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This article appears in the April 9, 2010 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Stop the British Assassination Plot
Against President Obama!

by Anton Chaitkin and Nancy Spannaus

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April 2—"Within the wave of justified outrage against President Barack Obama's British-sponsored Nazi health bill, the British themselves are using their assets to target the President for assassination," charged Democratic Party leader and statesman Lyndon LaRouche March 25. "This British criminal operation must be identified, and stopped.

"The tell-tale sign that a violent operation is being planned against the President appears in a current diatribe by 'former Alabama militia member' Mike Vanderboegh, who is being pointed to as the individual who called for bricks to be thrown through the windows of Congressional offices," LaRouche said. While nominally eschewing assassination, Vanderboegh identifies himself as a hater of Abraham Lincoln, whom he accuses of having caused the death of hundreds of thousands of Americans by waging the Civil War, and of doing untold damage to the U.S. Constitution. "It is clear that Vanderboegh is indeed calling for Obama's assassination," LaRouche continued, and "his appeal to the British-created Confederacy is a clear marker that we are dealing with a British operation."

The current focal point of the mobilization of militia and other groups from the terrorist milieu against Obama, and the republic, is an "armed march" on the Potomac called by Vanderboegh, scheduled for April 19, the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. That march, which has now been endorsed by veteran right-wing provocateur Larry Pratt, is clearly aimed as a provocation, in an attempt to build an atmosphere conducive to the assassination of the President. It occurs within the context of a national Tea Party mobilization, which is bringing people to Washington, D.C. on April 15.

Not surprisingly, this so-called "right-wing" action has been mirrored by announcement from "anarchist" networks threatening to disrupt the Tea Party events. Such a gang/countergang phenomenon is a well-known British intelligence modus operandi.

Such actions should be taken very seriously, commented LaRouche in a March 29 press release. "We're in an environment like that before JFK's assassination," he stated, and "as in the run-up to the JFK assassination, many of these so-called militia and terrorist groups will be bogus. Most of them will be nothing—but they will create a cover for a real operation to go ahead."

LaRouche added that,

now that he's rammed through the Hitler health bill, Obama is expendable to his sponsors in Britain. They may move against him at any time, in order to accomplish their larger purpose—the destruction of the United States.

The British Pawprint

The British authorship of the planned April 19 provocation—which should by no means be considered the only event to watch—is not simply a matter of conjecture. EIR's research has uncovered that the planned armed instigation is practically a re-run of operations run by British Intelligence against the U.S. in the 1990s.

The key British operative for building up the militia groups, which were mobilized particularly against President Bill Clinton, then, was Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, still a reporter for the London Daily Telegraph. While resident in the U.S. in the mid-1990s, Sunday Telegraph Washington bureau chief Evans-Pritchard set up a web of paramilitary groups tied to British intelligence, and into corrupted U.S. military elements. Among his operatives were Jon Roland and Mike Vanderboegh.

Roland created his so-called "Constitutional Militia" in 1994, the period when the British were launching their "vast right-wing conspiracy" against the Clintons. Roland himself told this news agency, that Evans-Pritchard had put him "in touch with intelligence agents from around the world," and that they had together set up various agents in charge of militia groups in the Midwest and Texas. One of these agents, self-proclaimed former Naval Intelligence man Brad Glover, was arrested in July 1997, on charges of plotting to bomb a military base.

The Roland group came into some prominence in 1995, when, a few days before the Oklahoma City bombing of the Murrah Federal building, Roland forwarded to militia participants a report put out by Lord William Rees-Mogg of the London Times, in which he claimed that the Clinton Administration would soon begin oppressing militia people, and would carry out a big terror bombing and blame it on the militias. He induced deluded militia men to turn out to a March 25, 1995 rally in Cuero, Texas, to see if they would be arrested or shot.

Vanderboegh, who was part of Roland's "Constitutional militia," got into the spotlight somewhat later, as an "interpreter" of terrorist actions (i.e., a cover-up-artist for the British intelligence role). In his 1997 book, The Secret Life of Bill Clinton, Evans-Pritchard describes how he had set up Vanderboegh to publish material about the "broader conspiracy" behind the Oklahoma City bombing, through his Internet journal, the John Doe Times. Vanderboegh acknowledges his debt to Evans-Pritchard, whom he refers to as his "old compadre."

The British Kill American Presidents

As EIR has documented extensively over decades, and elaborated in LaRouche movement publications during late 1994 and early 1995, the British oligarchy has a long history of assassinating U.S. Presidents. Up until now, those assassinations—Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and Kennedy—have been carried out to destroy those presidencies' commitment to spreading the U.S. idea of progress. The American Presidents who have been assassinated were advancing U.S. interests in fierce conflict with British geopolitical aims, and their removal led, in all cases, to a reversal of policy, through the accession of their vice presidents.

Once the policy issues are understood, the identification of the British sponsors of these assassinations leaps out at the investigator. In each instance, one can discern the hand of British intelligence operations involved in deploying the assassin, along with corrupt elements within U.S. institutions which abetted the murders. EIR's well-documented research on this subject can be found in its website archive, at

But President Obama is a British puppet, you might object. Indeed, that is true. But, as the opposition to the Obama Presidency increases, in the wake of the health-care vote, and his other crimes, the British may well find that he is more useful to them dead than alive. The current activation of their known assets points in that direction.

In his March 29 statement, LaRouche emphasized that Obama has actually set himself up, and that his well-known narcissitic ego is his greatest vulnerability. "The sophisticated controllers of an assassination operation will count on Obama's ego to make him vulnerable," LaRouche said. "If they weren't sophisticated enough to realize and employ that, they wouldn't be running a serious assassination threat."

"The President should be kept safe, and removed quietly from office, by peaceful Constitutional means, as I have elaborated in my recent March 13 webcast. That is the only safe pathway to safety for the country, and the President," LaRouche concluded.

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