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This transcript appears in the November 13, 2015 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Strategic Importance of
Alexander Hamilton’s Manhattan

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During his November 7, 2015 dialogue with residents of New York City, Lyndon LaRouche opened the proceedings with the following remarks:

Now we’ve come to a period in which there are various elements of destruction of the United States. The most important point right now, in terms of the entire United States, lies within the province of Manhattan. Manhattan was the birthplace of the United States, led by especially Alexander Hamilton. And everything that has come to the United States has been a product of the continuation of the principles of Alexander Hamilton and his associates, and every one of us, like me, who has had his own role in the leadership of the United States, briefly but significantly. And what’s happened, is we have been destroyed throughout the United States.

The fact of the matter is that if you want to save the United States, if you want to save our nation and what it stands for, you have to concentrate on the mission of Manhattan, the mission of Manhattan which is defined by Alexander Hamilton. It’s still there today. There’s a lot of clutter in Manhattan; there are all kinds of people there. But at the same time, there is a coincidence which is good, as contrasted with incidence, which is intrinsically evil. And intrinsically evil means,—guess what? It means speculation, it means financial organizing. So these things have to be cleared away.

We have to recreate the United States to its intention, and recognize that Alexander Hamilton, even to this day, provides a model of excellence for what this nation represents. And you can find the essence of the United States in the founding role of Alexander Hamilton in creating the United States, including Manhattan. And we have to therefore realize that other parts of the United States may be valuable parts of the United States, but they lack an essential part of what lies in Manhattan.

That is, not all of Manhattan is good, as everybody in Manhattan knows. Some of the worst crooks in the world have been in Manhattan. But we know there is in Manhattan still, a legacy of Alexander Hamilton; and it’s not just the tomb that he has down there in the southern part of the territory. It’s what he represents, and what has inspired other people, as by Alexander Hamilton’s model, up to the present time.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
Alexander Hamilton (1757-1804). This painting, commissioned by merchants of New York City in 1791, was painted by Hamilton’s revolutionary compatriot, John Trumbull.

Therefore, if we’re going to solve this problem, we have to recognize that many parts of the United States are deficient. That is, they are deficient as trying to play a role as leadership. And the fact is, we’ve often destroyed the foundation of the United States, which is typified by Alexander Hamilton more than anything else. And you start to disperse the elements of the United States into local states, or fractions of local states, cults, and so forth, and what happens is you lose the original intention of the foundation of the United States, which was a miraculous development for all mankind. And the role of Manhattan in terms of bringing foreigners into the United States, and making them citizens in the United States, and spreading that influence from inside the United States, from Manhattan,—that is the particular genius which lies as a potential within the United States still today.

And therefore we have to understand that, and take those indications as a value. You know, we’ve had wars; the United States has been involved in several wars. Some of these wars were imposed upon the United States. The Civil War was a creation of the South, but it was a creation of an alien element, which took over and took authority over the United States. We had the first four Presidents after George Washington, Presidents in the young United States, who were crooks. We had a few great geniuses, but we had a plethora of crooks of various kinds. We have people who understand the tradition which the United States has represented in its best respects, but these are exceptional people, and they exist only as exceptional people, and they exist only by the contributing influence of these special people.

So we have to say, “This nation is one nation. It is not a division or separation of states within one nation. It is one nation.” And that concept of one nation, which Alexander Hamilton typifies, with all the things that have happened otherwise in the history of the United States, all reduces to that one point. And Manhattan today contains a germ within Manhattan,—not the plethora of people in Manhattan, but a germ among that plethora within Manhattan,—typified by its exceptional persons: the people in the organization of Manhattan who represent something special in terms that they don’t always live up to it, but they have a sense of something they’ve inherited as a devotion, as an intention. And that’s where we are now.

Remove the Murderer Obama

We have to say, we have to take this city, as I have done,—and I made a decision on this back in October of last year,—and I said, “I’m changing everything, and I’m moving everything back to the center of Manhattan, to Alexander Hamilton and what he represented in his role in the history of the United States.” We must assemble the people inside Manhattan, and also in other parts of the United States, into a single unity of purpose. Unless we can do that, and get rid of Obama, for example, and other afflictions which have been imposed on the United States, we don’t have a chance of saving this nation. The very existence of this nation is now in threat, and Obama, the current President Obama, is the chief source of that threat right now. This is a man who must be absolutely thrown out of office now. He’s committed crimes beyond imagination. He must be removed! All the evidence is available. But we have gutless members of the Congress who don’t have the ability to mobilize themselves to a moral decision to recreate and maintain the United States.

Now the United States is not just one thing. The United States is something which contains within it a promise of a better life for other parts of the world, especially for Europe. Europe was sodden with the crime of its own characteristics, some of it not known. Other nations have come up out of it, in Asia, Africa, and parts of South America. They’ve come up as places that can become the locations of a new development throughout the planet. And that’s what we have to do.

But we have to say, start in one place. Here we are: we’re taking up a discussion in Manhattan. We know that this role of Manhattan contains within it, within its valuable parts, precisely those sparks with which we can save this nation, and thus, in that way, contribute to the salvation of mankind more generally. And that should be a conscience-stricken view of what stands before us right now.

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