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This article appears in the February 28, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Principle of Natural Economy—II

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

February 14, 2014

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The great genius on whom the successful establishment of our Federal Constitution had so much depended, General Alexander Hamilton, died of a British assassin's bullet on July 12, 1804. Many great Presidents of the United States, had died similarly. Others more had lived on.

If President Barack Obama remains in office much longer, it were highly probable that the human species faces an early extinction through thermonuclear warfare. Like the assassin Aaron Burr, Barack Obama has been a British instrument of imperial evil. However, his removal from office, by a just and necessary impeachment, might save not only our United States, but much of the world, besides; perhaps all of the nations.

Mankind has come into a time, during which the existence of weapons beyond all known precedents, lurks, while waiting, for some last moments before a President of the United States, might bring on man's greatest nightmare, that of human extinction, during the course of the brief remaining days now still ahead.

If President Obama were, happily, removed from office immediately (and there is, presently, excellent cause for this to occur), it were likely that, by his timely impeachment, that ouster would prevent a generalized thermonuclear holocaust otherwise now threatening throughout the planet. Such a simple, single act, to remove his "British thumb" from "the button," would probably be sufficient remedy for the world's presently awful fears of those who are still actually sane throughout the world at large. Otherwise, unless the saner might step up to their own intention, not his, kiss humanity goodbye, while you still could.

The threat of such extinction-warfare is now rather immediate: as follows. This fact has a knowable history.

An Existential Crisis!

Since the attempted impeachment of President William Clinton, the world as a whole has been, consequently, driven into an overturn of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Glass-Steagall Law. The history of this present crisis, has been, essentially, as follows.

Thus, with the influence of Wall Street's Prescott Bush, who had rescued dictator Adolf Hitler from German bankruptcy, and, thus, to be Germany's dictator (rather than a prison inmate), a chain-linked process, steered always by the British-Dutch empire, had used the essentially same British-directed black-mail trap (with complicit roles of the leadership of the Republican Party) against President Clinton.

The pressure on a harried and distraught President Clinton, under those aggravated circumstances of implicitly heavy blackmail from, first, the British monarchy's intelligence services, and, then, the complicit Republicans, and even some weak-minded (but Wall-Street money-hungry) Democrats, alike, prompted a distraught President Clinton to submit to the massive pressures to concede to the overthrow of Glass-Steagall, as was done, in fact, under "last-minute" pressure on President Clinton, from a bi-partisan cabal of greedy Wall Street opportunists, and finally many from each of both houses of an opportunist Congress in a filthy moment of opportunism.

However, President Clinton, earlier, had been correct in his policy launched during August of that same year as the eruption of the scandal: even, at a time before the rigged scandal had occurred when it had been British intelligence and its Republican lackeys, combined with an evil leading press, which had cooked up the scenario used in preparing to trap a surprised President Clinton into, ultimately, abandoning his nation's urgently needed political-economic reforms. The incident, thus, had undermined, and actually worn-down his, earlier, justified self-confidence on the essential facts of the real matter at issue: the matter of the economic crisis which could, and probably would have been avoided, but for that British intelligence services' operation against the United States which had used corrupt Republicans to bring off the affair which they had set up as a "man-trap" for Bill Clinton. It had been the Republican Party, operating under direction from the Queen's own intelligence services, which had set up the entire affair intended to bring down President Clinton.[1]

That change in law, undermining that precious, Glass-Steagall Act which had saved the United States from destruction, earlier, a cancellation of Glass-Steagall—was a repeal which has looted and ruined our United States since that time. This has been the law which President Franklin D. Roosevelt had employed to rescue the United States from bankruptcy, the virtual treason-in-fact which had been brought about by massive pressure from the Congress, at the closing moments of President "Bill" Clinton's own bludgeoned Presidency, which had opened the gates for the actual, criminally intended atrocities which have destroyed the economy of the United States, under Presidents George W. Bush, Jr., and Barack Obama.

It has been entirely those two, latter Presidencies which had succeeded President Clinton, which had brought the planet to the verge of a presently threatened total obliteration of the human species: through global thermonuclear war under the succession of the essentially nominal U.S. puppet-Presidencies of both the two terms of President George W. Bush, Jr., now, under the hideous spectacle of the Presidency of the first term, and re-election of President Barack Obama.

During that interval, following the attempted impeachment of President "Bill" Clinton, the British empire, operating through its actually trans-Atlantic puppet, the "Wall Street" gang, has now plunged, not only the United States, but the entirety of the Trans-Atlantic economies, into a succession of a "Bail-Out," and, now, "Bail-In" forms of a hoax-in-bankruptcy. This crisis created by Wall Street and London, has been that trans-Atlantic, monetarist fraud, presently in an intrinsically hyper-inflationary runaway monetary inflation, which has now driven the British Empire and its North American lackeys, such as U.S. Presidents George W. Bush, Jr. and Barack Obama, "over the edge," into a present, British-imperial directed intention to launch global, thermonuclear warfare between the trans-Atlantic and Eurasian regions of the planet in its entirety.

The entirety of the planet is, thus, now, in point of current fact, at the brink of virtual thermonuclear extinction of the human species: unless Wall Street and London are blocked.

The British-imperial intentions in this matter, which had been realized with the complicity of the Bush, Jr. and Obama Presidencies, have been to use the pressure of a threatened thermonuclear war, globally: to bend Russia and other Eurasian regions of relevance, into humble submission to nominally Anglo-American thermonuclear demands.

Since those developments, the British authorities of relevance in this matter, have, most recently, used their control over the merely nominally President (and mere British puppet), Barack Obama, to threaten to plunge the entire planet into thermonuclear mass-extinction, unless Russia, et al., submit to British imperial demands for the rescue of the British Empire from its own criminal-economic instincts. In short, to proceed with the immediate looting of Eurasia, for the rescue of the bankrupt Wall Street-London system. If Russia did not submit, global thermonuclear warfare were immediately inevitable—unless President Obama were removed.

The threat of such warfare, is, presently, immediate, not more than a matter of a week or so.

Were Obama to be impeached, for reason of complicity in this, his greatest of all crimes against humanity this far in human history, the prompt ouster of that implicitly treasonous President, would probably be effected in time to prevent such a planetary-wide war of human thermonuclear extinction.

Any U.S. official who is an accomplice in supporting such Wall Street support for such thermonuclear war, must be charged with "Nuremberg indictments." One Hitler, was already far too much.[2]

In that case, the non-survival of mankind, were a probable outcome.

If Thermonuclear War Were Averted

In that case (the benefit of Obama's prompt impeachment), otherwise, there is much which mankind might live to enjoy, for many generations yet to come. We have now reached a dividing-point. Either Obama's British imperial masters are defeated, as they well might be—without Obama in the U.S. Presidency, or humanity were probably no more. Modern thermonuclear, global warfare, is like that: not the mere nuclear warfare which President John F. Kennedy had averted, but a global extermination within the space of a few awful hours.

Presume that we enjoy the grace to be freed from the British imperial nightmare of thermonuclear warfare. We must then turn around, and look around us, on this planet, now. What a disgusting mess it has become, especially since President John F. Kennedy (and his brother) had been actually assassinated in "inside jobs," conducted by dubious instruments, and which had also brought President Ronald Reagan to near death, in a like manner.

As with the case of the assassination of General Alexander Hamilton, the most important modern assassinations have been conducted by British killers of a certain likeness to the British spy and professional assassin Aaron Burr. The Queen's own Barack Obama is much dumber than Aaron Burr, but the tiny krait snake (it only looks like a small worm) is among the most deadly of them all, this side of the oceans. The World War II veteran, the Burma krait, is like thermonuclear war: one minute and you are dead.

Therefore, that much said, by way of introduction, consider the reasons for the human species, itself, to live.

I. If Hamilton Were Alive

Alexander Hamilton was a genius of extraordinarily brilliant accomplishments: a true heir-to-be of the titanic Benjamin Franklin and his mentor, Cotton Mather. Even, a true master-strategist such as President George Washington, had recognized the superior mind of Benjamin Franklin, and Hamilton had much of "the same stuff" in his own way. Very few Presidents of the United States have come close to Hamilton's genius on this account; those who deny his genius, prove themselves to have been relatively stupid.

However, time has passed. The modern science, on which mankind's future existence now depends, has been in process, now, since more than two centuries past. During that lapse of time, great discoveries in physical science have been made: the expression of a pattern marked by such geniuses as Carl F. Gauss, Gauss' great heirs, such as Bernhard Riemann, and, later, the modern generation of physical science such as that of Max Planck and Albert Einstein. Chemistry has been most spectacularly important, especially for the principles of physical economy.

A lot has happened on that account, in science, since July 12, 1804. The chemistry known since the onset of the merely Twentieth Century, has, itself, undergone profound changes in its evolutionary development. The recent recognition of the feasible application of Helium-3 as a revolutionary ingredient in thermonuclear cooking, virtually "blows apart" the barriers to tremendous progress to come during the course of the immediate several decades. Mankind will still be constrained to remain, essentially, on Earth; but, we shall be enabled to take some trips, some direct, and, more, indirect.

That latter consideration, is the essential point of my argument, as here and now.

Alexander Hamilton's Genius

Hamilton had made much qualitative personal progress during his lifetime; but, more significant is the fact, that within the genius he expressed in four great arguments presented in his capacity as Secretary of the Treasury under the President George Washington,[3] and, in significant part, in correcting certain of President Washington's mistaken doubts in that matter.

What Hamilton had contributed, had been more than sufficient, then, for the challenges of the early Nineteenth Century; but then such exemplars as Friedrich Gauss, Bernhard Riemann, and others had achieved the bulk of their own scientific revolutions in that century; like that which, later, such as Max Planck and Albert Einstein had added, still deep into the Twentieth Century, and had brought progress in science, into successive great leaps upward.

Those criteria added during the course of the Nineteenth Century, had already been qualitative, rather than only quantitative, in effect. The Twentieth Century, as since the ouster of Bismarck from office, had already been a new quality of condition: world warfare in the true sense of the term. But for President Franklin Roosevelt, the downward plunge would have simply continued throughout the Twentieth Century: the only likely exception thereafter, would be President John F. Kennedy, his also martyred brother. Robert, and the marginal resistance against evil represented by the Presidencies of Presidents Ronald Reagan and "Bill" Clinton. Two terms under the merely nominal President, George W. Bush, Jr., and also the hideous Barack Obama represent, combined, a combined total of a relatively little more than three terms of office, three terms which have already carried the United States to the brink of a (largely) self-inflicted extinction.

The faults of the U.S. Presidencies since the inauguration of George Washington, have been prominent causes for the failures of the United States since the terms of President George Washington; the corruption represented by most among the U.S. Presidents since that time, has been largely a fruit of the British imperial targeting of our United States by (chiefly) British imperial influence, such as by the particularly evil British spy, thief, and murderer, the same Aaron Burr who had placed the loutish Andrew Jackson and the swindling Martin Van Buren, into the office of the Presidency. In fact, the majority of the Presidents placed into office during the existence of the United States, have been either outright traitors to the United States, or louts whose behavior served, in practice, the same ultimate intention. Not accidentally, it had been only reasonably good Presidents, or those who have been, like Alexander Hamilton, great Presidents in office who had been eliminated by British-directed assassinations.

However, one must be careful in blaming treasonously inclined U.S. Presidents. Some, like Jackson and Van Buren, were full-fledged, intentionally treasonous creatures. Other culprits were merely opportunists with only marginal devotion to anything but their own petty ambitions. Blame British imperialism, as in the case of the inherently treasonously brutish, Queen's own lout, Barack Obama, for example.

Some were less treasonous, intentionally, but merely, essentially, only with hope for hire for posts sought and desired. Most of the worst, have been explicitly treasonous agents, such as the Wall Street creatures such as the Prescott Bush who sired a son and grandson for intrusions into the Presidency.

However, once we have taken into account, the truly treasonous, or merely awfully corrupt Presidents on the listing, they all fit within a single category: of the not fit to have been elected. Here, the factor of personal corruption built into the training of the future citizen, stands out as the crucial factor to be considered. The lack of the good, is the road to Hell. Here, on this point, Hell, which is the kingdom of Zeus, includes killers and thieves alike.

The Principle of The Good

The notion of "the good" can be efficiently traced to a certain, only seemingly ape-like figure, who had distinguished himself, or herself, by cooking the family's food; the principled issue is the principle of mankind's reliance on the proper use of fire: or, in modern language: energy-flux density. The success of mankind, as a species, has always depended on the rise of per-capita energy-flux-density. That is today, the opposition to the so-called "green" policy of the more conventional sort of moral degenerate, such as Queen Elizabeth II of the Brutish Empire of today.

Alexander Hamilton, as recorded in the four statements of principle which he had presented under his post as Secretary of the Treasury of the original United States, is, as a matter of principle, a personality without whom the Presidency of George Washington would not have survived. President Washington's own momentary hesitation on the subject of the Opinion on the Constitutionality of a National Bank, is exemplary. On this account, were there no other, Hamilton has been an essential genius in the spirit of such as Benjamin Franklin, and of Franklin's own source of initial inspiration: that of Cotton Mather and his like.

Neither Cotton Mather, nor Benjamin Franklin, nor Alexander Hamilton, were monetarists. Monetarism is, intrinsically, as Jesus Christ had insisted, in effect, not Christian, nor anything like it. That is, by no means, a non-relevant issue in the matter of principles of economy.

II. Money as Essentially an Evil

In all of the essential arguments made by Alexander Hamilton, in his setting forth of the principles of the U.S. Federal Constitution, Hamilton never held up a monetarist principle for economy. Indeed, for him, money is the root of all evil: that is to say: money-per-se. Money, for him, is no more, intrinsically, than a means for exchange; his principle is a notion, not of money-per-se, but of increase of the productive powers of human labor.

This intends that the average of exchanges of goods and useful services, for a medium of money, or, its like, must yield an increase of the net balance of the productive powers of labor expressed. This includes the consideration of investments in future intentions. The working effect is, and must ultimately, be, a net physical-economic increase in the relatively-defined ration of the productive powers of human labor. Any contrary intention, such as that fraud typical of Wall Street, is an implicitly treasonous violation of the principle of the United States, in effect. Those who wish to practice such usury as the Wall Street gang, should be exported to other places, if those places are silly enough to wish to have them.

"Be fruitful, and multiply!"[4]

The principles of economy on which Hamilton's conceptions (in particular) are located are a matter of principle. The principle is physical-economic; not monetarist! What, then, is that principle? Since later centuries, our insight into that principle called productivity, has been increased in its dimensionality. In accord with that historical change in the practical meaning of increase of productivity-per-capita, physical science, over the course of the last two centuries (in particular) has acquired richer qualities of strategic meanings.

These changes, from relatively lower, to higher ranks of species of effective change, are located in what is fairly identified as the discovery of what are, in effect, universal physical principles. These principled changes in quality correspond to leaps in what a competent physical science for today identifies as higher orders of universal physical principles.

However, the meaning of "physical" principles requires some change. This, as I shall show here, involves important corrections of certain widely (and sometimes wildly) held qualities of mistaken, even prevalent opinions. Absurd forms of popular beliefs, often mistakenly regarded as fundamental, limit the notions of elementarity to simplistic interpretations which are more superstitions than matters of fact.

These include such fallacies as mathematics-per-se, and the inclusions of such as Classical musical composition and Classical drama. Focus attention on those instances for a time immediately following here:

The Human Mind

The popular, but ignorant, widespread belief, rests upon the presumption, that the human mind is delimited to those agencies of merely sense-perception which are commonly attributed to the human brain. However, those actual discoveries rightly identified as discoveries of universal physical principles, do not meet the standards which might be properly imagined as expressions of a force such as the mere brain as such.

The problem which that distinction presupposes, is that the functions of the brain include the convenient foundations for a higher agency of true creativity: an agency associated with the discovery of efficiently universal physical principles which are not, in and of themselves, sense-perceptual in nature. All are true discoveries of universal principle. These higher forms, fall within that latter class. This, the higher class, is most commonly associated, in history, with functions of a class coincident with the notion of the specifically human intention of "fire"—i.e., human creative passion! No mere animal commands such a specific form of passion.

We, therefore, refer to matters of this category, accordingly. It is usefully identified as the noëtic principle of human individual creativity. Alexander Hamilton's most notable discoveries of principle fit within that same class. Thereby hangs the specificity of my emphasis on his achievements here.

Relevant Experiences of Imagination

The distinction in quality, which separates man from beast intrinsically, is what is called the human imagination: the subject which exists efficiently among persons, but is unique to mankind.

Animals do have imaginations; humans do experience effects, on this account, comparable to those of beasts (as in dream-states of man and beast, alike). But, the human being encounters a different implication of the apparently fantastic: one to be known as the discovery of principles which exist efficiently, for mankind, which are not of the merely animal category. Here, on this specific point respecting sense-perceptual functions, we discover the truly principled keystone for defining the distinction of man from the higher form of beast. That is the distinction which defines us as human.

The proper objective/intention of the human personality, as distinct from the lower forms of life, is to achieve diminishing reliance upon merely sensory evidence. The case of Wilhelm Furtwängler's last direction of the Schubert Ninth Symphony, is to the effect of that point; the Helium-3 potential functions' use is another; ultimate, rather than proximate evidence is increasingly required. The fact that the implicit correlations on a grand scale must outweigh overemphasis on relative immediacy of local evidence, is the natural, virtually inevitable standard for defining reality as distinct from proximate perceptions and deductions. This lies in a direction similar to the inferiority of tactics with respect to "grand strategy." The lesser is often most immediately perceived; the ultimate outcome, and foresight of it are ultimately decisive.

That is specific to the case of the history of economic science when considered in long-scale terms of reference.

That specific feature of the matter is what is crucial for the case of economic processes generally. Essentially, more and more, and still more, the economic processes associated with human forecasting practices, depend, for competence, on the broadest strategic considerations, rather than the tactical ones of immediacy.

I have enjoyed some exceptional degree of manifest skills in such matters as these; as follows:

The competent strategist, as I have learned from my own experience, works, essentially, according a relatively long-term view of history; whereas, the amateur places evidence for the long-term on a par with the relative immediacy of the lapse of the short-term interval. He, the amateur, thus, reaches an opinion in which he avows that no long-term passages are knowable. He, simply, does not recognize the difference. Thus, his conclusions converge, chronically, on a distinctness attributed to short-term effects. They dismiss the future reality, because, essentially, they deny that the future really exists as a knowable entity.

That is where the differences between those of my inclination, and also Alexander Hamilton's converged, and why those of contrary opinion, are almost universally wrong, most of the time.

The Physical Science of Forecasting

Therefore, the complementary solution for the effort to consider Hamilton's arguments respecting the future of the United States, can be translated into a study of the principles of forecasting. That means, in the case which I am presenting here, that we must sensitize ourselves, presently, to the subject of the matters which involve universal physical principles, which had been not accessible (as specific universal principles) during his lifetime's experience.

From the standpoint of comparing what had been his knowledge of principles, then: he was a leading genius in the actual science of economy. Today, more than two centuries later, there is much in the nature of knowably universal physical principles, the which must be presently considered, if we are to presently meet the requirements of discovery which presently accessible evidence, respecting universal physical principles, requires presently to be taken efficiently into account.

In the meantime, it is to be clearly recognized by all currently intelligent beings, that he had been right, in his economic policy-shaping, while all of his opponents had been terribly, or worse than terribly, wrong.

III. The Present & Future Economy

Take the case of the emergence of modern chemistry and physics, since the time of The Golden Renaissance as experienced in the time of Renaissance, as associated with the then emerging roles of Filippo Brunelleschi and Nicholas of Cusa.

There are several relatively simple rules for understanding the broad scope of all of the leading issues of humanity on the planet since the time associated with the conflict between Zeus and Prometheus. The Zeus-ian policy was to reduce the population of the human species, and to keep it suppressed, except for the oligarchical class, in bestial ignorance and impotence, as was done under the Roman Empire, and, the British empire of today is essentially a "carbon copy" of the design for that Roman Empire.

The contrary force, as identified by Aeschylus' Classical drama, was that of the "fire-bringer," Prometheus, the figure of all that we call "democratic," economically "progressive" society today. The great Promethean force of modern history, was that of what has been known to modern society as "the Golden Renaissance of the time of Jeanne d'Arc (who was burned alive by the evil Normans) and the Florentine Renaissance of such outstanding figures as the founder of modern physical science, Filippo Brunelleschi, and the great theologian and the leading creative personality of the world of that time, Nicholas of Cusa: who was then the prototype of the Christian (Promethean) alternative.

The British alternative of our present times was not only the echo of the Roman Empire; it was, originally, and still is modelled explicitly on the Roman Empire (still today). It was Cusa who had inspired the voyages of Columbus to the Americas, and, thus, led Europeans to escape the evil regimes in Europe at that time, and to seek to establish an anti-Zeusian (Promethean) system of actually human existence in the Americas: to inspire a system of freedom to replace the Zeus-ian evil we should now recognize as the British Empire still today. (The British imperial system, which dominates western and central Europe still today, is a Zeus-ian system of mass-murderous sheer evil, which must be transformed into a civilized society suited to the needs of the people of such nations as those of the British Isles.)

We are now in a matter of perhaps days, before a great thermonuclear war suddenly envelops the planet. The dictatorship of the current British monarchy, and its lackey, President Barack Obama, are committed to the immediate launching of general thermonuclear holocaust, unless they are given "their way." However, if that President were removed from office, and the trans-Atlantic Wall Street predators checked, the possibility of a British holocaust against humanity, were blocked physically: they would be without their support from the military forces of the United States; hence, the British evil would be blocked, and a civilized English government must, accordingly, be compelled to arise from the defeat of the Queen's evil empire. If this means impeaching President Obama, so be it; he was only a British imperial puppet, anyway.

This Means a New Destiny for Mankind

For our United States itself, such an end to the global power of the British empire, would mean the opportunity for providing a true alternative to the presently prevailing, and already depraved conditions now prevailing throughout the trans-Atlantic region and Africa, alike. For example: the collapse of the bloated financial claims of the Wall Street and London axis of financial tyranny, would expose the sheer fraud of those trans-Atlantic predators: their trillions of dollars of shabby, fictitious assets would vanish; their power, if not their vanity, would evaporate; and that would be a very good thing.

The means to accomplish that cleansing purity of life, once again, lies simply in the immediate re-institution of the original Glass-Steagall Act enacted precisely as under President Franklin Roosevelt. The change can be seemingly instantaneous. We would then be, then, required to return ourselves to that Franklin Roosevelt tradition. The task would be tiresome, at first, but, nonetheless fruitful for us, and, more so, for generations to come. Give us even a single generation, and we shall make seeming miracles; give us two generations, and we shall be as if giants of great leaps in scientific achievements, on Earth, and beyond.

Now, as to Alexander Hamilton

What Alexander Hamilton had accomplished, despite his British assassin, Aaron Burr (and Burr's accomplices, such as Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren), was to have provided four measures of economic reform which did, in fact, secure the continued existence of our United States, for the duration of the government of President George Washington, and beyond. After that, and with the British assassination of Hamilton, things went badly, until the Presidencies of Presidents Monroe and John Quincy Adams. Despite the victory over the British Empire, with the defeat of the British-created Confederacy, but with the relatively frequent assassinations of our best Presidents since that time, we have not recovered our true mission as a republic. Corruption, chiefly supplied from the British Empire, has bewitched too large a ration of our own citizens and their children. Worse, for most of them, the role of the great Alexander Hamilton virtually does not exist: they dwell in horrid ignorance of their legacy and destiny, alike.

I have an additional concern, precisely on that account.

Hamilton's great achievements, even greater in intention, than he was permitted to live to express, now lie remembered, only for the time of the years he had still lived. Since that time, across two centuries, and more, the fate of humanity has lain within great, even convulsive leaps in scientific and technological progress.[5] This was often progress which existed, but which was, also often prevented from being realized, in large degree. When we might have considered the principles of scientific technology, what could have been, had it been permitted, was far greater than anything all but a very few among us today, could have even imagined.

If we consider that fact, and if we consider, also, the leaps in science which now reach, implicitly, at least, far beyond fundamental principles of the known universe known during Hamilton's lifetime, we might, then, be enabled to realize, how much opportunity we have lost, and how much lies before us, to take up, now.

It lies entirely, essentially, in the discovery not of gimmicks, but discoveries of fundamental principles of future science now available us, but, which had been suppressed under the reign of the degree of corruption since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, of the sheer evil spread like the foulest of diseases among a U.S. population polluted with death in uselessly prolonged wars, wars which demoralized us and used us up, generation after generation since that time. Give us our own, true republic back, again! Remembering the true accomplishments of the murdered hero, Alexander Hamilton, should be sufficient inspiration enough – for a beginning!

IV. The Great Lesson To Be Learned

The inspired Jeanne d'Arc had mustered France to resist the evil Norman pestilence in that nation. Her King, a dissolute sort of moral weakling, betrayed Jeanne d'Arc to the evil Norman tyrants, who, Norman priests and all others of their tribes, alike, literally cooked her to death.

The news of this murder of Jeanne d'Arc had aroused the great ecumenical conference being convened at that time. The response of that ecumenical conference, had been the adoption of the policies and practices of what was to become known as The Golden Renaissance: whose legacy is known to competent scholars today, by such as the names of the great scientists Filippo Brunelleschi and Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa; they created a devotion to the future of mankind which led, among other notable achievements of its devotions, to the expeditions of the great mariner, Christopher Columbus, and the forming of the germ of the future United States, first consolidated as the Massachusetts Bay Colony under the leadership of the founders of that quasi-sovereign fore-runner of our United States of America, under the leadership, then, of the Winthrops and the Mathers.

When the brutish Dutch forces had crushed the Massachusetts Bay Colony, a leading representative of that Mather family, Cotton Mather, charged a young Benjamin Franklin to depart the Dutch-polluted Massachusetts, and to go south, to Rhode Island, and then William Penn's Pennsylvania colony. Young Franklin proved, consistently, to be a great scientific and political genius, internationally renowned; without him, and such of his associated, true geniuses, such as followers of Franklin such as Alexander Hamilton and, later, John Quincy Adams, the United States could have been neither formed, nor victorious in its creation, nor continued to exist and prosper in its course as the progeny of the genius of such as the great engineer-scientist Filippo Brunelleschi and Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa.

Everything good in the history of the Americas, thenceforth, has been located in the spark of these developments from the virtue of Jeanne d'Arc's mission, and the founding of the great Ecumenical Council of Florence which gave us the heritage of such as Brunelleschi and Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa. It was the recruited followers of Nicholas of Cusa's own trans-oceanic mission, which created the trans-Atlantic destiny of the Americas, most notably, the United States rooted in the Massachusetts Bay Colony of the Winthrops and Mathers. It has been those, including myself, whose continued devotion to those intentions, still carries the leading flag of humanity into whatever may be considered, presently, as the flag of mankind's future on this planet, and beyond.

The great Classical-Greek thinker, Aeschylus, has delivered to us, still today, a dramatic outline of the principled basis for defining the unique distinction of man from beast, and, from beastly nations and empires. Aeschylus was no mere poet, in any ordinary sense; his analysis, delivered in that drama, contains all of the essential issues which have been the contested intentions of man's struggle against the evil legacy of the notorious Zeus. The creation of the Constitution of our United States was premised on the products delivered to the design of our own Federal Constitution.

We, the heirs of that Constitution's intention, and of the intention underlying its foundations, have an obligation to cherish and maintain that great legacy, for the benefit of all mankind. We must make ourselves, therefore, foremost in our devotion of service to that wonderful cause, and expend our lives, if necessary, to the accomplishment of the service of that great mission.

On this account, it has been the Christian legacy in its original expression in the ministry of Jesus Christ, a ministry (like the first chapter of Genesis) of devotion to the implicit intention for the existence of all mankind. That mankind is not merely a mortal creature, as the mere animals are, but is endowed with a kind of immortality which conveys the discovery of new universal principles of our universe, which our minds themselves must create, and perpetuate, when the "mortal coil" then exists no more. This properly immortal destiny of the human mind, so ennobled and immortal in its power to change the future, represents the quality of fore-knowledge upon which the continued existence of the human species depends absolutely.

The mission of immortal dedication proper to the human soul, as no other known species could accomplish this feat, is the highest principle of law in our known universe. It is to that, that we must dedicate the very mission of our living existence: in its future consequences. I Corinthians 13: is an excellent expression of this for practical uses.

However, our mission is to the service of all humanity, especially those devoted to the principle of human immortality even in death; but, even for the evil ones, who, we might hope, will not leave us with evil progeny. That is the only true principle of law under which mankind could properly be situated. We now live, with clearly attested evidence, in hand, on this account. Such is, in fact, the highest law of which we have, presently, knowledge.

[1] The intention had been the British empire's efforts to block President Clinton's intention to block the effects of the Russian bond-market's collapse on the world economy generally, particularly on the United States itself. The sex scandal was pre-orchestrated and implemented, foremost by the Queen's intelligence services, with generous complicity from the Republican Party. This succeeded in pulling down President Franklin Roosevelt's Glass-Steagall Law, at least, temporarily, up to the present time of our population's current national economic distress.

[2] That would probably mean than the Wall Street swindle would be closed down (in bankruptcy) inside the U.S.A., with a return to Glass-Steagall.

[3]     (1.) He had persuaded General George Washington to serve as the First President of the U.S.A. (Sept. 1788);

         (2.) Report on Public Credit (Jan. 9, 1790); Report on a National Bank;   

         (3) Opinion on the Constitutionality of a National Bank; and,

         (4) Report on the Subject of Manufactures (Feb. 1791); the United States under President George Washington, would have, otherwise, collapsed.

[4] E.g., "... be fruitful and multiply"!

[5] As, consistently, since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

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