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This article appears in the March 15, 2019 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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The Coming of the End of the
Cult of Sense-Deception

First published in EIR on October 26, 2012.

It is now a presently urgent subject of study for mankind, that we must examine, most critically, certain presumptions which have been continued to have been rather widely mistaken for a suitable quality of basis for a contemporary “science.” I emphasize, thus, the cases of those presumptions which have been intended by their proponents to serve as reflecting the mistakenly presumed “realities” of what is merely the outcome of an aggregation of what is presumed, in turn, to be an axiomatic authority of what are merely raw sense-perceptions.

By that statement, presented in high regard for the genius of Bernhard Riemann, I mean to include a certain degree of respect for persons who have been induced to limit themselves, to the extent that they are assured, that nothing proceeds explicitly further in evil, than the reductionist mathematician’s presumptions of what have been, essentially, the misconceived “principles” of sense-perception itself.

The possibility of an actual science fit for today’s needs now requires something much better than persons afflicted with outworn, pragmatic limitations. The experimentally truthful knowledge traced from roots in the principles of Nicholas of Cusa and his follower Johannes Kepler, which is typified by emphasis on what has remained, in fact, as the true foundations of all competent modern science, is in opposition to all reductionist novelties uttered since that time.

That presumes, again, that the foundations of principle associated with the discoveries of Nicholas of Cusa, and Johannes Kepler’s uniquely original discovery of the universal physical principle of Vicarious Hypothesis, is the principle on which the original discovery, by Johannes Kepler, of the true physical principle of gravitation, had depended. I mean to emphasize such discoveries’ crucial correlative: that which will be, for many, the seemingly shadowy, ontological principle of metaphor. It is that principle of metaphor, which actually supplies the true foundations of any serious degree of scientific knowledge for today.

Metaphor is a principle which, for example, grips the relevant, subject person whose actually compelling passions will, like those of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Preludes and Fugues; represent a powerful force of influence on the mind, but a force which could not be captured by the notions of merely either hand, bowl, or net.

All among those passions which members of our societies treat as merely the subject of “sense- perceptions,” or the like forces experienced by man within society or effects of “nature,” must inevitably fall captive to the overriding authority of the net of that same notion of vicarious hypothesis whose correlative is the principle of metaphor. It has been the fraudulent speculations of Isaac Newton, and his dupes, or their cheating accomplices, which are to be blamed in significant part for the loss of scientific insight into the meaning of the common experience of both physical principles of vicarious hypothesis, and of the impassioned drama sensed as the force of metaphor on both Shakespeare’s tragic stage, and Johann Sebastian Bach’s conceptions of the “common law” of mankind’s presently known universe.

Francisco Goya, “Might not the pupil know more?” from Los Caprichos (1797-98). “The possibility of an actual science fit for today’s needs,” LaRouche writes, “now requires something much better than persons afflicted with outworn, pragmatic limitations.”

Thus, it were indispensable, to simply put to one side such outright hoaxsters as the bearers of Aristotle’s and the swindler Euclid’s a-priorist concoctions. Oust the essential incompetence which still permeates the virtual “blab-school rhetoric” in the popular education of presently customary forms of contemporary modern science, and the comparable opinion of the credulous generally. Abandon the folly which adopts those false “foundations” which are typical of the unfortunate students, and of others, which are to be associated with a virtually “axiomatic” adherence to the deluded perception of those”sense-certainties” which are the inherent modern expression of the popularized follies of scientific incompetence.

Look back to Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli, Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, and the founders of the foundations of a competent modern science among the followers of Cusa, through the succession of Leibniz, his school, of the great Carl Friedrich Gauss, Lejeune Dirichlet, and Bernhard Riemann, and, thence, into the revolution led by Max Planck, and Albert Einstein, and into the conception of mind consistent with the foundations of a physical science coherent with the specific definition of “mind,” which Planck shared with what has become presently, the rarely understood Wolfgang Köhler. A competent contemporary and future science brings us now, to a time when we must sort out that history of the flows and ebbs leading into that modern global civilization launched by Brunelleschi and Cusa, which has led us, in turn, into the present time for which a forceful reckoning on the outcome of science this far, must be conducted.

Begin with the setting of Nicholas of Cusa and the outstanding giants among his successors, and, thence into the subsequent, modern celestial physical science and its civilization, of Johannes Kepler and Gottfried Leibniz.

What shall confront your attention most forcefully in this following report, will be Kepler’s most crucial discovery, his contribution to the single principle of modern science itself. That is the principle which has been, uniquely, the universal physical principle which Kepler had expressed in his argument for “vicarious hypothesis.” What we should “see” in this, is merely a shadow cast by the efficiency of a universal reality, as Kepler presented this: as the “shadow” of a universal organization of our known universe. What we regard as that “physical universe” casts a shadow which expresses its presence as in the nature of metaphor, a shadow which human sense-perception perceives as akin to a force of “vicarious hypothesis,” which is felt as “effects” of some “shadowy” cause, as by metaphor, of some universal action.

So, for now, “we see as through a glass, darkly; but then, face to face; now I know in part; but, then I shall know even as I am known.”

A Capital Fallacy!

The commonly shared, great fallacy, which is spread among specialists in the designated category of “physical science,” is the misleading presumption, that “physical science,” and also “mere mathematics,” share what should be considered as at the root of the appropriate foundations for actually human knowledge. That fallacy of a presumed categorical distinction of “arts” from “sciences,” has been presently, a commonly crucial root of the systematic fallacies of public and higher education, alike. What has actually been the root of mere “mysticism,” is a mathematics of what is merely sense-perception.

It is mankind, which makes science, not the other way around. The worst of the common expressions of human culture, is the attempt to reduce the underlying quality of principled existence of the human mind, to mere mathematics. When this folly of “merely mathematics,” or the like, is complemented by mere deductions rooted in the passions of sense-perception, then the worst result is to be mistaken for expressions of the universal principles underlying man’s “practical” role within the universe.

The fallacies which I have, thus, just stated, can be sensed from the vantage-points of both Cusa, and of his great student of actually physical science, Johannes Kepler. The warning of the systemic importance of this set of distinctions, is obtained from the work of Cusa, in the realization of the implications of the cross-connections experienced between the notions of “vicarious hypothesis” and “metaphor.”

Human behavior is what moves it! It is Kepler’s adducing of those two higher principles of human knowledge, “vicarious hypothesis” and “metaphor,” which locates the actuality of observed human action. Mathematics and so-called physics, are merely the servants of the principles whose expression is located in the passions which are subsumed by the meaning of the roles of what Kepler identified as the tools of “vicarious hypothesis” and “metaphor.” It is the rejection of the higher authority carried in the action of the verities subsumed by the notion of “vicarious hypothesis” and “metaphor” which defines, and must properly define the true meaning of the consequences expressed by society.

Our power of the imagination is thus caught in such a fashion as that: between two imagined categories of objects, which, in their guise as sense-perceptions (in the imagined very large, as in the imagined very small), are essentially “shadows” of some likeness to a quality of “vicarious hypothesis,” thus a reality which exists only as if projected from the screens of the unseen. These are efficient realities, as estimable scientists such as Bernhard Riemann and his followers, had lain the foundations of the relatively best insight of such followers of his own work, as among the discoveries of Max Planck and Wolfgang Köhler respecting the notion of a universality of the concept of “mind.”[fn_1]

In both examples, both in the very large, and in the relatively very small, we are confronted, as the work of Riemann also represents this challenge: that with the inherent quality of systemic qualities of error represented by mere, naked sense-perception. Yet, despite all that, there is a knowable universe which can be adduced from appropriate insights into the folly of reliance on sense-perception as such.

Let us, therefore, place the emphasis of our attention here, on the need to expose the hoax which is the fantasy whose consequence is fairly identified, as being the sense-certainty constituted by those delusions which constitute the domain of popularly misconceived, actually “sense-deception,” as follows.

Some among you might not pleased by this fact, but, never doubt that it is, nonetheless, ruthlessly true.

I. The Objects, and Objectives of Scientific Knowing

Since this present report incorporates, and does that in an essential mode sculpted in the closing part of the preceding introduction above, that which the usually expected readers would consider an unusual choice of assigned task-orientation, we are obliged, on their account as follows. Instead of such commonplace opinion, I concentrate here on “pedagogical” illustrations of ongoing processes of types which had either not been known, or had been known only as most rarely considered cases of that form, heretofore. When matters are re-considered, they are to be “seen,” as being within the bounds of that opinion-making which my subject here now demands.

Johannes Kepler, statue in Weil der Stadt, Germany. His work created the foundation of all competent modern science “in opposition to all reductionist novelties uttered since that time,” LaRouche writes.

For example, the prevalent opinion respecting the role of the human individual, when considered within the bounds of the presently ongoing, recent new century, presumes the notion of a society to be viewed as if it were a collection among “percussively interacting” individual objects among an array of particular, if interacting “objects,” which are to be expressed in a certain likeness to the conception of Kepler’s “vicarious hypothesis.” The likely reading, by our readers, of that process of interactions, were clearly erroneous as a matter of opinions, whose fault includes the fact that such views are implicitly “percussive,” rather than actually rational, both as “horizontally” in time, in forcefulness, and in attributed space. The necessary, corrected view of this matter, is reflected as in Classical drama such as the presentation of Friedrich Schiller’s Wallenstein tragedy, or Shakespeare’s Hamlet, or in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Or, in the set of Preludes and Fugues of Bach, or of Wilhelm Furtwängler’s post-World War II direction of Franz Schubert’s Ninth Symphony.[fn_2]

The problematic quality of the subject I have just suggested, lies, essentially, in an inherently, profoundly pathological direction, a direction which has been a characteristic expression of the oligarchical principle, as the oligarchical principle is conveniently defined, and also illustrated by the root and history of the Roman empire. The most notable feature of the cases of that and similar cultures, is the systemic quality of the viciously induced, general stupidity of the general population of such empires: a vicious trait, which has been, heretofore, inherent in the percussive characteristics, rather than competently cognitive processes, among the populations generally.

This same, relevant subject, is to be recognized otherwise in that depravity which I have pointed out as having been typical of the social system of the Roman Empire; it is, similarly, to be recognized in the inherently depraved characteristics imposed upon the mass-behavior of many of the citizenry of our United States. The surge of the “Greenie” infestations polluting that part of our population, is the relatively most extremely debased characteristic, intellectually and morally, of that population generally today; a similar echo of the characteristics of the depraved ancient Roman Empire, has also been characteristic of the governing principle among leaders within the present European Union, and, therefore, also the mood-swings in existential outlook of the populations generally.

The heritage of a typical expression of this pathological tendency among national clusters within and among populations presently, is demonstrated by the popular statistical economic forecasting, as in the prevailing political and other social trends among the population of the United States presently. Such behavior as that, is an expression of induced stupidity. For example, consider the “virtual” plunge into a prolonged “new dark age” implied in any continuation of the hyper-inflationary “QE” which is now ruining and running the Federal Reserve System currently, or, the catastrophically hyper-inflationary ruin of Europe under any attempted continuation of the present “Euro” system.

The point to be stressed in connection with the case I am outlining here, shows that much of the behavior of the government and of most of the population of the United States itself, is both dulled, largely by its own embedded sense of rage, and that, not surprisingly, more and more stubbornly so. To wit: the generally accepted method of “economic forecasting” in the United States presently, as also in Europe generally, is systemically anti-human, in the sense that truly systemic expressions of creativity are not permitted under the continuation of the reign of such systems as those.

The proximate cause for the current threat of an immediately global thermonuclear warfare, with its implied threat of an extinction of the human species, is a reflection of the specific quality of degeneration under the influence of a U.S. participation in the present, British-Saudi empire’s grip over, most emphatically, the trans-Atlantic regions.

To understand those present implications and their motivation, we are obliged, if we wish civilization to survive, to reset the programmatic approach to the fostering of what might become an actually durable form of true civilization, and, with that effect, also the included devotion to defeating the threat to Earth from such ongoing processes as a myriad of menacing asteroids, and the haunting terror of the strike of Earth by a comet.

The essence of the same point which I have just been presenting here this far, is that the distinction of man from ape, is that the healthy human mind’s essential distinction, is based on a quality of forecasting directed toward scientific revolutions in the practice of the leadership and following of the nation’s population—absolutely contrary to everything associated with that horrid, inherently homicidal fraud called “environmentalism.”

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All known living processes evolve in a direction which is to be recognized as expressing an increase of the typical energy-flux density per-capita of the living species. The unique specific quality of the human being, in contrast to lower forms of life, is that mankind is the only species which has a systemic qualification for willfully formed qualitative leaps in physical progress in the use of the notion of qualitatively willful advances in mankind’s use of fire, now surging beyond nuclear fission, and controlled thermo-nuclear fusion, into the prospective reign of matter-antimatter reactions implicit in the achievements at the beginning of the Twentieth Century prior to the “First World War,” from the leading achievements of such as Max Planck and Albert Einstein.

The point I have been illustrating in the immediately foregoing paragraphs, is that mankind is designed to rely on the future of revolutionary progress, as measurable per-capita in intensity of fire-equivalents. These advances, when they are in a systemic mode of upward-driven, qualitatively higher energy-flux densities, are the basis in human creativity for the absolute distinction of the potential inherent in the nature of the human species, as in contrast to every other species presently known to us.

The ugly fact, to which I must now call attention here, is that the general condition of nations and the like, for most of what actual history records as civilization or pre-civilization of mankind this far, has been, and presently tends to continue to be consistent with what is named “the oligarchical principle.”

That is the same principle expressed by the evil worship of the Olympian Zeus which perpetrated the genocide against the people and even their land, of Troy. This known legacy of the destruction of Troy, has been continually expressed throughout most of the planet now as being the model for what had once become the Roman Empire, a tradition re-incarnated in the imperial system of Byzantium, in the “Dark Age” under the original form of the Venetian tyranny, and under what became named as The New Venetian system of such as the likes of William of Orange. Thus came the nominal “British empire” which is actually the reigning system, traceable in origins to the “Siege of Troy,” and, also, to all of the oligarchical systems of economy and government in what is known as “European” civilization in particular.

The correlative of that part of the history which I am addressing immediately here, is the “dumbing down” of nations, as that is illustrated by most of the recent history of the United States since the implicitly condoned assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert. The alternating spurts of progress, and then brutal regression, a pattern which has recurred throughout most of the notably leading cultures of the planet, has been accompanied by alternate surges and regressions in the inherent qualities among cultures. Within those processes, a period of growth over several or more generations, may turn, as since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, into an accelerating shift downwards, which has never really ceased to be in progress since that steep and accelerating decline of the U.S. economy, which has persisted as a trend in economy and government since the closing interval of the Presidency of Bill Clinton, when the U.S. had been precipitated at a steeply accelerating rate, and most of the world, too, especially the trans-Atlantic regions, at a stunning rate of slide into a threatened very, very dark new age—perhaps even a thermonuclear holocaust, planet-wide, in the very near future.

Now, To My Leading Point Here

There have been, and remain two, intermingled trends of the most presently outstanding historical, and of a potentially disastrous, immediate significance. This is the presently, steeply proceeding trend, in the downward-shifting status of our planet at this presently very short-term historical instant. The calamitously downward trend of the present time, has been marked in finely detailed expression of ruin throughout the terms of the policies and practices of the British empire since its birth, in A.D. February 1763 as by its current Queen.

Without the needed historical framework, since the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, there has been a trend downward toward absolute ruin, in the United States, and also abroad, especially in Europe, all since the concluding years of the U.S. Presidency of Ronald Reagan. Measured in physical-economic terms, the U.S.A. has been accelerating in what has become a hyper-inflationary “dive,” into a dive in the direction which the Queen herself has demanded: a presently accelerating plunge of the planet’s human population, and its conditions of life and its welfare, per-capita, as notable for its global effect especially in what had been the relatively more fruitful nations, with a specific target for genocide of the Earth’s population, from seven billions persons, to about one billion, or perhaps, much less.

The decline to which I have just pointed, the relatively higher rate of decline in western Europe and North America, has been the intended effect which the British empire and its Saudi extension has deliberately introduced there. This selective feature of the global situation has been selected, by the globally extended, British empire, as a strategically selected emphasis on the Queen’s stated goal of reducing the world population, rather rapidly, from seven billions of human population, toward one billions, all as a product of the inherently genocidal intend of the pro-genocidal “green movement.”

History, notably that of Europe and the Mediterranean regions presently, has repeatedly taken similarly steep declines, as, for example, in the genocide against ancient Troy, in the fall of Rome, in the collapse of Byzantium, in the collapse of Charlemagne’s system following his death, and the Fourteenth-century “New Dark Age” in Europe.

Now, since the coordinated collapse of the Soviet Union, and the since concurrent, hyper-inflationary death-rattle of the “Euro system,” a U.S. Presidency which is fully a captive of the actually, presently global reach of the British empire, including its Saudi component, under the Queen’s own U.S. President, Barack Obama, has recommended a vast and rapid genocide against the entirety of the human population of the planet, not only by a planned acceleration of general warfare, but even the immediate threat of global thermonuclear warfare.

Up to this point, in this account, what I have actually been doing, is to point out the general systemic principles which both indicate the source and means of the presently onrushing destruction of civilization—perhaps even its self-extinction in the burgeoning threat of global thermonuclear warfare. What is presently ongoing, in that respect, mimics the doom of the dinosaurs, as a species no longer considered fit to exist, according to the trends under Her Royal Majesty currently. The difference here and now, is that there is no “natural” justification for such an extinction to occur to the human species. The motive for this criminality against mankind, is nothing other than a continuation of the ancient “oligarchical principle.” The threat is there, here and now, and the danger is immediate.

Let us, with the true nature of known science in mind, both prescribe and implement the urgently needed remedy for this royal atrocity.

II. Now, the Needed Renaissance

My associates of the so-called “Basement Team,” had already contributed a most practically useful sort of critical re-examination of the history of Earth-bounded systems of living species, including the birth of each particular category as representing a species, its evolutionary successions by categories, their extinctions, and the cardinal features of the process of evolutionary transitions, that up to recent times and their species. The net product of that study, is documented here in individually significant parts, and on record, chiefly in the categories of the relevant, so-called “Basement” records. Relevant commentary on this “history” and its implications, is continued here now; both in a sweeping overview of general trends, and the relatively great emphasis on “the human story.”

Consequently, subsuming all other general references, the principal considerations taken implicitly into account this far, have been subsumed by the conception of the deeper distinctions among the characteristics of the internal development of all life-forms as contrasted to the case of the history of the human species itself. This means our own species, as contrasted to any merely mathematical mistreatment of the bare shadows of human behaviorisms as a category unto itself.

That thus-indicated intention, had been prefaced in a goodly part, but only within the scope of the given summary presentation, and that which is circumscribed within the preceding Preface and chapters of the report, this far. It is the practical implications of those preconditions which I have already outlined within the scope of the preceding section here, and of the present chapter, which now comprise the matters presented for your urgent consideration in this publication as a whole.

The first problem to be addressed here and now, is the lack of a specifically human, general degree of competent awareness of the implications of alternating progress and regression respecting the facts set forth in the preceding parts of this report’s subject-matter in general. Therefore, the issue confronting us in this concluding chapter, is the general lack of awareness of the fact that the specific solution which I have emphasized for deliberation this far, actually exists for the consideration of nations and their varying language, and other cultural characteristics more widely.

If the two principal subjects identified in the two concluding chapters, represent the concluding treatments of our principal subject, mankind, in this present location, all other cases for mankind taken together, would then be sufficient to compose the completion of the body of this present report.

The Role of Mankind’s Future

There is, for example, the fact of the categorical distinction of the human species from all known others: only the human species is able to act willfully to change the inherent characteristics of a qualitatively categorical change of its own future, that in a qualitatively original and unique mode. However, despite the unique significance of the implied generality of the implied range of living species, the fact of the matter of the human species for itself, is unique among all known categories of life.

That much now said:

The commonplace, but valid measure of the distinction of the human species from all others, is its characteristically voluntary use of expressions of “fire-in- general.” In other words: “relative energy-flux-density.” This includes what had long been the distinction among the various qualities of fire and its applications, reaching from the relatively higher categorical distinctions beyond nuclear fission, and into fusion, the higher-ordering of humanly- and higher categories of thermonuclear fusion as such, and “matter-antimatter” thresholds defined by the work of Max Planck and Albert Einstein. Thus, “the first instance” of any known fireplace which is qualified as being defined negatively as characteristically human in itself, establishes a crucial distinction of effect, which first appears as sufficiently efficient to separate the categories of the mere animals from that of mankind.

However, while such a conclusion would not be entirely invalid, it would miss a most conclusive quality of fact. The implied margin of categorically qualitative error within such an argument, is that it misses the crucial fact that man’s willful change in the “usable” power gained by mankind, changes (e.g., increases) mankind not only in relative power to act, but also changes man’s qualitative characteristics as a species, and that in a qualitative, rather than merely quantitative manner and degree. Hence, the alleged distinction of “superior” from relatively “inferior species” of human beings. This distinction actually corresponds to such categories of social phenomena as the
economic and social-political power of owners over slaves, over men regarded as merely beasts, and of oligarchies over merely individual owners. These latter distinctions correlate relatively with the “relative energy-flux-density” of man per-capita, as measured against a relative line of development measured in the standard of relative existence, measured in “energy-flux density” of the standard of the societal culture as a whole, and, also, its rate of progress in terms of relative energy-flux densities. The case of the Saugus Iron Works in the independent phase of the Seventeenth-century Massachusetts Bay Colony, is typical of suitable rough forms of the quality of existence within a society and also within each sub-category of that society.

The included conclusion to be reached, is, therefore, that a “green culture” is intrinsically a culture of relatively mass-extinctions of human beings, precisely as the current Queen of England has specified a relatively rapid lowering of the current human population of the planet, from seven billions, to approximately one billion, at a currently energized accelerating pace. Thus, a regime of President Barack Obama would be, inherently, a program of human mass-extinctions as we begin to see most clearly today.

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The Curiosity rover points the way to a renaissance of scientific and technological discovery. This graphic shows the location of Curiosity’s 17 cameras, which are already sending back to Earth images that are transforming our understanding of Mars.

For ‘Curiosity’s Sake’

The successful landing of the most recent design for operations on the planet Mars, already bespeaks a level of a U.S. which is already far, far above the quality of levels, as measured in human terms, far above the direction sought out during the first term of President Bill Clinton, and back to below the range of the level of technology at the time of President Ronald Reagan’s initially expressed support for the “Strategic Defense Initiative,” and prior to the decay which had set in economically during the set-backs instituted by the President’s principal advisors into his second term, and the still greater rate of decline under successive Presidents since, measured in terms of the changing range of national relative physical energy-flux.

The achievement of “Curiosity’s” landing is a part of the residue still remaining under the utterly ruinous regime under the mentally Nero-like British puppet, President Barack Obama. Despite the residual draw-back in the capabilities of “space developments” which had been accumulated since the first President Reagan administration, two points of positive implications still exist, provided the policy-trends of the Obama administration are decisively reversed in manners which I have specified for the incoming new Presidential administration, to replace the mass-murderously brutish austerity of the intended, utterly bestial, British puppet-style, Obama regime.

[fn_1]. To attempt to comprehend the distinction between “mind” and “brain,” think of the distinction of a virtually “squatting” transmitter-receiver unit, from the effect expressed by the “messages” broadcast, among such units, across a part of Solar space at “the speed of light.” That example points toward mankind’s great future within our Solar system. Locate the distinction of “mind” in the “architecture” of the process. [back to text for fn_1]

[fn_2]. The method of composition of Bach, and of the work of Arthur Nikisch, and of Wilhelm Furtwängler, partakes of their intimations of a creation and performance which come in from “outside” the presented score, as Furtwängler accounts for this method and effect. [back to text for fn_2]

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