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This article appears in the July 14, 2006 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Snake and the Rabbits

by Tony Papert

Jacques Cheminade, the author of the accompanying article, is a brilliant leader of France, who is hated by the mediocrities, because they resent the competition. He is also a candidate for President of France.

But it will be difficult for the English-speaking reader to grasp the implications of Cheminade's use of the French language. (The French original may be found at To begin with, despite the ghastliness of the apparent subject, which is that yet another fascist takeover of France is now in process, nevertheless, the French-educated reader will immediately sense that the article and its author alike are actually tremendous fun.

In his style and his viewpoint, Cheminade represents the legacy of France, going back to Louis XI and Rabelais.

Cheminade is working from the standpoint of the issue of Synarchy, and looking at France from the standpoint of Synarchy, whose history goes back to the formation of the Martinist Order in the 18th Century, when a series of forced-march reorganizations of European Freemasonry, pushed through from London, finally hatched Martinism out of France as an elite, super-secret occult Freemasonry.

Early Martinist leaders included the Franz Anton Mesmer exposed as a hoax by Benjamin Franklin and his French ally Jean Sylvain Bailly; the conspirator Giovanni Casanova who was the target of Mozart's opera Don Giovanni; and bloodthirsty Savoyard nobleman Joseph de Maistre, the designer of the personality and role of Napoleon Bonaparte, and thus of such later knock-down imitations as Napoleon III, Mussolini, and Hitler. It was thus with some justice that the late Isaiah Berlin of British Intelligence, dubbed Maistre the "first fascist."

Beethoven antagonist Johannes Mälzel, whose claim to have invented "artificial intelligence" was exposed as a fraud by Edgar Allan Poe in a famous 1836 newspaper article, belonged to a later Martinist/Synarchist generation.

It was the Martinist Order, including a personal role by its then-nominal leader, Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin, which arranged the butchery and lunacy of the French Revolution. This snuffed out the possibility,—or rather, the immediate prospect,—that the just-won American Revolution would be repeated in Europe's most advanced country, France. Then the Revolution's sequel in the so-called Napoleonic Wars, smashed all of Continental Europe into a pulp from which it would not begin to recover for two generations. The new American republic was isolated.

Thus, we have here a specifically, idiosyncratically French entity, Martinism/Synarchy, which, on the other hand, is also identical to the current, post-1763 form of Anglo-Dutch Liberal world empire,—today called "globalization." We see this story repeated and confirmed in the history of Martinism/Synarchy from 1785,—when Martinist magician "Count Cagliostro" (Joseph Balsamo) rigged the "Queen's Necklace Affair" to prepare the French Revolution,—right through to the present.

Thus, the context for Cheminade's article is his understanding of France and its special history, located in the issue of Martinism from 1785 to today.

The role of the Paris-based Synarchy, as a top-level secret committee of financier families, in bringing fascism to power throughout continental Europe from 1922-1945, is well-known and has been documented before in these pages. We have also called attention here, to the repeated failure of the French Synarchy to overthrow the Third Republic and put France under fascist dictatorship, through three failed coup attempts between 1923 and 1938. It was this record of failure which led the French Synarchist Charles Maurras (1868-1952), to say of the Nazi invasion of 1940, which led to the establishment of the French fascist "Vichy" government over the south of France, that it was a "divine surprise." But it was in reality no surprise to the Synarchy, which had opened the gates to the Reichswehr,—this is the answer to the "mystery" of how a great power like France could fall to Hitler after only six weeks of fighting.

Now, in a sense, we have come full circle, as Cheminade indicates.

As Lyndon LaRouche said in a recent discussion,

"The problem is, people make the Hitler Nazi movement as the problem of that period, rather than seeing the Hitler Nazi movement as an instrument of the forces, an expendable instrument of the forces who caused the problem and were directing it. Hitler is dead. The Nazis are generally dead. But! The people who created them as an instrument are still alive, and are on the verge of taking world power today.

"I would add to that," he continued. "People exaggerate the significance of the Hitler Nazi movement, which was a terrible thing in its time, but it was a creation, a puppet of a much larger force, which was temporarily embarrassed at the end of the war, when Hitler was defeated, but came back in the name of being our 'necessary anti-Communist allies.'

"That's the truth of the matter. There's no difference between the people, of the financial group, which are Anglo-Dutch Liberal and French Synarchist, who created Hitler, and created that intention, and the crowd behind Rohatyn today. That's the concept. That's the truth of the matter."

As the long-time head of Lazard Frères for the United States, Felix Rohatyn was, and still is, a topmost representative of the Synarchist International worldwide. It was Lazard Frères which was identified by U.S. intelligence, during World War II, as the center of the Paris-based Synarchist/fascist conspiracy, along with France's Banque Worms, a Lazard creation. Rohatyn's patron and virtual father, André Meyer, who brought him into the bank and anointed him as his successor, had been named by U.S. intelligence as a Synarchist controller, from the days when he was a top leader of Lazard Paris, before 1940.

Now Rohatyn and the Synarchy are entering the last phases of a new "trustification," like that which prepared the way for Nazism earlier, in which they are seizing and destroying the elements of physical economic infrastructure and real-wealth production, on which the sovereign nation-state, their chosen enemy, depends for the possibility of its existence.

As you will see in Cheminade's report, most of the French elite is playing the part of the rabbit hypnotized by the snake,—those, that is, who have not thought it safer to join with the snake against the other rabbits. The majority of the U.S. Senate is doing the same thing.

Cheminade is not.

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