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This article appears in the November 7, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

It's Time To Choose:
WWF Hitlerians or Humanity!

by Gretchen Small

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The double-digit collapse of physical production in crucial areas of economic activity worldwide, the lawful consequence of decades of globalization, is not yet wreaking sufficient destruction to satisfy the premier environmentalist body of the Anglo-Dutch empire, Prince Philip's World Wildlife Fund, today known simply as the WWF.

In a new manifesto, jointly authored with the Zoological Society of London and what were better named the "Global Hoofprint Network," the WWF asserts that three-quarters of the world's population lives in nations which are using up more resources than the "Earth's biocapacity" can sustain. Therefore, they insist, governments and international agencies must impose measures which reduce human activity on the planet by at least a third, as rapidly as possible, and that, only for starters.

The program presented in the "Living Planet Report 2008," released in four languages on Oct. 29, is one for mass genocide. Its tenet being that the human species' very existence is a "burden" on the Earth; these Malthusians insist that "human demands for food, water, energy and materials" be drastically reduced, by cutting the absolute numbers of people on the planet, and cutting the living standards of those left.

Are you still among the people who think that Lyndon LaRouche is exaggerating when he warns that we have only weeks for key nations to join forces to crush "Brutish Imperialism," or the human population will collapse in a New Dark Age? Are you, too, still waiting for a "better" moment to fight?

Look again at the worldview of these Brutish oligarchs, as elaborated here, and in the articles which follow. As you do so, hear in your mind, LaRouche's stark description in his article, "Today's Brutish Imperialism," of the consequences of refusing to implement a New Bretton Woods, according to the specifications which he lays out there. In the section on the "Principles of Empire," he explains:

"The baldly exposed current intention of the Anglo-Dutch Liberal, or so-called 'British' empire, is to eliminate the existence of the sovereign nation-state from this planet, now as rapidly as possible. The names for this British campaign include 'globalization,' 'free trade,' and neo-malthusian 'environmentalism.'

"If such brutish impulses as those are not defeated, and reversed, a vastly shrunken remnant of mankind will inhabit a new barbarism of a planet probably populated by much less than one billions living persons. Presuming that we avoid nuclear warfare, the brutish imperial goal, which is more or less the goal adopted publicly (and with great emphasis) by Britain's Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, would be 'achieved' within approximately one to two generations. Centuries would be required for the descendants of that remnant of humanity to creep and crawl back to something which might be regarded as a semblance of what was once known as the relatively civilized state of much of humanity prior to these horrid developments now oncoming today."

In Memory of Hitler

The Hitlerian hatred of humanity exuding from the WWF et al.'s "Living Planet Report," as disgusting as it is, is not surprising. The Fund was founded by two princes of the Anglo-Dutch empire, personally associated with Hitler's SS: the notoriously anti-human Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and Bernhard of the Netherlands.

Three of Philip's brothers-in-law worked for the Nazis under the Hitler regime; one, Prince Christoph, serving as an SS Colonel attached to Heinrich Himmler's personal staff, went so far as to name his son Adolf, after Hitler. To this day, Philip freely associates himself with his family's avid Nazi participation. Interviewed for the book The Royals and the Reich (Oxford University Press, 2006), by author Jonathan Petropoulos, Philip explained that there was "a lot of enthusiasm for the Nazis at the time. The economy was good and we [sic] were anti-Communist." He went on and on: "There was a great improvement in things like trains running on time and building. There was a sense of hope after the depressing chaos of the Weimar Republic. I can understand people latching on to something or somebody who appeared to be appealing to their patriotism and trying to get things going. You can understand how attractive it was."

The late Prince Bernhard wasn't just "enthusiastic" for the Nazis; he was a card-carrying member, who, when reluctantly forced to resign from the SS by royal exigencies during World War II, unrepentently signed his letter of resignation, "Heil Hitler!"

Man Is Not an Animal!

Patriotic Americans know the British Empire is no friend of the United States, the human race, or, for that matter, the Biosphere. As LaRouche elaborates the argument in his "Brutish Imperialism," should these Nazis succeed in their demand that the human race violate the laws of human ecology and behave as animals—attempting to live "within the constraints of the natural cycles and systems which evolved over millennia," the Biosphere itself would collapse, along with the human race.

The WWF's world is not the beautiful, living, developing universe of our Creator, but a planet conceived as if filled with stuffed animals, like the plush vampire bats and Tasmanian devils WWF enthusiasts receive for their contributions.

The WWF issued its first "Living Planet" report in 1998, with the stated intention of "quantifying the burden placed on the natural environment by humanity." The Fund invented a Living Planet Index (LPI), which purports to measure nature's overall health by tracking "trends in a large number of populations of species in much the same way that a stock market index tracks the value of a set of shares." (The authors admit the LPI of the Neotropic Index in the 2008 report is driven by a "catastrophic decline" of a few amphibians, such as the golden toad of Costa Rica!) As if anything important could be known about the state of the living, dynamic Biosphere by counting numbers of fixed species!

Added to that, was an alleged quantification of six basic areas of human consumption which are denounced as "pressuring" the environment: grain, marine fish, wood, freshwater, cement (as a "proxy" for land consumption), and carbon dioxide emissions. Among the blunter conclusions of that first report, was that meat and dairy consumption must be cut, especially in Europe and North America.

The statistical sleight-of-hand used to justify their demand that the world's population and living standards be drastically reduced, was sexed up in later reports by adoption of the so-called "ecological footprint," a measure so absurd that it insults the intelligence of any normal person. The hoax starts from the fact that the calculations used to assert that world water, energy, and food resources are all used up, making strife and death inevitable, are premised on "presently existing technology."

The Living Planet crowd demands that its so-called "Ecological Footprint" and "National Footprint Accounts" be adopted as part of the Millennium Development Goals, thus making their targets for lower living standards and reduced population, conditionalities for loans or foreign aid.

Culling by Global Dictatorship

The WWF-associated "Global Footprint Network" founded by the two nuts who invented the "footprint" fraud, is made up of some of the world's most rabid Malthusian genocidalists, the Paul Ehrlichs and Limits to Growth authors you can read about in the accompanying article on "The New Environmentalist Eugenics."

One partner in that network bears singling out: the British "charity," named the Optimum Population Trust. The OPT campaigns openly for a reduction of the world's population by two-thirds, to between 2 and 3 billion people. No one has a "right" to have children, it asserts. In a July 2007 report, titled "Youthquake," comparing the births of human beings to the devastation of an earthquakes, they suggest "compulsory limits on births may become unavoidable."

There is only a "slim chance" such measures can be avoided, the OPT writes, and adds, "Might humanity have to suffer the kind of death-dictated control to achieve stabilisation, or reduction by a population crash—a massive cull through violence, disease, starvation or natural disasters—which biology dictates for all other species when their numbers exceed the limits of their environments carrying capacity?"

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