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This article appears in the November 7, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Is Assassination of Obama
Britain's Next Move?

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Oct. 30—The highly probable threat that Barack Obama, especially if he wins the election on Nov. 4, could be assassinated, is currently a matter of the utmost concern among serious political circles in both political parties, Lyndon LaRouche noted today. It is therefore urgent, he added, that there be built a bipartisan commitment to deal with this threat potential. This is not a Democratic or Republican issue, but a national one.

Two immediate measures have to be taken: first, try to prevent such an assassination from taking place; and second, be prepared, if it does, to prevent the kind of riotous disintegration and pulverization of the nation which the authors of such an assassination would be aiming to create.

As LaRouche warned earlier this year, the British enemies of the United States have a history of assassinating American political figures, including Presidents, and they are the only credible force who could and would engineer such an action. True, Obama has recently garnered the apparently enthusiastic endorsements of leading British establishment publications, including the Financial Times and the viciously anti-U.S. Economist magazine. But, it would be highly unwise to forget the age-old tradition of betrayal with a kiss.

In the midst of the ongoing, unprecedented financial and economic breakdown crisis, there is nothing the Anglo-Dutch financial establishment wants more desperately than to destroy the constitutional, sovereign United States. Thus, the British first deployed to wipe out the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, through their asset George Soros, his creation Barack Obama, and the controlled media. At the same time, they have pulled all the strings required to block, so far, the only effective emergency economic measures that could put the U.S. back into the Franklin Roosevelt tradition, those measures proposed by Lyndon LaRouche.

Yet, as the crisis deepens, the British financiers themselves are ever more desperately afraid of an FDR reflex. Thus, the recent surfacing of their patsy Felix Rohatyn, an admitted hater of Roosevelt and LaRouche, in major European press, allegedly promoting a New Bretton Woods, in opposition to the momentum being created around LaRouche's international proposals for a new monetary system.

The looming danger, however, is that the British, having succeeded in getting "their man" into the U.S. Presidency, will decide that their objectives will best be accomplished by assassinating him. In the face of that threat, sane Republicans and Democrats have to come together as a national force, to defend the country's integrity, and adopt the policies that will save it. LaRouche has committed himself personally to accomplishing this crucial task, in the context of exercising his unique role in providing the only sound policies for stopping the global breakdown crisis.

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