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This article appears in the October 30, 2020 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

April 18, 2014


Start with Our U.S. Economy

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Editor’s Note: This article was first published in EIR, Vol. 41, No. 17, April 25, 2014, pp. 27-31.


If the United States were suddenly freed from the grip of the present Barack Obama Administration, there would be the immediate possibility of both halting the presently growing threat of a global thermonuclear war now building up. This could not be a reasonable possibility unless the United States of America, itself, were freed from the grip of the present economic policies of that Obama administration. An appropriately immediate change in U.S.A. domestic economic policy would be an adequate foundation for an immediate change to that net effect, not only within the U.S.A., but also globally.

The essentials of that change in U.S.A. economic policy are, therefore, now presented here, as follows, for presentation on this present date. The implications are, immediately global, economic, and globally strategic in their implications, as follows.

A succinct, but indispensable report of the facts, is:

The U.S.A. Economic Reform!

The post-1492 A.D. foundations of a new republic in North America had been lain with the founding and development of the Massachusetts Bay Colony under the leadership of the Winthrops and Mathers; the economic and related advances made by that colony had supplied a leading edge of economic and cultural development for the colony, and also for related improvements in the political and economic systems in Europe. However, the Dutch imperialists had crushed that Colony, which was later rebuilt, at the personal prompting of Cotton Mather and the genius of the Benjamin Franklin who had been mustered to a role of leadership in politics, economics, and science under the rising leadership of Franklin within both North America and in influence within Europe.

The founding of the United States, despite the evil practices of the British Empire, then, as now, had repeatedly inspired European nations, and others, to regain the rights which founding principles of the United States had stipulated, and otherwise implied.

The foundations of that United States, under Benjamin Franklin, and General-and-President George Washington, were lain under the economics genius of the Franklin successor, and original founder of the economic policy of the American system of political economy, under Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton.

Secretary (and General officer) Hamilton, had inspired related progress in the effort to free Europe from the evil grip of the rising British imperial tyranny which dominates Europe’s nations to the present day. Worse, with the British ouster of Germany’s Chancellor Bismarck, that same British empire and its Dutch accomplices, had set into motion a pattern of virtually perpetual warfare and imperial tyranny throughout most of the world as a whole, up through the present day of warfare in Europe and beyond, up through the present moment.

The following facts of history must be taken into account:

With the death of the Benjamin Franklin who had, in effect, led the process of creation of the then future United States, the leading intellectual authority for the policies of the young United States had been, chiefly, the original Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, Alexander Hamilton, one of the world’s most accomplished geniuses in the matters of economic policy which the trans-Atlantic nations have actually experienced. Hamilton’s policies had been revived and continued by Secretary of State and, later, President of the United States, John Quincy Adams.

This memorial stone (below) was placed where “the patriot, soldier, statesman, and jurist Alexander Hamilton” (above) was felled by assassin Aaron Burr. The root of the chronic British corruption of the Presidency of the United States, LaRouche writes, is properly to be located in the fact and implications of the assassination of Hamilton, by Burr.

However, British agents, such as the professional British assassin Aaron Burr, had financed a takeover of the Presidency of the United States under British-owned scoundrels such as Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren. That latter pair had controlled the Presidency of the United States under the direction of British imperial banking interests operating through implicitly treasonous circles associated with Wall Street financial corruption of the United States’ institutions, then, as now.

Later, a close follower of John Quincy Adams, President Abraham Lincoln, had rescued the United States from a succession of British agents led by the British Empire’s leading agent and spy, Aaron Burr, who had seized control over the United States, once again, through buying up treasonous Presidents such as Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren. Similarly, the United States, once victorious against the British Empire’s attempted seizure of power over the United States, was shattered by the British-directed and financed assassination of President Abraham Lincoln: and so matters have gone repeatedly, excepting under a relative handful of worthy U.S. Presidents who were not either fools or outrightly agents of the British Empire and its interests.

Since then, we have enjoyed a number of truly honorable, even great Presidents of the United States, but with the successful assassination of a great President, William McKinley, and McKinley’s replacement by a British-trained agent, Theodore Roosevelt, and scoundrels and virtual traitors such as Woodrow Wilson, Calvin Coolidge, and Herbert Hoover, only the election of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, saved the United States, and the world at large from a virtual state of Hell into which the election of Harry S Truman sold the virtual soul of the United States, despite the devotion of President Dwight D. Eisenhower and the soon martyred John F. Kennedy. Since the assassination of President Kennedy, despite the personal role of Presidents Ronald Reagan and William Clinton, the United States had been sent down the road toward Hell under such as the scions of the Bush, Cheney, and Obama breeds.

What, then, is our excuse for the United States’ own frequent departure from the genius represented by Benjamin Franklin, President George Washington, and Treasury Secretary Hamilton? Simply, Hamilton was assassinated by a paid British assassin, Aaron Burr (who had funded the Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren Presidencies’ establishment). However, that could not have happened but for the earlier corruption expressed by Presidents John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. There had been two excellent Presidents, James Monroe and John Quincy Adams, but since the ouster of John Quincy Adams from the Presidency, the honest Presidents had been quickly assassinated; this had continued, until the Presidency of Abraham Lincoln, who was, himself, assassinated by the actions and agents of the British Empire, itself.

The crucial fact is, that most of the Presidents of the United States were in opposition to the Federal Constitution of the United States, and betrayed the vital interest of the United States for the sake of local interests within the states, for which the State of New York (especially the British and other Manhattan banks there) was a leading feature, i.e., Wall Street, then, as now.

What, then, has been the root of the chronic British corruption of the Presidency of the United States this far? The answer to that question is properly to be located in the fact and implications of the assassination of Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton, by the professional British assassin, Aaron Burr. Assassinations aside, the name of the general body of the implicitly treasonous corruption, was “sectionalism”: the division of the states of the United States according to local interests, in spite of essentially contrary national interests. The name of that corruption was “states’ rights.” The issue was clearly defined during Alexander Hamilton’s tenure as Secretary of the Treasury.

Now, our United States is in the throes of a general economic breakdown-crisis, a crisis which must be recognized as, largely a product of the British imperial control over the United States which has been largely dependent upon the British monetarist interests’ control over the U.S.A.’s own “Wall Street” management.

The following remarks presented here, by me go directly to the core of the presently mortal threats to both a general peace among nations, and to the threats of the virtual extinction of the United States itself.

Alexander Hamilton Now

From the time of Alexander Hamilton’s assassination by the British spy and assassination agent Aaron Burr, the United States had lost an entire aspect of its national sovereignty, until the fortunate advent of the Presidencies of James Monroe and John Quincy Adams. With the fresh takeover of the U.S. Presidency through the role of the financial backing of the British agents Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren, the United States had, de facto, lost its actual sovereignty, through the elections of witting British agents in the Presidency, or by the assassinations of those suspected of patriotism, until the election of President Abraham Lincoln.

With Lincoln’s assassination by, explicitly, the named agents of the British empire, the U.S. Presidencies vacillated with shifts from some heroes, such as Grant and Garfield and then, to opportunists or worse. The last truly great President, prior to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, had been the assassinated hero William McKinley. Apart from the President Harding who died of poisoning (allegedly from eating oysters) during a railway crossing of the Great American Desert, only one decent President served until President Franklin D. Roosevelt, after the assassination of President William McKinley. After Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, and the assassinated John F. Kennedy, no decent presidents served until Presidents Ronald Reagan and William Clinton, and none since. Thus, in the main, throughout the history of the United States, the Presidency has been dominated by the effect of fewer honest Presidents than British-promoted scoundrels.[fn_1]

The difference has lain with the factor of corruption rooted in the practice of “states’ rights,” as through the mechanisms of the elements of the U.S. Congress identified with the members of the Senate and House of Representatives: often the Senate, as is notable from the cases of the pro-slavery states, and related kinds of influences.

The most notable feature of the states’ rights feature of the U.S. political system, has been centered (to a relatively lesser degree) in New England, but chiefly in Britain-dominated Wall Street connections. The concentration of relatively great financial wealth in the channels of British-influenced U.S. financial affairs, has remained the chief route of moral and other political corruption of the United States since the assassination of the Alexander Hamilton, who, following the demise of Benjamin Franklin, had been the efficient constitutional voice of the economic principles of the United States.

On the better side of the news, on this account, whenever the United States enjoyed the benefit of a government dominated by the Hamilton tradition, as under John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln, or similarly inclined Presidents, the United States has tended to be its own true self; under other conditions, the results tended to be implicitly Wall Street influences. So, international money-flows have dominated the economy and, to a great degree, the policy-making of the U.S. Federal and also state governments.

Alexander Hamilton’s Genius


Once Hamilton’s four official principles of economy were actually put in place, now, the United States could, now, quickly regain its originally intended constitutional principle, that done through the belated four great principles of the U.S. Federal Constitution set forth by Treasury Secretary Hamilton under his term in office.

Hamilton’s measures installed while Secretary of the Treasury, are four in total. Three of these are customarily referenced by relevant scholars of our Federal Constitution: (1) “Report on Public Credit;” (2) “Report on A National Bank;” (4) “On the Subject of Manufactures.” The most crucial, for the defense of our national system of government, was, however, the third, (3) “Opinion on the Constitutionality of a National Bank.” It was the latter, the “Opinion on the Constitutionality of a National Bank” which prompted British agent Aaron Burr’s assassination of Alexander Hamilton: over the so-called “states right” exception to the Federal Constitution. Every evil of our national practice since the passage of the Constitution, has been a result of the treasonous “states’ right” dogma of interpretation, as by President John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and the enemy, Aaron Burr’s puppets, Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren, in particular.

The defects of the Presidency, including the selection of bad Presidents, have been premised, essentially on the inherent violation of the Federal Constitution accomplished through the pitting of the authority of the individual States of the United States, against the Federal Constitution itself. The directly British-directed assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, is an outstanding case, as was the assassination of President William McKinley in favor of the Confederacy-trained President Theodore Roosevelt, a typical case, as was the case of the evil Woodrow Wilson, and of Presidents Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, and Harry S Truman. Presidents George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama are of the same treasonous genre-in-fact.

Time to Make Things Right, at Last

The time has long passed, when we could have made right the evil injustices which sundry enemies of our United States, from without, or within, have left behind them. Our only recourse available now, is to fix, for the future, whatever have been wrong in the past. The practical task before us, presently, is: how might we, nonetheless, do something now, to remedy the hurts and atrocities from the past, even with respect to the already deceased? What moral principle meets the challenge of a shameful past?

On that account, we must consider, first of all, what justice, in the name of repair, might be afforded to those who have been cruelly injured by bad law, especially those who have lost the stuffing to defend themselves against presently continuing injustices, persons who have lost the will to fight for their own rights, or those of their fellow-citizens?

The only sufficient reply to such questions as that, is: How do we make right, what had otherwise been going wrong? How can we nourish our cheated fellow-citizens, adults, but, most urgently the saving of the minds and morals of the under-aged? How can we bring justice, where there has been injustice? How might we bring those who have seen injustice, to see real justice born again? How does one right what Hitler and also the British empire did against the Jews who suffered under Hitler and his like still today?

There is an actual remedy for such errors of the past. The answer lies in the nature of the purpose of mankind’s having existed as a species of its specific nature: the progress of the human species from the failures of the past, to the immortality of the future mankind which actually progresses.

We are, usually, sadly mistaken, by attributing the meaning of human life to what has been experienced in human life lived so far, when, in fact, the meaning of the individual human life is expressed in the consequences of a human life already lived. That is to say, the future outcome of that life which had been lived. It is precisely that distinction of human life which distinguishes mankind from the beasts. The objective to be served is the increase of the productive powers of future labor achieved through those creative actions which enable the future society to realize the gains of future humanity which the earlier society could not have achieved: the specifically creative powers unique to the progressively higher achievement of future mankind, than the past generations.

The only true purpose of the present life, is to create a future mankind of greater powers for achievement, in principle, relative to the relative failures buried in the past. That is the only true measure of any person’s, or any society’s meaningful existence as a worthy member of the human species.

The Explanation:

That is the true principle of the human species, which distinguishes the human being from all of the beasts.

The standard for performance of the member of the human species, is to increase the relative energy-flux density of performance per capita and unit of passage of time of one generation to the next successor. If mankind fails to evolve into the equivalent, in performance, from a less productive generation to a more productive one, that society tends to have failed in meeting its required achievements. Thus, neglect the increase of the energy-flux density of the human individual’s typical performance, from less productive, to more productive in terms of energy-flux density (to greater power for productivity), and society would have failed to meet the moral standard of the human species. The “green” doctrine is, therefore, to be damned as being intrinsically evil.

Indeed, the trend downward of mankind’s progress since the beginning of the Twentieth Century, reflects a moral degeneration of the relevant sections of the human population in the relevant region of the human society as a whole, a relative unfitness to lead society’s policy-shaping, and the degeneration of that sector of mankind relative to the others.

Thus, the British Queen is clearly to be defined as intrinsically evil, as, similarly, those sections of American and European society whose characteristic is to resist an efficient increase of the energy-flux density of mankind generally, which is to say a “beastly” section of the human species in the large.

[fn_1] In general, assassinated U.S. Presidents were usually heroes of our republic, and had been selected for such treatment, for precisely that reason: including President John F. Kennedy, his brother virtually nominated for President, and President Ronald Reagan, who survived the attack. [back to text for fn_1]

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