Volume 26, Number 17, April 23, 1999



Report from Bonn

by Rainer Apel

Rough awakening to war danger.


How insane are the American people?


Thailand challenges IMF’s so-called ‘success’

by Michael O. Billington

The IMF has done “nothing to strengthen the real sectors of the economy,” a former minister told IMF officials at a conference in March. “When industries operate at 50% capacity, common sense tells us that these industries can’t service their debt.... I’m worried that our economic problems will quickly transform into social problems.”

LaRouche in Russian press, urges decisive action on economy

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Argentine agriculture, industry in death throes

by Gerardo Terán and Gonzalo Huertas

Dr. Enéas Carneiro in Argentina: ‘We are facing the unpredictable’

The former Presidential candidate of Brazil, an advocate of Hamiltonian economic policies, received a warm reception.

Brazil crisis is ‘solved’—save for being ‘struck by lightning’

by Lorenzo Carrasco

The illusion that the crisis is solved is not likely to last long, because the physical state of the economy is one enormous calamity.

Business Briefs


Know your enemy: The British-American-Commonwealth bloc

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Jeffrey Steinberg introduces a dossier on the oligarchical grouping that is steering the world toward war and economic collapse.

The American System vs. British treason

by Anton Chaitkin

An historical overview of the battle between two factions that has defined American political life since the Revolution.

The Federal Reserve: How the BAC controls credit, U.S. policy

by Richard Freeman

The Hamiltonian system of national banking was overturned, with the 1913 creation of the Federal Reserve.

The Sun never sets on the new British Empire

by Scott Thompson

The British monarchy is not the merely ceremonial group that most people think it is.

Her Majesty’s grand knights of treachery

by Scott Thompson

BAC control: the raw materials cartels

by Richard Freeman

Derivatives: The British Empire destroys banking

by John Hoefle


Chatham House: home to the BAC brain trust

by Scott Thompson

London’s IISS steers U.S. strategic doctrine

by Scott Thompson

The Hollinger Corp. propaganda empire

by Scott Thompson and Jeffrey Steinberg

Inter-American Dialogue dictates British policy

by Gretchen Small

Rupert Murdoch’s mass media octopus

by Edward Spannaus

Maggie Thatcher’s New Atlantic Initiative

by Michele Steinberg

CSIS: making ‘policy impact’ for the BAC

by Jeffrey Steinberg and Scott Thompson

The ‘X Committee’: BAC’s Zionist hydra

by Michele Steinberg

Heritage Foundation’s British ‘revolutionaries’

by Scott Thompson

The BAC’s Gore, Inc.  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

British lackeys on the Principals Committee

by Edward Spannaus

BAC ‘moles’ steer Congress’ foreign policy

by Suzanne Rose

House Policy Committee: another BAC ‘mole hill’


Blair makes case for NATO bombing of Buckingham Palace  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“The most extensive and horrid violations of human rights of the present decade, have been ... the British use of its Museveni puppet-dictator for orchestrating currently the longstanding Rhodes Plan, a Holocaust now reaching beyond 6 millions African victims.” Americans have not acted to replace the bankrupt global financial system, which is fuelling the oligarchs drive toward war and genocide, writes LaRouche, because they are too concerned about “my money!”

Russia’s military response to NATO deployments is not a joke

by Rachel Douglas

India pushes ahead with its missile program

by Ramtanu Maitra

Fight rages in Italy over Soros’s crimes

Scotland revolts against money deal with Pat Robertson

by Mark Calney and Alan Clayton

SNP opposes Yugoslav bombing

International Intelligence


Zhu visit boosts frayed U.S.-China partnership

by William Jones

In the face of the “new NATO” aggression in the Balkans, which is designed to disrupt U.S.-China relations, the decision to allow Prime Minister Zhu Rongji to come to the United States had not been taken lightly by the Chinese leadership. It was important in getting President’s China policy, to build a strategic partnership with China in the 21st century, back on track.

‘Technology is the common heritage of mankind’

by Marsha Freeman

Starr loses big as McDougal is acquitted

by Edward Spannaus

Judge rules that Texas prisons are unconstitutionally cruel

by Marianna Wertz

After more than 27 years under Federal jurisdiction, Texas prisons are still in violation of the U.S. Constitution’s prohibition against the use of “cruel and unusual punishment.”