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This article appears in the March 21, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Our USA Now Enters a New Era

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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March 8, 2014

The presently sharpened conflict between the Senate and the Obama Presidency, portends that, President Barack Obama, either measures up, or that President backs down, or, a new President comes in soon.

This change must not occur within a physical-economic vacuum.

The United States economy, is now caught between a Wall Street "Bail-in" hyper-deflationary crisis, or an immediate return to Glass-Steagall. But, that is not quite enough.


My duty, as an economist of appropriately exceptional credentials, is, now, to outline the principled features required for the immediate rescue of our United States from an imminent, general financial and economic collapse. I shall present the needed steps to be taken, here and now; but, first, I must lay a certain foundation.

At the same time, we have been drawn in a great sucking-device, the increasing threat of the outbreak of a global thermonuclear war which now threatens the very existence of our human species. This danger is complemented by a grave, deadly economic crisis of the already bankrupt trans-Atlantic, British-Empire-dominated, predominantly oligarchical, system. The immediately worst threat comes from the British empire's presently firm intention to provoke a global thermonuclear warfare among the nations of the planet.

The needed response, is now one which should be premised on a true insight into what have been the rarely actually remembered, great genius of General Alexander Hamilton, on these subjects, as also known in principles of practice by Presidents James Monroe, John Quincy Adams, Henry C. Carey, and Abraham Lincoln: the most essential, and clearest of these followers of both the truly great scientist, Benjamin Franklin, and the Hamilton who had made the most precise and fundamental achievements on this account since the Winthrops and Mathers of the Seventeenth and Early Eighteenth Centuries, from whom the later Americans had acquired their own sense of both direction and discretion.

Nonetheless, the foundations of scientific knowledge upon which these relatively early American scientists had largely depended, during their own times, must be traced to the still earlier foundations for which all competent actually modern science have really depended, since, the great physicists of the 15th Century, Filippo Brunelleschi, Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, and their successor in modern physical science, Johannes Kepler. There were other important contributors to this progress within those brackets, but these have been the most crucial from during that interval.

All of the great American explorers who engaged in the applications of outstanding scientific discoverers, since Columbus himself, had been chiefly followers of Brunelleschi, Cusa, and Kepler, either directly, or implicitly, otherwise. All of these, and their like, including Brunelleschi and Kepler, since their time, had all represented an orientation toward a world-outlook which rejected the adherence to the then pre-established European cultural ways; the very name of "Renaissance" signified, in practice, a new world-outlook, breaking all earlier known European precedents.[1] This necessarily signified, implicitly, reaching out to then known regions across the great oceans, to, in particular, Columbus's implicit discovery of a new world, that which lay across the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, most emphatically, but, implicitly, the Pacific, too.

These were the specifically American developments, in a particular, and exact meaning of that which was to become our own new nation. The result was a becoming of being Americans, the United States, most significantly, first of all, rather than merely Europeans settling abroad. Theirs was a new way of thinking, systemically opposed to the pre-existing, and, even still presently, European outlook.

This emergence of a relatively new continent for Europeans, meant, however, that there had also been a crucially important, qualitative transition, the interval of the great, so-called Golden Renaissance, which was immediately preceded by the courage of the martyred Jeanne d'Arc. From that crucial moment of her courage and martyrdom thrust upon her by the criminality of the evil Normans and their associated, merely nominally Christian, actually evil priests, and a treasonous French King, who had betrayed her.[2] From the moment the news on Jeanne d'Arc had reached the founders of the Golden Renaissance, a new world, across the Atlantic, was being given birth, a new world, yet to become: the future United States, created, from across the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, where a new way of thinking about humanity would take place.

This point is to be emphasized in my emphasis on the case of the scientist most closely associated with the effect of the genius of Nicholas of Cusa, Johannes Kepler. All other actually competent, leading modern scientists had continued to reflect the influence of Brunelleschi, Cusa, and Kepler's achievement: his particular discovery of the organization of the universe, most clearly, respecting the first, truly discovered principle of organization of the planetary system: not a mere interpretation of observed phenomena, but a truly universal quality of an actually discovered universal physical principle, which had been previously unknown, as Kepler provided a crucially significant springboard to the defining of a leap upward, in thinking, by and for the advancement of the powers of the human mind.

The ideas on which the creation of our United States (in particular) had been carried into the development of a new civilization, across the Atlantic, into North America, where that great new option for mankind could take its proper birth of an essential new view of the proper nature of mankind, freed from the evils customary to "the old world."

That did not signify that North America, or other parts of the Americas, would become a paradise of human freedom from the evils of the old world, or a place of paradises. We had fled the Old World; but, it continued to pursue our settlement in the New, pursuing us from, chiefly, the evil of the same old parts of, chiefly, Europe and its traditionally Romantic and like evils. We are still being hotly pursued so, presently, as has been just shown by the anger from within the Senate, against Obama's evils, which has caused us, to take alarm presently.

The foreign predators, presently the evil which is still the British Empire, still pursues us from across the Atlantic, even into and beyond the Presidency and Senate, and other parts of our Congress, and their attachments, of our United States. We had escaped the threatened destruction of our republic, this far, but we are also still cruelly pursued from across the great waters, escaped, momentarily, but, nonetheless, the still pursued discoverers of a new kind of freedom, a specifically American freedom, which our own most insightful citizens wish to see re-established as an influence among the whole of our living human population. A new turn to the regaining of our own hard-fought, Constitutional birthright, is demanded for us, presently, if, as Benjamin Franklin had warned us in his time, if we had have the guts to rescue our republic, once more, right now.

But, we must also wish the same benefits for the peoples of other nations. This is, "us," when we are truly what I can identify as worthy representatives of the founding principles of our own republic, including, most notably, the intention of our first, and also remarkably great, original Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, as that had been echoed by, most notably, Presidents John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin D. Roosevelt, among our more numerous minority of truly great Presidents.

The American Mind

The leading emblems of our American Freedom, and its specific mentality, are typified, as it had been originally in fact, in an essential way, by the Seventeenth Century Massachusetts Bay settlement led by the Winthrops and Mathers, a settlement which had been crushed by the evil Dutch tyranny, during those later years: as Cotton Mather had spoken to the young Benjamin Franklin.

Nonetheless, with Cotton Mather's urgent assignment to Benjamin Franklin, this legacy of the Massachusetts Bay Colony had been expressed in the rebirth of the same intention which had been born in the creation of original Massachusetts settlement, which was now forged anew during the course of the Eighteenth Century, to become the kernel of what became the Constitution of our United States. This kernel, first hatched in Seventeenth Century Massachusetts, had proven to have been the egg of a conception first hatched, and later delivered as the precedent of that Golden Renaissance typified best by the initiating spirit of the leaderships of scientific efforts of the physical scientist Filippo Brunelleschi and the greater genius of Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa which made Brunelleschi's practice the true genius whose influences had given the needed spirit which had later produced our original United States.

These connections, from the Golden Renaissance, to the founding of our Republic, can be regarded as the original "egg" almost unknown, in fact, among citizens of our United States presently, but which still lurks as an intent for a universal principle of government still among us, an expression of a great principle still haunting us, that still relentlessly, from where it still reposes in the life of our republic, still today, as being the true meaning of our thought, that: "We here today are faithfully Americans."

The conception of principle which I have outlined in the preceding paragraphs, above, is rarely comprehended among us with sufficient efficiency of insight, presently; but, as it might sometimes be said: nonetheless exists waiting to be realized, and might have popped into a citizen's awareness, even suddenly, to his, or her surprise, as it did, in fact, for many citizens of my own generation, or slightly older, in the outbreak of our experience of the great World War II, for us, then. For my part, I know that that goodness still lurks there; it is my own principled devotion, despite all else that might be said. I am truly an American, and those patriots whom I know the best, also know it, and I know that, too, presently.

My particular concern, in writing this report, is to hope to inspire among at least some of us, what we Americans really are, what is different about us, than Europeans generally, but, implicitly, must also be, once more, again, to their true advantage, and we, ourselves, as they, must come to understand what that difference, still working among our honest patriots, is, in fact, even though their knowledge of this within them, as their true heritage, appears, often, to have gone to sleep.

I had first seen this, even as a freshly minted adolescent coming out of the 1920s, and into the actualities of the early 1930s economic depression. I had seen it with my military service in the United States, and later in Asia, I saw it most clearly, in India, where I had first landed in Asia, and, later, after completing my service in northern Burma, but had then remained in service in India for a considerable passage of time there, with many months of that spent in Calcutta. I had seen this, later, in France, Germany, and Italy, chiefly, and, later, frequently for a time, in post-Soviet Russia, and other places in Europe, as in Thailand and Japan, and in offshore China, as in Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, and other places.

I know myself from the places I have visited for important reasons; I know who I am, when I say that I am truly a typical American in all essential respects. I know myself from the vantage-point of one among those who have been born of that nature, and in my regard for, and attachment to many persons and cultures which I have visited, sometimes at considerable length, and, often, for very important reasons. Therefore, I know myself best for the age of my experience during 92-odd years to date. I am thus privileged to know far better than most, from personal experience, as, presently, among a tiny roster of the survivors still active among us, still, from that generation of those veterans still living today who retain a sense, despite the recent two Presidencies, of what it really means "to be an American" under the circumstances of crisis with which I am confronted immediately, now.

That much said, so far, on this account. Take what I have now just said, as a point of reference, for defining what it really means, spiritually, to be an American insofar as I am enabled to recognize what is embedded in the experience of having been, and the becoming of a retrospective insight into myself, and how I see you, too, from the advantage of crucial features of my experience as an American, now still bridging two successive centuries, within our world now.

Thus, we, at our best, are truly "different," when we are true to the heritage known to the experience of my own memories, and, also, with regard for that fact as crucial for the world to recognize during this presently on-going threat of a global thermonuclear warfare. It is therefore, essential that you, my fellow-citizens, and friends otherwise, that you, too, still understand, essentially, who we patriots really are, as an active force in history, especially how we Americans, at our best, are really special in certain of our talents, if we actually try as we must, amid the circumstances of a world presently in grave jeopardy, a world presently suffering unavoidable grave doubts respecting our species' presently imperilled very existence, presently: on the edge of the immediately fomenting edge of sudden outbreak of a global thermonuclear warfare.

I. Since Brunelleschi & Cusa

It is now past the time to consider who is that Prometheus who is to be recognized as the designated enemy of implicitly all known, inherently Satanic, oligarchical evils; I mean, by "evil," such as those of our own republic's most naturally immediate enemy, the present British Empire of today.

Prometheus, the natural enemy of both the Roman and British empires, the Prometheus who had been embodied in his exact same notion of creative principles which I uphold here, now: rather than those evils which are merely deductions, respecting science and morality. Those are the same, essential qualities of persons and principles which had produced the crucial, and brilliant discovery of principle of the organization of our Solar system by Johannes Kepler, and which, in turn, were already, in the past and presently, alike, located, in their underlying origin: a discovery rooted within the earlier, respective, discoveries of such as Filippo Brunelleschi, the great physical scientist, and the greater scientific and moral genius of Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa.

The spirit which can, thus, be readily identified in the work of the three, expresses the spirit specific to: Brunelleschi, Cusa, and their follower in the building of modern physical science, Kepler. The quality of actual principles of discovery of truly fundamental mental achievements, rather than the reductionists' mere measurements, reaches back to the precedents of such singular figures as Prometheus and Plato, as opposed to the ugly concessions to the virtual Satan which is otherwise named Zeus. Modern European science and its trans-Atlantic expression, when it is marked out for recognition as a Renaissance, in the true meaning of that name, which expresses a fresh return to an impassioned rejection of the inherent evil of the ancient Roman-imperial and its modern British imperial model, and also the matter of the proliferation of contemporary return to the backwardness of most leading trends in the British-imperial-dominated world of the present time.

The question should be: is there any naturally predetermined standard for the foreseeable characteristics of a continuing human social culture; are those stated choices, presented above, merely conventions? What might be objectively wrong about "class distinctions" being introduced, or permitted to be continued in any human cultures? That is, indeed, where lie the frankly (as in Dodd-Frank) evil of quasi-President, for the "Fracking" evils of Dick Cheney and President Barack Obama, alike: who have departed, so far, and so conspicuously, from what should be the definable moral standard for social relations in a truly human culture.

II. Existing & Objective Standards For Human Cultures

The proper standard for any actually human culture, is bred into man's appropriate behavior toward progress. Such progress is to be adduced properly from the evidence of the living history of the continuing, essential distinction of man from beast.

This standard is as if a-priori, but, also, implies the existence of a wrong choice of the proper meaning of conception for this case, of the specific, physical-economic principle, defined by the discovery of Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, as in his 1791 definition supplied, definitively, in his "Opinion on the Constitutionality of a National Bank" (February 1791): A principle of physical economic science; which, in fact of practice, subsumes the other three great physical-economic principles reposing in the foundations of the actual foundations of practice for our Federal Constitution, as in the administrations of Presidents James Monroe, John Quincy Adams, and, most emphatically, in actual practice, President Abraham Lincoln's policy for Greenbacks, a policy which saved the United States from a defeat by our republic's most evil of our mortal enemies, the same British Empire which caused the assassination of that same President Abraham Lincoln.

The properly required standard of performance, resides in the quality of a universal physical principle specific to the human species' most uniquely distinguishing characteristics, which is to say, as absolutely distinguished from all non-human life. I have often referred to that principle as the unique principle governing any possibility of successful human evolution's escape from permanent bestiality, bestiality of that type stated as the policy of the Satanic Zeus, and such of the followers of Zeus as the Roman and presently British empires. The principle which, uniquely, distinguishes man from beast, with absolute uniqueness, is counterposed to the characteristics of all of the non-human species. The religion of Zeus, like the Roman and British empires sharing their same characteristics of inhumanity (i.e., the tradition marked by the British in India), is the global evil which must be removed from the inherent mission of the creation of our United States, and whatever nations and persons share our abhorrence of the systems of government which follow the tenets of the precepts of Zeus, as the Roman and British empires have done.

The Matter of Political Practice

It is fair, and also necessary to say: that the human species makes its own future place voluntarily with respect to all other known living processes, but, also, absolutely, above each and every other species of living creature presently known to mankind. The fairly accurate description of that distinction, is that a human life, is governed, in its inherently natural design, by the necessity of an implicit progress of being a voluntarily upward-evolving species of the ontological characteristics of a human life, as distinct from all others presently known by us to exist, or have existed. The human species, therefore, always lives, actually, in the progressive development of its own future, to increase continually an ever-greater distance-in-principle from the beasts. This must be manifest, in fact, in practice: in a principle of constant anti-entropic change. No such example, is presently known among all other presently known species. Either you know the future, as a matter of principle, or your perception of your quality of life is a damaged one.

The general principle of effect, of human progress in this mode of progress, demands use of the notion of a succession of future "eras" in the qualitative leaps of one human culture, each to another, qualitative higher state of social existence. This has been demonstrated for chemistry by insight into the principled ordering of mankind's general direction for its meaning of "progress," by a general rise in the qualities of energy-flux density of effects in the human process as a whole process.

That taken into account, I explain:

The standard required for the most useful way of treating this phenomenon, is found in the domain of biochemistry: the chemistry attempting to measuring the relatively internal-to-society-progress, per capita, of the species of human life. In contemporary scientific usage, the correlative term, is "energy-flux density" in the non-biological standard for human progress.

In other words, mankind, when it evolves upward in per-capita performance, has self-evolved in a mode which corresponds to relatively higher orders of energy-flux density in the achievements of comparative relative performance of the human species. Or, say, "Mankind is properly socially self-evolving, upward" with respect to human society's own relative net performance, as such: the relative rates of performance of man, per capita, with the evolutionary development of man's specifically creative potential per-capita, as such, as compared with the changing in the environment which mankind inhabits.

That is to emphasize that there are two, not separate, but inter-dependent considerations to be taken practically into account. The interesting consideration, is the nature of the correlation of changes in mankind's productivity relative to the up, or down trends in the environment within which mankind's existence is situated. How much does the development of the human mind determine, and how much, approximately, the changes in the environment upon which man and both his society and his relevant environment depend, interdependently.

The most powerful of such patterns' effects, are located in the human mind as such, especially when it is man (the human mind's own self-development), which is a preponderant consideration. This latter consideration presents the necessity to reflect on what are to be recognized as the unique role of universal physical principles in mankind's power over the physical processes of what were otherwise definable as simple advances in man's practices as the relevant effect. It is revolutions in upward-directed discoveries of newly discovered universal physical principles themselves, which actually demonstrate the quality of the noëtic powers of the human mind as such; no other test is valid as such. This concept, as such, defines the implicit meaning of "human" as such.

These exemplary cases which point out such truly noëtic powers of a human mind (i.e., as I have already noted in respect to the cases of Brunelleschi, Cusa, Kepler, but, also, such as, typically, Bernhard Riemann, Max Planck, Albert Einstein, et al.,) actually present a model for a definition for the absolute distinction of mankind from all beasts and plants.[3] Thus, science truly begins, only when it is enabled to define a specifically unique principle, unique to the case of the principles operating in the noëtic effects of the functions of the human mind as such[4].

The relatively modern cases of Brunelleschi, Cusa, Kepler, ... Leibniz, Gauss, .... Riemann, Planck, and Einstein, ... are one mode for tracing specifically human creativity, but the same principle of principles of physical science are also reflected to the same effect, for Classical painting, poetry, drama, and music.

III. What Is Human Life, in Principle?

We must not overlook the political-strategic relevance of certain common errors inherent in reductionist fallacies still dominant in aspects of prevalent pseudo-scientific practices derived from the persistent, and even worsening tendencies traceable to increasing radically reductionist presumptions in general economic and related practices, the increasing worsening infestations of so-called "green" practices, most notably.

The toleration of such current trends in social and related practices, has been an extremely significant factor amid the actually declining productivity in the U.S. economy, since the aftermath of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Since somewhere within the initial phases of the U.S. War in Indo-China, there has been a persisting, downward trend in the productivity of the U.S. physical economy since that time. This fact is often masked, quite improperly, by substituting a measure of the physical productivity, per capita of the actually productive segment of the labor-force, relative to the monied aspect of merely money-fluxes of the U.S. economy as a whole.

The virtual collapse of productive industry and agriculture, since the introduction of "green" policies of practice, has been merely masked through a misanthropic popular opinion, through the disregard of the fact, that the physical productivity of the total potential labor-force has been collapsing in both absolute and relative measurements of performance in society (the United States, in particular), while the merely administratively concocted reductionist policies of practice, have tended to prevail: especially the speculative (e.g., Wall Street and related) investment within the labor-force has been mistakenly regarded as a source of increased actual national income, when in fact, the actual net productivity of the economy has been collapsing, in fact, at an accelerating rate, since the advent of the corruption which launched a foolish war in Indo-China. The physical economy of China is zooming, relative to the collapse of that of the United States and Western Europe. Most of western continental Europe, for example, is presently dying at an accelerating rate, under the weight of British imperial suppression globally. The case of the dwindling life-style under acting-President Dick Cheney and Obama, has been the most actively vicious factor on this account.

There are two contrasted, presently available views nearing significantly on this same trend. The fact is, that the British Empire (not the United Kingdom as such) is virtually the most powerful economic factor of control throughout a relatively major region of the planet as a whole, as Queen Elizabeth II viewed the situation a few years ago in pressing for the full adoption of her "green" and very radical population reduction-policies, and actually intentionally genocidal ones, still presently.

The Solar Factor Amid This

With the Sun now fallen into a prolonged quiet phase, and the collapses of economy, and of human resources generally throughout most of the planet, as a result, only an accelerated emphasis on the applications of thermonuclear-fusion on a broad scale, could meet the essential requirements for the present population. The intrinsically malicious practices, which have been imposed, chiefly, by the British Empire on the United States, by incompetent "fracking" and related practices, since the beginning of the Bush-Cheney administration, have worsened this crisis at a currently accelerating rate, and must be summarily terminated now. A return to emphasis on the pre-Obama space programs, and to accelerated emphasis in thermo-nuclear fusion in enhanced modes are indispensable, even emergency requirements under present trends and lost productivity.

At the same time, interests centered in the British Empire as such, have pressed Presidents of the United States, and others, into the prospect of massive population-reduction explicitly intended to reduce the current human population from a quantity in the general order of seven billions, to not more than one billion souls, or even much less.

The evil which this Queen represents, is fully in the tradition of the legendary, monstrously evil figure of Zeus, as opposed to the advocate of humanity and progress, Prometheus. The tradition of the legendary Zeus is embodied in the existence and practice of the Roman Empire, as the British Empire, by the role of author of the text of Edward Gibbon's The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, the text of which has been the essential policy of practice by the British Empire, since then to the present date in world history this far, a virtual copy in respect to principle of the early Caesars and their sequels, to the present date of the British Empire.

The present threat of World War III, at almost this very moment, is a true virtually carbon-copy, in respect to intention, of the inherent destiny of the British Empire presently, not necessarily the population of the United Kingdom, but of the British (or, better said, "Brutish") Empire of the present date.

Our United States, presently, must therefore proceed, with as much prudence and also insight, in dealing with this matter of threats, to our own and other nations targeted by the officials and the lackeys of other nation's addresses which tend to be accomplices of the evils which the British Empire's tradition promotes still presently. The primary considerations are that:

  1. The British Empire is the leading factor in the violent threats to the nations of this planet;

  2. The citizens, or kindness to citizens, of the United Kingdom, who may be lackeys of an evil empire, chiefly as minions, rather than the essential perpetrators. Topple the evil empire, and the rest can be sorted out for the sake of securing a productive peace for the nations which are actually nations.

  3. End general warfare, for the generalized benefit of true national sovereignties;

  4. Return to the implications of the agreement on cooperation reached between President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Stalin, and cancel the evil created chiefly by Britain's systemically Satanic Bertrand Russell and the lackey role in this matter accepted, and promoted by Wall Street's virtual lackey, Harry S Truman.

The planet's situation today, presents us with conditions under which, the prospect of thermonuclear warfare excludes new major war on this planet, especially extension of warfare into nuclear and thermonuclear warfare. The mechanisms which had been presented by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, must be reclaimed as the only policy which nations have shared.

On this account:

Now, the time for peace is not a mere option, but a moral necessity; that the principle of national sovereignty, in international affairs, as previously understood while Franklin Roosevelt was President, must be upheld. Such assurances, and their clearly intended implications, must now become the law of the world. The historic definitions of nationality of extant nations as such, must be left as inviolable; the criminal character of the Nazi-defined elements in the pseudo-state government of Ukraine, for example, in place of its only presently legitimate President, is an example of such a principle required.

However, there are organizations with evil principles, such as those of the continuing factors of Nazi tradition in Ukraine today, which must be recognized, as the foolish, even internationally criminal presumptions of the regime of the presently still incumbent, President Barack Obama regime, and currently relevant other development there, attest: moral realities, excluding such as Nazi traditions dominating the present, Cheney-like pseudo-government of Ukraine presently, which must be recognized to have been a kind of sheer lying and general practice of fraud; Obama's claims, must, urgently be unmasked as fraudulent, as being a falsely contrived, and actually fascist, pseudo-government. Mankind must not be dragged, by President Obama's lies on this account, so that Obama does not bring on a global thermonuclear war in which human existence might probably be doubtful.

We on this planet, have already reached beyond the proper limits for warfare, with the advent of nuclear, and now, above all, thermonuclear warfare. We must think of ourselves as a uniquely human species, unique, for our best present knowledge, presently, as the only presently known species which is human, which is morally human by virtue of implicit obedience to the principle of the members and offspring of the members of the human species.

The chosen destinies of nations and peoples must meet that standard, now, of mankind, as "Earthlings," living within the setting of nearby Solar space, and beyond: living on Earth (our only known suitable habitat), but extending our practical influence, both for our species' security, and our progress to higher powers of creative achievements for future mankind.

Let us, therefore, adopt a new, better mission and prospects for all humanity and its common interest now. Let us bring peaceful cooperation, at last, under control. I believe that Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, among others, would be pleased, if yet to be satisfied, with such a present result.

IV. Physical Economy

As I have already emphasized, above, here, the presently prevalent, conventional notions of economy, are intrinsically incompetent, that for the reason that actual human behavior depends upon standards of measure which are specific to the fact that the human mind's characteristics do not correspond to linear or kindred measures, such as mere sense-perception, but, rather to the principled characteristics of human life, in its noëtic expressions, as a standard of measurement. Contrary to the conditions presently created by the fraudulent policy-shaping of the British Imperial Monarchy-in-fact.[5]

The practical measure, according to the noëtic principle specific to human life, stands outside and beyond mere sense-perception, into the domain of the noëtic principles of the human mind, as this standard of permanent constants, is defined by what are absolutely universal physical principles, magnitudes not contained within other measures. The cases of Max Planck and Albert Einstein, or, earlier, the measures of Filippo Brunelleschi, as in the Cathedral of Florence and the Pazzi Chapel, the work of Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, and Johannes Kepler's discovered principle of the organization of the Solar system. Contrary views as to principle are those associated with the intrinsic incompetence of the premises of ordinary reductionists' methods.

For example: The role of the Helium-3 radiated by the Sun, and capturable by man reaching the Moon, when compared with its relevance for enhanced thermonuclear-fusion applications.

There is nothing which should be considered shocking, or otherwise offensive, in any of this, since it is the systemic imperfections of sense-perception per se, which are the deficient medium at fault for discrepancies of sense-perception as such. Once, we confess that sense-perception is an often useful tool, under what people should recognize as convenient, but merely crude tools, we are impelled to recognize that the universe, even our mere Solar system is better informed, in its practice, on seriously scientific matters, than the intrinsic crudeness of mere sense-perception.

In fact, science is, as astronomy helps us to demonstrate, a crude tool, until we are enabled to discover available, qualified measurements which supply us with notions of realities beyond the pitiable limits, in the very small, or very large, outside the simplistic relative crudenesses of mere sense-perception, per se.

We, patriots of our own United States of America, must now claim truly sovereign rights in this matter: therefore, if the British Kingdom wishes to claim an imperial mode of authority in these matters, then, in regard for the actual history of evil consistently practiced by the Dutch imperialist and British imperialist interests heretofore, demands that such empires be shut down, with penalties, in contrast to the respectively separable components of the in-fact, heretofore claimed, and Romanticists' declared fantasy of the British Empire as such. It is the particular constitutional nature of the existence of our United States of America, that we never lend assistance to the very same evil, for which we risked all to create and sustain, the continuity of our republic.

The existence of empire must now be brought to a close: responsible sovereign states, which are not merely subjects of an imperial form of power, by their submission to an over-reigning power, which must be annulled for the over-due condition of what must be recognized as truly national, rather than any imperial sovereigns in fact; Nazi-like elements of fraud notwithstanding. This must include Nazi-like elements such as President Barack Obama's fraudulently proclaimed present allegiances to fraudulently conceived, continued concoctions, notwithstanding.

The Attached Subject of Legal Authorities:

Now: For Purposes of Clarification, Thus:

1. "On The Constitutionality of a National Bank":

Secretary Alexander Hamilton rebutted the argument against the concept of the principled notion for a National Bank, to which objection had been made by the then Secretary of State and the Attorney-General, during Hamilton's own term in office as Secretary of the U.S. Treasury. Both of two opponents, both latter persons speaking as members of that same government during the initial term of the first President of the United States, George Washington.

The systemic challenge presented by Hamilton's opponents in this matter, had been to the effect, that there are powers of the government from among the various, particular states of the United States, which go outside the superior Constitutional authority of the Principal Institution, the Law of the United States, as defined for, and by its entirety. E.g., conditional "States' Rights," were areas of practice outside the sovereignty of the United States, but, sometimes, if that was argued only erroneously, not necessarily considered as bounded by the Constitutional law of the Republic itself.

A crucially significant, relevantly recent case to be considered here, for relevant purposes of illustration, here, has been the introduction of "fracking" set into effective motion by a virtually acting U.S. President, Dick Cheney, who was effectively a "virtual super-President" (i.e., virtual dictator) during, generally, President George W. Bush's debatable actual personally intellectual competence, during Mr. Cheney's de facto virtual management of the office of the President under an elected President of actually doubtful competence, a virtually mere puppet.

In practice, Cheney's interventions uttered in the name of the President, amounted to subordinating the interest of the United States, in such particular matters as fracking, to the pleasures and privileges given to a foreign power, chiefly the British Empire, but implicitly also the participation of other foreign powers, to prey upon the vital interests of our Republic, its Presidency, and in favor of the included offenses which incorporated effective looting of the United States resources inside our republic for no less than an effectively rapacious destruction of very large vital interests of the United States and its population, a virtual foreign raider, in effect, placed at stake in this action. This was done, and continues to be done, in a manner which grossly violated, and presently continues to violate the vital interests of the people of the United States, even the means of existence of our citizens and their dependents. The damage to the food supply of the people of the United States, even to put the very lives of many among our citizenry placed in jeopardy, even en masse, for loss of urgently need food-supplies and related reasons.

This kind of practice, which has been by no means only one conspicuous case, the case of "fracking" promoted by Dick Cheney as de facto, virtually acting President under an intellectually lame President, has, in effect, set a pattern, under which influence has fostered even greater crimes against our United States than Mr. Cheney's referenced influence. The "9-ll" hoax of "cover-up" installed during the de facto reign of Mr. Cheney, has been taken as an opening opportunity of a presently ripely "impeachable" President Barack Obama, who has been otherwise notable for offenses against the intention of our Federal Republic: offenses reaching far beyond the offenses of Mr. Cheney's incumbency under George W. Bush, Jr.'s, strongly indicated personal incompetency for that office.

The constitutional obligations of the Presidency itself, are, as Secretary Alexander Hamilton had established the relevant principle of Constitutionality per se, during his term in office. This fact should have been taken, as if in perpetuity, as a practical principle inherent in our Federal Constitution's application to the Federal Constitutional Law of our United States of America, then, as presently. The examples which I have referenced here, should be considered as a relatively fresh demonstration of the nature of the continuing general constitutional principle which we must work to refresh, the which is what is urgently required, now.

For example:

The attempted impeachment of President William Clinton, which had been pre-constructed under the leading influence of a British intelligence operative, and continued by largely duped, and otherwise by largely distracted Republican conspirators, had provided the pressures on President Clinton himself, to pressure him into the nullification of the Glass-Steagall Law, an action by the Congress, with President Clinton's induced consent, under his circumstances, then, but, which, has been the direct source of all of the greatest ruin which our republic has since suffered, as through the outcome of four subsequent terms of office, of, first, the two Bush-Cheney administrations, and, second, Barack Obama's first term in office, and, now, his presently uncompleted, second term.

The corruption expressed, since the termination of the Franklin Roosevelt Glass-Steagall Law, which had served the United States under President Franklin Roosevelt's own, and later administrations, has plunged us, anew, into an even worse catastrophe than that produced by the Depression created by the wicked practices and policies of the successive Calvin Coolidge and Hoover Administrations.

2. The Errors of the Bush-Cheney & Obama Tenures

While the cases of the now-elected four terms of office, which have existed since the close of the Clinton Administration, might not appear to be relevant to the serious constitutional issue of the states' rights doctrines as such, it would be a very strange evasion of the effect which is of the same categorical nature of implicit Constitutional error, such as the States' Rights argument, when considered as a matter of the principle of "Who Benefits," intrinsically so, when this is recognized as being contrary in effect to the leading principles of the U.S. Federal Constitution as such, such as the decision on the Nation's banking, reached by means of Secretary Alexander Hamilton's successful ruling on constitutional law, as a matter of underlying Constitutional principle bearing on the case I have placed presently at hand in my argument here.

Fracking rights, for example, must be terminated, and investigated, and that, for reason of related similarly constitutional offenses, all for what may be required for related, extended considerations of intrinsically inseparable issues within in a larger dimension. The "States' Rights" thesis was always an attempted challenge to the most essential principle of our Federal Constitution, and the most deadly wedge used to weaken the ties of our nation as being a United States of America, in fact.

The failure to observe, in practice, the distinctions of freedom of principle, unless defended efficiently, becomes the means of expediency by means of which the true principle of a republic such as ours, may, fall into a system of law, rooted in expediency, and the entertainment of outright tyranny, as the case of the Obama Administration illustrates the point. That point must be recognized in the necessity of the Constitutional stipulation defended by Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, in the mentioned, and very important constitutional ruling.

As always, heretofore, throughout our Republic's history, it has been the introduction of the "States' Rights" dogma which has weakened our defenses against the always lurking evil monster, the British imperial system of the tyranny which our forebears had worked to defeat for the sake of our freedom. We must not permit ourselves to fall into the British imperial trap which has polluted and virtually destroyed the sovereignty of the formerly sovereign nations of continental western and central Europe.

[1] Excepting, most notably, the general policies introduced by Charlemagne.

[2] Charles VII, unlike the truly magnificent, strategic genius, Louis XI.

[3] The work of V.I. Vernadsky supplies an important correlative of scientific progress which still presses on fresh options for more advanced discoveries as adducible from his methods for the making of progress in scientific discoveries respecting universal future qualities consistent with human principles of life as such, as opposed to the British/Brutish-ideologically reductionist follies of A. Oparin. No reductionist turns to mathematics per se, were permissible. Life can not be reduced to mathematics, but only to life, and within the bounds of the specifically noëtic expressions of the evolutionary development of human life, which is the operating standard for the human study of the existence and development of life in general. Mathematics itself, must be a slave of the principle of progressive evolution, upward, of human life. The time is come, and already past, for foolish fantasies inherent in reductionist methods.

[4] As distinct in principle, from the characteristics of merely other known forms of life.

[5] The merely so-called "Commonwealth," better known as the actual Zeusian, common tradition of the Roman and British empires, must be distinguished from the actually, respective, human members of the United Kingdom, who must be systemically distinguished from their alleged, but fraudulent status, as the mere mis-used name of "Commonwealth." The combined evil of Wall Sweet and its British imperial characteristics-in-fact, must not be permitted to hold the human personalities of the citizens of the separate elements of the Commonwealth. The empire must not be permitted to hold the separate contents of the Commonwealth to captivity within a criminal association such as the present British monarchy's now stated commitment of itself to an adventure in attempted planet-wide mass-murder.

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