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This timeline appears in the November 4, 2005 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

How LaRouche Brought
Dick Cheney Down

When then-Presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche put out the word, on Sept. 20, 2002, that "Vice President Dick Cheney's recurring wet dreams of a U.S. worldwide Roman Empire are, in and of themselves, the world's greatest single threat to the continuation of civilization in any part of the planet today," and that "these facts demand that Cheney's prompt resignation be sought, and accepted," the majority of Democrats and Republicans were shocked. True, many of them knew that Cheney was the "brains" behind President Bush's war drive, including the National Security Strategy of pre-emptive war, which had just been promulgated. They may have hated him—but they didn't think anything could be done about it.

See how events have proven them wrong! Over the past three years, LaRouche's relentless initiatives and flanks, mass circulation of literature, and deployment of the LaRouche Youth Movement on the Cheney question, have emboldened members of both parties, and, most important, those embedded in the institution of the Presidency, to take action to expose, and oust the evil Vice President. At present, conditions for his removal are rotten-ripe. How this happened is an object lesson in political strategy.

We have necessarily had to condense our story, which involves many more articles, initiatives from Capitol Hill and representatives of the institution of the Presidency, and intense organizing, particularly in Washington. Much of this material is available on


Sept. 20: LaRouche makes his first demand that Cheney must resign, in a statement entitled "Iraq Is a Fuse, But Cheney Built the Bomb," printed for mass distribution in the millions. LaRouche demonstrates, 1) that the policies going under cover as the "war on terror," had first been concocted by the same Chickenhawks in 1990, under then-Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney, and had been rejected by President George H.W. Bush, then; 2) that Cheney had attempted to bring those policies back, in September 2000, with the Bush-Cheney election campaign foreign-policy staff, known as the "Vulcans," who had been handpicked by George Shultz; and, as LaRouche stresses, 3) "This doctrine, pushed repeatedly, by Cheney and his Chickenhawk accomplices since 1990, had no notable success in securing adoption until Sept. 11, 2001."

Sept. 20: Bush Administration releases National Security Strategy of the United States, which embraces pre-emptive war.

Sept. 27: LaRouche issues "A Boldly Modest U.S. Global Mission," which calls for abandoning the Cheney-Bush policy, and embracing one for global reconstruction.

Oct. 10: Congress passes Bush's resolution, empowering him to launch war against Iraq when he decides.


Feb. 7: LaRouche issues a statement entitled "Powell the Victim of an Apparent Hoax," quoting former CIA analyst Stephen Pelletiere's remarks to EIR, that "They've determined that they're going to invade Iraq, and they need a cover from the UN, but they're not going out of their way to make a good case."

March 7: An exposé of Cheney's role in devising a policy of nuclear first strike is released by EIR, under the title "The Ghost of Bertrand Russell Stalks Cheney-Rumsfeld Pentagon," and is widely circulated in Washington, D.C.

March 18: LaRouche puts out a statement, "Can We Salvage This Presidency?" in which he identifies the Hitlerian rationale for the war, and for the first time tags the nexus of Administration warmongers known as followers of fascist philosopher Leo Strauss as the "Children of Satan."

March 20: The war against Iraq begins.

April 9: The LaRouche in 2004 campaign issues the first of three "Children of Satan" mass distribution pamphlets, bearing the title "The 'Ignoble Liars' Behind Bush's No Exit War." As the research grew that went into exposing the Straussian composition of Cheney's private cabinet, the pamphlet had to be updated three times, ending with 1 million copies in print, and an untold number downloaded from LaRouche's campaign website. LaRouche's article in the pamphlet, "Insanity As Geometry," proved that the Cheney-Rumsfeld-Ashcroft war-party were direct students of Leo Strauss, mostly at the University of Chicago, where he had been installed thanks to Nazi Party jurist Carl Schmitt.

LaRouche also identified a second element of the Straussian philosophy, which became known as "the Beast-Man," expressed by British imperialists Bertrand Russell and H.G. Wells: to rule the world by threatening such unthinkable terror—exemplified by Truman's nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki—that nations would surrender their sovereignty, rather than risk seeing their countries reduced to radioactive rubble. Russell insisted in the late 1940s that this terror should include pre-emptive use of nuclear weapons against non-nuclear states.

May 4: The Sunday New York Times flamboyantly splashes its "Week in Review" section with a cartoon of Paul Wolfowitz, dressed as a Roman legionnaire, bearing a copy of Strauss's book On Tyranny, beneath the headline: "Leo-Cons—A Classicist's Legacy: New Empire Builders." This is the beginning of a rash of exposés, including from New Yorker columnist Seymour Hersh, who elaborated on the Straussian network in the Administration, which was responsible for creating the "intelligence" to justify the war.

June 2: Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), ranking Democrat on the House Government Reform Committee, issues a letter demanding a full explanation, as to why senior Bush Administration officials, including Cheney, Rumsfeld, and the President himself, "cited forged evidence about Iraq's attempts to obtain nuclear materials," as part of their argument to gain Congressional authority to go to war.

June 7: LaRouche puts out a detailed, million-run press release, "LaRouche Says Charges against Cheney Constitute Grounds for Impeachment," and demands a full investigation: "Let there be no mistake about it. The nature of these charges constitutes hard grounds for impeachment. The question has to be taken head on. It is time for Dick Cheney to come clean. I want to know exactly what Dick Cheney knew and when he knew it.... Determining who knew what and when is, at this time, an urgent matter of national security."

July 2: LaRouche holds a webcast "We're at a Turning Point in History." He excoriates Democrats who were prone to a knee-jerk reaction to attack Bush, explaining: "The reason we went to a war in Iraq, was because the Democratic Party was neutralized, by the belief that Cheney had the evidence that Iraq was getting nuclear weapons. Cheney knew there were no such nuclear weapons. Cheney knew the story about Niger 'yellowcake' going to Iraq was a fraud. And yet, with that knowledge, he pushed that argument, in order to convince the Congress to subside, and to allow the war to go ahead."

July 6: Former U.S. Ambassador Joe Wilson, the last U.S. diplomat to meet with Saddam Hussein in 1991, authors an op-ed published in the New York Times, "What I Didn't Find in Africa." There Wilson reveals that he went to Niger in February 2002, at the request of the CIA, which told him that the Vice President's office had questions about a particular intelligence report.

July 21: LaRouche issues a mass leaflet entitled "'W' As in Watergate," urging the President to get rid of Cheney, now, and urging honest Democrats to help save the Presidency: "Is 'W' impeachable? Should he be impeached? To impeach 'W' while Cheney is still Vice President, would be tantamount to treason against the entire human race! My preferred policy continues to be: Purge the Administration of Cheney and his neo-conservatives, leaving in place an Administration which could control the sitting President for the remaining months of his term...."

Aug. 1: EIR magazine releases a cover feature entitled "Case for Impeachament of Vice President Dick Cheney."

Aug. 9: In the wake of Dick Cheney beginning to talk about a "new 9/11," LaRouche issues a new statement, which asks, "When Cheney Spoke of Terrorists, Which Terrorists, Dick?" The statement declares, "LaRouche says 'the entirety' of Cheney's power over U.S. policy-shaping 'was gained solely through those of his presently undiscovered political benefactors who staged the terrorist attack of Sept. 11, 2001.' Now, says LaRouche, 'Cheney has promised an early terrorist attack on the U.S.A., comparable in political effect to that of Sept. 11, 2001. He does so at a time when his own failing political position requires some lucky such event to put him firmly back in the position he had prior to the recent developments in the Iraq war.' "

Oct. 22: LaRouche's webcast, "Preparing for the Post-Cheney Era," is another major salvo, taken during his campaign's major intervention on the Cheney flank in the California recall election, which ultimately elected Shultz's puppet Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Nov. 7: LaRouche takes the point, with radio actualities in Washington, D.C., and with a mass leaflet, entitled "LaRouche: Dump Cheney Now!"

Some in Congress fight back in their own way, as Rep. Henry Waxman opens a new investigation of Cheney's former company, Halliburton, and its war-profiteering.


Jan. 3: LaRouche's campaign releases the second mass pamphlet, "Children of Satan II: The Beast-Men." This occurs as Congressional investigation of the intelligence fraud on Iraq, and Halliburton's corruption goes into high gear.

Although many Democrats and others are initially shocked by LaRouche's "Beast-Man" analysis, their skepticism turns to astonished admiration when the Abu Ghraib revelations hit, showing LaRouche's analysis to be precise.

June 18: LaRouche in 2004 releases the third of the "Children of Satan" mass pamphlets, "The Sexual Congress for Cultural Freedom," which, LaRouche promises, "will hit Cheney hard," exposing "with hard fact, the political origins of the current connection of Cheney and his accomplices to an operation launched back during the 1940s, by Franklin Roosevelt-hating circles ... by rogue elements of our establishment who were working in concert with selected remnants of the Nazi apparatus." This is why you tolerate Cheney, LaRouche argues. One million copies were distributed before the Democratic Party Convention began on July 26.

June 22: Cheney shows the effects of the pressure building, when he flips into a "Go f—k yourself" reaction to a greeting by Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy (Vt.), during a visit to the Senate.

July 8: LaRouche's campaign issues a press release revealing that Cheney's General Council David Addington had been one of the authors of the memos saying that the United States could violate or ignore the Geneva Conventions in the "war on terror."

Aug. 14: LaRouche Political Action Committee (LaRouche PAC) issues a book compiled of the three "Children of Satan" pamphlets, with an introduction by LaRouche which lays out the stakes in the 2004 election. He writes: "The following pages ... point the way to understanding what must be understood if we as a nation are to pull back from the brink toward which we are lurching, in time to save not only ourselves, but generations to come."

Sept. 20: LaRouche issues a mass leaflet, "A Vote for Bush & Cheney Is a Vote for Perpetual War and Economic Hell."

Oct. 6: LaRouche holds a webcast on Bush's insanity, focussing on the implications of the fact that Bush is a psychopath, and Cheney a sociopath.

Nov. 5: "The Coming Indictment of Vice President Cheney" is the cover feature of the post-election edition of EIR, which reviews the momentum toward a case for impeachment.

Nov. 9: LaRouche holds a webcast under the theme "It's the Economy, Stupid!" where he develops the need to fight against the results of the election.


Jan. 5: LaRouche holds a webcast under the theme "Confronting the Deadly Crisis of International Relations." In response to a question about Cheney, he is clear: "Cheney is a fascist. Get rid of him! Impeach him." The webcast is the culmination of a LaRouche Youth Movement mobilization in Washington, D.C., focussed around giving spine to the Congress.

Jan. 6: Cheney is forced to preside over a challenge to the validity of the November elections, during the Joint Session of Congress called to certify the Presidential elections.

April 7: A LaRouche webcast, under the title "Time to Reverse Shultz's Destruction of Exchange Controls," targets George Shultz as the controller of Cheney, and the need to prevent their plans to destroy the economy.

May 27: EIR publishes a feature story entitled "U.S. Nuclear First Strike Doctrine is Operational," which shows Cheney's head in a mushroom cloud. The story focusses on the global contingency plans which the Cheney-Bush Administration have put in place for a nuclear first strike by local commanders.

June 16: In a webcast under the title "Urgent Changes Needed in the World Financial System," LaRouche deals at length with Cheney's recently defeated attempt to carry out a coup against the U.S. Constitution with the "nuclear option." Cheney's been defeated, but he'll try for dictatorship again, LaRouche warns.

July 22: LaRouche issues a major article entitled "The Case of a Vice-President's Mass Insanity," which appears in EIR magazine, and is reprinted as a mass pamphlet by LaRouche PAC, which circulates in more than 500,000 copies.

July 27: LaRouche issues an international alert for the period of August 2005, warning that this is the likely timeframe in which Cheney, with the full collusion of the circles of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, might activate the recently exposed plans for a pre-emptive tactical nuclear strike against Iran. This is circulated broadly in mass leaflets, pamphlets, and magazines of the LaRouche movement internationally, but also is translated in most major languages and spread over the internet globally.

August: LaRouche PAC issues 250,000 copies of a pamphlet entitled "Soldiers of Satan," which includes EIR's study of Cheney's "Spoon-benders" pushing Armageddon.

Sept. 3: LaRouche holds a webcast entitled "Pulling the Nation Together" in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. In questions and answers, LaRouche emphasizes that the danger of Cheney's pre-emptive war plan is not gone, and he has to be removed.

Sept. 16: "The Great Change of 2005" is the name of the webcast LaRouche gives this day, which again elaborates on the fact that the removal of Cheney is the sine qua non for implementing the necessary economic recovery program for the nation and the world.

Sept. 23: EIR features Dick Cheney in its cover story, "Cheney Revives Parvus 'Permanent War' Madness."

Oct. 2: LaRouche issues a statement, "Let Cheney-Bush Go Quietly Now."

Oct. 12: LaRouche's Columbus Day webcast, while mainly focussing on the economic tasks ahead, is unequivocal on the issue of Cheney: "Everyone knows, that as long as the current Bush-Cheney policy remains, the United States doesn't have a prayer! Everybody knows the time has come to get Cheney out if you want to have a U.S. economy.

"All the conditions, the preconditions for inducing Cheney to leave, all but one, remain. Because we want to get Cheney out, we don't want to have to wait to impeach him. We want him to resign."

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