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This article appears in the January 17, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Against Dictatorship!

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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January 5, 2014

Even among our own organization, corrupt passions leading toward petty tyrannies, were being bred, by some, such as those under the influence of, not my own associates, but the tendency toward a, somewhat wide leaning toward the equivalent of a Nazi tradition of Adolf Hitler's murderously openly bloody actions, as such matters as these have been customarily wreathed with petty tyrannies. That has been sometimes to be seen by us as to be found sometimes among misguided persons of our own association. Generally, that is done out of the influence of petty forms of the misguided sorts who are typical of some among the bureaucrats who had sometimes preferred arbitrary personal measures of the liking for sterile methods of bureaucracy, rather than the consent to the rules of proper consent among authorized leadership. It sometime appears that the practices of the successive Bush and Obama presidencies, have taken over some among our own such bureaucrats. True reason among leading equals, must be the practiced standard, not bureaucratic privilege, but that which will do the necessary work, without bureaucratic privileges. In my conclusion to this following report, I will have hoped to have provided what is fairly to be considered a very useful illustration of the point—in the end.

To begin:

Dictatorship is often shielded from the exposure of its truly fraudulent nature, by disguising itself by aid of a ruse made by wearing the mask of commonplace popular ignorance. Those errant fellows may employ the language of "I am only being practical," or, "I am only insisting on my right to express the personal authority of my own opinion," when what been spoken had been on the account of some alien sort of alleged "authority" residing in some actual, but actually counterfeit pretexts.

In the work of a scientifically qualified and highly matured author, the role of the editor's function, is properly delimited to typographical and related details, details which should not alter the original intention of the author's thesis and its argument. Or, as in the case of my authority and experience over more than forty years as being at the founder and the head of my present association, has been the intention and related spirit of an actively leading figure, a post I have occupied, as being also the origin of that association, and a matured expert in such matters in respect to the content of the subject matters treated. Editors in that institution are properly subordinate, but not mere lackeys; they are auxiliaries of the most of the principal editorial functions of the process leading into what has been my included part in what had been at its start, our association's now long-standing leading weekly publication, Executive Intelligence Review, and other related publications. Among us, bureaucratic opportunist pranks are to be relegated, usually quite voluntarily, to other employment in other, more suitable places.[1]

Otherwise, the claims of such mere pretexts of the alleged opponents of our own effects, even in respect to essential subsidiary functions, must avoid attempts which may have been, demonstrably, no more than those pretexts arbitrarily supplied by sources which are either claiming an authority which is merely someone's arbitrarily assumed to be, what is mere more or less fiction in its effects. When the users of such mere pretexts have endowed themselves with the mere claim of some occasional elements of seemingly godly authority, what they have then represented is, in their imaged effect, a kind of alleged godliness, a quality which is usually of the breed of such pretended divine authorities as those of the inherently ungodly Zeus and his minions. Or, the same might be said of, even, almost any "Wall Street" swindler. Indeed, the latter, like all Wall Street types, and like the followers of Zeus, are inherently swindlers; even if not by intent; they are, then, like a prostitute, to be befouled in their fate, by the specific nature of the occasional diseases typical of any confessor of a sinful profession.[2]

There are some differences in opinion, which lean toward something approaching the flavor of a different species. Despite such aberrations; I, and my collaborators, are not to be seen as confused in their recognizing actually human interests as being the essential values, even if some others among them may sometimes appear to confuse themselves on that account. Subterfuges are likely to become seen as exactly that.

The Role of Proper Editorial Policy

I am fully and clearly aware, as I have just written here, that much of the so-called "publishing industry," which often shows some contrasting, even contrary, intentions, which may often lean toward a contrary quality, for example, as a quality associated with some notable emphasis on some buying and selling of souls, rather than searching for the achievement of true principles related to clearly spoken missions guided by a truly human social principle of a quality intended for true service to the cause of humanity as such. "But, it looks like," is a slur which may often risk being actually a sly libel. "Successful shysters" remain, in the final judgment, shysters nonetheless.

The relevant explanations of this by my associates are, for the most part, a potent devotion to truth in respect to the practice of an actual science of economy.

Therefore, the reasons for the prevalent moral misbehavior among some prominent members of the "publishing industry," has also had a powerful stink built into it. The most significant of those kinds of offenses, is derived from the intention incorporated in a sheer, pragmatic opportunism of one sort of another.

The particular point of my introducing those considerations here and now, as that is placed within this opening of my present report, is that my point just taken immediately above, here, has correspondence to the views of the excellent principles introduced by the founding economist of the actual creation of the U.S.A.'s Federal Constitution, Alexander Hamilton, had precisely defined his distinction between actual social value and a mere exchange of money. The issue is not a mere matter of appearances. Without Hamilton's decision on this account, the United States would have not survived its very beginnings. The crucial point to be taken into account, in that respect, is shown in Hamilton's successful launching of those particularly rigorous, anti-monetarist policies which were essential for both the initial existence and the survival of the United States.

In contrast to what I have just referred to as being Hamilton's own remarkably successful principle of economy, there has been the contrary, presently widespread continuation of the monetarist system. That latter practice is typified in the United States today, by the Wall Street gang operating under agencies alien to both the original principles and the currently vital interests of the United States. That has been an ugly, populist error, which had also been expressed, early on, by the spewing of the opportunist rants of President Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson's shameful role had ben continued, until a decade, or more, later in his life. The relevant foreign, monetarist interests, had been already lodged so; this has persisted since a time prior to the formation of the U.S. Federal Constitution; it had been, that done, chiefly, by foreign banking institutions represented within the United States, but were also actually located in the vicinities of New York City and Boston, exerting a foreign, and also a subversive interest, the which operates still, chiefly, as an intended hostile force against the vital interests of the then already young United States, as presently.

The political interests of those foreign-based intruders into the control over the affairs of our United States, was to have, then and now, bought up many Presidencies, such as those of Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren. Both of the latter pair were controlled directly, politically, from British and Dutch banks operating within the region of New York City, and also Boston. Both Presidents Jackson and Van Buren were actually of no higher rank than as sub-agents of the professional assassin and British agent, Aaron Burr, who had created and also directed the launching of Presidency of both Jackson and Van Buren. Every known assassination of a President of the United States, including that of President John F. Kennedy, has been a product of, in the last analysis, of those same British interests which were also operating within elements of had become, thus, the often polluted, then current United States government of both that period, and later. The U.S. Civil War of the 1860s was a direct outcome of a trend which had been, thus, set into operation by Aaron Burr's direction of the Presidency of Andrew Jackson.

There should, therefore, be no continued mystery respecting the reasons for the cases of the strategically motivated assassinations of the U.S. Presidents who had sometimes fallen on the "wrong side of the bed," when they should have been warned of the notable evidence of the foreign strategic interests of the British empire is taken into account.

For example, consider the subsequent economic-strategic policies identified with Prescott Bush's backing for Adolf Hitler's election to dictatorial power in Germany, for which the authorship of the policies of Presidents George W. Bush, Jr. and Barack Obama are to be taken into account. These actions, the which had been in accord with the rabidly British imperialist sentiments and practices of the Wall Street gang, have to be taken into account. They had been in accord with the murderously wicked intentions and practice of a British Empress, the current Elizabeth II, who has avowed, and acted more or less fully in furtherance of her stated intention to bring down the population of the United States (and also of the present world's human population), from an estimated seven billions persons, to the vicinity of a single billion, or less.

After we have taken into consideration those actions, and their expressed "green" intentions against the people of the United States itself, we are confronted with broader illustration of the way in which the world really became what it, and our current U.S. President, is presently. However, these facts to which I have referred up to this point, are merely an insight into the nature of the kind of corruption which the very "un-mythical" reality of the legacy of the children of Zeus have played, in their creating the kind of long wave of oligarchy tyranny which so much of the world has suffered since the relevant ancient times, to the currently present date.

It is now, thus, time for mankind's reigning opinion to grow up to the actual implications of the real facts of mankind's world history.

Modern Modes of Genocide

The case of the Roman imperial system (and its like) perpetrated its exertions for the attempted extinction of Christianity, contains a highly illustrative body of evidence on this account.

The actual slaughter within the ranks of Christianity, had been the product of the continued adherence to the previously established model of the principle of Zeus, as relevant, ancient Grecian scholars had already presented the issue. Since that time, the evidence of that case had been evident to all competently experienced leading authorities on such subject-matters, as that is shown by their attention from the standpoint of references to a systemically rich presentation of the most relevant, absolutely accurate evidence.

For example:

I, personally, have been among those who had been privileged to be informed with a significant span of a depth of knowledge of the relevant, exact physical evidence which proves the actually historical case against Zeus, and, otherwise, therefore, proves the contrary case for Zeus's traditional adversary, Prometheus, as that action had been accomplished with precisely modern scientific precision by competent authorities in such matters. That proof is available with the means of the relevant, conclusive, physical-economic evidence; this is, evidence which, when competently understood, is not only conclusive evidence, perfectly conclusive evidence, but all that with actually competent, scientifically crafted precision, as I shall point out relevant known factors since both the relevant Classical Greek sources and the evidence of modern science, alike.

So, the evidence bearing on the actual history of the human species, since the most ancient of the actually known times, shows, that the human species is no mere animal species as such. It has been, and remains a uniquely different, and thoroughly superior quality of mental life: the which is the characteristic, truly uniquely, creative species, the human species, which creates its own effective evolution upwards, willfully, rather than merely biologically, and which acts on the basis of scientific foresight into the future of human society, willfully, rather than by simply biologically, deductively mere description of cause-and-effect. Man's life differs from animals' life, which differs radically from the beasts, by the margin of the creative means of an active principle of specifically human foresight. Every person today, must still struggle to succeed in reaching that realization of the fully true meaning of humanity, that done in this way. Widespread popular opinion, indeed, prevalent throughout the world, is maliciously, and systemically incompetent in its frequently terrible failure to acknowledge the scientific reality of that distinction.

Nonetheless, competent science in this matter demonstrates that all of the competent successful evidence of modern physical science available, actually proves the evidence of the human species' absolute and vast and profound superiority over all presently known other living species on precisely this account. The physical-biological evidence as such, enjoys the uniqueness of acting in reaction to foresight into knowledge of the future, rather than deduction in itself. This point is already clear with perfect precision: despite the widespread obsessions still maintained by the prevalence among the persons of contrary, essentially deductive, presumptions.

Until that true, also biological fact of the human species as fact, is then effectively recognized, then, mankind, in general, would have continued, in the main, to wander in virtual intellectual darkness concerning the very true purpose and meaning of what is specifically unique to the role of foresight which is essentially distinction which defines the efficient difference between the creative potential inherent in the human mind, and, therefore, the basis for any specifically successful quality of human existence.

For example:

China's Landing on the Moon!

China's examination of the evidence of the function of Helium-3 on Mars, as also, primarily, a source taken from the radiation of the Sun, has now presented a practicable appreciation of the fact, that the Moon itself functions as, essentially, a medium for mankind's actual approach to the use of the greatest of the chemical sources of power for mankind yet to be put in place for practice. That will prove the fact, if the work is continued, that mankind is ready to assume our species' true place ahead, for the use of the greatest man-made force, yet, for human progress within the domain of nature as we presently know it; and, for the harvest of such achievements will be a lesson of the meaning of truth for all mankind, on the condition that the work is properly continued.

In the coming days and weeks ahead, these implications which I have emphasized in the earlier sections of this report, should, hopefully, gradually become better understood.

That is the meaning of truth, as almost no ordinary "practical" editor has seemed, actually, ever to have known it in practical terms. The time for truth, in the proper sense, might, hopefully, be fast-approaching. Disagreements of the passing moments aside, let us hope to agree to make it so.

On the True Nature of Man

The scientific proof of the argument respecting the uniqueness of the fundamental principle of scientific knowledge respecting the matters, concerning the truly scientific nature of the which I had summarized immediately above, is adumbrated in the records of the celebrated series of the historically successive editions of the highly notable, long-standing series of the works produced as the Handbook of Chemistry and Physics.

There are varying faults in the systemic features of the actual series of that publication, some meritorious despite all else, but others for which a large part of what is published, especially recently editions, has introduced some ideological presumptions which are scarcely to be considered actual science.

There is, nonetheless, also a substantial amount of credible, if not yet perfect evidence from that series, and have represented a somewhat clearer authority up to the present time, which shows, more directly, the distinction of the human species from all other classes of living creatures. Unlike all other presently known fauna, the upward evolution of the human species since the earliest known existence of the human species as human, mankind's unique distinction, which the known history of chemistry suffices to demonstrate, a difference which is, that the other, properly astonishing evolution of the human species, as taken from a point of what are to be, later, fairly estimated to be the earliest type of mankind. That, is our human species' now clearly absolute distinction from all other known living creatures: the power of the essential intellectual evolution of the human genotype, upwards, to rise to generally ever higher standards of creative power shown amid the history of the culture of our species, a history ranking above all others presently known to all physical-biological science.

The fault of the customary academic scientist presently, is located in a still widespread, systemic error of most among the relevant leading scientists themselves: the systemic fallacy of the reductionist instincts which are adopted as the specifically professional identities of the "physical sciences's" current omission of the actually noëtic qualities of the potential of the human mind. That omission must be considered, as having created a reductionists' obstacle to the physical efficient characteristic of the actually creative principle; that obstacle, which, in fact, is the crucial factor of necessary distinctions which defines the essential difference of the human intellect's noëtic powers of potential which absolutely distinguish the human species from all known others.

That singular distinction of the human species, is a general characteristic; but, the existing trends in commentaries on the crafting of the culture of the human individual, tends to mask, or even appear to obliterate the most crucial of the actually principal distinctions of the human mind: the power to efficiently employ the naturally given, noëtic abilities, continues to rest upon that potential of the human to become enabled to foresee the actually know the future consciously.

I explain. I must now interrupt the flow of the ongoing report, up to this report, that for the purpose of clarifying a scientific principle. After that, I shall return to the point at which I had introduced this interruption. I shall then return to the point at which I had referenced chemistry; the reason for this interruption, and the crucial point of importance for this procedure will be made clear. After I have then completed the inserted feature, I shall resume the present line of the dialogue; the reason for this interruption, where I have introduced, will be made self-evident for qualified scientists dealing in these matters.

The specific irony of a lack of access to fore-knowing of man's knowledge of the future, scientifically, or as a similar demonstration which presently lurks in Shakespeare's achievement, in, his clearest presentation of a crucial point which he had developed in one particular drama, King Henry V. Although in defining not intrinsically physical, but conditioned. The proof of that point in fact, lies in the scientific ability which corresponds to the scientist's ability, as with such celebrated cases as Nicholas of Cusa, Johannes Kepler, the specific case of Bernhard Riemann's On the Hypotheses Which Lie at the Foundations of Geometry, the consequent elements of genius which are already richly expressed at the close of the Nineteenth Century by Max Planck, and Albert Einstein. The contrary qualities are those typified by the case of the deplorable and vicious Bertrand Russell.

The cases of the effects of the death of the composer Johannes Brahms in 1897, and the accompanying wave of novelty among mathematicians which had exploded their presence to the popular scientific attention, that with the obsession polluted with the bold and esoteric arithmetic which had seized the Year 1900. The consequence of that latter turn of A.D. 1901, were the expression of a frenzy of reductionist fantasy respecting even the mere of the name of "science," a deadly moral defect which had ripened, more and more, with the unfolding of the Twentieth Century, and beyond to the present date.

Since the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, the trend in the economy of the United States, in particular, began to collapse into a virtually unbroken loss of the general mental powers and morality of both the United States and also, coincidentally, the Europe whose collapse has been interwoven with the course taken by the United States, and that for no different reason.

Essentially, physical science, and true Classical culture generally, "naturally," have been both disposed to a commonality of a combined Classical artistic composition and an integral role of a physical science freed from the burdens of a set of simplistic reductionist fantasies respecting science.

All which must now become a fresh approach of all earlier, relatively great science and an excellent quality of Classical art, alike, such achievements are not to be regarded as separate categories for promotion of the healthy present and future development of the human mind. It is the influence of reductionism which is the root of the deadly trends in culture. The fault to be corrected, represents an urgently needed reform of what has been typical for all cultures comparable to the characteristics of reductionism. The proof lies in that source of failures of mankind, which has been, in effect, the loss of the ability of a practiced science to experience a more natural experience of an encounter with the development of the achievement of those higher principles which define the human future.

It will now be an urgent discussion of the future of human history to correct the error of what is named as "reductionism," which is required here. The proven ability of heretofore shrinking roster some scientists, to predict the existence of the principles of what is named "the principles of the discovery of the actual future," is already a fact. Much more work, is now required to bring mankind generally into the play. The prospects for mankind's relatively immediate future existence, depends upon that outcome.

The fuller evidence to be considered here, is to be temporarily reserved for relevant sequels which go much more deeply than could be adequately addressed in the summary which I will have presently written within the scope of this present modest summary of the matter.

The necessity of that specific discovery, determines the following next steps on that account, which are the subject of the following two chapters presented here now.

When I have completed this necessary interpolation, I shall then resume the presentation which had been the motivating cause for my action in inserting this interpolation at this precise point. To provide an effective insight into my focus on fundamental in physical science which I must explain here, I must now pin-point the breaking-point in history, involving the matter of Nicholas of Cusa, which must be interpolated to make the implications of the China success in its Moon-landing intelligible to those modern scientists who, for the relatively large portion, have either a greatly diminished, or essentially non-existent grasp of the revolution in physics on which the actually underlying origins of modern European science and related matters depend currently. I shall summarize the nature of the change, only after I have set the stage properly for that purpose.

The Secret of the Human Mind

The greatest breakthrough in the emergence of a true modern physical science, came during the closing period of the great Fifteenth-century Renaissance, a Renaissance which is to be formally identified, traditionally, as in the span from the beginning of that century until the great discovery of the American renaissance which came into being then, that done through the European discovery of the modern American discovery accomplished by Christopher Columbus. The prompting of that discovery occurred as the result of the discovery of the Americas.

The initiative for Columbus's discovery was supplied by the circles of one of the greatest of all of the actually modern scientific discoverers, Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa (1401-1464), who had been, otherwise, the leading discoverer of modern European science, and, in that role the first modern discovery of the actually physical principles of modern astronomy, those by, uniquely, Johannes Kepler.

To continue the foregoing sections of this present report in progress here, I must interrupt the heretofore continued flow of this document briefly, with the present aid of a very special, and presently most urgently important interpolation.

On that account, I am, here and now, interpolating an urgently needed interruption of this present chapter of this document, that done to bring into consideration of a lesson in science taken from the onset of the achievements of, most urgently, those crucial scientific principles of modern science of the collaboration of Filippo Brunelleschi, Nicholas of Cusa, and, then, a bit later, in the next century, Johannes Kepler: a virtual team which created the absolutely certain essential foundations of all valid aspects of the foundations for a competent modern physical science which, once founded, thus, had featured such later geniuses of physical science, and its culture, as Gottfried Leibniz, Carl F. Gauss, Bernhard Riemann, followed by such exemplars as Max Planck and Albert Einstein. Those whom I have just named exemplars, envelop in their principle, essential contributions, what fairly represents the necessary indications of those foundations of all well founded evidence of the superb contributions to the service of all mankind on this account.

Hence, the discussion of the genesis of those new policies for science which are urgently required presently, must, as matter of the need for an understood portrait, which is provided here, despite the largely systemic degeneration of the underlying principles of a modern human science, principles of combined science and society required for the present grave crisis of society, with present urgency.

For the purposes of service to that now stated intention, I shall complete the report here in progress before your eyes, ears, and the true human mind, all done as which is being presented now, by me, as within the provinces of this present report in its totality when, what shall be its completed composition by me presently. It is necessary to emphasize m on that account, that my abilities have their mortal limitations, but, despite friction of the passage of my years, this much of what I know with certainty now, is truth; but, like all human endeavors in contemporary experience, any contributions' validity, depends upon the later-to-come, better-informed authorities respecting the prospects for the scientifically definable future, when that future is recognized as the urgent need of mankind for what remain as the principles of what it does not yet know.

For this purpose, the work of Brunelleschi, Cusa, and Kepler represent the living principle process of progress of the human mind, that so since the reign of pure evil traceable from what is mistakenly considered to be the mere fiction of both the existence both the evil Zeus and his adversary, Prometheus, and, also, of the actually (when rightly considered), exemplary meaning of the actually continuing, essential immortality of Jesus Christ.

What I bring now to the urgent present issues actually expressed by the aid of those referenced means, is crucial for winning that great, global battle for the progress of the human mind which those referenced exemplars from, only those most emphatically represented by the cited identities in the sequence of Brunelleschi, Nicholas of Cusa, Johannes Kepler, and their true followers in modern science.

The True Pathway to the Future

(We have now returned to the modern starting-point with Cusa.)

The essential principle in modern physical science, which had been launched as a work of Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa (1401-1464), as I have already stressed this crucial fact here, earlier, has been the starting-point for all competent modern physical science since that century. It is the references which I had made, above, which provide the contemporary framework of true scientific competence since that time in world history this far. Therefore, my own tracing of the effective progress of science since Cusa's entry into his own greatest achievements, on this account.

The decline of Cusa's century, had become the downfall of the most essential of the necessarily underlying implications of what I have referenced here as a competent notion of the progress of what is called modern physical science, since the seminal revolution introduced chiefly by Cusa during the work of his lifetime. Therefore, we must understand that the fallacies which have tended, more and more, to ruin the underlying principles of progress since approximately the time of Brunelleschi, Cusa, and Johannes Kepler, for the span of physical time of a modern scientific, and related progress. By setting a review of an actually competent reconstruction of the principles of those three original figures role in actually creating the actual foundations of modern science, we will, for the time presently, assemble a more responsible form and quality of what an actually modern physical science is to become.

The recent Moon-landing by the team deployed from China, has become a crucial element of opportunity, for unleashing those measures of action on which the actual security of known human life now, urgently, depends, at this present interval of the prospects for all presently future time.

The crucial fact of this matter, is, thus, presently several-fold, and to a very large degree, presently indispensable at this time.

The Implications of the China Moon-Landing

In a recent meeting with some highly relevant collaborators, we spent the closing hours of the day over a mealtime discussion of the historically most relevant challenges which must be now launched, if mankind is to bring present life of mankind on Earth out of the political-economic social policies which have been dragging our planetary mankind into the virtual quicksands of a presently onrushing plunge into the quicksand in which the United States itself, and other regions of our planet have had been caught since (to be precise) the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy.

The accelerating mean decline of the U.S. economy, and other places of our planet, since that time, finds those of us who are altogether intelligent, qualified, and sufficiently alert, but who are confronted with the recognition that mankind must move the imagination of those relevant inhabitants of our planet, who can be bestirred into a liberation from those systemically incestuous fantasies of the general human population, which has heretofore found itself caught in the incestuous sorts of virtual sexual fantasies which reflect an adopted outlook of a population of an Earth which is largely composed of persons inhabited by virtually masturbational fantasies rooted in a denial of mankind's natural potential for discovering the discoveries of a principle of future actually scientific abilities which depend upon the developed ability to "actually predict" those future ruling principles needed for the categorical advancement of the prospective future of mankind.

Therefore, we must not rely upon the leading roles of representatives who may have great authority, but are trapped within the prospects and process of intellectual masturbation respecting the prospects for mankind's future.

The Mastery of Our Moon, Instead

It is presently of the relatively greatest urgency, that already right now, that mankind, as now exemplified by the time deployed to the Moon on behalf of a China team, that the prospect of using the capture of Helium-3 from the Sun, to a transitional stopping-place, presently on, or near, the surface of Earth's "local" Moon, is to be developed as an urgently needed mode of supply of materials of the very real already very high energy-flux density, which has been deposited on the Moon in the course of radiation of Helium-3 from our local Sun.

The introduction of the appropriate utilization of that supply of Helium-3 as a raw stock of raw-material sources would be the foundation of application of Helium-3 to the man-made direction of production of the higher forms of energy-flux density, which will be the only immediate prospect for the development, already now, which must then be the source of mankind's first real entry to serious control of the human species' prospective ability to defend the condition of continued existence for our human species.

The best possible "I.Q." test for human authorities today, is that of their capabilities and willingnesses to adopt the immediate prospect of what the present flow of Helium-3 on our Moon portends in favor of the necessary means of defense for the prospects of the survival of our present human species.

[1] When an editor changes the meaning of the author's intention in a work in which the content is of a scientific character, and the editor has changed the meaning of the author's intention, the editor who takes over the process of concluding the author's writing with a different intention than the author, the editor is acting as a fraudster, not a legitimate editor, that editor has committed, at the very least, a moral fraud. Where the subject text, is not a report bearing on a systemic principle, the offense might not be implicitly a matter of something akin to criminal fraud, but merely a serious abuse in matters of practice, worthy of public denunciation.

[2] In the case of a member of a collection of persons spreading malicious opinions, if the person is participating in an organization such as a Wall Street association, then, in a matter of public opinion, then, in that case, the subject person is implicitly participating in what might be considered as an intended as participant a personal offense, even if the endorsement was a merely implicitly responsible, if the principle of collective action applies to the incident collectively, rather than otherwise. For purposes of law, the conclusion might be seen under law as a coincidence, but that coincidence should remain just that: editors take note.

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