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This article appears in the January 15, 2016 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

We Have No Other Agenda

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Jan. 7—Our only agenda is that laid out at length by Lyndon LaRouche in a meeting with associates Tuesday evening, Jan. 6. He began by referring to his forecast that all Hell would break loose after Jan. 1, as it certainly has begun to,— but the detailed further course of the collapse is still undetermined. He went on to point to the success of the Manhattan Project—of organizing the American people around the necessity, and possibility, of choral beauty—despite all of its difficulties (see EIR, Jan. 8, 2016). That Manhattan Project is now the key to history; if LaRouche had not launched it as he did in October 2014, now all would be lost.

He identified that it is the British system, top down, which is driving towards a global mass killing of the human population. The British royal family is determined to reduce the human population to a small fragment of what it is today. Asia will not be destroyed by the impact of the economic collapse which is now striking the trans-Atlantic area, but precisely for that reason, the British Empire, through Obama, is determined to destroy Asia and Russia in war.

If you don’t destroy the British Empire, you’re not going to survive. Here, British officers execute some leaders of the Indian Rebellion of 1857, by tying them to the muzzles of cannon and blowing them to pieces. They massacred thousands of noncombatants during the rebellion. Larger numbers died in famines as a result of British policy.

So, therefore, our objective has to be to destroy the British Empire. If you don’t destroy the British Empire, you’re not going to be alive. That’s what the issue is. And the issue is that most people are stupid because, out of fear, they don’t want to do something like that. The only way we can save the population of the planet is to get rid of everything that is the British authority, especially the British Isles authority, British royal family and its legacy. . . . and destroy the forces in the United States which were the guilty party in the incumbent Presidency of the United States, and in much of the leadership of the organization of the United States. Because you see what they are doing, they are leading the march toward the destruction of the population of the United States.

Look what’s happened! Look at the death rates imposed by Obama, by Obama’s policies on the people of the United States. So you’re not in a situation of an economic problem as an economic problem, but the intention is mass murder. So saying you’ve got a program to solve the threat of economic problems, you’re kidding yourself. The intention is, by hook or by crook, to reduce the population of the planet massively, and suddenly.

And the only way you can deal with that is to beat the enemy. And that is what the Presidency and what the organization of the Congress would not do. The Congress had the authority to shut this project down. And they decided to go ahead. That was the decision that was made in December. The final decision at the point the Congress adjourned, was a decision to destroy the United States. Unless you denounce them for that, and scare the shit out of them, they’re going to continue to do that.

That’s what’s going on in Europe. Europe is headed for a death-knell. And unless you take the action to destroy the British interests and those things that correspond to British interests, you have no means by which to avoid the kind of nightmare which is sitting there waiting to fall on us. If you get out there and say we insist we’re going to get the members of Congress and punish them for what they’re trying to do, you don’t have anything.

In other words, there’s no way you can adapt to this situation. If you try to adapt to it, you’re just going to make a fool of yourself. You’ve got to throw this President out of office. And you’ve got to throw out the members of Congress who’ll go along with him, too. That’s the only chance we have, from the standpoint of the United States. Right now, all of Western Europe is headed for the death-knell, on the basis of economic and related conditions. And the only thing you have is Asia, the Asian area, or the core of the Asian area. And therefore the British will not let that alone by any means. So you have to go out and just wipe out the royal family. Want to do that?

White House/Pete Souza
Obama, witting agent of the British Imperial policy to depopulate the United States and the world, toasts the Queen at Winfield House, London, in 2011.
The Underlying Problem

LaRouche went on, at a later point in the meeting, to point to the underlying nature of the problem:

Look in particular at what you get from Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, and then you put in the other things that went with it; then you see the process leading in from that. You see the same outcome from the Civil War, and that led to the next step: One decade before the end of the century, Bismarck was put out of office. The 1890s were a horror period that led immediately to general warfare. We’ve had perpetual warfare, despite all the talk about peace. We’ve had general warfare forever. So therefore, it’s these guys who said, “Be practical.”

What we’re discussing here is the actual truth; we’re taking certain elements of the absolute truth of history, and we’re looking at it from the standpoint of an earlier period, as a record. We say, “Hey, this keeps going on!” and it’s a threat to the entirety of humanity, it’s not a series of local problems. And Obama is simply a key Satanic figure; he is an agent of the British Empire. His stepfather, of course, was part of the same thing; part of the same British kind of operation.

So, that’s the problem we have; you have to recognize that this phenomenon is what the issue is. It’s not Joe Doaks or somebody doing something, this is a phenomenon. And in certain parts of history, mankind has been able to deal with these kinds of threats. But they never stuck; they kept coming back, the same kind of phenomena.

Take the Papacy in a certain earlier period. You had a great leader who built all the water systems in Europe [Charlemagne]. He did it; and as soon as he died, Hell broke loose. And the Catholic Church became a piece of sodomy, immediately at that point. You have to know what happened when Charlemagne died; after his death, the Satanic movement took over the Catholic Church. What you got with the Renaissance was essentially again an attempt,—which is really a decade,—and then again, the same thing hit. And you see what happened after that.

You see the death of Leibniz, and that was not an intended one; even though there was an intention to have that done. But the death of Leibniz was the occasion for getting the influence of Leibniz out; and Leibniz was organizing heavily with China, he was a leading factor inside China at that time. Well, when you look at it from the standpoint of real history, it becomes clearer.

And the problem is, people don’t use the right language when they refer to these events. If you put the right tag on it, you would deal with the problem. If somebody says, “Somebody in California killed some people,” and you try to isolate that, then Obama gets by with that by deliberately protecting these guys [a reference to a mass killing organized by the ISIS in southern California on Dec. 2, 2015]. They had actually instigated them, because he was part of the instigation. And people say, “Well, these guys did it. Maybe it isn’t that important; maybe it was just a few people.” In fact, it’s not; Obama was the mother of this terror show in California. And sometimes, you know, the males can be the mother in cases like that. . . .

All these practical explanations: “this is that,” a simple explanation of this fact and that fact, which goes on in our own organization, is something that makes us impotent and self-destructive. When we have qualities of things which in a more general way,— when you get too narrow in your focus, you lose perspective. In other words, you see a fact; you say, “Well, this is a fact, and this is my fact.” But it doesn’t take into account the things that make those facts possible.

No, this has to be seen and handled in a certain way; because we’re dealing with a population inside the United States, and most of the people in the United States are pretty stupid,—I have to admit that, for the sake of the American people and their decisions.”

LaRouche’s Role

At the end of the meeting, LaRouche reviewed how he had been brought into the incoming Ronald Reagan Administration, before Reagan was inaugurated, by then still-functioning elements of the intelligence apparatus of Franklin Roosevelt.

LaRouche was key in organizing many of the policies of Reagan, which were the appropriate expression of Roosevelt’s intentions for this period of the late 1970s and early 1980s. The response of the British Imperial enemy, of whom the Bush family are puppets, was to attempt, again, to kill a President. “They didn’t kill him, but they almost killed him,” LaRouche said, and during Reagan’s long convalescence, George H.W. Bush, who had been forced on him as Vice President, took over. LaRouche was railroaded to prison as part of the same operation.

“So therefore, I have a certain responsibility in this matter,” LaRouche said. “My responsibility is meeting the challenge of what has to be done; I’m the heir of the victim.”

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