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This article appears in the February 28, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

A New President for the U.S.A..

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr

February 20, 2014


Monroe & John Quincy Adams

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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The fact of the matter of our republic's history, is that all of our Presidents, since George Washington, until President James Monroe and John Quincy Adams, were not really fit to serve in that office. There were too many "ifs, and buts," such as President John Adams who had "also buts;" "slippery" Thomas Jefferson, who also had such faults; and James Madison, too: until there came President James Monroe, who came along (for two terms), and was followed by a true genius much in the likeness of Alexander Hamilton: President John Quincy Adams (who had created the forty-eight-state system as an integrated unit among his many achievements). After that, excepting some Presidents who enjoyed short lives in office: the rest, unlike Abraham Lincoln, were surviving heros such as Grant, or some relatively later victims of the Anglophile assassins and outright traitors, such as Andrew Jackson, and Wall Street's own Martin Van Buren.

Generally, there were scoundrels, or even outright traitors, such as Theodore Roosevelt (following a successful assassination of his rival, President William McKinley). The good Presidents, since President Grant, were usually dead, not long after arrival, like President William McKinley, who was shoved into his grave to make way for a treasonous Vice-President, Theodore Roosevelt, and for, later, an even scummier louse (a leader of the resurrection of the Ku Klux Klan, from inside the "White House" itself), Woodrow Wilson. President Harding had died (allegedly dead of eating oysters while traveling through the desert, by train), who was followed immediately by nothing but the treasonous Wall Street scoundrels, Coolidge and Hoover.

And, then, a truly great Franklin Roosevelt was succeeded in his own death-in-office, by Wall Street's own Harry S (no-middle-name) Truman. President Eisenhower should have replaced Wall Street's Truman; but that came too late for the best results; but, he did much good, nonetheless (in company with another great World War II Hero, President Charles de Gaulle of France). President John F. Kennedy was a great President, but, as has become more or less customary in the history of the U.S. Presidency's non-scoundrels, he was assassinated, as Presidents typified by Abraham Lincoln and William McKinley, had been assassinated. All Presidents assassinated in their term of office, have been, essentially, victims of the British very-foreign office of that empire's monarchies, as the British assassin, Aaron Burr, had brought the scoundrels Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren into the office of President.

That, in summary, has been the history of the American Presidency, up to the present time, Barack Obama is the most despicable of them all, and, accordingly, Barack Obama and his British guide, the Valerie Jarrett who had jerked him into office.

After all those, and related cases, of relevance, the conclusion must be, that there has been a great deal of error in assembling the composition of the Presidency, and much of the legislative branch as well. Wall Street has been, from the beginning, a prominent feature of a trend in our republic which had begun with the assassination of Alexander Hamilton by the British monarchy's own customary assassin of his time, Aaron Burr.

The greatest shame of our system of government, this far, has been the turn of a "blind eye" to the various lunatics, or simply outright criminals, who have been selected (nominally, by alleged majorities our own citizens), for election to high office!

Hopefully, therefore, (presuming he is kicked-out of office now: summarily), Barack Obama should go all-the-way-down in history, as the worst excuse for a President ever conceived. He is, politically, to be, now, peremptorily removed from office; pending accounting for trial for reason of the crimes he has committed in office. Let him otherwise live where he wishes, preferably not within our United States; British custody would seem more appropriate. Let Valerie Jarrett escort him to London in due course of time; that should be her punishment. He, certainly, with now over 70% estimated unpopularity, should be satisfied to abandon—even escape—his present office, that with the greatest haste, to join the company of their Royal British mistress, in an un-nuptial flight.

That much said, is enough to be said about Barack Obama himself. He is only one among the worst representatives of a disease which has infested our public since the British agent who had assassinated Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, a Burr who had never been apprehended for this crime, even when he had been entertained even by some among our Presidents.

The issue which I present here, in those illustrative terms, is not simply past errors committed in the name of our Presidency. The issue is, today, that it must never be repeated again: throw Obama out of office, for reason of more than cause enough for both his own impeachment and penalties for those specific crimes committed in office which must be addressed, for his complicity in specific crimes committed under his occupation in his elections and in office, and for crimes committed by his accomplices while in office. The trial of the British and other accomplices in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln since President Lincoln's own generosity toward British accomplices of wartime crimes is a relevant example to be considered in judging the criminality of the British empire's pet assassins.[1]

The fact is: there has been something rotten (something very rotten, in fact), imported into our system of government from its founding: something which fits one particular illustrative case of major crime: the consent of acceptance of the assassination of Alexander Hamilton by the locality of New York City at that time, and, also, by those Presidents who had implicitly condoned the occurrence of that assassination and the assassin, Burr, himself.

To get directly to the root of the matter underlying these preceding remarks: It was not only Alexander Hamilton that was assassinated by the British agent Aaron Burr; it was the principle of our Federal Constitution, a Constitution within which the specific genius of Benjamin Franklin and Hamilton had represented a most crucial part. With the case of Hamilton: it was a principle of the U.S. Constitution which had been assassinated for a second time, in his case. Many generations of our U.S. citizens, have suffered, and continue to suffer, presently, from this cause. It is that principle. which must be healed and restored now.

People as such, are never immortal in and of their own mortal condition in life. It is the principle associated with them, still, once their mortal life had ended, that since when their voice had been stilled forever: who have been the greatest geniuses of mankind's existence, have contributed those great principles of science and Classical artistic composition on which the future progress of the condition of the human species still depends, long after their own deaths, in a state of virtual immortality.

Indeed, many bad people have lived out their life as trash on this account. Their passing is regretted; but, we have wished that they might have made more of themselves. We do not think unkindly, if we recognize that they merely perpetuated crimes against the mission of humanity entrusted to them. But, for the greatest artists and scientists, we require a much higher standard: one, fitting the image of the model intentions of such great Renaissance figures as Filippo Brunelleschi and Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa. These typify the greatest missions to be fulfilled, within the scope of their lifetimes: individuals worthy of the rank of true saints for what they have meant for future mankind in their own time.

These qualities which we are right to demand from the membership of the bodies of our nation's self-government, must have the image of such an immortality in their mind's eye upon themselves. A blend of devotion, and pleasure in partaking in great deeds for the future of mankind, must now be finally adopted as the standard required for such as the President and legislatures of our system of government. Truth: not mere opinion, is the only honorable purpose of government, as it was for President Abraham Lincoln up to, and beyond the moment of his death.

The reign of the yokels must now be brought to an end!

I. Bill Clinton: A Case in Point

Not only was President William ("Bill") Clinton the victim of a hideous lie created by the British empire; but, the truth of the matter, insofar as I have some relatively expert knowledge of that truth, serves a common purpose. I am qualified, thereby, to report on facts known to me with a certain appropriately perfect knowledge of the circumstances under those victimized persons, who were not only President Clinton and his immediate circles, but the manner in which United States agencies, acting fraudulently, reduced President Clinton to a victim of a rotten scheme orchestrated, primarily, by the British intelligence services, but, also, with shared culpable complicity from members of the Republican Party and certain others at that time.[2]

What I do know, of my own knowledge respecting this particular matter, bears on two crucial points of evidence, both of which bear, implicitly: on an orchestrated scandal concocted by British intelligence services, using a Republican leadership as its accomplice in this crime against the U.S. Presidency itself, rather than merely the subject of President Clinton as such.

The tale begins earlier, with a much earlier meeting of leaders of the Government of Russia, at that time. Then, I had been invited by those Russian leaders, to advise them on matters which I had suggested should be undertaken by President Clinton in the strategic economic interests of the United States. My proposal had been registered with President Clinton, but he had, then, postponed consideration of action on such a matter, to a later time.

The later time came. A wretched government of Russia, had had, at somewhat later time, become mired in a massive, international financial swindle. This later development was immediately a grave issue for the U.S. Administration under President Clinton. I had transmitted recommended advice, based on my earlier dealings with my Russian hosts of the special meeting which they had held for me, earlier.

President Clinton had, with consideration by others, accepted my outlook on the means for dealing with a crisis which was of deadly importance for Russia, but also the foreign relations of the United States. President Clinton had, publicly (amid his own immediate circles), expressed his determination to adopt my recommended solution for the new crisis. This occurred during the month of August that same year: while I was still in Germany on other business. My personal representative was in direct contact with President Clinton during all occasions in the relevant communications between President Clinton and me. later, as earlier.

The goal of the evil perpetrators which that British conspiracy had launched against the United States, had originated with a thus, very well known, U. S.-situated operative of the British intelligence services, who had instigated an organizing a wild-eyed public conspiracy against President Clinton. At a certain point in those events, the British operative "skedaddled" back to home nest (probably on a warning presented to him from "back home" in the Merry Old British Empire). Some leading members from the leadership of the Republican Party, at that time, were fully implicated in the fraudulent scheme ("Wall Street's"), a scheme whose end-result was to force a cancellation of President Franklin Roosevelt's Glass-Steagall Law. All of the crucial facts have been and remain on the public record. More on this set of facts, is yet to come. I deal, here and now, with the most immediate features of the case at large.

A plot was organized, as follows. A certain young woman, with already foreknown predilections toward certain practices which she had proffered to relatively older gentlemen (on the West Coast of the United States) had moved, for family reasons, to the Washington, D.C., area, together with her mother, who had related personal affairs at that time. The Vice-President of the United States, at that time, Al Gore, had arranged the placement of this relevant young woman as an instrument inserted into the basement of the White House. This young thing was being supervised in her indecent operations there, in the White House basement, by another woman, who was directing the behavior of the young woman in conducting and advising the relevant sexual proclivities and their protracted exploitation.

What was the purpose of this plotting: all the way from the Queen's virtual bedroom, to Washington, by way of the leadership of the Republican Party, and the complicity of Vice-President Al Gore? Why!?

To force President Clinton to cancel Franklin Roosevelt's Glass-Steagall Law—so that the scheme of Bail-out, Bail-in, could later be used by Wall Street, ultimately in London's and Wall Street's criminal intention to destroy the economy of the United States. The intention for this crime was a scheme in which London and Wall Street were, immediately, the principal culpable agencies. The proceeds were delivered as an integral intention of the Dodd-Frank fraud which had led to compelling President Clinton to surrender the Franklin Roosevelt Glass-Steagall law. All of the major economic and related crimes perpetrated against the United States and its citizenry in that matter, were the fruit of the hoax instrumentalized against President "Bill" Clinton.

The majority of the silly members of the Congress associated with such accomplices as the Dodd-Frank team in the U.S. Congress, on this account, went through two phases. The first step in effecting the intended conspiracy, was a certain complicity in setting up the "sex trap" facilitated by Vice-President Al Gore. A crucial, additional crime, once Glass-Steagall had been neutralized by the Dodd-Frank hoax, was the hoax of the British-Saudi-launched "9-11" attack on the United States. The dummy used for the complicity in that event, was the merely nominal President, George W. Bush, Jr. (the dunce kept in the corner, signing papers), and, next, was the role assigned to Valerie Jarrett's selection of the strange creature presently known as President Barack Obama. "Bail-out" became the proximate result. Bail-in, is the intended, Wall Street death-stroke against the entity of the United States itself.

It all goes to show what "jerks" the majority of the public of the United States can be when they are not careful in demanding the actual truth of important matters of state. Everyone in the leading elements of the U.S. press had access to the role of the British intelligence services in setting this plot against the United States which the torture of "Bill" Clinton had represented. "Everyone in the U.S.," knew, similarly, of the Republican Party role in this hoax. The Republicans also had knowledge, through the mother of the "unnamed device" which was to be deployed for the attempted impeachment of President Clinton, a device transported from the West Coast into Washington, and used by Republican Party prominences, and Vice-President Al Gore: all of whom had been been crucial in placing and setting the intended trap for President Clinton into place: the trap without which, President Clinton would never have been pressed into complicity for cancelling Glass-Steagall.

'How and Why?'

What is the end-result. Look back to President Clinton's second term in office for additional evidence.

Look back (also) to the Russia crisis of that earlier time. Look back to British intelligence operations in setting the intended trap into motion. Consider the policy of the United States which President Clinton had intended as a means to avert the evil done to the United States: evil to be done by the cancellation of the Glass-Steagall Law still existing under Democratic President Clinton. Clinton's humiliation, under threat of impeachment for reason of fraudulent Republican and British schemes. Are you "Democrats," or, perhaps, "silly Demoncrats." Do "you guys" realize what kind of fools so many among you had become, to fall so low, and be so outrightly stupid and nasty (as like leading Republicans then in office), as that?

Do you wish to, now, tell me, that you have been competent legislators, and even despite the folly of both Republican and Democratic leaders of those two leading political parties of this republic?

It is long past time, for the invocation of higher standards of judgment and behavior, than that!.

There is, I concede, a (sort of) rational explanation of such damned foolish behavior. You did not wish to know better. Evidently, you did not consider it prudent, if you were to be considered to be clever schemers, rather than honest representatives of the solemn duties of legislation of a Federal U.S. Government: to, thus, make such asses-in-fact of yourselves, as that! Dodd-Frank? How low could members of Congress get?

II. What I Had Known About All This

At an earlier time than the events of the entrapment of President Clinton by British intelligence (with foolish Republican Party complicity), I had already been on the specific case which would lead, later, into the British scheme for setting up President "Bill" Clinton.

Earlier, during one of my visits to Moscow, I had been invited to be the featured guest at an assembly of the body of leading, relevant statesmen of Russia at that time. It was, as things sometimes go, a full-throated affair involving the interest of the President of the United States at that time, but also involving his adopted postponement of any action, other than exchange of information between my intermediary and the President.

The concern, which I had expressed in delivering my expert opinion as an economist, to both the Russia leadership bodies involved, and to my proposal to President Clinton (through standard channels of communication), came back on the President's agenda when a Russian government, at a later time, entrapped itself in an Anglo-American "Wall Street" type of financial swindle. That latter crisis had occurred during the Summer prior to the launching of the scandal against President Clinton. I came into the picture of U.S.A.-Russia economic relations, again, through the customary channels, as before, during the month of August preceding the use of the "device" placed into the White House by Vice-President Al Gore. The bait and trap were set in place, accordingly.

The British were already on the case (wildly, in the U.S.A. press, and the Republican Party). In the meantime, prior to that development, I had transmitted my encouragement on the Russia crisis, as early, through my customary channels to President Clinton. He, in the course of this, picked up on the plan of action in respect to Russia, which I had delivered to him (by a customary channel) during the period of the earlier proposal by me delivered to him out of the conclusions I had presented, and the Russian principals had accepted in the earlier "Blue Ribbon" conference which I had conducted in Russia. He stated publicly his enthusiastic response to my proposal for the needed action.

Then, the British-intelligence-prepared plot struck. The British intelligence agent involved, was whisked, for reasons of discretion, back to Europe, and, then, the witch-hunt against President Clinton, booby-trap, and all, led to the principal consequence intended, jointly, by Wall Street and London.

My proposal to President Clinton had been that which had been publicly described as his policy for dealing with the general financial-economic crisis of that time; it was the policy which could have succeeded. Wall Street and London wanted no such success for the United States. That, in brief, is how it all happened. Now, as result, the continued economic existence of our United States remains in jeopardy; the new diseases, known publicly as including George W. Bush, Jr. and Barack Obama, are merely polluting instruments used for the crime of Wall Street and London against our republic and its continued existence now.

After all, my record in economic forecasting of the future, has been impeccable over the course of decades of such experience. Why, therefore, had anyone competent in modern economic history, have been surprised? This is what I do frequently in my long-standing profession as a skilled economic professional over seven decades.

More important: that is what I am doing right now! As follows, now.

III. Physical Science Itself

What I am about to present to you, in these following pages has been, to the best of my knowledge never been published ever before, except in the implications of the work of a relative handful of great masters. The uniqueness of what I shall have presented henceforth, has never been competently presented to any known audience, except in fragmentary aspects of what I have published in this connection earlier. Certainly no associate of mine has ever delivered a work of the necessary competence which I am in the process of delivering here. This, in fact, has been my speciality in economy: in excerpting the implications of Hamilton's own work; he had been limited in the scope of his own discoveries, then, until a time which came more than now two centuries later than his assassination, that done by British assassination-specialist Aaron Burr.

What has made so many members of our U.S. Congress appear to be so stupid, so much of the time? (To say nothing of the majority of our most recent two Presidents on record this far.) All this actually goes as back in our national history, as, essentially the true geniuses of Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton, the ones who have shown the best insight into the physical principles of economy (approximately, that far) for all nations who might have wished to enjoy the benefits of these discoveries.

In the preceding chapters, I have emphasized the widespread stupidity among our elected National legislators. The proper name for such misguided legislators is "being practical," which, translates, in evidence of practice: "They don't really know what they are doing: and, more important, most have not wished to actually know."

Alexander Hamilton, "the guy who saved the United States from going bankrupt," (even under an otherwise true genius like President George Washington), a principle which was something well known, in fact, to Benjamin Franklin while he had lived (the man who made the United States possible), and Franklin's best student, Alexander Hamilton.

Later, John Quincy Adams (who had had the advantage of having a great teacher, Benjamin Franklin; his father and mother were not), Abraham Lincoln (a scholar of John Quincy Adams), and, implicitly, also, William McKinley, Franklin Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy, understood such matters. Most others, with rare exceptions so far, to date, have not. The difference lies in the contrary notions of the meaning of "money." The generally accepted concept of money, as by our typical citizens today, has absolutely no correspondence to reality, or to science in particular.

Here, in this present chapter, I shall carry the argument of Hamilton himself, to its properly amplified place in modern physical science today.

General Alexander Hamilton (to invoke his military rank in service), subsequently the genius-Secretary of the Treasury under President George Washington, was the only leading political figure of the United States (since Benjamin Franklin) who really understood the actual principles of a physical science of economy. He permitted no intrinsic attribution of value to money per se (nor do I). However, those were only during his times; new revelations, usually not understood then, came later, long after his decease.

I shall demonstrate here, why is that Wall Street's "money," for example, has no intrinsically physical-economic value! It has no justified claim on the income of the citizens of the United States, in particular; the claims of Wall Street would be intrinsically fraudulent; there is no basis for anyone owing anything to the practices of Wall Street: you might properly expropriate everything they might claim in their capacity for financial dealings. They are, in fact, a fraud-in-itself.

Hamilton had already attacked that issue with absolute perfection in the four principles of economy which he introduced during his term of service as Secretary of the U.S. Treasury! In fact, Hamilton was specific in emphasizing that the margin of discrepancy between mere money and value; we must treat the net physical value, after accounting for factors of discrepancy, as the only "profit" of economy. In other words, every penny Wall Street claims as its own money is, intrinsically, worthless still today, and can be, and should be cancelled without notice (on balance of net, rather than gross). Money adds no value at all, unless the value is defined by the net physical gain of increase of the productive powers of labor by a society.[3]

What I have just stated this far, is not a mere opinion; it is the only truth that actually existed during and since Hamilton's time. The history of the humans' species has proven this fact conclusively. That much Hamilton set forth uniquely, and that very well; but, since the course of later time—two centuries later, there is now much more to be known.

Were people (generally) capable of understanding the proof of what I have just stated, my labors here would have been greatly simplified. Do not blame me for this; blame the ignorance of your teachers. Those teachers fall into general classes. The smaller number of, and better teachers will readily accept the authority of my proofs. The dummies will refuse, of course.[4] The competent will sort themselves out readily (but not completely), with perhaps a bit of intellectual exertion in the process. My subject here, is physical science, in the strictest meaning of the term "physical:" I mean the unique principle of human life: the noëtic principle of human life. Only mankind has been a known species which had created its own life willfully, as I shall emphasize that specific point here. That is implicit in the methods of the great V.I. Vernadsky; I go here, directly, to the point which is implicit in his own.

The Principle of Man: The Common Hoax

The most fatal of the errors of contemporary popular opinion, is the presumption of what is called (unfortunately) mathematics as such. Or, to situate the foolishness in broader terms of reference: there is the somewhat widespread idiocy of belief in a deductive method of sense-perception as such.

There are two leading "factors" (if you must insist on "factors") which immediately refute a demanded blind faith in sense-perception as such.

These are properly named, as underlying non-deductive factors of reality, which are to be named: life and mind. These are, in practice, the superior powers, with respect to which, the rest of the so-called factors, and, are virtually shadows cast by the principled notion of life and mind; without those two superior agencies, you know, actually, nothing. This is most crucial, for any competent understanding of scientific meaning of human life. In other words, "popular opinion," is essentially ignorant opinion. All competent opinion depends, ultimately, upon those two primary factors. All physical science, such as that of Nicholas of Cusa: his student, Johannes Kepler, or Gottfried Leibniz, (never those disgusting imbeciles, the reductionists: such as Aristotle, Euclid, Isaac Newton, Clausius, Bertrand Russell, et al., to name but a few).

I shall now emphasize the significance of that just-now-stated point, as follows:

The distinction of the human mind, and its behavioral capabilities, rests upon what a competent person today recognizes as the noëtic principle (creation as supreme). Life is one of these, and creativity as a principle (rather than merely an object). Life per se, and human creativity, are the principled notions for mankind, by means of which, mankind depends upon the specifically unique, noëtic powers of the specifically, uniquely human imagination.

Those are the (unfortunately) primary terms which delimit mankind's power of true knowledge, this far in our knowledge of that universe which we inhabit. It is, therefore, human life (the only true expression of the superiority of the human mind over all other known living processes), which defines the scientific basis for appreciating the meaning of the specific powers of the human mind. In other words, we are conceiving of the human mind as the uniquely (presently) known standard for our present state of progress in respect to our knowledge of the universe.

This implicitly quantifiable quality: that of relative human knowledge, brings our attention to the current limits of our effective understanding. Thence, all knowledge is bounded-in-fact by the discovery of higher orders of existence than we have known, heretofore, to have been those of our universe. It is from this standpoint, and only this standpoint, that we may actually know ourselves by a process of discovery of universal principles, which consume, bit by bit, the previously unknown.

In this matter, there is no essential distinction of Classical artistic composition from a competent notion of physical science. It has been only through the actually criminal folly of an ignorant mankind, heretofore, that we might consider Classical art and physical science as being, relatively, merely distinct experiences of existence.

However, that is not enough to be said in and of itself. There is an implicitly additional consideration: "creativity per se." That means human creativity, most emphatically. Here, we must emphasize the unique use, here, of the term noëtic. The term has two, interrelated, significances. One is the creative evolution of animal species (the merely animal species); the second, is that of the human species. Man has had an animal evolution, but only up to a certain, crucial point; human creativity, properly distinguished from the animal, is also the willfully voluntary creativity of our (so far) unique species.

That much now said, here, and now: defines the absolutely required, unique significance of the conceptual-term human mind. Here is where true science must always begin: it is the specifically human meaning of the notion of human mind. The human mind changes the universe; perhaps in modest degree, but no other known species makes such ontologically noëtic changes voluntarily. That is where physical science properly begins its mission of science: uniquely human, voluntary creation of a self-higher species.

IV. The Human Mind & Economy

The very idea of human economy depends upon the notion of human creativity: typically, the increase of the productive powers of labor, per capita and per unit of territory per capita. This factor is represented, in practice, as the factor of energy-flux density. Mankind not only uses the elements of chemistry; mankind also creates the elements of chemistry in terms of reference to their expression and practice. Hence, the generalized notion of "energy-flux density." This now includes the categories discovered by Max Planck and Albert Einstein: which had been, then, new, hitherto unknown conceptions. The use (and even the very existence) of such concepts depend upon their relevance for the functions of mankind operating within a mode of qualitatively increasing energy-flux density.[5]

A similar set of relationships exists for mankind's true discoveries of principle. From this, we can adduce a general principle of physical energy-flux density. Truth becomes clear, when we take into account the Classical poetry and related means of an actually Classical type of truly humanistic energy-flux density, such as the example of Filippo Brunelleschi's artistic composition of physical principles, and that in like of unique notion of design of the principles of "hanging ropes" (and the like) for the Santa Maria of Florence and the musically (physical) principle of the Pazzi Chapel;[6] and, otherwise, the general principles of science created by the titanic intellect of Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa. That great Renaissance has lain the true foundations of all the actually competent notions of modern physical science, the which must accompany deeper insights into the nature of the human species.[7]

My mission on this account, has been following the track leading from Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa to the voyages which Cusa inspired in Christopher Columbus, through the influence of the Bishop in Portugal: an association of Cusa which had opened the gates for the founding, in particular, of the Massachusetts Bay Colony of the Seventeenth Century, and the United States of the Eighteenth Century.[8]

The connections among those notable facts of ancient, and also modern, world history, are specifically unique to the characteristics of the human species as a unique species. These connections are made apparent through the indivisible relationship between science and Classical artistic composition: anything different, is garbage to be thrown out from the kitchen of the human soul.

The progress of the human species, when considered against the backdrop of those typical connections which I have just referenced, should have impelled us to penetrate these matters more deeply, thus exploring the matters of fundamental evolutionary processes. The most efficient approach is that of biochemistry when that is measured in terms of the qualitative leaps in energy-flux density performed by the human species in its evolutionary progress to becoming yet a still-higher quality of human life. The effect of those leaps, is not merely quantitative, but qualitative in succession of ordering, as ordered in terms of a general notion of energy-flux density.

The proper measurement of this set of changes in state is human-evolutionary: man's command of ever higher physical states of existence of our species: always, consistently higher and higher energy-flux densities commanded by the will of mankind. This is opposed absolutely to the infamous theses of Zeus, which also means both the Roman Empire and what the British monarchy adopted as the New Roman Empire of Shelburne's time: an empire which had declared the British kingdom a New Roman Empire sharing all the essentially Zeus-ian characteristics of the old, still today.

That is, in fact, the British (or, better said, "brutish") empire of today: The Fall (of the Roman Empire) and the Rise of that British Empire which is the traditional enemy of the United States ever since the Dutch-English empire was first established, as such, as under the Dutch and British tyrants still operating under the Dutch succession which had risen out of the Dutch invasion of England and the chronic butchery of the Irish. The English people at large may have often improved, but the imperial monarchy wears successive generations with ever-uglier monstrosities—still, from the top, down. To join the Irish in this opinion, is not essential; but, being Irish helps greatly in clarifying one's vision in such matters.

From Ape to Man

The quickest clue to understanding the difference between man and ape, is to be found in what it might be excused to say: human biology, as absolutely differing from that of the apes, or other, inferior, forms of life. Simply, mankind is the only presently known species with human mental characteristics separating all human personalities (excepting perverts) from bestial ones. The proper practice of chemistry makes the essential difference clearer.

This could not have been made clear, until modern physical chemistry had taken its initially validated approximation, that for an Alexander Hamilton to have adduced an implicitly chemical basis in behaviorisms, for defining the differing pathways of development of human characteristics from those of every other known living species. The role of man in this role as a voluntarily evolutionary potency, creates, thus, a new characteristic of life in general, not resembling in any significant degree the characteristics of a mere animal or plant.

Consequently, presently (today, for example) we are enabled to "map," as if quite literally, the evolution of mankind as mental, more than biological otherwise. The irony of this is, that it is human mental life which defines human biological evolution, rather than animal standards of comparison. Our action, as "chemists" in a certain proper sense of voluntary (willful), is the means by which we, unlike any other living species presently known to us, this far, may evolve to higher states of existence by merely rethinking our practice, rather than being obliged to changing our already existing, physical-genetic modalities.

Thus, we are left the fact, that it is the mind of man which determines the physical existence of the human species, rather than the other way (the animal way). In this respect, art and science are indivisible, as the imagination is more essential to progress in chemistry, than chemistry itself. The increase of the effective energy-flux density of the human society is the measure of its humanity in practice. "Greenies" are, by devotion, more beast than man, Cruel thing to say? It's true, nonetheless. Greenies sent to the kennels? We would hope that that were not necessary; better, they should give up their anti-scientific quackery.

[1] The justice awarded by President Lincoln, while he had still lived, and in the matter of the still-open crimes of the accomplices in his assassination, presents a relevant standard. The British monarchy's complicities in the matter of the assassinations of Secretary Alexander Hamilton and of the London-directed accomplices in the Lincoln assassination, are relevant cases-in-fact for consideration.

[2] I include the still-continuing Dodd-Frank conspiracy which had depended upon the fraudulent actions against President Clinton during, and following the term of his Presidency.

[3] The so-called "Marxists" never understood anything essential, either. Theirs was what might be named as relatively innocent incompetence in economy: "Value added" is only a confused, unscientific notion. V.I. Vernadsky has been among the best of all economists known so far; he based it all on a demonstrated principle of life! For the next best, to actually human life, which is the highest known rank of existence: see below.

[4] It is—or should be—readily acknowledged (admittedly with some working out the physical science involved), that Euclid was either an idiot, or liar, and that any physics student who admired Euclid had something wrong in their head, or, somewhere else.

[5] The highly useful (once) but now outdated notion of a fixed table of elements has been now superseded by current scientific progress.

[6] Both of whom I have visited repeatedly during my stays in Florence, Italy, during the 1980s, while I was tracking the scientific work of the Italian school of Bernard Riemann's influence on the physical science of Italy, and defending the hopes of the Vatican for the cause of Poland's clergy.

[7] This ranks near to the genius of the great Eratosthenes, who measured the size of Earth from reference to the Sun, and who inspired the great expedition of a flotilla, designed by the influence of Eratosthenes, into the territory now known as the celebrated ancient landmark site on the coast of Chile, dating archeologically from during Eratosthenes' time.

[8] The links from the Renaissance into the times of Shakespeare and the founding of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, are specific as to connections and type (also that of François Rabelais), as also part of those connections linked through the Massachusetts Bay Colony of the Winthrops and Mathers, with their overlaps in activities with the activities of Gottfried Leibniz and Benjamin Franklin..

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