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This article appears in the November 4, 2011 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

London's Puppet Obama
Triggering Global War

by Jeffrey Steinberg and Nancy Spannaus

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Nov. 1—As Lyndon LaRouche asserts in his "Qaddafi's Death," the larger significance of President Barack Obama's extrajudicial assassination of Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, at the close of the illegal NATO regime-change operation, has now become crystal clear: Under British puppet Obama, the United States is leading the planet into a Third World War that will cause greater devastation and loss of life than the two world wars of the previous century.

There is no solution to this existential threat to the continued survival of mankind without removing Obama from office immediately, under clear provisions of the U.S. Constitution. Obama can be impeached for crimes already committed and well-documented (see following article), including the illegal Libya War and the assassinations of American citizens without due process. He can also be immediately removed from office under Section 4 of the 25th Amendment, which provides for the orderly replacement of a U.S. President who is physically or mentally unfit to serve.

Obama's recent behavior has proven, beyond a doubt, that LaRouche was absolutely right—on April 11, 2009—when he publicly compared the President to Emperor Nero, and warned that Obama displayed symptoms of a severe narcissistic disorder that posed a grave threat, were he to remain, unchecked, in office for long. Nerobama's killer rage has now fully surfaced, and his safe removal from office is the only secure war-avoidance option left on the table.

The New Middle East Cockpit

There are clear indications that London and its White House puppet are committed to the forced removal of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from office, by the same means used to depose and assassinate Libyan leader Qaddafi. The efforts of the Obama Administration, through British lackey, U.S. UN Ambassador Susan Rice, to ram through a UN Security Council resolution against Syria, signalled this intention so clearly, that Russia and China took the very unusual step of both vetoing the resolution back in early October.

Any such attack on Syria would be part of a larger plan to militarily attack Iran as well, and the Russians are carrying out active diplomacy in order to stop it. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, on Nov. 1, declared that Russia supported the efforts of the Arab League to resolve the Syria crisis, but then clearly took aim at the war-mongering from the British-French-U.S. crew which ran the operation in Libya.

"We advocate an approach which, among others, is applied in Yemen," Lavrov said, according to a wire put out by "There was an initiative of the Cooperation council for the Arab States of the Gulf. And everyone, be it the Council itself, the Arab League, the EU, US, Russia or China, acted responsibly, without setting artificial deadlines, waiting for months until the goal was achieved."

"Isolation is not our approach," Lavrov continued. "If something goes wrong in Syria, many countries of the region will feel a negative impact. We can't support isolation because of the lesson we drew from Libya."

The Russian Ambassador to Qatar, Dr. Vladimir Titorenko, also addressed the Syria situation. Speaking in Qatar Oct. 31, he emphasized that Russia disapproves of the Syrian government's harsh crackdown and is involved in mediation with the opposition. But he cautioned that the situation is complicated by the fact that some opposition forces refuse to talk with the government, and are actually conducting a shooting war against it. "Some outside elements are arming the demonstrators," he charged.

Iran Is Next

Russia's relationship with Iran is different than that with Syria: Any attack on Iran, which borders on territory formerly within the Soviet Union, would be deemed a casus belli for Moscow. So, any further war-making targeting Syria and Iran—as now planned in London and in the Obama White House—would immediately extend the conflict into the larger Eurasian region, and would draw in Russia.

The assassination of Qaddafi, as he was reportedly in the process of surrendering to international forces, was carried out to maintain the war momentum. Claims that London, Paris, and Washington feared the embarrassment of a Qaddafi trial, exposing deep ties to the Libyan leader, and had him assassinated to avert the public exposure are not the whole truth. The real motive behind the assassination was to accelerate the drive for further wars targeting Syria and Iran.

At the very moment that Lavrov issued his warning to Washington and London, new propaganda was being churned out in Israel and the United States, accelerating the targeting of both Syria and Iran.

The Israeli daily Ha'aretz revealed Nov. 1 that a diplomatic cable had been sent out to Israeli ambassadors around the world, alerting them to the assessment that Iran is now close enough to obtaining a nuclear weapon, that Israel may be forced to take action. The next day, Israeli newspapers reported that the Netanyahu Cabinet was close to reaching a majority in favor of an attack on Iran.

Also on Nov. 1, Associated Press reported that new allegations of a secret nuclear installation in Syria are being reviewed in Washington, and by the International Atomic Energy Agency. Just such allegations led to a bombing raid by Israel against Syria, with U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney's blessing, in 2007.

The Israeli line about Iran being close to obtaining a nuclear bomb is pure disinformation—and even top officials in the Israeli Defense Forces and the Mossad know it. The Iranian nuclear program is largely in shambles. The continuing impact of the stuxnet computer virus is significantly hampering the ongoing enrichment efforts at the Iranian facilities at Natanz and Qom, according to senior U.S. intelligence sources. Other technical problems, tied to the tight sanctions against Iran, as well as the assassinations of at least four key Iranian nuclear physicists in the past two years, has further delayed and stymied the Iranian nuclear project.

And a recently updated U.S. National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran's nuclear program, according to journalist Seymour Hersh, concluded that the 2007 estimate that Iran disbanded its nuclear weaponization program in the Autumn of 2003, was still accurate. Iran is not now pursuing a nuclear weapon, but is pursuing expanded nuclear power—in cooperation with Russia.

London's Motive for Pushing World War

What could possibly be behind London's berserker drive to provoke a conflict in the Middle East cockpit which would certainly lead to general global war, with a high likelihood that nuclear weapons would be used? The entire British imperial system is facing an existential breakdown crisis, centered in the trans-Atlantic region. The entire European financial and monetary system is hopelessly bankrupt. The recent "deal" brokered by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy did absolutely nothing to solve the bankruptcy of the European and City of London banks.

The situation in the United States is no better. The so-called "Big Six" Wall Street banks—Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Citibank, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Wells Fargo—are equally bankrupt. The U.S. banks are exposed to the now unraveling European debt crisis, and they are still sitting on trillions of dollars on near-worthless mortgage-backed securities and derivatives contracts. The whole trans-Atlantic system, as presently constituted, is doomed in the near term.

This financial disintegration is already driving a process of social disintegration, most graphically seen in Greece, where Prime Minister George Papandreou just replaced his top military brass, raising the question of whether the military is seriously considering a coup d'état to avoid the total destruction of the nation. Virtually every other European nation, starting with the so-called PIIGS countries (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain)—is facing the same disintegration. Great Britain itself is hardly immune to the process. And the United States is not far behind.

In contrast, Russia is not in a state of disintegration. China and India are continuing to grow. The British imperial faction cannot allow the Asia-Pacific region to remain stable, as the trans-Atlantic region goes through social and political and economic disintegration.

London has apparently decided that it cannot allow the LaRouche program for Glass-Steagall, a credit-led economic recovery, and an alliance with Russia and China, along with India, to go forward, despite the fact that its policies represent virtual suicide for the trans-Atlantic region itself. Any movement towards implementation of LaRouche's seven-point recovery program, including the creation of a fixed-exchange-rate credit system among the world's leading sovereign nation-states, would spell the end of the British Empire, and it is the Empire, not the people, that the London imperium is determined to try to save.

No Local Wars

The British Empire has been in a similar place before.

Beginning in the 1890s, Britain's Prince Albert Edward—later King Edward VII—moved to provoke a series of regional wars across Eurasia. His objective was to stop the further expansion of the American System into the continent, an expansion expressed in the U.S.-Russian collaboration on the completion of the Trans-Siberian Railroad and the proposal by Czar Nicholas to build a link between the Russian Far East and Alaska across the Bering Strait. Germany under Bismarck had adopted American System methods in promoting war-avoidance cooperation with Russia, including the construction of a rail link between Berlin and Baghdad. France under Gabriel Hanotaux had advanced similar American System-inspired projects, including a railroad from Paris to Vladivostok, and across the northern tier of the African continent.

All of these moves threatened to destroy the power of the British Empire, with its control over the strategic sea lanes of Eurasia. Albert Edward struck a deal with the Japanese Emperor to launch a series of wars in the Far East. Japan successively went to war against China and then Russia. Similar London-engineered wars were launched in Asia Minor. Ultimately the Balkan Wars, in conjunction with the other manipulated war provocations, brought on World War I, with the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo. The "Guns of August" were unleashed then, and again, less than 30 years later, using London's Hitler project as the new marcher lord for world war.

Whereas World War I and World War II were detonated by the Balkan conflict, the only difference today is that the center of London's war provocations has shifted slightly eastward to the Persian Gulf and Southwest Asia. Any attack today by London's "Obama project" on Syria or Iran means general war. A war against Iran would immediately draw in neighboring Pakistan, a nation that has been already destroyed by a Thirty Years War launched by London, and largely carried out by successive U.S. Presidencies.

Pakistan was targeted by London from the moment that former Prime Minister Ali Bhutto announced his intentions to build nuclear power plants and bring Pakistan into the 20th Century. Bhutto was toppled by a London-Washington backed military coup, and executed for his crimes against London's diktat: No Arab or Muslim nation will ever be allowed to fully develop and prosper as a modern nation-state.

Within a short period of years after the Bhutto execution, the entire Pakistan/Afghanistan region was drawn into an asymmetric war to drive the Soviet Army out of Afghanistan, into which it had foolishly been entrapped. Nearby, the Islamic Revolution in Iran had provided the pretext for an eight-year Persian Gulf War between Iran and Iraq—a war of mutual destruction that British agents like Henry Kissinger relished, and that was immediately followed by Operation Desert Storm, targeting the Saddam Hussein regime in Baghdad for eventual military overthrow. The decade-long asymmetric war to drive the Soviets out of Afghanistan destroyed Pakistan. Opium production and heroin processing, vital to the financing of the Afghan mujahideen program, created a deep structure of crime and corruption within the Pakistani military and intelligence structures.

When the Soviets withdrew, defeated, from Afghanistan, the United States turned tail and withdrew from all responsibilities to rebuild the war-ravaged Pakistan and Afghanistan. Indeed, the U.S. Congress showed their gratitude to Pakistan by invoking the Pressler Amendment, cutting off all aid to Pakistan, because it was pursuing a nuclear weapons capability.

Today, Pakistan's leaders are convinced that the United States is poised once again, to abandon them, when it is time to withdraw American forces from Afghanistan in time for Obama's reelection campaign.

Strange Bedfellows

The Middle East cockpit is set to explode, and one of the leading tools that can be exploited by London is its Zionist marcher-lord state, Israel. An Israeli attack on Iran or Syria would be the detonator for a regional war that would almost immediately devolve into a global conflagration, drawing in the United States, Russia, China, and India.

The British use of their Israeli tool Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is further complemented by Britain's other key asset in the region—Saudi Arabia. Since the death of Franklin Roosevelt, Saudi Arabia has been drawn fully into the British orbit. This arrangement was sealed with the 1985 Al-Yamamah covert intelligence project, which continues to this day, and is the largest source of offshore covert funds to finance wars all over the globe.

As part of the London-engineered drive for world war, starting in the Middle East cockpit, British assets Saudi Arabia and Israel have been converging on a strange-bedfellows alliance against their common enemies: Syria and Iran. After Netanyahu received more than 30 standing ovations from a slavishly adoring U.S. Congress during his last official visit to Washington, both London and Tel Aviv are convinced that, once Israel launches an attack on Iran and/or Syria, President Obama will commit American forces to "finish the job."

Obama Must Be Removed from Office

There is but one simple and elegant way to prevent this nightmare from playing out in the immediate days ahead. As LaRouche has demanded since April 2009, Obama must be removed from office—because he is mentally unfit to serve as President. The list of "high crimes and misdemeanors" committed by this President over the past three years is more than sufficient to warrant his impeachment. Were either of these options to be taken up by Congress, or by the Vice President, Obama would be robbed, permanently, of the authority to carry forward with London's cries for war, war, and more war. Obama's Constitutional removal from office is vital. But the public move to bring him down, itself, would be a powerful deterrent to London's drive to provoke World War III.

The move to launch new wars against Syria and Iran, are already underway. London's planners know that any action against these two nations would draw in Russia; and any action against Pakistan would draw in China. British agent Susan Rice made herself perfectly clear, when she went ballistic against Russia and China for vetoing the UN Security Council resolution that would have launched a Libya-style regime-change campaign against the Assad government in Syria.

The Guns of November are set to go off. The countdown to world war has begun.

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