to have been the worst so far (if there would be any to follow in that office). The U.S.A. had been created as a great nation, but for its recurring burden of all-too-many British agents and kindred calamities tossed into the collection.

That much said, to serve as a point of reference here: the increase must be in physical economy, not a monetarist system. A more efficient growth of physical production and related processes, is now a matter of life-or-death for this republic (and also of other nations). Technological and productive improvements in scale. The question thus posed, lies with the active fertility of the product generated. An urgently required measure, is the notion of increase of energy-flux density obtained through a better product and a better intrinsic factor of growth of the United States itself, and its needed relatively immediate participation in physically efficient increase in consequent productivity through aid of thermonuclear-fusion's required, particular role of spanning the region concentrated from the United States, westward from the Mississippi River across the Pacific and the Bering Strait, deep into the regions of East, North, and South Asia: all to be done as President John Quincy Adams would have done, and as he did, during and beyond his own incumbency in the Presidency.

To restate the same point in a necessary choice of terms, it is the rate of gain by the society per se, not merely the matter of price, which must be considered as a determining consideration. The defining words for such missions, are "better" and "more." To restate the point, the transformation to become greater and better, as in keeping with the principle of human existence.

That which I have just emphasized can be better understood in terms of public works, rather than quantity and quality of specific kinds of salable goods. Stated otherwise, that means a commitment to a higher quality of the conditions of existence of the human population, rather than a competitive price of product. It is in that distinction, that the worst evils of monetarist practice have continued to reveal themselves on this account. This, therefore, requires a competent economics entirely outside of the domain of simplistic notions of "mere competition." There, economic sanity, properly considered, begins. At this point, biology intervenes to assist us in clarifying the nature of the challenge to the proof of mankind's ability to succeed as a species. The story is not "just about biology;" it is about "willful self-evolution" upwards by means of the increase of humanity's energy-flux density per-capita, and per-unit of area, as expressed by progress in the self-improvement of living species, especially that of the human species itself, but, most essentially in terms of the directedness of the increase of energy-flux density per capita. The needed measures are expressed, in effect, in relative degrees of "energy-flux density," as, for example, now, the prospect of "thermonuclear fusion."

Reductionism is much worse than being merely bunk. It is systemic mass-murder among the population of the United States, now already continued at intended accelerating rates, already under way in a typical U.S. community, as in the City of Detroit, presently.

Man Beyond Earth

With this present chapter of this report, the time has come when we must have proposed to cease to limit our discussion to the confinement of the human species to an intellectual prison defined to be within the habitations of Earth. With this change, we will have finally been freed from the degree of reliance on the mere sense-perception to which we had been confined by the effect of confinement to Earth earlier. Henceforth, we must intend to live soon in an expanding commitment to humanity's now indispensable roles for entirely new tasks beyond the bounds of Earth itself, thus locating mankind's existence, as still on Earth, in effect, but in exerting effective management over an expanding role of developments within the Solar system beyond the more nearby role of Earth itself.

The resulting experience will be unique, in and of itself. However, there is an added chapter, yet to come.

Reality has already beckoned our "Basement" team's practical concerns. True facts have already depended upon the exploration of the compelling imagination. The fault of the motion-picture has been, that it never actually represented actual human progress in and of itself.

Imagine Mars' celebrated role as reflecting that of "Curiosity" on Mars now. Arriving there, Man had conceived "Curiosity," and placed "Curiosity" on Mars, but not mankind. Man is now as assigned to planning for work on Mars under man's control, a control exercised, primarily, from Earth. Barring encounters with presently unknown cases of living species on some planets within the system, and given the graces which might permit temporary or other human habitation on Mars, the image of a human landing on Mars has been a necessary image for purposes of orientation, as I had expressed that point, myself, in my Woman on Mars[6] feature: but, that is not the essential next step for dealing with nearby Solar space. It should now be made clear, that the deployment of human beings to the Moon, will be a necessary, included feature of our approach to the options for mankind's ability to organize a system of "mechanized" productive occupation on Mars, in particular. Thermonuclear-fusion propulsion must be the means deployed from Earth, which must come before actual human occupation.

For example:

With the placing of assigned synthetic creatures, such as "Curiosity" working in place, a new freedom of mankind, one ironically echoing Bernhard Riemann's opening statement of the opening plan of the famous hypotheses of his habilitation dissertation, springs forth in the necessarily provoked imagination, bringing our species into an active role within relatively nearby regions of Solar space, and, also, inevitably far beyond.

I restate the point.

This remark of mine should not imply any immediate intentions for committing human beings to actually dwelling on locations such as Mars. It does mean that mankind on Earth must assume direction in control over a relevant, and expanding zone of responsibility for exerting useful activities governing security and progress respecting Mars and the system of asteroids over which mankind must exert control from headquarters Earth. Mankind will remain inhabitants of Earth; but the mind of mankind "will be permitted to return home (spiritually) at Solar dusk." It is the Solar system as such which should be the target of our sense of mission.

This prospect shall, therefore, compel us, to distance ourselves from what had been heretofore the intellectual confinements of mere Earthly sense-perception. The fact which we come to recognize will be that what human sense-perception is, in practical effect, will be merely an auxiliary agency intended for the virtual childhood of our future role in nearby space, a kind of robotics of a currently still naïve human species. That, will bring mankind towards an ending of that strict worship of the limited usefulness of merely, Earth-oriented sense-perception as such. What I have emphasized, as I do here, respecting the need of mankind to loosen the chains of confinement of the species by the merely auxiliary "sense" of sense-perception, has been implicitly an essential step which mankind must ultimately achieve, if we are to come to understand the expanding ranges of the Solar system which we implicitly soon will begin to occupy.

The defense of Earth against the threat of asteroids and related conditions must be considered as primary.

What should be readily obvious to thoughtful scientists now, or relatively soon, is the highly practical consideration, that to deal with our Solar system's requirements of us, we must achieve an acceptance of those kinds of challenges which relatively nearby Solar space will demand of us, increasingly. The experience of having learned to fly in aircraft, should illustrate the point, as the problems of meeting the requirements of flight into within, and beyond the range of scramjets might suggest.

Among those of my associates who are giving attention to the special problem of defense against threats from such as comets beyond the mode of asteroids, we are confronted with study respecting more challenging than threats from more distant regions.

The Logic of Sense-Deception

Creation works as if from above: creation is, actually, nothing less than the uniquely human prescience and passion of the actual future!
             —A return, thus, to where this report had begun.

As I had stated here, from the start, the quality of human existence, and its development, proceeds as if from action on the future, toward what had been a view from one's re-examination of the past. The very idea of the co-existence of both a present and future, depends upon a human conception of mankind's experience taken from a contrasting astronomical experience of an existing notion of an actual future, shared most intimately with a contemplated past. Any contrary judgment bespeaks a poor, foolish, practical man's "flat Earth" mentality. In other words, we must consider ourselves responsible, concurrently, for both our own present and our past.

Admittedly, what I have stated in the paragraph immediately above, does not accord, at first blush, with customary opinion respecting the functional relationship between past and present. The customary mistake is to treat the two as essentially being separated categorically. Actually, for qualified observers, there is a difference in polarity, but both are actually "of the same body;" they are not actually separable. Acknowledged, that popular opinion does not recognize the distinction which I have just identified. That is not actually a separable state of affairs; the apparent separation is often simply a commonplace incompetence of what pass for popular opinions. Cultures generally are filled with such incompetencies as that which I have just identified and properly blamed.

There is little that matches that case better than a view of warfare viewed from a Classical view of its past. Ah! But, only the worst of all imaginable nitwits would consider entering modern thermonuclear warfare at this present time in world history. Indeed, those who seek modern warfare, are intrinsically depraved creatures, as the policies of U.S. President Barack Obama's behavior, and that of the Anglo-Dutch tyrants, have brought all mankind close to a true vision of the horrors of an extinction in a thermonuclear Hell.

To reduce that discussion to a seemingly suitable conclusion, the problem which I have just summarized, above, finds its relevance in a certain, but nonetheless tumultuous, synchronisms of a past and present, or Heaven and Hell. There is nothing in what I have now written here, which does not correspond to the reality of mankind's role within our Solar system as a whole, or higher realms beyond. On that account, it would be not unfair to regard mankind, as it often behaves presently, as often, perhaps, the greatest fool in the galaxy, if, perhaps, the greater fool were simply the likes of an inherently wretched Wall Street.

There is a higher mission, which presents an alternate outlook on the meaning of mankind's future. The distinctions among such clinical cases as notions of such as a not-living, or living universe, demand a truthful quality of prescience respecting the intention which members of our species should perceive as the meaning of our personal existence within a society embracing such subject-matters as its sense of a living of a true intention, or, at the least, a fair and active outlook on issues of policy situated not only within our nearby view of the immediate relationship to the Solar system. We are obliged, when we have reached one such more immediate choice of goal, to extend ourselves, ever-relentlessly, to embrace a higher order of category according to this meaning. The failure to adopt that perspective, would leave us in, perhaps, a monstrously fearful state of existential uncertainty. The resolution of that implied paradox, is to be found in an outwardly unfolding quality of limitless universality.

The true mission which actually lies ever before us, is, thus, the true meaning of our proper existence.

I have chosen the immediately foregoing ironies, chiefly because they are in accord with the actual facts which are customarily overlooked by most commonplace contemporary opinion. For such a case, it is established conventions and related popular opinions which are the mistakes committed, the mistakes which are rooted in the rejection of even elementary sanity. The histories of both ancient and modern cultures are ripe with such devotions to an errant notion of both the present and the past. It is precisely the commonplaces which are the customarily criminal intentions which have both the power and inclinations to bring destruction upon the allegedly "true believer."

Consider, for example, the case of contemporary practices of what is called (fraudulently enough) "environmentalism." There has been virtually no truth in what is currently professed to be "environmentalism;" in fact, the effects have been clearly insane in effects. As I have often enjoyed the effect of making the relevant point, "the important fact is the effect."[7] The environmentalists are driven largely by motives which are evil in their characteristic effects. There are also the evils which are the fruit of stubbornly habitual social traditions brought forth from lack of profound changes.

Obviously, my concern on such accounts is the consequences for the future, either of the achievement, or of the ghastly errors of prevalent opinions, such as, for example, the outcome of the Hitler regime, or the Anglo-Dutch. There is also a much more sophisticated approach to be taken on the account of my central argument in this present case: the always urgent evidence of necessity.

However, in looking over the accounts of human history within the Solar system this far, the chiefly required changes are those which promote higher qualities of net outcomes in terms of solutions derived from relevant applications of higher energy-flux densities. The case of the presently urgent realization of applications of general promotion of net energy-flux densities of applied thermonuclear fusion, is a case urgently wanted on the world's table now.

[1] EIR, June 21, 2013, or LaRouche PAC.

[2] EIR, Oct. 11, 2013, or LaRouche PAC.

[3] I.e., only the ironical character of true principles, is uniquely demonstrated as being proven: that, by the universal uniqueness of their actual occurrence. The most ordinary so-called, doctrinaire, classroom mathematical physics, like that of the dubious Euclid, is essentially, merely deductive. This does not signify that the teachers of such stuff were foolish, but merely that they had been misled.

[4] Cf. LaRouche, op. cit., footnote 1.

[5] Better said: "self-deception."

[6] A March 3, 1988 television broadcast of a campaign video, "The Woman on Mars," by then-Democratic Presidential pre-candidate Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. The shooting script was published in EIR, Jan. 1, 1994.

[7] "Die Hauptsache ist der Effekt," from the 1960 German film Spukschloss im Spessart.

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