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This article appears in the September 4, 2009 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Tony Blair's Name Attached
To Every Evil Obama Policy

by Nancy Spannaus

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Aug. 28—Name an evil policy being espoused by the Obama Administration, or a major international institution, and you will find the name "Tony Blair" attached to it. Whether it be imperial wars, Nazi economic policies, or genocidal environmentalism, the policy finds its spokesman in the former British Prime Minister, now turned into a globe-trotter for hire, spreading this filth.

The list of Blair's own crimes is extensive, and there is reason for optimism that some of them—especially his role in bringing about the death of British arms expert Dr. David Kelly—may actually finally destroy him. But the main reason that Blair must be further exposed is not for what he has done in the past, but what he is doing now—specifically his role in controlling the agenda of the President of the United States, on behalf of the British Empire.

Who Is Tony Blair?

Blair is more than a politician and a degenerate; he's a top stooge for the British Royal Family. He's been a member of the Queen's Privy Council since 1994, three years before becoming Prime Minister, and he conducts himself accordingly. His appointed role becomes obvious, both through his political outlook, and his assignments, especially those connected with controlling U.S. Presidents.

Blair's takeover of the British Labour Party in the mid-1990s corresponded to a retooling of that institution explicitly in favor of a "new imperialism," in the words of Blair foreign policy advisor Richard Cooper. This outlook follows lawfully from Blair's adherence to the British Fabian Society, home of the "liberal imperialist" faction of British politics, which served as the launching pad for both H.G. Wells and Bertrand Russell in the late 19th Century. Specifically, the "new imperialism" called for destroying nation states through the spread of globalization and encouraging "competition," as well as strengthening supranational institutions which could whip nations into line. British imperial dominance was to be spread primarily through financial subversion and control, although military measures were not to be excluded.

Domestically, this outlook took the form of what Blair called the "True Opportunity Society," a cosmetically retouched form of Thatcherism, which aimed at privatization and other forms of cuts in the living standards of the working population. From this approach came the signature health policy which has now been embraced by the Obama Administration, specifically, the establishment of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) in 1999, which has applied Hitler-style cost-cutting to medicine in Great Britain, all in the name of "efficiency."

This strategy fit hand-in-glove with the image of the "modern" monarchy which Queen Elizabeth and her consort, the anti-population fanatic Prince Philip, sought to project. Concern for the poor, religious dialogue, "environmentalism"—all these "issues" were to become the transmission belts for de facto recolonization, especially of the United States, by the City of London.

Blair sought to make a name for himself internationally as a champion of this new imperialism, which he dubbed the "Doctrine of International Community." The Prime Minister enunciated this doctrine on April 24, 1999, in Chicago, when he was in the United States for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of NATO. His doctrine trashed the concept of national sovereignty in the sophistical name of "defending human rights," but the objective was transparently imperial, as Blair made crystal clear five years later, in a speech in Sedgefield, England. There, he declared explicitly that the era of the Treaty of Westphalia—the great document which brought an end to the Thirty Years War, through establishing the principle of national sovereignty based on caring for the "benefit of the other"—was over, and that some nations (guess who?) had the obligation to impose their standards on others.

Controlling U.S. Presidents

From the moment he was elected Prime Minister in 1997, Blair was commissioned by the monarchy to head for Washington, where he sought to exercise control over the Presidency. While he was less than fully successful with President Clinton, he was reportedly very close to Vice President Al Gore, with whom he had a friendship dating back to the late 1980s. And, from the start, he established close ties with President George W. Bush—which were to culminate in his thrusting Bush into the disastrous Iraq War.

As soon as the election campaign of 2008 was in full swing, Blair switched his loyalties to Barack Obama, London's chosen candidate for the U.S. Presidency. Blair took the specific role of advising candidate Obama on the Middle East and climate change, and, by July of 2008, had established a situation where, during a visist to London, Obama snubbed Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and met privately with Blair instead.

Even more indicative of Blair's success in cozying up to Obama was their joint appearance at the Feb. 5, 2009 National Prayer Breakfast, an annual event sponsored by the British Imperial Fellowship Foundation. The President and ex-Prime Minister gushed with praise for each other, Obama calling Blair "an example for so many people around the world of what dedicated leadership can accomplish." Given that Obama ran for office on a platform of opposing the Iraq War that Blair had done everything possible to promote, this event should have given a strong hint about just how much the new President is guided by London—even before Obama's infamous toadying to the Queen and Philip in April.

Not all the controls need to be handled personally, of course. Blair also has policy influence over Obama through his stooges, most notably, health policy advisor Simon Stevens. Stevens, now head of UnitedHealthcare, and a major player in the Obama genocidal health plan, served as Blair's health policy advisor from 1997 to 2004, and was the leading force in establishing NICE in 1999.

Blair and the Kelly Case

The importance of Blair to the British establishment is underscored by the way it has moved to protect him from charges that he is accountable for his blatant lies in provoking the 2003 war against Iraq. With the deaths of millions of Iraqis, thousands of Americans, and hundreds of Britons on his hands, Blair is still receiving institutional support—although a leading British filmmaker recently said that "all the people in Britain wish for at the moment is Tony Blair's head."

It is indisputable that Blair played the crucial role in ramming through the policy of war against Saddam Hussein's Iraq. Blair visited Bush in Crawford, Texas, in April 2002, where the two came out with a policy of ousting Hussein. Blair's government produced a famous dossier in September 2002, which purported to show the imminence of Iraq getting nuclear weapons, and a followup memorandum, immediately before Secretary of State Colin Powell went before the United Nations in February 2003, to argue that Iraq's weapons program represented a clear and present danger. EIR had gone on record in January exposing the British intelligence estimate as a fraud ("Iraq Inspections Have Exposed the Hoax of the 'Dossiers,' " EIR, Jan. 24, 2003).

Then, in April, and again in June, Lyndon LaRouche was interviewed on BBC radio, where he exposed the fake intelligence, including Blair's dossier, and condemned the invasion of Iraq as a Hitler-style pre-emptive war policy. Shortly after those appearances, British intelligence specialist David Kelly accused Blair of pushing "sexed up" intelligence to justify the Iraq War.

The Blair government did not take kindly to these attacks. In the case of LaRouche, Blair's political circles decided to use the tragic suicide of a young Briton, Jeremiah Duggan, in March of that year, to falsely charge that LaRouche was involved in his death.

At the same time, Kelly, who had been publicly identified as the source of charges against Blair, was being vilified by the Blair government, and called to Parliament to give testimony, was found dead on July 17, 2003, under mysterious circumstances. There were also purges undertaken at BBC, which had permitted the charges against Blair's perfidy to be aired.

In the uproar over the Kelly death, a special commission was formed, charged with investigating the circumstances. In early 2004, the Hutton Commission determined that Kelly had taken his own life.

But the case refuses to die. Both expert witnesses and former associates of Kelly have gone to the press to report the impossibility that Kelly could have committed suicide by slashing his wrist, as the Hutton Commission determined. The latest report came out on July 12, 2009, by a team of 13 eminent British doctors, one of whom said outright that they reject hemorrhage as the cause of death and think "it is highly likely he was assassinated." At present, the British government has scheduled public hearings on the government's role leading up to the war in Iraq, and there are calls for including the Kelly death in the inquiry.

While, originally, the hearings were supposed to be behind closed doors, they are now going to be public, and among those being called to testify, is none other than former Prime Minister Tony Blair. Blair is going to have to answer questions, not only about the faking of intelligence on Iraq's WMD (weapons of mass destruction), but also, about the case of Dr. Kelly. It has also been suggested that the inquiry include the Blair team's operations against LaRouche, which are being run by the same circle which went after Kelly.

Permanent War

Since his leaving the Prime Ministership in the Spring of 2007, Tony Blair has continued to be hyperactive in the pursuit of the British Empire's objectives. He has operated from several posts:

  1. public representative of the Quartet (the United States, the Europe Union, the United Nations, and Russia) which is responsible for Middle East policy—appointed June 2007;
  2. board of directors of JP Morgan Chase—January 2008;
  3. the Tony Blair Faith Foundation—Spring 2008; and
  4. Tony Blair Associates—February 2009.

From all of them, he pursues his central objective of destroying sovereign nation-states on behalf of "globalization"—the British financial empire—not to mention picking up a ton of cash on the side.

Blair also continues to function as a spokesman for the genocidal climate swindle, attending conferences in Washington, carrying out international diplomacy in Beijing, and producing lying reports, like the one entitled "Breaking the Climate Deadlock," which was produced to shape the meeting of the Group of 8 in early July.

The Tony Blair Faith Foundation, founded by Blair after he converted to Catholicism in 2007, has served as a nesting place for a whole group of "religious" operatives who come from very high places, including the circles of the British monarchy itself. The Foundation is based in London, and at the Yale Divinity School, where Blair holds a chair and teaches courses in "religion and globalization." Among the directors is Lord Richard Chartres, the Anglican Bishop of London, who is also a member of the Privy Council, and the Dean of the Royal Household Chapel. Chartres is also a spiritual advisor and close friend of Prince Charles.

Blair continues to get invitations to address prominent events, such as the annual Rimini Conference in Italy, held just this week. Blair's sophistical jargon won him considerable applause, and he is clearly out to use the publicity in his drive for a new position—president of the European Union (should that position ever be created). And what would he do in that position? Not only would it give him another podium for pushing conflict, but he would make Europe a permanent prisoner of the British imperial drive.

But, without control over the United States, through his puppet Obama, Blair's international machinations will amount to no more than the buzzing of a pesky, ugly gnat. Break Blair's power over Obama—and take the U.S. back for the American System—and the British Empire can finally be sent down the tubes, where it belongs.

Anton Chaitkin and Richard Freeman contributed research for this report.

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