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This editorial appears in the September 5, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

LaRouche PAC Takes Leadership
Of the Nation in Crisis

by Jeffrey Steinberg

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On Aug. 29, Lyndon LaRouche issued a brief policy statement, on behalf of the LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC), addressed to members and supporters, and to the general electorate.

Under the headline, "Organizational Policy Now!" LaRouche wrote:

The nomination of Senator Barack Obama, as combined with the prospect of the nomination of Senator John McCain, has settled almost nothing, other than the fact of those nominations themselves. The world as a whole is presently gripped by a growing potential for a genuine thermonuclear-weapons crisis like never before, at the same time that the greatest financial-economic crisis since Europe's Fourteenth Century has the entire world presently in its grip—whether some governments and leading political figures wish to recognize that reality, or not.

The present international financial system is hopelessly bankrupt, and could not be saved. It could only be reorganized in a bankruptcy designed to defend people, not financial speculators.

Neither of the two referenced candidates has any present capability for successfully meeting the grave challenges of economic breakdowns of entire economies, and threats of nuclear exchanges, which must be expected as serious possibilities between now and November.

As recent patterns of developments have already shown, we have an intellectual capability of unique importance in this process. Our most prominent role, as through the work of LPAC, is to provide the intellectual leadership on crucial economic and other strategic issues which neither of those candidacies is presently equipped to deal with competently without outside advice, including that provided by our initiatives.

Therefore, our LPAC campaign has far greater importance for the weeks immediately ahead, than at any time prior to this point. We shall therefore mobilize accordingly.

Website Video Educational Program

Along with the post-convention policy statement, LaRouche also announced that the LPAC website ( would immediately expand its video productions, in order to provide the American people with the needed educational and policy background material, to lead the fight for the soul of the American Republic.

Indeed, at the beginning of the Democratic Convention in Denver, LPAC posted on its website a one-hour video report, "The Missed Chance of 1989," which documents the events leading up to the collapse of the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact, centered upon LaRouche's own historic role in the development of President Ronald Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) of 1983, and the tragic blunder of Soviet General Secretary Yuri Andropov, in rejecting that last, best opportunity to end the era of thermonuclear Armageddon. The timing of the release of the LPAC video was stunning, intersecting both the events in Denver, and the ongoing British-led Caucasus provocations, aimed precisely at triggering a new Cuban Missile Crisis, under even more dire global circumstances.

LaRouche subsequently announced the plan to produce two new video documentaries, one, a sequel to "The Missed Chance of 1989," carrying events forward to the current crisis, with particular focus on international efforts, led by Helga Zepp-LaRouche in Europe, to establish a Eurasian Land-Bridge project as a war-avoidance policy, in the tradition of the original Reagan-era SDI.

The second video will focus on the willful destruction of the U.S. auto sector, and the fight waged by LaRouche and LPAC, between 2005-2007, to prevent the wipeout of the nation's crucial machine tool capacity. In this context LPAC will reissue its own proposal for the establishment of a Federal Corporation which would proceed with the massive retooling of the auto industry, in order to save the machine tool core of the U.S. economy, and put it to work on rebuilding the nation's collapsing infrastructure.

LPAC has developed an extensive repertoire of original videos, including "1932," "Harvard Yard," and "Firewall," which are proving to be powerful educational tools for a population that has been otherwise dumbed-down to near illiteracy (as demonstrated by the fact that George W. Bush was able to win two terms as President).

McCain's Devilish Deal

While the Democratic Convention's theatrics underscored the fact that the Obama-linked leadership was both unwilling and unable to address the major strategic and economic crisis now crashing down on the United States and the world, there is every indication that the Republican gathering, which will feature both Bush and Cheney, will be worse.

The danger of a Republican victory in November was, in fact, highlighted the same day as the LaRouche statement reproduced above, when Sen. John McCain, the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee, announced that he had selected Alaska's novice governor, Sarah Palin, to be his Vice Presidential running-mate.

Although politically obscure, Palin was well known to some of the leading Christian Zionists in America, who were aggressively promoting her choice for weeks or months before the McCain "surprise" announcement.

On Aug. 11, the evangelical publication Christianity Today reported, "Richard Land's VP Advice to McCain: Pick Sarah Palin." The article reported on a recent CBS News interview with the public policy director of the Southern Baptist Convention, Richard Land, in which he responded to a question about which running-mate would "most excite Southern Baptists and other members of the conservative faith community."

Without hesitation, Land said, "Probably Governor Palin of Alaska, because she's a person of strong faith.... She's strongly pro-life. She's a virtual lifetime member of the National Rifle Association. She would ring so many bells."

Doug Wead, who was President George H.W. Bush's White House liaison to the Christian right, and who is a key ally of Karl Rove, also backed McCain's choice of Palin as his running mate: "What is Sarah Palin's religion? She is Assemblies of God.... McCain does more than balance the ticket with a woman. He solves his complicated religious problem with Pentacostals and Charismatics, who, according to a recent Barna survey, make up almost half of all Born Again Christians. McCain's on-again/off-again relationships with Pentacostals, John Hagee and Rod Parsley ... are now moot points.... All of Senator Obama's kind overtures to people of faith will be for naught."

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