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This article appears in the March 20, 2009 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Tony Blair Burns Washington

by Laurence Hecht

The author is editor-in-chief of 21st Century Science & Technology magazine. PDF version of this article.

March 13—U.S. President Barack Obama's presentation of DVD copies of Psycho and ET to visiting British Prime Minister Gordon Brown suggests, that the President has a rather clear understanding of the British Empire's threat to our United States at this time. President Obama is no Harry S Truman. The President's refusal to fly the British flag at the meeting, his cancellation of what the Prime Minister had hoped would be a proposed ceremonial press conference, and the return to the Washington British Embassy of a bust of the Winston Churchill beloved of Harry Truman, are clear evidence of the President's insight into the character of his British visitor's assignment.

In contrast to the President's dignified posture, the behavior of some Democratic Party leaders was disgusting: the way in which some Senate Democrats and others fawned upon former Prime Minister Tony Blair, whose lies had plunged the U.S.A. into a long wasting war in Southwest Asia, in an event held with Blair by Washington D.C.'s Peterson Institute for International Economics.[1] U.S. dignitaries' behavior during and following that event recalled the stench of the anglophile American Liberty League's affection for that British officialdom, including Winston Churchill, which had backed Mussolini and Hitler all through the 1930s, until Wehrmacht forces had quickly overrun France in 1940.

Most shockingly disappointing was the conduct of leading Democratic elected officials such as Michigan Sen. Debbie Stabenow, who called Blair's U.K. "the leader, ... we have a lot to learn from them" on climate change, while Maine Sen. Olympia Snowe (R) gushed, describing Blair's Europe as "on the vangard of change." Meanwile, Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D) seemed to swoon over the two Senators' swooning over the wretched Blair.

Within the same time-frame, despite the visiting Fabians, Blair and Brown, there was an important meeting in New York, including other leading figures of the United Kingdom and elsewhere, presenting a scientifically authoritative view, directly opposite to the pseudo-scientific, neo-malthusian babblings of Blair, and opposite to the pro-genocidal policies of the leader of the World Wildlife Fund, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Queen's consort, whose stated policies are to bring about a rapid collapse of the world's population from the presently estimated level of approximately 6.7 billions persons, to no more than two: a pro-genocide policy more radical than that of the Adolf Hitler whom Prince Philip's crony, and former co-leader of the World Wildlife Fund, the late Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, had once served as a member of the Nazi Waffen-SS, and who had signed his letter of resignation, personally, to Hitler, with a salutary "Heil Hitler!"

In contrast to the credulous Senators Stabenow and Snowe, Lord Christopher Monckton, a leading science figure of the United Kingdom, one of Britain's most outspoken and principled opponents of the global warming scare, said in New York, referring to the American scientific imposter, James Hansen: "Hansen's big scare of a sea level rise of 426 feet was too preposterous to be believed ... the only threat from sea-level rise is the one being created by the bedwetters." Monckton also appropriately labeled Hansen "the Dr. Strangelove of NASA."

Lord Monckton has special authority in stating this. A member of his family played a key role in arranging the 1936 abdication of that chief symbol of Britain's Nazi-loving aristocracy, King Edward VIII.

"The environmental movement has to be outlawed," Monckton told the New York conference, "because their policies have murdered 40 million people, mainly children, with the ban on DDT.... They have caused mass starvation and food riots with their nonsensical drive for bio-fuels." (One could add in 1 billion more dead, due to the denial of nuclear power over the past four decades.)

"The forces of darkness in the environmental movement want to create a new Dark Age in which humanity is pushed back to the Stone Age, and without the right to light a fire."

The Fabled Consensus

The theory that carbon dioxide drives climate cycles was never anything other than pseudo-scientific fantasies of amateurs, in the view among serious climatologists. This pseudo-science of hoaxsters like Hansen has served the emotional needs of genocidalists, not science. From the first attempts by British steam engineer Guy Stewart Callendar to widely promote the idea in 1938, the greenhouse gas theory never won credible support among competent professionals. To impose it required a mobilization of money and lies unprecedented in scientific history. Imposters like Hansen and the non-scientist Al Gore never tire of claiming that the opposition has crumbled. Yet over 31,000 American scientists have signed a petition protesting the global warming theory. Known as the Oregon petition, the protest reads:

There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gasses is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth's atmosphere and disruption of the Earth's climate. Moreover, there is substantial scientific evidence that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide produce many beneficial effects upon the natural plant and animal environments of the Earth.

The serious threat of a new Ice Age has, meanwhile, been pushed to the background. A century of climate science has led to the understanding that cyclical advances and retreats of the Greenland ice sheet have covered Europe and North America down to the latitudes of New York and Chicago under a mile-thick sheet of ice. The cycles appear to be driven by changes in the Earth's orbital relationship to the Sun. The 100,000-year cycle of variation in the ellipticity of the Earth's orbit appears to have been the dominant driver of recent ice age cycles.

Geological evidence and various methods of dating sedimentary layers indicate that prolonged Ice Ages, of approximately 100,000 years duration, have been punctuated by short periods of melt-back, known as interglacials, lasting about 10,000 years on average. By such orbital dating, the Earth is now due for the onset of another glaciation, likely to bury North America, northern Europe, and the British Isles under a mile or more of ice. It won't matter much for the British oligarchs, as their day is done anyway. For the rest of us, scientific preparation might be welcome. On these matters, Russian specialists have some useful contributions to make.

This Nazi-like rubbish from Prince Philip (the Duke of Edinburgh) and his sundry dupes and fellow-travelers is to be seen and uprooted for the evil weed it is. Some of us find it extremely difficult to see much difference between Prince Philip and certain former members of his extended family. In practice, their past policies and his own present ones are most difficult to separate. His kind are better described as "mass-grave diggers" than "bed-wetters." There is, in fact, no difference in effect between what the backers of the World Wildlife Fund present today and both the war-time policies of the Adolf Hitler regime and also some past generations of certain leading Wall Street families of the days of the American Liberty League, whose ideas are echoed by the types of the American Enterprise Institute's associate, lying Amity Shlaes today.

[1] The Peter G. Peterson Institute for International Economics, is named for the $1 billion endowment given by one of America's leading opponents of Social Security and Medicare, a career servant of the Rockefeller family, and a Nixon economic appointee, who made his fortune at Lehman Bros. in the 1970s, before moving on to head the Blackstone Group private equity fund.

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