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This transcript appears in the February 14, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Financial Collapse Drives
British Push for WWIII

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Lyndon LaRouche's Feb. 7 LaRouche PAC webcast opened with a question from Washington, D.C., read by moderator Matthew Ogden:

"Mr. LaRouche, recent events underscore that we are in the midst of a continuing financial crisis and that the latest manifestation, following the tapering of the Fed's quantitative easing policy, is currency collapses in some emerging-market countries. These recent events have once again encouraged a debate regarding the actual health of global financial markets and the global financial system. What are your thoughts on this situation?"

Lyndon LaRouche: Well, the economic situation is dire, but this comes in the context of the danger of a thermonuclear war which, on the present schedule, could come within the remainder of this month. What is happening in the meantime—and this leads to why it happened this way—is that the fact that the British monarchy, which controls our President, Barack Obama—essentially, he was brought into the Presidency through British circles and a hell of a lot of drug money passed in order to get him elected. And it came from London; it came from those quarters.

So what happened is, now, a countdown has been rigged; it's in process now. And the countdown is a showcase in the area around Russia, and areas adjacent to it. What has happened is, the whole world in this process has been divided into two major dominant regions. One is the trans-Atlantic region—that part of the world is going bankrupt. It's on the verge of an absolute chain-reaction collapse right now. It's just a question of what day it will be, or what week; it's that close. The U.S. system and the continental Europe system are hopelessly bankrupt, and they're about to have the biggest crash in world history. And this has driven the situation to the point of world war, thermonuclear world war.

The danger here is, that the economic issues and the military issues are coincident, they're interlocked: You cannot separate the economic problems, the economic crisis, from the threat of a thermonuclear crisis. In the meantime, you've got to think always in the background: What is happening now is, you have two parts of the planet, which dominate the entire planet, as a global system. Other people who are not in the mainstream, shall we say, of this process in a crisis, are drawn into it inevitably; they can't escape from it. We're all in the grip of the same crisis; some more directly, some more actively, others will be victims anyway. So that's our economic situation. It's actually a military situation; it's a strategic one.

A British Stooge as President

So we have these two forces: the force of the bankruptcy of the United States—and it is ready to go bankrupt; the British Empire is also ready to go bankrupt. Now at the same time, we have a stooge for the British monarchy who is the President. He's now in the process of his second term of office. But he was never really a President of the United States; he was a stooge put in there in order to give him the power of the Presidency as it is now misdefined, and to use that power through his mouth to impose things on the United States that would not otherwise have occurred unless he, as the mouth of the Queen of England, controlled the situation.

Now to understand the economic crisis, you have to understand the Queen of England. You may recall that you had a Copenhagen conference some years ago, and the Queen came out of that conference, and since then, her object has been expressed publicly: the intention to reduce the human population from 7 billion people, which it had been about that time of the Copenhagen conference, and now she's headed toward 1.

And you see the President's policies toward the unemployed since Jan. 1: the plan is for an accelerated death rate for the citizens of the United States through the elderly and through the unemployed or the unemployable.

And we have a great amount of the population of the United States among the younger generation, the under 25-year-old generation essentially, who have no economic future as a group. There may be individual exceptions, or a few dozens here and there and so forth, but there is no hope. This is the policy of the Queen of England, and he—the President—was a stooge brought in with British drug money, and their track is known, and by this manipulation, they got this fellow into the Presidency.

Now he does not think. He spends much of his time each day, when he is not dragged into something else—there is a little area between the family side of the White House and the public side of the White House. Now there is an office there, a small office which is between the two branches. In other words, you go through this small office, which is his personal office, where he plays basketball. So now what's been happening all this time is, the policy of the British Empire, which had been conduited into the United States through two agencies: the British monarchy and Wall Street. So therefore, we have now a depletion of the means of existence.

Now this has had a penalty. When you start to shut down economies, you're not going to get prosperity; you're going to get bankruptcy. So you've got this great build-up through the British Empire's part, of Wall Street. And they've shut down everything that's real, and they've got a hyperinflationary program. They have never spent much money, Wall Street has never really spent money for something. They've accumulated a hyper-growth of storage of nominal money. And the quantitative easing process has been the key mechanism.

And it's all been done in this way under Obama, who is now going into about five years of his terms of office. He never was a thinking person; he never sought the Presidency as such. A lady who is an American, who had been a British agent, came into the United States, went to areas like Chicago and hauled him into becoming a political figure in the United States. A lot of this was done around Boston, at Harvard University. He was stuck in there by a big drug funding, coming across the Mexican border, for example. And we see his whole administration in that character. So he has not actually been the thinking President of the United States.

We had the little joker who was in there before—two terms of office—Bush. Bush could never think, he was probably drugged up fairly well, and that's a whole story in itself. But you had a nominal President who was not really a functional President George W. Bush, Jr.

Now we have another guy who's a clown, who is not really a President. He occupies the office of President in name, and the people who hold him like a marionette with strings, and they move his mouth, and tell him when to shut up, too.

So you're dealing with the British Empire, not the British kingdom: The British Empire has been controlling the United States since the ouster of Bill Clinton. And that's over three terms of a President in office, and a lot of bad things have happened. It wasn't really good before, since Bill Clinton was framed up; but since that time, the hope of a recovery of the U.S. economy is gone. In other words, the frame-up that was set up around Clinton—and I was involved directly with Clinton and involved in the Russian side of the thing at that time. I was playing a keystone role between those two points of reference at that point. And I saw personally exactly how Bill Clinton was set up. He was framed; he panicked and was framed, but it was all a set-up; it was nothing he invented. He walked into it, and didn't handle it properly. But it was all set up, it was set up by people in the United States and by the British monarchy. The whole business was set up by the British monarchy and by a high-ranking institution of British intelligence. They ran it, and they ran the leadership of the Republican Party at the same time.

The Clinton Frame-Up and the End of Glass-Steagall

So, that's where we are. It didn't happen yesterday. It happened when there was a crisis in the Russian finances. The place was about to break down. I was in Russia at that time, and I was invited to a meeting held by leading figures of Russia at that time. We had it in Moscow, and the question was, my advice—as expert advice—on how would they deal with the crisis they went through. And at the conclusion, they were all enthusiastic in adopting it. And the point was, they wanted to know what I would do with the United States. They knew I was on very friendly terms with Bill Clinton. That was in August.

So, Bill then, looking at what I had reported, recognized that there was a solution to this mess for both the United States and for Russia. This would not only be an economic thing as such, it would be a new force of growth in the world economy, by taking a sector from the Eurasian part of the world to the European, or trans-European part, into the United States. It would have worked. And what was done, that operation on Bill Clinton, against him, was set up by primarily British intelligence, at the highest level of intelligence services. Secondly, the Republican Party leadership was sucked right into it. I should say, willingly sucked into it, and in more ways than one.

So from that point on, the crippling of Bill Clinton prevented a solution to the crisis which was then existing already. So that's the way the thing has worked.

Now what happened is, as a result of Bill Clinton being framed in that way—and he was framed, and I know the details. I personally know the details. I was firsthand in both sides of the question. So that's what happened. So, since Bill Clinton left office, and he left like a limp frog. And he passed, and supported as President, signed on to the cancellation of Glass-Steagall. The cancellation of Glass-Steagall, through his last term—that operation is what caused the great collapse in the U.S. economy. It was already collapsing, it was rotting away, there were many things wrong with it. George H.W. Bush had made a real mess of things.

So that's where we were. That's where the strategic situation lies today. The British intention was another problem. The British Empire was following a Green policy. Now a Green policy means that your economy is going to collapse. It means that industry is going to disappear. It means that all the high-tech things that people make income from are going to disappear. And they have disappeared in the collapse.

This so-called President, saying that there's growth in the United States: There's a cancer; that's the kind of growth it is, and he's the cancer.

On the Verge of Formal Bankruptcy

Now what this means is, the British Empire, which dominates the trans-Atlantic region of the world and extends its paws into parts of things, is now bankrupt. It's on the verge of a formal bankruptcy. It is hysterical, because it knows the bankruptcy is already here. What they're trying to prevent is the accounting for the bankruptcy. They don't want it to come out and be known.

Now therefore, the policy of the British Empire—and the British Empire is really the Dutch Empire—is a problem which has been a disease over Europe, and now the Americas as well. So this is history; this is not something that happened yesterday, this is a process that has extended from the beginning of the 17th Century, when the change came. When James I came in, that was when the Dutch took over, and created a joke called the British Empire, but the Dutch always controlled it. The Dutch still control it.

For example, in the United States, what happened? How were some people assassinated? Alexander Hamilton, for example. He was assassinated by a British agent—Aaron Burr. And Aaron Burr was a professional assassin and a British agent. He worked personally for the Queen. He assassinated Alexander Hamilton, but how did he do that? Well, the Dutch had colonized Manhattan at the same time that we were doing things in Massachusetts. So what happened is, the process was that the banks, banks in Manhattan Island, were banks of these operations, of the Dutch banks. It was the Dutch banks, operating inside the United States, because they'd been planted there in the 17th Century. These Dutch banks became the vehicles of penetration of North America from Europe. And this process converged on an invasion, the Dutch invasion into the British Isles, and the mass assassination of the Irish, and other kinds of atrocities.

What we call the British Empire today was really a continuation of the Dutch Empire. And the Dutch Empire became an empire as a successor to the Roman Empire, by defeating the Spanish monarchy, and defeating the Spanish in South America, for example. The degeneration of the original colonization of Central and South America was a result of this. The Dutch defeat of the Spanish meant that the whole Spanish-speaking area, Portuguese as well, were brutalized by this process. The destruction of South America and its economies, as well as North America, has created, under the British rule, a trans-Atlantic empire, which has extended its power into other parts of the world.

Now this empire, under the British policy, is the typical Zeusian policy: Remember the original Zeus policy was to eliminate unnecessary people, to kill all the poor people. And that's what's being done to us in the United States and Europe now.

On the other hand, the other part, the Eurasian part—which is very large, which includes very populous nations; Russia is still a very populous nation. China is even more impressive, much more impressive in that respect. China is a burgeoning economy; it's one of the great economic powers of the world today. Russia has all the characteristics of being able to emerge as a great power, again. India is a great power. It has difficulties within it, but essentially, at the same time, it's a great power. So, the Eurasian part of the world is now not only very wealthy overall, in total wealth, but it's also growing. The trans-Atlantic part of the world is now collapsing. It's now reaching a point of breakdown collapse.

At this point, what happens? An intention to have thermonuclear war. The trans-Atlantic region has been mobilized, it's bankrupt, it's about to collapse totally, but it's trying to make war, to save the British Empire, and to defend the British Empire—as really the Dutch Empire—which is really a reflection of the Roman Empire, in terms of the history of culture. So, we've come to that point.

Now, the Eurasian part—apart from all the terrorist operations that have been run in Eurasia to try to weaken Eurasia—that's what's been done against Russia right now, and various parts of Asia; that's what's been done in the whole Arab-speaking Islamic area, has been very heavily punched by this thing, and been used as a device to try to weaken the Eurasian section.

So, that's the situation. When you want to discuss what has been raised by this question, that's what you're talking about. And nothing less than that actually answers that question, which is posed here.

The Intention: Thermonuclear War

What's the answer? Well, you say we're at war. We are in fact. The British intention is to have a thermonuclear war. The British intention to have a thermonuclear war, is governed by the fact that the entire trans-Atlantic region is about to go in the biggest bust that history has ever seen! There is no wealth, net wealth; there is no growth, no prospect of growth in the trans-Atlantic region. There may be a little bit in Germany, a little bit of that here and there, but no. Spain, Iberia? Destroyed! Most of Italy? Destroyed! Southern Italy? Destroyed! Greece? Largely destroyed! And so forth and so on. And the whole southern part of Europe is being destroyed. That was done earlier.

In this period, the British Empire was concentrating on trying to establish the Green policy, as it's called today, over what had been the strongest part of the world economically, the trans-Atlantic region, especially the north trans-Atlantic region—the United States and what the British got control over in Europe.

So now, Eurasia is an opponent. They let them alone for a while. They went after Russia big, the Soviet Union, and so forth. But, overall, the forces in Asia are still growing, because despite the cultural warfare, despite what was done against the Islamic community, that is still there.

So, we've come to the point, that the British Empire is desperate. The British Empire is prepared with the last ounce of money it has left in it, real money that is, they're prepared to conduct a thermonuclear war. Now, a thermonuclear war is not like any war that anyone has ever heard of. We came closest to it when Jack Kennedy saved us from a war of that type. Actually, real, serious, nuclear war; not yet a thermonuclear war in the true sense; there were thermonuclear aspects to what the Soviet capabilities were, but it was not really this kind of war.

Now we've come to a point where you don't know whether your kitchen sink may contain a missile. The whole world is riddled by secret deposits of weaponry which could be set off, which would mean that any war that would occur between Eurasia—which means Russia, in particular—and the trans-Atlantic region, means that you're running up against, on both sides, a tremendous mass, that you don't know what's in your kitchen sink; you don't know what's under the bathtub. They've got weapons all over the place.

So, what you do, is you set up all kinds of weapon systems, and bury them in all kinds of places, and that's been going on for a long time. So now you have all these kinds of equipment. They're waiting to be set off in some degree of coordination, aimed at predetermined targets. And, this is the system. And the only way you can fight a war between the two sections, the trans-Atlantic region and the Eurasian region, is that. Any idea of trying to win this war—and what's going on now, is that the British Empire, using stooge Obama, that is what the danger is.

And the operations in Ukraine, are intended to start World War III, thermonuclear World War III! Anybody in Western Europe or the United States, who is proposing a war against Russia, or takeover in Ukraine, is going to ensure, ensure, a global thermonuclear war, from which the probability that within about a day and a half of such a war, there may be almost no one left living on this planet.

But the British don't care! It's a Zeusian tradition, as you get from Aeschylus, in the account of Zeus, and as you got in the whole history of the oligarchical system throughout the world. Now, the oligarchical system is such, that they are going to extermination warfare. Therefore, there is no kind of war-fighting that any sane nation can engage in, in terms of this kind of warfare, thermonuclear warfare. The engagement of the trans-Atlantic region on the one side, and the Eurasian region on the other side, means that any war that breaks out between those two forces, means the general extermination of the human species.

What's Your Peace Policy?

So therefore, what's your peace policy? Peace policy is to take the capability of launching such a war, out of the hands of the British Empire. Because China does not want such a war. They have no motive for it. Russia has no motive for such a war. India has no motive for such a war. Why would they want to fight a war? They don't.

Well, why does the United States want to fight this war? Because there are traitors to the United States. There's no reason for the United States to go roaming around in Ukraine, trying to start a world war in Ukraine. There's no motive for that, that makes any sense. But you have a bunch of clowns who don't care about reality; they have their own narrow, stupid ideas. They're brainless idiots, in effect.

And therefore, What we need is a "preemptive peace." And my view is this: We in the United States, if we had our own President, rather than this stooge, this British stooge, that's stuck in there as a substitute; 60-80% of the American people want no part of Obama. They want no part of his policies; therefore, they want no part of Obama. But we have a broken-down people, a discouraged people. In World War II times, my generation—I'm of the World War II time—they would never tolerate this crap! Never!

But you have a bunch of young generations who haven't been fed properly, they have not been educated competently, they have no clear sense of identity, they have a surrogate game-playing sense. They're playing games all day! This "Thumb Game" that you get among young people out in California—these people are mentally disturbed! It's not their fault. It's the education system they're subjected to. And the education system in the United States, has degenerated at an accelerating rate. How can you blame these young guys, these young people, for their bad behavior? Nobody's raised them up. They're largely fed, encouraged on drugs, on all kinds of habits, they're not capable of taking care of themselves, not in any real sense. So therefore, that's what our issue is.

So therefore, if we can, shall we say, clear things up, let the people of the United States know that they're hopelessly bankrupt, but that we intend to do something about it. And we say, "We're not going to have this war." What we're going to do, is we're going to send a message over to Putin, to the Chinese, and to others: "Okay, let's cut the crap out now!"

Shut Down Wall Street!

Now, in the process of that, it will be necessary to shut down Wall Street. That's not a problem: We have a law waiting to be reenacted, called Glass-Steagall. If we implement Glass-Steagall afresh, and shut down Wall Street, we can create Federal credit, just as Alexander Hamilton prescribed the method. His three cardinal principles of government, and economic government, as Treasury Secretary of the United States, and others after him who had the same idea, we'll do that. That's our deal. That's what we're going to do; will you agree with it?

We have to get Obama out of there. That's easy: 60-80% of the people want no part of him. The sentient members of our adult population want no part of this clown! They know they don't want any more of what he represents. They're starving to death, they've been cut off from all support. They're actually being murdered, by Obama! They have no recourse to means of existence!

I suggest very simply, the solution is elementary: Excommunicate Obama, and do that as a part of his expulsion from office. Because he's some kind of a heathen, whatever it is, we don't want it!

But that's what the solution is. If we recognize that we have no reason to tolerate what our government is doing, by kissing the rear end of the British Queen, which is not a very tasteful move, then we can tell the people out there, who are desperate, that we do have a means in our tradition as a nation, as a republic, in our Constitution, we have the means to start regrowth of this economy: Eliminate the payments of these parasites, these suckers, who are sucking the blood of the nation!

Wall Street: Shut 'em down! We don't need 'em! They're thieves! We'll go in there like—you know, pick 'em over; what's there, we'll take it back. The rest of it, we'll say, "It ain't yours any more. You didn't earn it."

The fact that you have a system, which is a money system: What about reality? What about value, real value? Paper values? Forget it! Paper values? Hey, guy, these are fake! There's nothing in there, there's nothing physical in there! There's no health care, etc., etc.

So all we have to do is shut down Wall Street, which is a Dutch trick, a dirty Dutch trick. And just say: Okay, we'll go back to Franklin Roosevelt's method. Last shot, Franklin Roosevelt, and do the same thing he did. The first thing is, shut down Wall Street. And if we decide we're going to shut down Wall Street, don't play any of this fake constitutional stuff; it's not constitutional. Wall Street is very bad for your constitution.

But that's where we stand. That's what the issue is now, that's the reality. The only solution, for victory, is peace!

Science and Art

The final question of the webcast was read by co-moderator Megan Beets:

"This year, 2014, marks the official Year of Culture in Russia, and in a recent speech at the Presidential Council for Culture and Art Presidium in Pskov, President Vladimir Putin made the following comments: 'We need to educate a new generation, cultivate in them good artistic taste and the ability to understand and appreciate theater, drama, and music. If we went about this the right way, probably we would be able to avoid tragedies like today's tragedy in Moscow. [He's referring to a school shooting.] We need high-quality, serious theatrical performances for children and teenagers that will introduce them to Russian and world classics, and teach them to think, empathize, and believe in the power of good....

" 'Culture is an immense integral phenomenon that transforms individuals into a people and nation. We all realize the tremendous part that culture plays in developing our country, strengthening its influence and reputation in the world, and preserving its integrity and national sovereignty. After all, without culture, what sovereignty can we speak of, and what would there be to fight for? Culture and education are the elements that form our country's human capital and are part of our historical code and national character. This is why state cultural policy must cover all areas of life, help to preserve traditional values, deepen our spiritual ties with our native land, raise trust among people and increase their responsibility and participation as citizens in developing our country.'

"This past Wednesday in the discussion posted on this website [], you commented that it's the separation of a scientific education from its true source, Classical art, which has done the greatest damage to our people's ability to think and to understand what the human mind is. It's damaged our ability to make new discoveries, and has replaced it with what you've referred to as an 'animal training program of repeat after me.'

"In contrast to this, you have put forward the example of someone who didn't have this issue, and that someone was the great strategic thinker and the great scientist William Shakespeare. So, I'd like to give you a chance to respond to President Putin's remarks, and also to elaborate on why you're telling us that Shakespeare is one of the greatest strategic thinkers among us today."

Creativity vs. Euclidean Geometry

LaRouche: Well, all these questions come under one great issue, that mankind is not an animal, but, mankind is being educated as if he were an animal. Mankind is being treated socially as if he were an animal. And mankind is not an animal.

The difference is what's called creativity. Now, for most people in the educational system today, as a result of that educational system, very few people understand the principle of science. For example, all modern science of any competence, depended upon two great figures of the Renaissance period, Cusa and Brunelleschi, the older figure, who invented physics! He built a great cathedral; it was the first miracle of this type ever created. I've been there, I know it, I've seen it again, and again, and I've admired it, and studied it! I've worked with scientists in understanding what the accomplishment was. He was the greatest genius. He changed all kinds of conceptions of physics and so forth, all the bad ones, the ones I used to hate. Like Euclidean geometry, the crazy geometry that's taught in the schools. It's for idiots, it's not for human beings! It's not scientific, it's junk. Euclidean geometry, it's garbage! It always was. It never had any scientific merit whatsoever.

For example, I was about the age of 14, and I used to visit with my family, we'd go over to the Charlestown Navy Yard, on the outskirts of Boston, and I went there a number of times. And I'd seen the USS Constitution at bay, again and again. I was 13, 14 years of age at that time, so I enjoyed the Constitution, I thought it was great, but we were unable to take it out; we're not able to go out with it; you're not able to experience anything with it. So I looked at other things.

And now, I happened to be, not so coincidentally, in a period in which there was the transition from iron and brick construction in cities. We had come to a new phase. We were now in the age of skyscraping structural steel. So I would go over and study this structural steel and compare it with the iron and brick construction. And I would made a number of visits, three or four visits there. And I realized what I was looking at.

Now, I didn't know anything about Euclidean geometry as such, I didn't know that the name Euclidean geometry existed. So, the first day of this class, the teacher, who happened to be a friend of my mother's, asked, "Who knows what geometry is? Any of you got an idea what geometry is?" I said, yeah, sure. She said, "Okay." So I had to explain this process about the structural steel, in which you have to compensate for the part of the steel that is actually useful in supporting the structure, as opposed to iron rod, and you have to realize that you must not have all that weight; you must discover how much of an area of steel you actually require to do the supporting the job, and what part is just weight that is going to increase the burden.

So I saw this in the form of the punched hole steel structure; I saw it in terms of the cross wires which approximated, and so, I said, that's it. This, to me, is the principle of geometry. It has to be, because it's the principle of construction.

And, boy, did I get really beaten up on that. "No!!! That's not what Euclid says!" I said, "well, Euclid's an idiot!" Which he was.

And this was my experience in terms of finding exactly how I resolved what was going on. Because the problem we have in society, is that people in the education process, even in my age, and it's much worse now; education in public school systems in decent parts where the economy is stable, it's worse than ever. Children, teenagers and so forth, university students are worse educated in this time, than they were in mine. People of my generation were geniuses compared to what you get as college graduates today! That is a fair statement. No exaggeration whatsoever.

You look at the educational program, the basic problem here, which is common to both then and now, is that what people think they know is based on the presumption that they're given tests on various subjects; they're preconditioned to receive these tests. And if the teacher says something wrong, well then the teacher will mark you down, for supporting a position they don't agree with. And this is not done on the teacher's volition, it's done by the system of education. So the system of education prescribes these methods of "right" question and answers. And you're supposed to guess what the right question is. And you're graded then, and rated, on the basis of whether you agree with what you're taught or not.

This was bad then. It's much worse now.

Public opinion now is much more ignorant, it almost makes monkeys look smart the way the education system works. So that essentially is the key part.

What Does Science Mean?

So the problem is, what does science mean? Then you get into the real meat: When you start from this kind of exploration, realizing why you're right, you know you can prove it physically, experimentally, but the teachers tell you it's wrong! And they insist they'll grade you and they'll teach you, and they'll try to drum it into your head! Well, I was a very stubborn character, I didn't like that kind of stuff. I would drum back!

But what the demonstration is, you say, "Wait a minute—they're saying mathematics is science? I've just seen the mathematics in this classroom; I've seen mathematics. It ain't true! It's not true. [Science is] not based on numbers!"

Well, the short of it, as you were referring to, is the fact that mathematics is not science! Mathematics is a cheap imitation of science, it's not science! And other considerations are involved.

What you see is, when you look at the mind of man—and that's what I look at, and I'm a great lover of Classical musical composition. I've lived on it; I've dwelled on it; I devoured it! I pursued it! I sought it out where I could get it! And I know something about science. And then, when I compare that with Shakespeare? Shakespeare was a scientist, he was not a playwright! Yes, he was also a playwright, but he knew how to put some stuff into the play! Which is something which most playwrights don't know how to do. That's why you get the crap in music, and the crap in drama and so forth that you have in the public area now.

Because we don't realize, you can not separate the passion of man from what you want to call the knowledge of man. And Shakespeare demonstrates that, he demonstrates that in his insight into history! Why can't monkeys invent? They may invent sometimes, but you don't want to be around at the time, if you know anything about monkeys. Now, the gorilla, that's a different case; the gorilla is very polite; he doesn't ask for sex until his wife beats him up. Very gentle guy—amazing, this big brutish guy, is a very gentle kind of animal, the big mountain gorilla especially.

But the issue is, what is humanity? Well, humanity is not an animal. The mental process is divided into different parts. You have the function of the brain. Now all kinds of things have various approximations of brains. Plants almost even try to develop an approximation of that, the way they function, but it's mostly tension, biological tension.

But in mankind, it's different. In mankind, take people like Max Planck and Albert Einstein, outstanding, well-known names. What's different about them and a piece of crap like Bertrand Russell? And the students of Bertrand Russell, who are all a pain in the neck, or other parts of the anatomy, if you prefer? You realize there is no separation between man's particular kind of creative passion—and I'm speaking creative—and what makes man different than an animal. It's something which we call, in many ways, spiritual. But the spiritual is something vaporous, something which is "not real," it's vaporous, it's mysterious.

Well, it's not mysterious. It's only mysterious to the ignorant. And our job is to develop a society in which ignorance is cured. It doesn't mean a perfect cure, because you always have to progress: But that's the point! What do we mean by progress in knowledge? We mean the discovery of principle. What did Max Planck discover? What did Einstein discover? They didn't discover how to deduce something. They discovered a principle which was previously unknown, and they were able to test whether or not it was a known quantity.

Mankind is not an animal. Mankind as we know him, first as mankind, as we can prove archeologically otherwise—mankind was cooking his lunch. Animals don't cook their lunch, they don't use fire as an instrument. Mankind are Prometheans, not Zeusians. Zeusians don't allow fire to be used by people. Only Prometheans permit fire to be used, as an instrument of man.

Fire, Chemistry, and Human Imagination

Now what is it we mean by fire? Well, we mean chemistry! And chemistry is not a fixed system. The universe is changing all the time, it's evolving to higher states. But the animal can't do that. The animal has no knowledge of that, but the human being does.

So you have people like Cusa and Brunelleschi. They were exemplary of a new generation, a new culture, coming out of a very dark period of man's past. They created modern science! And they didn't believe in deduction. And that's the difference.

Because when we educate people properly, we realize that mathematics does not have anything to do with passion or with principles of science. What they believe in is a dead man; they are like the victims, the pupils of the schools, where the teachers set down the rules, and you're graded on the basis of whether you happen to be the lucky one who thought what the teacher wanted to hear! Then you got a good grade; if they didn't like that, you got a bad grade. And that's the way this thing works.

So the system of society is actually, we're treating people like animals, when actually creativity is located within the ability of the individual to make a discovery of a principle of nature, and that's chemistry! Mankind operates on the basis of chemistry. It's called fire! It's the Promethean force of fire! And by fire, you rise to higher and higher powers of chemistry. And many chemists get confused on this, because they get so trapped up with what they can do, they forget about discovery. But everything that was done in chemistry came about as a discovery! A creation of the human mind, of the human imagination. And the ability to criticize your imagination and to determine by testing whether this thing you call a principle is true or not, you test it.

Now many chemists don't do it properly, but the intention in the system of chemistry is there. Mankind is the fire-bringer! He's the Promethean, the fire bringer! And what he's doing is discovering new, higher forms of fire, like the application of helium-3 to the process of creating a superpower of power for mankind per capita on Earth.

And as long as you believe that mathematics will teach you that stuff, you're an idiot. You may not intend to be an idiot, but you're educated to be an idiot, because you didn't do the one thing that's the difference between man and the beast. The essential difference: What is the spirit, the creative spirit? No animal has ever been able to actually discover a principle. Whatever principle they have is built into them biologically.

But the human body has two crucial points. One is the human brain; the other is the human mind. The human mind is the product of the noëtic process operating on the brain. So therefore, when you die, if you're a scientist, you're dead. You're silenced, your body no longer functions, it goes away, disappears. But then, when you look at the case of Max Planck, or Albert Einstein, or Nicholas of Cusa, or Brunelleschi, or Kepler, or Leibniz, you see a process of discovery, and no animal ever made a discovery, a discovery of principle.

What happens is, once you die, if you're a creative person, you achieve what is called immortality, because what you have done, you have given others around you the experience of making discoveries. So instead of trying to learn how to respond to predetermined behavior, which is what the stupid student does in the school to get an A grade, you then become fascinated by the process of discovery, which is located only in the human body otherwise. The human body biologically is necessary to support the function of the human mind, even to give birth to it. But what remains, is immortal, and it's true immortality, as many people have understood it.

Immortality is the immortality of what we call the soul. It's something which is associated with the mind; it's associated with the body in the sense that you don't develop the mind without the nourishment of the body. But once you have a developed mind, and the ability to create noëtically with that mind, you become a human being. The problem is that we bestialize people, we bestialize them by—you know, talk, talk! By saying fact, fact, fact! But no "fact" is true!

No fact ever existed that was true. Because always, in every case, in every generation, every part of mankind, something is changing, and what was true yesterday is no longer true, because something new has come into being. And it's the process of coming into being, at a higher organization, as opposed to the deadliness, the Satanic quality of deadliness of the Green policy: That's the difference! It's creativity! And you can never reduce creativity to mathematics. As a matter of fact the reliance on mathematics in physics, is bad.

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