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This transcript appears in the January 17, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Two Systems Before the World:
Prometheus Versus Zeus

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This is the transcript of the regular Friday evening LaRouche PAC webcast with Lyndon LaRouche, on Jan. 10. The moderator is Jason Ross, and Dennis Small, a member of the EIR Editorial Board, joined him in posing questions to LaRouche.

Jason Ross: Mr. LaRouche would like to jump right in with the first question. This comes from an institutional source in Washington, D.C.:

"We would like your assessment of the present European crisis from the following standpoint: U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has been in Europe this week, demanding that the European Central Bank adopt the U.S. Fed policy of unbridled quantitative easing, including the ECB purchasing of vast amounts of worthless securities from the major European banks. Under this policy, the Fed has expanded its own balance sheets from just around $800 million in 2008 to nearly $4 trillion today. How do you assess this policy and what is your evaluation of the current financial and economic situation in Europe? What are the alternatives for both Europe and the United States?"

Jack Lew Is an Irrelevant Fool

Lyndon LaRouche: Okay. This is a rough one; not rough for me, but rough for a lot of other people. First of all, Jack Lew is a fool, and having him around means that there are a lot of fools supporting him or associating with him. Because none of that is going to do any good—it will only do very bad to the United States at an accelerating rate, an accelerating rate which has been going on since the Obama crash, which was an ensuing crash which had already been brought on by the last Bush Administration.

In fact, the entire physical economy, that is the net effect of the physical economy—what you can eat and what you can wear and how many jobs you can have—has been in decline since the assassination of Jack Kennedy and the start of the Indo-China War.

Since that transition, the United States has been in a continuing slide downward in real economic conditions per capita. We have, with the advent of the cancellation of Glass-Steagall, set into motion an accelerated rate of decline which was picked up under the Bush Administration that followed.

And it's been a disaster, including the Bush Administration's cover-up of the Saudi initiation, with British association, of what happened on 9/11. But [G.W.] Bush is only the fool who filled that seat; a whole other group of people actually ran the government in the name of the Bush family. From Prescott Bush on, the Bush family has been the center of the greatest travesty, political travesty, in the leading circles of government of the United States ever, as a continuity. Because it was Prescott Bush who actually put Adolf Hitler into power in Germany, [whereupon Hitler] launched the T4 program of genocide, which launched the general genocide practiced by the Nazi regime from that point on.

And this is the policy of the British Queen, today. Her policies, which have been posed by herself repeatedly since what happened in Denmark, [the Copenhagen Conference], that the whole system has been going down into a Nazi-style effect throughout the trans-Atlantic region.

The Dirty Side of the Bush Family

Now, in that context, the United States—under junior Bush nominally; he really is part of the Bush family, so he's really responsible. If you include Prescott Bush, you've got the dirty side of the Bush family. And they've become increasingly evil in effect over the recent years. Except for the fact that Prescott Bush made Adolf Hitler possible. And so, that's not a good family to be associated with! Maybe you'll find some peripheral people from side branches of the family who are sane and may be reasonable. But the family of Prescott Bush, the George Bush family in the Presidency, has been the greatest travesty in United States history since that time.

And Bush came into power actually in terms of the CIA position he occupied. George H.W. Bush's entry into that role as the CIA director has been the source of the corruption which has taken over the United States politically and strategically ever since. It was that Bush, then coming in as a Vice President of the United States, in opposition to the President of the United States, who set us up for destruction during the two terms of office of the President [Ronald Reagan] at that time.

We had another President [Bill Clinton] who had two terms, because Bush as a President was such a bum. George H.W. Bush was such a failure and so disgusting that we elected a guy from the South, who served two terms with a piece of crap on his back all the time as Vice President [Al Gore].

I'm talking frankly, because you've come to the time when you can't be a gentleman about being polite. You've got to tell the truth for a change, and not do doubletalk to try to convince somebody to behave themselves.

So that was that process.

Now, from the moment Clinton left the office of President in his second term, and the cancellation of Glass-Steagall in that context—where a Clinton who was being intimidated and blackmailed went ahead with cancelling Glass-Steagall—from that point on, with the entry of George W. Bush, Jr. into the nominal occupation of the Presidency, the United States went through an accelerating rate of collapse. Now that's the reality which Jack Lew represents.

This became worse with Obama, because Obama's first significant measure during his first term in office, his first year in office, was to set forth a program of genocide, which was identified by some leading publications in the United States at that time: Time magazine, on the medical program which Obama was installing. And at that time that magazine exposed the fact that Obama's central policy, from the beginning of his administration, was a program of genocide against the American people. And we've been enduring genocide under the Obama Administration—whether he did it himself or not, but he did it, as President.

I attacked that during the first year of his term, decisively. I had all the evidence; he should have been thrown out of office in his first year in office. And the gutless wonders who didn't throw him out of office, on the basis of the fact that he had a Hitler-style program, an Adolf Hitler-style program of genocide in the name of health care. What he has done recently, beginning to implement this year, was a genocide program worse in effect than what was done by Adolf Hitler in the period of his T4 operation, which led to the general genocide and the victimization and mass extermination of the Jewish population in Europe at that time.

So this is the Obama, the President Obama, who corresponds to that particular history of the United States and beyond. So, this Jack Lew thing is a really tragic, silly joke. Worse than silly, it's a criminal joke in terms of its silliness. It has nothing to do with any possibility of an economic recovery or alleviation of the evil under this administration.

The only way you can save the U.S. economy is to throw Barack Obama out of the Presidency by impeachment, or by his voluntary resignation without impeachment. In other words, what happened with Nixon; instead of being really impeached and put into prison for his crimes, he was given a safe ticket out, where he would still be allowed to run around loose, as an ex-President, when he might have been more appropriately sent to jail for the crimes which had led to his impeachment. That's kind of the way the things went, and that led into the first "Bush Administration" really, when George H.W. Bush became CIA director.

That's the real history behind the question posed.

The Facts About 9/11

Now let's look at what the implications are outside those considerations. Look at the condition of the banking system of the trans-Atlantic region. Don't look at the world as a whole. There are very bad parts of Eurasia, mostly organized by the British with the consent of the President. What happened, essentially, was the 9/11 operation, which was funded by the [Saudi] monarchy as such, but also the British Empire—under the cover of the British Empire, of which Saudi Arabia is an appendage, and is really a part of the British Empire, or the British-Dutch Empire, if you choose to make fine points. Under those conditions, we had the 9/11 operation against the United States, guided from within the United States by the then-Saudi ambassador [Bandar bin Sultan], who's now the top-ranking official inside Saudi Arabia.

The terrorism that has occurred in modern European history since I first got into this, was my exposure of what had happened when I was still recovering from a major illness. I set up a TV program ["Storm over Asia," 1999] and a report, which identified the core, after the breakdown of the Soviet Union, of a new wave of terrorism. That wave of terrorism has now spread into international terrorism of the type that the Saudis and others represent. There was a fragmenting and a break-up of the Soviet Union; one section of the broken-up party became the center of international terrorism, of the type that we are concerned about most among nations today.

So therefore, we've gone through almost four terms of office of the Presidency—two terms of Junior Bush and one-plus terms of Obama. Under these three-plus terms, the United States has gone through the greatest rate of plunge of disintegration in its history. And in the same time, the rate of hyperinflation by the cancellation of Glass-Steagall, has caused the whole launching of everything. It was in the first year of poor Junior Bush's term of office that 9/11 was pushed through and the cover-up of the 9/11 authorship, which happened to be the British monarchy and its subsidiary Saudi agency. The Saudi Kingdom was used through the then-Saudi ambassador to the United States as the control agent for the organization of the entire 9/11 operation. The financial record of the transactions which set up 9/11 by the Anglo-Dutch-Saudi interests, is on the record as fact. This is not a debate, this is not an interpretation, this is not a deduction; this is a fact. It's not debatable, except the sanity of the people who try to pretend it's not true.

And that is the condition which is reported in this question today. So the question, while some of the facts are true as quoted, the question proposes answers which have no relationship to other parts of the question. It is simply the fact that people are asking me implicitly, how I respond to a lie. And they have relayed to me what the lie is that I have to respond to. And thus, I should say, I have responded.

The Empire Versus Eurasia

Ross: Okay, I'll change the order a little bit and follow up on the theme that you ended with, of Saudi Arabia and 9/11, and your video "Storm over Asia."

So, as the next question, let's take up U.S.-Russian relations.

After the two late-December bombing attacks in Southern Russia, presumably by Islamist insurgents, there was a press release from the Department of Defense last Saturday referring to a positive, cooperative discussion between Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoygu on "the need to ... deepen our nations' counterterrorism cooperation."

Since the breakup of the U.S.S.R., as you laid out in your 1999 documentary "Storm Over Asia," Russia has been plagued by terrorism, in particular, from the North Caucasus region. While the State Department's Country Reports on Terrorism documented a steep decline in terror attacks in Russia from a high of 800 in 2009, to fewer than 200 in 2012, still, this continues to be a scourge on the Russian Federation, and also a major concern leading into the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi starting Feb. 7.

In that context, there were leaked reports posted to the London Telegraph in late August reporting that Saudi Intelligence Minister Bandar bin Sultan openly threatened Russian President Putin saying, "the Chechen groups that threaten the security of the [Olympic] games are controlled by us," and that Saudi Arabia would offer anti-terror protection in Sochi only if Putin were to change his stance vis-à-vis Syria.

On the U.S. side, the issue of counterterrorism is currently moving to the top of the agenda, as Representatives Walter Jones and Stephen Lynch just issued a Dear Colleague letter this week, calling on all Members of Congress to read the redacted 28 pages of the 2004 Congressional Joint Inquiry Report on 9/11, and also to co-sponsor H.Res. 428 calling upon President Obama to publicly release the 28 pages. Those 28 pages demonstrate and discuss the foreign sponsorship of the 9/11 attacks, and, it is said, Saudi support for the hijackers. Representative Lynch also insisted in an interview earlier this week that the material in those pages could help Congress put the Syrian situation in context—namely, the current Saudi arming and supporting of al-Qaeda-linked rebels in the region, while pushing for Western strikes.

So, Mr. LaRouche, you have continually focused on the significance of the Anglo-Saudi collusion to pull off the 9/11 terrorist attacks. You've also focused, as today, on the threats against Russia from similar terrorist networks, and you've warned of the danger of thermonuclear war breaking out in this context. How do you see these developments, and what should be done to counter these threats to the U.S., Russia, and other nations as well?

LaRouche: Well, let's look at the practical aspects of the questions posed. We're now in a situation where the world, in terms of power globally, with some eccentricities within the pattern which I will describe—there are some exceptional little things, but they're minor parts of two different elements of the division of the planet, the composition of the nations of this planet—the entire planet is now under the influence of a single common trend. There are no differences in trends so significant, they do not fit into a concept of a conflict which divides the entire world into two essential parts.

On the one hand, you have in the trans-Atlantic region, a pattern of accelerating collapse of the physical economy. That collapse is determined and impelled, by the British monarchy—the same British monarchy involved in 9/11 and the authorship of 9/11. Because it was not just simply a Saudi operation; it was an Anglo-Dutch-Saudi combination, with the Anglo-Dutch element of the Queen of England and her neighborhood. And then, the Obama factor in this thing now. The British monarchy is the key controlling factor, still to this day, in fact, in that sector of the world, the trans-Atlantic region. The entire trans-Atlantic region is under a financial manipulation system, controlled essentially by the British monarchy; the British monarchy, not as England, not as Britain, but as a part of the whole British Empire. And everything associated with the British Empire is essentially this same thing.

That is the enemy of humanity! The principal enemy of humanity is that British-centered system, which has enveloped control over the United States through the aid of people like Prescott Bush. There are other people who were also in the same package that Prescott Bush was involved in, but Prescott Bush created Adolf Hitler, by redeeming him from bankruptcy in Germany. When Hitler was hit with bankruptcy for his campaign debts, he would have been eliminated from a position of power in Germany. It was the fact that Prescott Bush, and his confederates of the same crew, centered in London and New York City, in that area, and also in Washington—this is what created this mess, this combination.

On the other side of the accounts, you have another section of the world, which is not purely of one characteristic. For example, [the terrorism described in] "Storm Over Asia" was done by a certain unit, which had been part of the Soviet Union, which became the core of all worldwide terrorism, from that point. So, there's a single source, which I first exposed, from my studies, with a video which documented the initiation of terrorism from out of the former Soviet Union.

This terrorism still exists today, and is the core of the terrorism neighboring Russia, as such. That was where it was started, in the neighborhood of the breakup of the Soviet Union, a certain element which had been formerly a part of the Soviet Union, grew up under foreign influence and sponsorship, considered a vulnerable point, in terms of the European or Eurasian system, and decided that they were going to work on creating a terrorist movement in this pinnacle, which had been formerly part of the Soviet Union, launched by the British Empire, that set into motion the first of that significant form of terrorism, which prevails in many parts of the world today. This coincides with drug operations, drug-supporting operations, of legalizing drugs. These are all part of the same system, and it all centers on the British Empire!

But now what's happened? Now, because of the British Empire's attempt to crush Asia, Eurasia actually, an interesting thing has happened. We now have a Eurasian sector of this whole part of the planet. It's not a pure one, but the dominant elements in this part of the planet—which means Western Europe, Central Europe, is a part of this trans-Atlantic region; the part from that point east, is now a part of the Eurasian region.

The drug operations in the trans-Atlantic region are actually a destructive factor in that region. The impoverishment which was introduced by the "Green" policy, introduced by Britain into the United States over the course of the 1960s, and launched by aid of the assassination of President Kennedy; the Kennedy assassination and the immediate sequel of a war in Indo-China, in which the United States would never have been involved, but for the assassination of Kennedy. That determined the policy, and since that time, the economy of the United States, for the people of the United States, has, in physical terms, been in constant decline, into ruins today, as a result of that process.

That process is typified of the British Empire's determination, by the Queen herself, who came out in the open on this, in the wake of the Copenhagen events, saying that she was committed—and repeatedly stated this; had large assemblies of British, you know, what do you call them, the big asses—they backed her in a policy of reduction of the human population at a rapid rate, which amounted to her commitment to reduce the human species from what had been approaching 7 billion persons, down to 1.

The intention of the British monarch and her empire, is to do exactly that. This is called the "Green policy." And the Green changes in the United States, have been a crucial means by which the United States has been destroyed, and the people of the United States are now being murdered. Why are they being murdered? Because the Queen has a Green policy, with embellishments attached to it, which have increased the decline of the potential lifespan, and numbers of people who can live, inside the United States itself. There is no problem of poverty in the United States which is not a product of these factors, where the British Empire, working from inside, from their influence in Wall Street and other parts of the United States, has actually conducted an economic program, which has impoverished the United States consistently, from the time the Southeast Asian War started.

That's the history. So, therefore, what we're faced with today, is the following result. We now have a trans-Atlantic region of the world, which is in an accelerating rate of decline. Look at the conditions in Spain, Portugal, now France also; the death rate's acceleration, by economic means, and others, in terms of Greece, and so forth; Southern Italy is a real travesty area, the old Southern Italy area, and other places.

A Divided World

So therefore, we've come to a world situation where the world is divided now into two groups: The area which is going through reduction, which was the trans-Atlantic area, that system is now crashing. The United States is dying! It's dying of the Obama Administration, and it was already dying under the young Bush Administration, even though young Bush didn't have the brains to be a menace, that is, not on any scale like that. But he had advisors who ran him. He came from the Bush family, the Prescott Bush family, but he was just a run-away drug addict kind of President. He wasn't really that brain-effective. The other people involved were much more clever and knew much more what the business was all about, and that was the Wall Street crowd.

So, you're looking at this problem.

Now, what does that lead to? The fact is, the trans-Atlantic region as a whole in net has been in a state of collapse, of physical economic collapse; forget the money business, because that is money business, or otherwise called "monkey business." But the reality is, that at the same time, since the recent period, Russia has gone from impoverishment toward recovery, a very significant recovery, economically and physically. It is now, again, with the consolidation of the close relations of Ukraine and Russia itself, there has been an immediate reversal in the ability of the trans-Atlantic region to launch a successful thermonuclear war against Russia. And up until the time that that had been settled, where Ukraine had not been pulled over into the control by a bankrupt Europe, at that point, then the conflict became acute.

Now, as a result of that, the ability of the British interests, including the United States as a puppet, a virtual puppet, has been lost. They do not have the capability, strategically, to go ahead and simply win a victory of defeating Russia and China and so forth; they can't do that any more. Now, they come down to a struggle which they still try to maintain, and that struggle will continue; we don't know how long. But what's happening is, under the new administration in China, there's been a very sharp acceleration of very high-technology progress.

China, most recently, in a landing up there on the Moon, they not only hit the Moon, which had been done before, but they had a team and a capability which is a thermonuclear capability, so that mankind operating in China and in cooperation with other nations, now has the prospective capability, an assured capability, if they continue the program, the available thermonuclear fuel on the Moon [helium-3]—this can not be used that way in that degree on the Earth, because the magnetic field of Earth itself prevents them from utilizing the full-scale potential of this rich material. Now this rich material, portends a thermonuclear fusion kind of process; it is not in itself a raw material which can be victorious in a real sense. It can accomplish a great deal on the Moon itself, to bring to Earth, fruits of production conducted on the Moon on such. So if China and other nations cooperate, to continue this program on the Moon, then you will have the ability to develop thermonuclear capabilities, on the Moon, which will feed these thermonuclear capabilities back, as a nutrient, to the Earth itself, the people on the Earth itself.

This is what the China development has meant, this particular space development. It's the greatest thing in technology that has ever been actually achieved! And China is now the author of the potential of executing that technology.

So therefore, there's the situation. And Russia, and India, China and other countries, of the Eurasian group, represent a core of the entire Eurasian group, which is capable of really leading the Earth. And what we should be doing, is dumping the British influence, dumping all these guys, and joining together, as the United States, independent of the British Empire, freeing itself from the grip of the British Empire, and from the drug-trafficking that the British Empire has imposed throughout the Americas. If we do that, then, by finding real cooperation, with a bankrupted United States, the people of the bankrupted United States can recover from these disasters which are now ongoing.

The problem is that the trans-Atlantic region is controlled, essentially, by the British Empire, and it is a British Empire. Anyone who thinks the United States is not controlled, top-down, from the British Empire, is some kind of a blind idiot, because that's the fact of the matter.

If we in the United States decide to free ourselves from becoming mere cattle, of the British Empire, all we have to do is now go to Russia, India, China, and some other countries in that region, and say, "Let's make a deal," a peaceful deal! End this war crap! Because if you're going to conduct global war, it will be thermonuclear war, and thermonuclear warfare threatens the extinction of the human species. So continuing the present policy of confrontation, between the West and the East, so-called, that confrontation policy is a fatal policy, for anybody who buys into it.

We have to realize that we can no longer fight general warfare on this planet, among the nations of this planet. Therefore, we have to make new agreements, which restore the United States to its actual Constitution, and under those terms, of our tradition as a constitutional principle, a true constitutional principle, no British fakers allowed in on the deal! They can deal from outside the United States, not from inside the United States: That's the policy we must have. If we have that policy, and if China, Russia, and India, and some other nations agree with that policy, we can not only save the United States, but create the preconditions for the survival and recovery of Europe.

This also means that that kind of unity among that coalition of governments, of combining the viable elements of the trans-Atlantic region and of the Eurasian region, that means a revolution of the type we need. That means that by using things like thermonuclear technology on the Moon, and really applying it for its true, scientific implications of production, we can not only rescue particular parts of the problem of this planet, we can also create the greatest achievement that mankind has ever accomplished. And the ability to do so lies within our hands immediately.

Ross: I'd like to ask Executive Intelligence Review's Dennis Small to ask the next question.

Implications of the Christie Scandal

Dennis Small: Good evening. The next question was sent in by Diane Sare, who was a LaRouche gubernatorial candidate in N.J. She says:

"Lyn, As you know, in my recent gubernatorial campaign, I made the point that [Republican New Jersey Governor] Chris Christie embodies the worst of Barack Obama and the Bush family legacy combined (perhaps explaining his large size)....

"The recently breaking exposé of Christie's alleged role in ordering the closure of traffic lanes leading to the George Washington Bridge on the Fort Lee, New Jersey side, as retribution against a Democratic mayor who refused to endorse him, has the potential to be his political undoing.

"Is it merely that some Republicans have finally figured out that Governor Christie would be an oversized liability in the 2016 elections? Or, do you think that this has implications for Obama and/or Obama and Christie's Wall Street and London backers?"

LaRouche: It does have implications which mean you will shut down Wall Street, in the United States! You will still have a banking system, but we will not have this bunch of crooks which is called Wall Street.

You remember, Franklin Roosevelt, when he came into the Presidency, the first thing he did was to clean out a good deal of Wall Street and send some of the chiefs of Wall Street to prison, for long, extended terms. The same measures should be taken now: Take the entire Wall Street crowd and put them into prison where they belong, or, simply into economic extinction. The economic extinction of Wall Street would be a long overdue, most salacious kind of thing to enjoy.

So therefore, how do we deal with Wall Street? Well, first of all, under our Constitution, since the formation of our republic—since the formation of our republic, and its first President—the United States has been committed to a policy which can be considered an anti-British policy! It was the anti-British policy, or actually an Anglo-Dutch policy; the British Empire is a product of the Dutch Empire. The Dutch Empire, through a series of wars, conquered the British Empire, and subordinated to it Dutch control: And the named the product of this whorish mess is the British Empire. Which is different than the Kingdom of Great Britain.

The Kingdom of Great Britain, or what became Great Britain, was actually a sovereign entity in its nature. It was a very imperfect sovereign entity, but it was a nation. Once the Anglo-Dutch combination had been established, and rechristened as the British Empire, as a big, bad joke against the people of England, and Ireland—because the murders of the Irish began with the Dutch! The mass-murder of the Irish by the Dutch is what created the British Empire, as the suppression of the first American Massachusetts Bay Colony, was crushed by the same damned Dutch interests. Which, in North America, were the Dutch financial interests, operating out of what we call New York City, today. That's the history.

And that's the way we have to look at this thing.

Now, look at this question of Christie. Christie is a slug! I mean, there's no doubt about it, it's all public. He's a slug. He got an artificial belt, stuck under his skin, to try to hide the big, fat, slobby belly, which he's toting around—which is not really good for his health! But his health is not my greatest concern.

That's the situation: that this is a slug which should neither have been in office, anywhere, for anything, not in public office. And on his bellyaches, really, he should look at his waistline to see if he can relieve some of the pain.

Glass-Steagall, as War against the Empire

Small: Well, we can proceed from Governor Christie's tummy-tuck problems, to the broader problem that you just alluded to, with the necessary demise of Wall Street.

Beginning 2014, I think that pandemonium may in fact be the best word available to describe the state of play among international financial circles. You have a $1.6 quadrillion speculative bubble: It's totally unpayable. It's growing, and the only thing that the bankers on both sides of the Atlantic can come up with, is more quantitative easing, and more thievery in the form of bail-in. But even if you add all of that together, you're talking about perhaps $18 trillion combined, in bail-ins and bail-outs, against a speculative bubble that's 100 times that size: $1.6 quadrillion!

So the only thing that these policies are actually good for, is not actually to save the speculative bubble, but the underlying intention of the Anglo-Dutch imperial policy you've repeatedly described, which is genocide, austerity. And that is well under way.

In the United States, the Obama Administration, this week, had the gall to publicize that unemployment has just dropped to 6.7%. But the fine print explains that the only reason for that supposed drop, is that droves of despairing people have simply left the labor force, because there are no jobs available. And so they're not even being counted among the unemployed. This kind of cover-up is almost enough to make an ostrich blush. In Europe, they at least have the decency to admit that unemployment officially is rising, although they lie about the total amount of unemployment, because the actual real rate of unemployment, according to our best calculations, is approximately double the official rate.

The entire thing is imploding.

Now, as the Titanic is sinking, you have more and more voices beginning to be raised about the question of reinstating Glass-Steagall, which is a policy that originated with you, Lyn, and has been echoed, almost always in a much weaker form, by other forces. But we hear important voices in Italy; and a significant development this week came, just as the term of "Helicopter Ben" Bernanke at the Fed is about to end on Jan. 31, from one of the regional Fed governors, Kansas City Fed Governor Esther George, who stated in a speech: "Policymakers should consider alternatives that could foster both a safety system and a simpler regulatory framework. Such alternatives include strengthening the separation of banking and commerce or adopting a modern version of Glass-Steagall."

But there's a problem: Others may think in private, but you, Lyn, are the only one who has, as a public figure, actually stated clearly that Glass-Steagall is not some mere technical, monetary rejiggering of assets, but that it is a war policy designed to wipe out the City of London and Wall Street, and the oligarchical forces behind them.

Can you explain, for people's understanding, what Glass-Steagall actually means as a war policy?

LaRouche: Glass-Steagall was a reform against crooks, introduced under the initial period of President Roosevelt, our great President of that period. So what happened was, that the enemies of our President were victimized, as they should have been, by the Glass-Steagall Act. And the procedure under which the Glass-Steagall Act was introduced was to cancel the great frauds committed by foreign banking interests, which we call Wall Street. So what happened is, that President Roosevelt put many of these guys in prison, in due process. The supporters of Wall Street attempted to make a coup d'état of a Hitler style, inside the United States! And they were caught, by a great general of that period [Smedley Butler], and they were thrown into prison, and out of office at that time.

Glass-Steagall goes back, actually, to the struggle by Abraham Lincoln, and to other Presidents before then, against the corruption coming in from the British Empire. But the basis for this corruption was located, chiefly, in the area of New York City. And you go to the very beginning of that period, and the very end of the 18th Century, and you find out, we had a great statesman [Alexander Hamilton], who was murdered, assassinated, by a British agent, a British assassin who had been a key figure in controlling the New York area, which was the center of treason against the United States, through British banking!

British banking was controlling the flow of credit in the United States throughout that entire period. There were periods, for example, under [President James] Monroe, and beyond, which had resisted that successfully. But when these guys were out of office, they brought in Andrew Jackson, and Jackson was an insane crook, controlled financially by the British Empire, and by the group of British-controlled and Dutch-controlled banks, which were centered around New York City chiefly, with some spread up around the Boston area. That's the history.

The Jackson Presidency inaugurated a reign of terror; Jackson himself, at that point, was simply a brutish creature, yelping and doing crazy things. But you had the crew that controlled the Jackson Administration, who were the greatest thieves and enemies of the United States at that time: which included the same person, [Aaron Burr], who was a British agent, who organized the Jackson Administration, created its initial funding, and so forth—a British agent, and a professional assassin, who assassinated our first Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton. And that is what the history has been!

We have been struggling inside the United States, ever since the foolishness of Jefferson; and Thomas Jefferson, as a President was an idiot. He was an idiot, in fact! And only later, with Monroe, did we have a really sane President, committed to real purposes; the greatest accomplishments in that period were created by John Quincy Adams. Adams, who was President for one term, was thrown out of office by the British interests, represented, typically, by the Jackson candidacy; but Jackson didn't run it. Jackson was a thug, a murderer, all these kinds of things, and a slug, but he was not the real author of throwing John Quincy Adams out of office.

As a result of that, you had total British banking control, directly over the United States, operating chiefly through British international banks, rooted in the New York City vicinity. Since that time, the United States has never had a decent existence. Because what happened is, what led into the Civil War, a situation which became impossible. And fortunately, in the first great battle, President Lincoln and his forces had actually defeated the Confederate forces. But, the resistance and dirty tricks by the Confederacy leadership continued to be bloody assets inside the Southern part of the United States, as such.

Lincoln was assassinated by the British, totally by the British monarchy: The facts are known. So therefore, what happened, was we had an off-and-on situation, under Lincoln, who was assassinated, just like Kennedy.

And, in the 1960s, the gates were opened, again, to a foreign-controlled assassination, based on Wall Street interests! Then Kennedy's brother, who was a candidate for the U.S. Presidency, was also assassinated! And the cover-up was done.

And then, the United States, with the Glass-Steagall law on the books, went through a crisis in 1971, which I was the first to have forecast, actually, publicly. No other leading figure in the financial community of the New York area, and so forth—they had all insisted, "This crash would never happen!" That the existing policy of the Treasury system would protect us against any future crashes. And three years later, that crash actually occurred. I had forecast it three years before!

So then, in the August period, the entire banking system of United States, went into a crash, the Great Crash of 1971. And I conducted a debate with an imported British agent, the greatest British liberal economist in the world at the time, [Abba Lerner], and I proved to him, publicly, in a debate in New York City, that he was an idiot. And by the time I got through with him, everyone who had been at the meeting knew that I had proven he was an idiot. But that didn't give me much help—quite the contrary, because I was going against Wall Street. When I exposed the fraud involved in that crash, I became less—.

Fortunately, there were a number of people who came from the vintage of the Franklin Roosevelt Administration, who had been leaders in the Franklin Roosevelt government circles, in the military, security, and related things. And a division of that element, of the survivors of the end of the Roosevelt Administration, was still in the 1980 [Reagan] Administration, were still representatives of the core of the intelligence community of the administration of Franklin Roosevelt.

In 1978, I had been brought into collaboration with the people who were to form the Federal intelligence service under the new Presidency, in 1980-81. Under this condition, I had organized, including, initially, I had negotiated an agreement on the SDI, with the Soviet Union. And important sections of the leaders of the military and other forces of Germany, of France, of Italy, and other countries, had joined with me, in the agreement to push forward with the SDI.

Now, the SDI would have prevented all of this mischief which had been accumulated up to that point. Because striking an agreement, dealing with the desperately bankrupt Soviet Union, would have done what Franklin Roosevelt had intended to have done, in terms of his first negotiations with the Soviet Union. The death of President Franklin Roosevelt meant that with Truman, the United States went back to the old bullshit and evil, under the Truman Administration.

We had Presidents, in the 1980s and earlier, who were actually personally committed to the same kind of policies, which I was committed to promoting. But then, the real control of that administration lay not with the President, who was constantly undermined, systemically, by the Bush family representatives! It was Vice President Bush, under that administration, who brought about the corruption of the effect of that administration.

And then, you had [President] Bush, who was such a bum, that he served one term in office, and everybody wanted him out of office. At that point, Clinton came into office for two terms, but he had a bum as a Vice President, and that was one of the curses he put up with and dealt with. At the end of it, he was under this persecution for various charges, and therefore, under this persecution, he consented to abandon Glass-Steagall. The blackmail of Clinton, in the last period of his Presidency, opened the gates of Hell, which the United States and its people have been suffering, ever since.

And therefore, if we understand that, we can now have a clear head on who is our enemy, and who are our true patriots, and who are potentially our partners between the trans-Atlantic region as one group, and Eurasian region as another group.

Zeus in the Form of Bertrand Russell

Small: Our final question for this evening, addresses this issue that you just raised, of who our enemy really is. In organizing both in the United States and internationally, one frequently comes across very strong resistance to Lyndon LaRouche's demonstration that the British Empire's policy is to actually intentionally depopulate the planet, to reduce the population from 7 billion down to 1 billion or so; and people also object, with no evidence at hand, to the idea that these same forces would actually threaten and could potentially use thermonuclear warfare as a means of implementing that policy, especially warfare against Asian-Pacific powers, Russia, China, and so on.

The response is frequently, "On, come on! Nobody is that crazy! No one is crazy enough to propose that!"

But, similarly, you, Lyn, have repeatedly insisted that people are not only missing the point on that, but also are wrong to think that the Olympian Zeus and Prometheus were merely mythological characters, and not real, actual political enemies of each other.

So, I would like to submit evidence tonight that, not only does Zeus exist, but in the 20th Century, he also went by the name Bertrand Russell—the British imperial genocidalist philosopher whom you, Lyn, have repeatedly called "the most evil man of the 20th Century."

After all, Bertrand Russell was explicit in promoting depopulation. Those who deny that this is the British policy, take note. Because in Russell's 1951 Impact of Science on Society, he said: "War, as I remarked a moment ago, has hitherto been disappointing in this respect [of achieving depopulation], but perhaps bacteriological war may prove effective. If a Black Death could spread throughout the world once in every generation, survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full.... The state of affairs might be somewhat unpleasant, but what of it?"

Also from Bertrand Russell, he famously called for launching preemptive nuclear war against the Soviet Union in a famous article in the 1946 Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, but he repeated the same proposal in a 1947 address to the very properly named Royal Empire Society, where Russell, a self-styled pacifist said: "I think you could get so powerful an alliance that you could turn to Russia and say, 'It is open to you to join this alliance if you will agree to the terms. If you will not join us we shall go to war with you.' I am inclined to think that Russia would acquiesce; if not, provided this is done soon, the world might survive the resulting war and emerge with a single government such as the world needs."

And finally, Bertrand Russell was a leading proponent of the Aristotelean view that not only can man not know the future, but that the future in fact doesn't exist—the exact opposite of the Promethean outlook of willful human creativity. Russell argued in his 1912 The Problems of Philosophy—one should rather call it, The Problems of Russell—that you simply can not state with certainty that the Sun will rise tomorrow morning. All we can know, he says, is the sense-perception that it has repeatedly done so in the past, and so there is a probability that it will happen again. But the actual causal role of universal principles, most emphatically human creativity itself, does not exist for Zeus—excuse me, for Bertrand Russell.

So the question is: How do we deal with such criminal insanity? How does Prometheus defeat Zeus?

'The Handbook of Chemistry in Physics'

LaRouche: Well, I can give you a scientific proof of the difference, and I do mean physical scientific proof, as understood by the definition of physical science; in applying the principle of physical science to history. And we can also go to the technology of the process of science, which results in the successful development of the human species. This policy, which is there, exists in known knowledge, which both discredits Zeus' policy, and proves that Zeus is an evil bastard! And always was!

The easy proof is any good science, even one with great imperfections of particular kinds, especially in the recent period since the beginning of the 1960s; that great Handbook of Chemistry in Physics, has had a lot of pollution injected into it, but the essential idea of the history of physical science, as typified by that Handbook, of which many editions have emerged over the course of time, always has the same essential point of proof in it. No matter how much anything else is inadequate in early periods, or corrupted in later periods, this one thing stands insistently, as not only proof of modern times, but it contains the proof of all known existing human existence.

Now, what is that proof of this little Handbook? How does this little—not so little Handbook any more!—how does this Handbook of Chemistry in Physics help us to understand what's wrong with Obama, and incidentally, with Zeus; or the other way around, Zeus, and then also Obama?

Zeus, like Obama, represents pure evil. He's not an author of pure evil; Hitler was also very busy at that business, so was the Roman Empire! So were most of the genocidal campaigns run by various national groups, or social groups in the known history of mankind. The Zeus versus Prometheus conflict is the oldest conflict actually known to mankind. It may not have originated with Zeus. It may have come before, with an antecedent of Zeus. But the Zeus/Prometheus division is the most fundamental, known factor of development in all human history.

Now, for example, this is the difference between a good guy and a bad guy, since that time. This is the oligarchical system, as it's known, in all competent literature. The history of mankind included everything that deals with that, the idea of imperialism, the idea of all these kinds of corruptions, comes from Zeus. The corruption of Christianity in many sects, comes from conceding to avoid attacks on the Zeus principle. And the fault of Christianity lies not in Christianity, but it lies in the factor of the consent to live under the reign of the kinds of government and social processes which are actually commitments to the idea of Zeus.

Now, how do we get at this, through the aid of chemistry as a shortcut to going quickly to the crucial point that makes that distinction? Because the history of chemistry is a history of the voluntary discovery and creation of notions of principle of production, principles of existence which are based on the principle of chemistry—which means that the idea of chemistry, not chemistry as such, the idea of chemistry, because chemistry is not an idea, chemistry is something you simply believe in, but that's not an idea. An idea is a compelling principle, which determines the effect on mankind, of the choice of principle! These choices of principle, we call technology, or call them the products of technology, and the advancement where mankind's existence depends upon an improvement.

You know, the first mankind, the first, really known mankind, was probably located somewhere in southern Africa, the first man to use fire to cook his meal and survive, and improve his existence. No monkey, no gorilla, no other known species of creature, actually voluntarily changes his nature by technological progress, which is a principled form of technological progress.

Now what you get in the Handbook of Chemistry in Physics is an attempt by professionals in our culture to try to explain how the progress of mankind occurs, how it is developed. And we try to understand it as a principle. Many of our best scientists, or not bad scientists, do not really understand what they believe in—that is, the good ones who are not evil. The evil ones are the Greenies.

Any Greenie is intrinsically an evil person, when it comes to science. Because what happens is, the existence of the human species has always depended on increasing the energy-flux density per capita of human beings. Without that increase, which can only occur through the discovery of a higher order of principle, and therefore, it is progress, so defined in those terms, based on the application of a high principle. But this requires also not only the discovery of that principle, but the expression of its practice.

The entire improvement from a sort of an ape-man, to the state of humanity's progress to maintain the population this planet has today, even that amount of progress, which is actually not good at all, but the deterioration of the life of mankind, is based on the Zeus principle against the Promethean! And therefore, that's the issue. That is also the issue which motivated the formation of the United States: Therefore, that is our Constitutional principle, and if people want to have a different principle, they'd better go elsewhere!

That's how the United States, since the voyage of Columbus, that development and the consequences of that; and everything that followed that was good in this United States, was based on the rejection of Zeus! And support for the actual practices of Prometheus. And Christianity is for Prometheus. Other forms of so-called Christianity, have a lot of fake built into them, kissing the butt of the people who are oppressing them.

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