Volume 41, Number 3, January 17, 2014


LaRouche Webcast: Two Systems Before the World: Prometheus Versus Zeus  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The transcript of the regular Friday evening LaRouche PAC webcast with Lyndon LaRouche, on Jan. 10, in which he responds to questions put to him by LaRouche PAC’s Jason Ross, and EIR Editorial Board member Dennis Small. Topics included LaRouche’s assessment of Treasury Secretary Jack Lew’s visit to Europe in which he demanded that the ECB adopt the Fed’s QE policy; U.S.-Russia relations in the wake of terrorist attacks on Russia; the “Bridge-gate” scandal overtaking New Jersey’s larger-than-life Gov. Chris Christie; and the British Empire’s determination to radically downsize the world’s population through any means necessary, including thermonuclear war. The question, LaRouche indicated, comes down to, “How does Prometheus defeat Zeus?”


China Takes Next Step Toward Lunar Industrial Development

by Marsha Freeman

The successful Dec. 14 landing of China’s Chang’e-3 spacecraft on the Moon, and deployment a few hours later of the Yutu lunar rover, have laid the basis for China’s long-term goal of the industrial development of the Moon.

EU Membership Means Death for Countries of Eastern Europe

Economists from Russia and Ukraine, notably two friends of the LaRouche movement, are broadcasting the facts and figures showing how Ukraine and other Eastern European countries have been, or will be, destroyed by membership in the EU; these economists are also offering solutions.


Global War Danger Persists: Anglo-Saudi Apparatus Out To Sabotage Iran Talks  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The recent terrorist attacks on the Russian cities of Volgograd and Stavropol make clear that Russia is now being targetted by the same circles that carried out the 9/11 atrocity in the U.S., and on Benghazi in 2012. A key objective is to torpedo the P5+1 negotiations with Iran.

British/Saudi Terror Fuels Bloody Sectarian War in Iraq and Syria

by Hussein Askary

Both the United States and Russia are providing assistance to the beleaguered Iraqi government of Prime Minister al-Maliki, who has called for a world war on terror; at the same time, sane forces in the U.S. are cooperating with Moscow in the attempt to resolve the bitter Syrian crisis—but in both cases, they are up against the Anglo-Saudi terror nexus.

The Intended British Blackmail of East Asia

by Hussein Askary

Thailand: The British Crown Goes for Fascism

by Michael Billington


Senate Hearing Makes Clear: It’s Either Glass-Steagall or a New Crash Very Soon

At a Congressional hearing of the Senate Banking committee Jan. 6, four prominent economists admitted that neither Dodd-Frank, nor its vaunted Volcker Rule, will prevent another 2008-style crash. Sen. Elizabeth Warren went further, suggesting that nothing other than Glass-Steagall will work.

28 Pages Will Show: Saudi 9/11 Hit Worst Since Pearl Harbor

by Edward Spannaus

Efforts are intensifying to force declassification of the still-suppressed 28 pages of the Congressional report dealing with the Saudi role in 9/11.


Now! Truth & Humanity! Against Dictatorship!  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“I, personally, have been among those who had been privileged to be informed with a significant span of a depth of knowledge of the relevant, exact physical evidence which proves the actually historical case against Zeus, and, otherwise, therefore, proves the contrary case for Zeus’s traditional adversary, Prometheus, as that action had been accomplished with precisely modern scientific precision by competent authorities in such matters.”


The LaRouche PAC Weekly Report: A Scientific Pedagogy for the Human Mind  

The transcript of the Jan. 8 Weekly Report, featuring a dialogue between Lyndon LaRouche and the Basement Research Team’s Liona Fan-Chiang, with introductory remarks by LaRouche PAC’s Jason Ross. Fan-Chiang, using the heuristic device of the Periodic Table, demonstrated that the true subject of science is the human mind, with which LaRouche heartily concurred.


A Call for War Avoidance