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This article appears in the April 22, 2011 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

LaRouche Science Team
Launches 'Operation Kepler'

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April 16—In the weeks immediately following the devastating earthquake and tsunami which hit northern Japan March 11—a catastrophe which heralded the potential of a civilization-threatening series of huge earthquakes around the planet in the coming period—Lyndon LaRouche launched "Operation Kepler," as a crash program for scientific collaboration which could deal with this crisis. It is on the success of this proposal for creating international cooperation for the most advanced scientific exploration of Earth, the Biosphere, and the Solar System—a true scientific renaissance on a world scale—that mankind's survival depends.

On April 11, LaRouche's Political Action Committee issued a call to arms on this project, pointing to some of the extraordinary videos now posted on the LPAC website with leading earthquake scientists and the LaRouche Basement Team, which are dedicated to furthering the effort. This statement provides the most appropriate introduction to the transcripts of the two videos which follow.

Man's Next Evolutionary Leap: Operation Kepler

"Fifty years have now passed since Man first stepped into space. As we celebrate this great evolutionary leap accomplished by our species, we should affirm in ourselves that man's presence in space is not a choice or a matter of opinion; it is the only true pathway to the long-term survival of the human race—a responsibility endowed on us by our Creator to live and work as co-creators of this universe, pulling ourselves up to successively higher scientific platforms in the course of our immortal mission to understand and improve that universe, and ultimately, to subject it to our creative will. As we face the now impending existential test, as to whether our species has the moral and intellectual fitness to survive a coming storm of great earthquakes and the like, this extraterrestrial imperative takes on a hue of urgency that makes it the defining political agenda for humanity as a whole right now.

"It is now undeniable that phenomena that we witness here on the Earth are inseparable from processes galactic in scale. In fact, the most significant developments in the biosphere—the periods of both mass extinction and expanded speciation—are showing themselves to be directly tied to galactic events, occurring on an approximately 62-million-year cycle, as our Solar System bobs up and down through the galactic plane. In addition to these long-wave processes, we are also now seeing that significant evidence exists which correlates dramatic seismic events, such as the recent wave of M8 earthquakes and greater, with solar activity such as massive flares and coronal mass ejections.

"There is much that we do not yet know about these processes, but, as we enter both a period of intensified solar activity, and, more broadly, as our Solar System swims back into the more volatile and dangerous regions of the galactic plane on its 62-million-year cycle, we must ask ourselves: Why are we, as cognitive human beings, not fully committed to monitoring and attempting to understand these processes? Why instead are we actively dismantling and taking down our capability to do so?

"In the wake of the disastrous earthquake and tsunami in Japan, international statesman Lyndon LaRouche called for the launching of what he dubbed 'Operation Kepler,' an international partnership among sovereign nations for the consolidation of a design for a global array of space-based and ground-based monitoring devices, for the measurement and tracking of a vast array of unseen processes, which would provide scientists with the ability to predict and foresee impending earthquakes and other seismic activity. This program would be based on the method of scientific insight demonstrated by Johannes Kepler, in his The Harmonies of the World, in which he utilized the contradiction between the images of the universe provided by two different human sense organs—in his case, sight and sound—which gave him the ability to discover the unseen principle of universal gravitation.

"A modern-day Operation Kepler would extend this method of scientific discovery into the vast array of extended sensory instruments which mankind has the power to develop, to 'see' processes which are completely invisible to our five biological senses. By triangulating among these artificial senses, all tracking different proven earthquake precursors, both terrestrial and extraterrestrial, and interpolating from the contradictions which arise among them, mankind would be able to derive a view of reality completely unseen by any of the individual measuring instruments from among the complex composing this globally extended sensorium. With this insight, we would be able to competently predict the occurrence of earthquakes, tsunamis, and other seismic events, and mobilize rapid, large-scale evacuations and relocations, thus saving countless numbers of human lives. Scientists such as Sergey Pulinets, Pier Francesco Biagi, and others have presented crucial material demonstrating that these earthquake precursors are indeed detectable and fully identifiable.

"This initiative, Operation Kepler, for the urgent mobilization of a global scientific and political collaboration—one based not on competition among various blocs of nations, but truly founded for the purpose of achieving the common aims of mankind—is the basis for a total revolution in international affairs, putting on the table the urgent necessity of both an anti-usury Glass-Steagall credit system here in the United States, coupled with a global fixed-exchange-rate system internationally, and the immediate expulsion of Barack Obama from the Presidency, on the grounds of Amendment 25 Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution.

"There are already signs of interest from various nations to cooperate in such a scientific program, such as recent suggestions made by Roscosmos Director Anatoly Perminov for the creation of what he calls 'an international global aerospace monitoring system,' pooling potential earthquake precursor data currently being collected by many separate nations for use by centralized scientific teams. There are also nascent studies being conducted by small but courageous bodies of scientists into solar-terrestrial and galactic-terrestrial relationships which have significant relevance for the science of earthquake forecasting, as cited with the cases of Biagi and Pulinets. These scientific teams need merely to be unleashed, with the sufficiently abundant funding to allow them the freedom to experiment and make new and revolutionary discoveries in yet-unexplored domains of physical science.

"So, as we celebrate the fifty-year anniversary of man's first expedition into interplanetary space, which U.S. astronaut Ron Garan, one of the crew of three aboard the Soyuz spacecraft which just docked with the International Space Station, described as 'a giant leap in our evolution as a species,' let us affirm in ourselves the true nature of the human being. We are the only creature which has the power of willful upward evolution. Just as mankind, in the person of Yuri Gagarin, made one willful evolutionary step towards a galactic identity for the human species, let us now make another such voluntary evolutionary leap, by dedicating ourselves to the creation of an expanded sensorium, as LaRouche's Operation Kepler defines it, allowing us, first, to exert willful control over predicting and mitigating the destructive effects of earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, and the like, and (eventually) to developing the power and understanding to control, and perhaps, ultimately, prevent them."

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