Volume 33, Number 28, July 14, 2006


The Snake and the Rabbits  

by Tony Papert

Most of the French elite is playing the part of rabbits hypnotized by a Synarchist snake; but Jacques Cheminade—2007 Presidential candidate and friend of Lyndon LaRouche—has launched a mobilization to defeat the attempted second fascist takeover of France that is now in progress.

Let’s Stop Putting France On Sale  

by Jacques Cheminade

At the center of French capitalism—financial capitalism gone mad—“there is a veritable invasion of our public arena by an avalanche of multinational, ‘non-resident’ interests. Their objective is to destroy what remains of the French nation-state, and to impose the power of a financial conglomerate—synarchist and oligarchical—without honor, law, or borders. This financial fascism emerges brutally, as it did during the thirties, with the same economic features and for the same reasons.”


Nissan-GM Merger Is Next Step in Fascist Labor Recycling  

by Paul Gallagher

Nissan/Renault CEO Carlos “Le Cost Killer” Ghosn is conspiring with predator Kirk Kerkorian, owner of 10% of GM’s stock, to take over the running of GM’s operations: the next step in the introduction of fascist labor recycling into the world auto industry.

LaRouche Youth Movement: The Fight for Nuclear Power in Ibero-America

Speeches from a June 15 videoconference in Argentina and Mexico, on “The Role of Oil in the Transition to Nuclear Energy.”

Mosconi’s Legacy Is Key for Argentina

by Emiliano Andino

Promote Nuclear Power All Over So. America

by Ricardo De Dicco

Speech by Argentine Congressional advisor and energy expert Ricardo De Dicco.

Biofuels: A Losing Proposition  

by Christine Craig

Business Briefs


Mexican Elections Open Period of Great Global Struggle  

by Gretchen Small

Nothing has been settled by the Presidential election results, which remain contested in a close race marred by extensive “irregularities.”

Israel Escalates War, While U.S. Does Nothing

by Dean Andromidas

June in Russia: A Month of Surprises  

by Roman Bessonov

Analyzes the shifts going on in the Kremlin—almost all of which have been misunderstood by both Western and Russian media.

Political Change in Russia and Prospects for a New Bretton Woods

Speeches from EIR’s June 27 Berlin seminar.

Good News and Bad News from Russia

by Dr. Stanislav Menshikov

Don’t Believe the Media Line on Russia

by Dr. Konstantin Cheremnykh

Paradoxes of a Bankrupt World Monetary System

by Prof. Andrei Kobyakov

LaRouche’s Closing Remarks: Russia, China, Eurasia And Mankind’s Future

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

International Intelligence


McCain-Feingold Target Water Projects

by Mary Jane Freeman

Backing the McCain-Feingold revised version of Senate bill 728, is a left-right environmentalist gang that wants to create an oversight entity, outside of Congressional control, which will eviscerate the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and likely kill urgently needed waterway projects.

Congressional Closeup

by Carl Osgood


Report From Germany

by Rainer Apel

A Sick Economy Is a Hazard to Health.


To Defeat Fascism, You Must Call a Nazi a ‘Nazi’