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This article appears in the April 23, 1999 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The British America Committee's Gore, Inc.

by Jeffrey Steinberg

While former President George Bush earned his royal stripes through a particular act of service to the British monarchy—his Operation Desert Storm—the Vice President of the United States, and wanna-be next President, Albert Gore, Jr., has developed an even deeper affinity to the British Crown. Gore's 1992 book, Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit expresses the "deep ecology" and radical Malthusian outlook of the Royal Consort Prince Philip, the guru of the World Wildlife Fund.

Gore's book, which one opponent dubbed "Mein Planet," advocates levels of population reduction and deindustrialization that would make the Unabomber blush. Indeed, Earth in the Balance was written following a series of private meetings between Gore and Prince Philip, during the Royal Consort's visit to Washington, to inaugurate a new neo-pagan "religion and ecology" movement. The ideas in Gore's diatribe come directly from the pages of the Prince's own Down to Earth, a 1988 "Green" handbook, in which Philip spelled out his dream of a depopulated planet, administered by an "Earth-friendly" feudal aristocracy.

It should come as no surprise, given Gore's rabidly anti-human ideology, that he has, over the years, surrounded himself with a brain-trust of official and unofficial advisers, known informally as Gore, Inc., dominated by core figures within the BAC cabal.

Chief among these is Maurice Strong, the Canadian-born and Rockefeller family-sponsored "CEO" of North American operations for Prince Philip's WWF. Strong has been on the international executive board of WWF for decades; he was responsible for hand-picking most of the Canadian and American members of the 1001 Nature Trust, the multimillion-dollar funding mechanism for the global eco-terror movement. In an interview published in EIR on Jan. 29, 1999, Strong candidly acknowledged his ties to Gore, dating back to the early 1980s, when he and Gore launched a worldwide parliamentarians movement, GLOBE, to foster radical environmental legislation.

Another member of the Gore, Inc. braintrust is Strong protégé James Wolfensohn. The Australian-born president of the World Bank got his first job, fresh from Harvard, from Strong; and Queen Elizabeth's two subjects have been intimates ever since. As soon as Wolfensohn was appointed president of the World Bank, he named Strong as his personal trouble-shooter and adviser (when Wolfensohn took up the post at the World Bank, he left his New York City investment bank in the hands of former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker).

Wolfensohn's alliance with Gore was on public display at a Feb. 24-26, 1999 conference at the U.S. State Department on "fighting corruption." The three-day event, convened by the Vice President and addressed by Wolfensohn, served notice to governments that they would be isolated and crushed if they failed to live up to World Bank demands for "transparency" and compliance with the free trade and austerity diktats. (See EIR, March 5, 1999.)

Gore's long-standing national security aide, Leon Fuerth, the designated National Security Adviser in a Gore administration, has been accused by some of his former State Department colleagues of being a spy for Israel. A recent New York Times profile of Fuerth quoted unnamed State Department officials, charging that Fuerth had been leaking details of the Clinton administration's Middle East peace plans to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, allowing the Greater Israel fanatic to trump President Clinton at several crucial moments of diplomatic confrontation. Fuerth denies the charges.

Fuerth takes credit for prevailing upon President Clinton to bomb Iraq in December 1998; indeed, it was Fuerth who provided the "independent proof," in the spring of 1993, that Saddam Hussein plotted to assassinate George Bush, provoking the first missile attacks against Iraq since the end of Desert Storm. Fuerth had been pushing a new Desert Storm ever since.

More recently, Fuerth reportedly has been running around Capitol Hill, demanding the ouster of Russian Prime Minister Yevgeni Primakov. A longtime Fuerth intimate, and another member of Gore, Inc., ex-CIA director James Woolsey, recently testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, lying that Primakov was the mastermind of a "rogue state" alliance of Iraq, Iran, and Serbia. Such Cold War hyperventilations come straight from the pages of the BAC play book, and stand in stark contrast to the policies advocated by President Clinton.

Fuerth's neo-conservative pedigree and his suspected MEGA-spying for Israel, are complemented by another Gore, Inc. player: New Republic publisher and owner Martin Peretz. Peretz was Gore's mentor and professor at Harvard University in the late 1960s, and Peretz has been one of the leading Israeli Lobby conduits to Gore throughout his political career. Peretz recently announced plans to expand and upgrade the New Republic, undoubtedly as a propaganda arm of Gore's 2000 Presidential campaign.

Steven Rattner, former New York Times correspondent-turned Wall Street banker (he is CEO of Lazard Brothers) has been designated as the point man for Gore's courtship of Wall Street and London. Two of the BAC's most visible operatives, George Soros and Maurice "Hank" Greenberg, of American International Group, have also been identified as Gore boosters.

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