Volume 42, Number 45, November 13, 2015


How Obama Has Destroyed This Country

The Strategic Importance of Alexander Hamilton’s Manhattan  

The Peace Dividend of the New Silk Road: Global Reconstruction of the Physical Economy  

by Alexander Hartmann

A report on Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s Nov. 4, 2015 webcast.

How Obama Destroyed This Country  

A transcript of the Nov. 6 LaRouche PAC webcast, which featured a report by Jeffrey Steinberg.

Phoenix Policy Syria: Discussion Points for the Reconstruction of Syria

by Hussein Askary and Ulf Sandmark

A document prepared after discussions with Syrian government authorities.

President Assad’s ‘Five Seas Vision’

A regional development perspective advanced in 2004.

The Galaxy Project

by Benjamin Deniston

An edited transcript of the first class in a series on the LaRouche PAC Science Team’s project exploring the Galaxy as the next scientific frontier for mankind.