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This article appears in the January 15, 2010 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Case for Impeachment
of President Barack Obama

by Nancy Spannaus

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Jan. 9—No American patriot contemplates the prospect of impeaching the President of the United States lightly. Thus, despite the fact that President Barack Obama has for months been proposing and campaigning for a health-care policy which is modelled directly on that of the Hitler regime, and which will lead, if implemented, to the kinds of genocidal results for which that regime, and many of its adherents, were condemned for crimes against humanity after World War II, Lyndon LaRouche has refrained, up to this time, from calling for his impeachment. In late July 2009, LaRouche declared that the President was "impeachable" for his Nazi health-care "reform." The President, and those with the potential to bring him under control, failed to listen, or change course. Instead, the President and his henchman are about to ram through this same Nazi plan, which would serve as a giant step toward a genocidal dictatorship. Now, as LaRouche's Jan. 6 statement argues (see above), impeachment must be put squarely on the table.

Under the U.S. Constitution, the purpose of impeachment is the protection of the nation, through the removal from high office, of a Federal official who is causing grave injury to the nation, its people, and its Constitution. Impeachment is not a criminal proceeding; its purpose is not to punish a wrongdoer, but to prevent him or her from doing further, irreparable harm to the country. The question of prosecution, or imprisonment, comes later—if at all.

The U.S. Constitution sets a high standard for bringing a bill of impeachment against a high public official. The grounds are restricted to "treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors." The clear intent, as a review of the discussions by the Founders at the Constitutional Convention (1787) indicates, was to target crimes against the Constitutional order. The bills of impeachment against President Richard Nixon put it well, when they declared, in each count, that, "In all of this, Richard M. Nixon has acted in a manner contrary to his trust as President and subversive of constitutional government, to the great prejudice of the cause of law and justice and to the manifest injury of the people of the United States."

President Obama's crimes dwarf those of Richard Nixon. Public evidence alone demonstrates that he is leading a conspiracy to subvert constitutional government, and to impose measures which would result in mass death of Americans, and the destruction of the nation. His high crimes and misdemeanors, as elaborated below, include actions which amount to a conspiracy to commit crimes against humanity which will predictably result in murder or other atrocities, offenses or inhumane acts, against the civilian population of the United States; actions which would lead to genocide against civilians in other parts of the world; and actions would lead to the elimination of the sovereignty of the United States, by submitting control over its economic policy to supranational powers committed to reducing the world's population by billions of people.

In light of these facts, President Obama's remaining in the Presidency represents a clear and present danger to the United States, its citizens, and its Constitution. Constitutional means must be used to prevent him from carrying out these crimes.

We review below a series of counts, which could serve as an outline for a Bill of Impeachment, along with some of the evidence available, and some crucial precedents. Although potentially incomplete, and not in official legal form, each count should demonstrate the urgency of acting on LaRouche's initiative.

Count I.
Conspiracy To Commit Crimes Against Humanity

President Obama has conspired, and acted to carry out, through his promotion of his Hitler-modelled health-care legislation, Crimes Against Humanity, by denial of medical care, and outright murder of large segments of the U.S. population.

The United States—as a leading convenor of the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg (1945-46) and the international legal standards established thereby for the trials of Nazi leaders at the conclusion of World War II—has subscribed, by treaty as well as by law, to the definition of Crimes Against Humanity utilized by that Tribunal. Article 6 of the Charter of the Tribunal defines Crimes Against Humanity as follows:

"[The] murder, extermination, enslavement, deportation, and other inhumane acts committed against any civilian population ... whether or not in violation of the domestic law of the country where perpetrated."

This standard was applied in Count Four of the Nuremberg indictment of major Nazi war criminals, the count of Crimes Against Humanity, under which ten of the defendants were found guilty and sentenced to death, as follows:

"The murder and ill-treatment were carried out by divers means, including shooting, hanging, gassing, starvation, gross over-crowding, systematic under-nutrition, systematic imposition of labor tasks beyond the strength of those ordered to carry them out, inadequate provision of surgical and medical services..." (emphasis added).

That the health "reform" legislation being pushed by the President will lead to denial of medical care is incontestable to anyone who is honest, and knowledgeable about the bills. The chief, stated purpose of the bills is to cut costs. The fundamental premise of both the House and the Senate bills is that the American public is "overutilizing" medical services that allegedly do not contribute to improving their health, and this "overutilization" should be eliminated in order to save money. The standard being set for determining "overutilization" is not directly specified, but implicitly, and sometimes explicitly, depends upon two parameters:

  1. Experience shows that the percentage of people actually cured, or prolonged in life, by the medical treatment required, does not reach a certain threshhold. This thinking, sold under the fancy name of Cost Effectiveness Research, was shockingly revealed in the infamous decision regarding mammograms taken by the Preventative Services Task Force, which is specifically cited in the Senate bill as the agency to rate the need for coverage. While acknowledging that the decision to recommend against annual mammograms for women under 50, and for only biannual mammograms for older women, would lead to more deaths, the task force decided it was "not enough deaths" to be worth the cost.

    Such thinking precisely mimics that of the Nazi doctors, who were following out Hitler's prescription that there are people who have "lives not worthy of life," and that they should be granted a mercy death.

  2. The legislative framework presumes that if you are over a certain age, your health care simply costs too much money. Provisions, however, are being made for you to be able to "choose" a painless death, perhaps through the British-tried-and-tested system of deep sedation. While no explicit age limits are set in the bill, various measures are included that will permit, if not encourage, elderly people to decide to refuse treatment, and die.

The fact that the mandated reductions in the cost of medical care are set to begin with Medicare and Medicaid—the programs for the elderly, and the poor and disabled—marks those populations as the chief targets for the genocide.

In addition to denying care to certain categories of the population, the new "reform" also contains numerous measures which will reduce the availability of medical and surgical facilities—by reducing reimbursements to those who cannot provide treatment cheaply enough, or at high enough "efficiency." This method—applied through Medicare and for-profit Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), which will be the implementors of the new plan as well—has already resulted in the dramatic reduction in hospital facilities through the United States, as well as laboratory facilities which perform services such as imaging. The rate of reduction of medical facilities will increase under the new bill, including nursing homes which serve the aged, and by application of the same method to physicians, resulting in a drastic decline in their numbers as well.

Thus, under the bill Obama is pushing, Americans will be subject to denial of medical and surgical care, and death by starvation and malnutrition—all in the name of saving money. Tens of thousands will be slated for death.

For his action to commit this Crime Against Humanity, President Obama should be impeached.

Count II.
Conspiracy To Violate the Separation of Powers
Provisions of the U.S. Constitution

President Obama has conspired, and acted to carry out, measures which, if implemented, would subvert the powers of the Legislative branch, in favor of the Executive, thus overturning the lawful separation of powers provided for in the U.S. Constitution.

While there are clear indications that the President is considering unilateral actions, under the Hitlerian doctrine of the Unitary Executive, in several areas of policy, there is open evidence of his intent to exercise such powers through his so-called health-care reform. We refer specifically to his personal insistence on the inclusion of an Independent Medicare Advisory Board (or Commission) in the bill, which would dictate the terms on what medical procedures would be paid for, and how much for whom; and his additional insertion into the bill, that no Congress, present or future, be permitted to make changes in the decisions of the IMAB. The clear intent is to "remove decisions from politics"—i.e., remove Congress from decisions on health-care spending altogether. Congress will be unable to make policy; even a majority vote will not be able to overturn the diktat.

Obama has personally, and obsessively, pressed for the IMAB provision since the Summer of 2009, making it clear that its mandate is to cut medical spending. Described by Obama and his aides as a "panel of experts," the IMAB method echoes that of Hitler's "panel of experts" at Tiergarten-4, the center of the 1939-41 euthanasia program under the Nazi regime, which panel reviewed paperwork on thousands of patients to one end: who should live, and who should die. There was no reprieve from the final decision of the top doctors who supervised the "experts" under Hitler—nor will there be one for those turned down by the "expert (shall we say death?) panels" set up by President Obama's health-care bill. Mass murder by the stroke of a pen.

The attempt to prevent Congress from overturning the broad IMAB decisions, through the "in perpetuity" clause, in the Senate bill, further shows the murderous, dictatorial intent of the White House, which intervened, along with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, to insert this provision into the bill.

If the IMAB mandate cannot be overturned by Congress, which is responsible for the health and welfare of its constituency, the result will be massive reductions in medical care, starting with Medicare and Medicaid. It was precisely to prevent such dictatorial action, that the Founders of the United States, in their drafting of the Constitution, made the Congress, not the President, responsible for measures on spending, taxation, and the provision for the general welfare.

In this respect, President Obama is engaged in a conspiracy to overturn the Constitutional order of the United States, including the guarantee of a republican government.

For this high crime, President Obama should be impeached.

Count III.
Conspiracy To Commit the United States
To an International Genocide Policy

President Obama's actions around the Copenhagen Climate Summit demonstrate his intention to not only endorse the international depopulation policy of the British monarchy, but to unconstitutionally commit the United States to implementing that policy.

The policy of the Obama Administration going into the Copenhagen summit, was a wholehearted embrace of the green genocide agenda being promoted by the British monarchy, its agents, and its sycophants. That agenda calls for an attack on population itself, as the major "cause" of so-called global warming, in addition to reducing life-sustaining activities such as modern agriculture and industry, nuclear power, and major infrastructure projects. In addition, the British-sponsored program called for the establishment of an international governing (or policing) agency which would mandate and enforce measures to suppress such life-sustaining activity, over and above the decisions of sovereign governments.

As has been amply demonstrated elsewhere, such a "green" agenda would result in genocide, starting with the underindustrialized Third World, and expanding globally.

President Obama had no mandate from the Congress, or the American people, to embrace such an agenda. The Congress refused to pass his climate change legislation, nor even the preceding treaty embodying the same idea, the Kyoto Protocol, of 1997. He had no power to cede authorities of the U.S. government, and the welfare of the U.S. population, to international authorities. In addition, leading Senators had warned the President to make no commitments to that agenda, because the Congress would never approve them.

In fact, the President was acting under the direction of a foreign power, the British monarchy, in furtherance of an international scheme which would lead to the commitment of Crimes Against Humanity against both other nations, and the United States itself.

For this high crime, President Obama should be impeached.

Count IV.
Conspiracy To Destroy the Sovereignty
Of the United States

President Obama, by his personal actions and those of his administration, has acted to destroy the United States economically, through commitments made to international agencies and powers, that would lead directly to the dissolution of the United States. These actions fall into the category of providing aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States, which makes them tantamount to treason.

The first indications that President Obama was acting to cede sovereignty of the United States occurred at the G20 meeting in London in April, at which time, the President agreed to a communiqué which implicitly moved in the direction of implementing the British scheme of establishing the International Monetary Fund as a world government. In the name of providing for "fiscal expansion," the G20 endorsed printing $250 billion of the IMF's Special Drawing Rights, as a step toward dramatically increasing the reserves of the IMF. The promotion of SDRs is a step in the direction of replacing the U.S. dollar as the world's reserve currency, and giving power over creation of credit, internationally, to the supranational IMF.

President Obama had no mandate for such an action from the U.S. government. To the contrary, the U.S. Congress had blocked a previous IMF resolution to double its number of SDRs, because such an issuance would not be subject to the sovereignty of the United States.

Thus, once again, President Obama was acting at the behest of a foreign government, once again, Great Britain, to the end of unconstitutionally yielding U.S. government control over currency to a supranational power. The successful ceding of such power would lead to the destruction of the United States, by giving life-or-death power over the United States to the enemy power located in the British imperial monetary system—in a manner similar to that ceded by the European nations to the European Union.

For this high crime, bordering on treason, President Obama should be impeached.

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