Volume 41, Number 9, February 28, 2014


Welcome President ‘X’: A New President for the U.S.A.  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“What I am about to present to you, in these following pages has been, to the best of my knowledge never been published ever before, except in the implications of the work of a relative handful of great masters.... I shall demonstrate here, why [it] is that Wall Street’s ‘money,’ for example, has no intrinsically physical-economic value! It has no justified claim on the income of the citizens of the United States, in particular ... there is no basis for anyone owing anything to the practices of Wall Street.”

Hamilton in Today’s World—& the Crisis Today: The Principle of Natural Economy—II  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Following the attempted impeachment of President Clinton, the British empire, operating through Wall Street, has now plunged the entirety of the Trans-Atlantic economies into bankruptcy. However, were Obama to be promptly impeached, for reason of complicity in this, there may still be time to prevent a war of thermonuclear extinction.

I Corinthians 13


Nazi Putsch in Kiev Presages Rapid Outbreak of WW III

by Nancy Spannaus

A map of the encirclement of Russia and China by U.S./NATO forces, accompanying this report, shows the British imperial intention to crush the Eurasian region, opening it up for rapacious looting to try to keep the bankrupt trans-Atlantic financial system afloat.

United States and EU, with Ukrainian Terrorists, Establish Nazi Regime  

by Natalia Vitrenko

A statement the chairwoman of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine.

Obama’s Trip to Riyadh: Will He Break Bread with the Wahhabis To Pursue Regime Change in Syria?

by Ramtanu Maitra and Jeffrey Steinberg

President Obama’s scheduled visit to Saudi Arabia at the end of March may be aimed at cementing the Washington-Riyadh resolve to widen the military involvement to remove the Syrian government under Bashar al-Assad.


Just One Member of Congress Needed To Start Impeachment  

by Alicia Cerretani

In his Feb. 21 interview with LaRouche PAC, Prof. Francis Boyle pointed out that it would take only one Member of Congress to initiate impeachment proceedings against Obama. But, so far, none has stepped forward. LaRouche PAC is mobilized to make it happen.

Kesha Rogers for Senate Forum: One Year after Chelyabinsk: The Strategic Defense of Earth

by Harley Schlanger

On the first anniversary of the asteroid impact over the city of Chelyabinsk, Russia, Texas Democratic Senatorial candidate Rogers sponsored “the only public forum addressing this critical issue in the United States of America.”

Apollo 17 Astronaut Schmitt Greets Conference

Greetings from Russia’s Kirill Benediktov

Franklin Roosevelt’s Credit Budgeting

by Michael Kirsch

Part III of a lecture given on July 29, 2013.


Fracking: An Anglo-Dutch Policy To Destroy the U.S.

by Benjamin Deniston

As extreme drought conditions ravage the western U.S., the Anglo-Dutch empire and its associated oil companies are using up voluminous quantities of water in the technology of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” to access shale oil and gas—further devastating America’s food supply. Excerpts from a report by a member of the LaRouche PAC Science Team.

Royal Dutch Shell/Big Oil Frack the U.S. into Ruin

by Marcia Merry Baker

Glass-Steagall Drive Spreads Nationwide

Three new memorials for Glass-Steagall were introduced into state legislatures over the last two weeks, bringing the 2014 total to 10, reflecting the fact that state lawmakers are not insulated (as Members of Congress tend to be) from the worsening conditions afflicting their constituencies.


A Matter of a Week, or So?: The End of War; Or, the End of Man?  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“If the British Empire, together with the Obama Administration, were not brought under ‘adult supervision’ within a matter of, as little as a week, or so, the overwhelming, if not absolutely certain prospect, would probably be extermination of the human species, probably as early as not much later than early March of this year.”


The Sheep of Panurge