Volume 35, Number 44, November 7, 2008


A True Classical Tragedy: Our Economy Is Bushed!  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche asserts that the wretchedly corrupt state of the present leadership of U.S. political parties, especially over the last two years, has led to the most deadly threat that the nation has faced during its existence. “In this moment of the gravest threatened crisis in all modern history, the fate of the nation hangs not so much on the particular personality of an elected President whose very life may be in jeopardy, but on those institutions of the Presidency which persist as Presidents come and go.”

Is Assassination of Obama Britain’s Next Move?  


It’s Time To Choose: WWF Hitlerians or Humanity!  

by Gretchen Small

Renewing their push for genocidal policies the World Wildlife Fund and the Zoological Society of London issued a manifesto asserting that three-quarters of the world’s population lives in nations which are using up more resources than the “Earth’s biocapacity” can sustain, and therefore, that governments and international agencies must impose measures which reduce human activity by at least a third, as rapidly as possible.

AFRICOM and Control over Africa’s Resources  

by Lawrence K. Freeman

Ignoramus Charles Rants in Delhi

by Ramtanu Maitra

The British monarchy is still trying to tell India what to do, as Prince Charles campaigns for the old British Raj starvation policy.

U.S. Military: Walking in Philip’s Hoofprints

by Carl Osgood

The New Environmentalist Eugenics: Al Gore’s Green Genocide

by Rob Ainsworth

Prince Philip’s Murderous Views, in His Own Words

World Wildlife Fund’s Genocide in Africa

by Linda de Hoyos

Why London Created Africa’s Game Parks

by Joseph Brewda


Stubbornness Worsens World Depression: Will the Great Crash Hit After November 17?  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

The only way to avoid the total collapse of the world financial system foreseen by some financial circles, would be the prompt agreement on Lyndon LaRouche’s financial reorganization proposals.

Banking Zombies Say: ‘We Refuse To Die,’ as Body Parts Fall Off  

by John Hoefle

Bailout facilities for financial institutions have been growing at an accelerating rate, in a vain attempt to keep up with the accelerating losses in the financial system. The banks are, at this point, essentially zombies: the walking dead.

LaRouche Reviews His Economic Forecasts  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche’s forecasts have been correct, though they were widely ignored because people couldn’t face the fact that the inflated stock values they were holding on to, were worthless. An excerpt from LaRouche’s “Science vs. Statistics: When Fate Hangs on a Forecast,” EIR, Sept. 7, 2007.

New Bretton Woods in Italy: Senator Backs Key Parts of LaRouche’s Proposal

by Emidio Castellani

Sen. Mario Baldassarri, head of the Finance Committee of the Italian Senate, has endorsed key aspects of Lyndon LaRouche’s New Bretton Woods proposal.


Syria Raid: Cheney’s Farewell Gift to Bibi and London  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

U.S. intelligence sources report that the U.S. the raid against Syria was ordered from the White House, and aimed to sabotage a series of international diplomatic initiatives—including some undertaken recently by senior U.S. officials.

The Arab Peace Plan and Israeli Elections

by Dean Andromidas

Germany: BüSo Charts Plans for Upcoming Elections

International Intelligence


Africa Report

by Douglas DeGroot

Eastern Congo Hit by Destabilization.


The November Turning Point