Volume 38, Number 16, April 22, 2011


Life Beyond Sense-Perception: Science vs. Mathematics  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Continuing his ongoing discussion, in collaboration with the researchers of the Basement Team, of the deadly limitations of man’s sense-perception, as a method of understanding the universe we inhabit, LaRouche proposes that we look beyond the “footprints” left by sensory experience, to the invisible object which has left those footprints behind. This is the point at which human cognition begins. The rising level of activity along the Rim of Fire, in the form of increased earthquake and volcanic eruptions, etc., means we must quickly eliminate the influence of the “fourth Roman Empire, especially its personification in the White House, the mentally unstable President Barack Obama. This will clear the way for the necessary remedies to both the global financial, and larger cosmic crises we currently face.


LaRouche Science Team Launches ‘Operation Kepler’  

In the weeks immediately following the devastating earthquake and tsunami which hit northern Japan March 11—a catastrophe which heralded the potential of a civilization-threatening series of huge earthquakes around the planet in the coming period—Lyndon LaRouche launched “Operation Kepler,” as a crash program for scientific collaboration which could deal with this crisis.

Russians Propose Global Warning System

The concept behind the International Global Monitoring Aerospace System (IGMASS), is forecasting by scientists around the globe, who would issue warnings, “in real time to prevent natural and man-made disasters.”

Interview with Sergey Pulinets: A Multi-Parameter Approach to Earthquake Forecasting  

Professor Pulinets is a researcher of earthquake precursors at the Fyodorov Institute of Applied Geophysics and the Moscow Center for Ionosphere Monitoring; he addressed the European Geosciences Conference in Vienna, which took place April 3-8, where he was interviewed by Daniel Grasenack-Tente of the Civil Rights Solidarity Movement.

LPAC-TV Weekly Report: The Implications of Sergey Pulinets’ Approach to Earthquake Forecasting  

A transcript of the April 13 Weekly Report, featuring, from the Basement, Ben Deniston and Sky Shields, who joined LaRouche for an in-depth discussion of the state of the scientific work on earthquake precursors, including a review of the implications of the work of Prof. Sergey Pulinets.


Pass Glass-Steagall Now!