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This article appears in the June 8, 2012 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Kesha Rogers Wins Again!

by Harley Schlanger and Nancy Spannaus

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When LaRouche Democrat Kesha Rogers won the Democratic primary election in the 22nd District of Texas in 2010, on a platform of impeaching Barack Obama and reviving the NASA space program, Democratic Party officialdom—from the White House on down—was terrified. They were fearful that the image of Obama as invincible would be damaged, and they were determined that the national leadership shown by Rogers would never be permitted to win such a victory again.

Thus, in the course of the 2012 primary elections, when Rogers ran again as part of the LaRouche National Slate, the entire focus of her Democratic Party opposition was to "Stop Kesha." The local party leadership even admitted that their alternate candidate could not beat the incumbent Republican, but that Rogers had to be defeated at all cost. By such antics, including a vicious smear campaign against Rogers, in which they succeeded in preventing any debate on crucial issues, they did succeed in suppressing the vote in the May 29 Democratic primary to abysmal levels—but Kesha won again.

While Rogers received 51% of the vote in the 2012 primary, fewer than 7,300 Democrats voted, compared to more than the 62,000 votes she received in the general election in November 2010, as the Democratic Party nominee. The voter suppression campaign tactics adopted by the Obama team successfully reduced the Democratic vote in the district by an astounding 88%!

However, the failure of the Obama campaign team—which directed the anti-Kesha campaign—to demoralize all Texas Democrats, as evidenced by Rogers' victory, points to an enhanced potential for the sudden removal of the President from the Oval Office. Obama's popularity is collapsing, which can be seen in the 40% of Democratic primary voters who voted against him in recent weeks in West Virginia, Arkansas, and Kentucky. The vote for Kesha in Texas confirms this pattern of disgust with Obama, as both Kesha and her opponents made him the issue in the 22nd C.D. Only this time, the vote against Obama among Democrats was over 50%.

With Obama removed from office, it would be likely that there would be an upsurge of support for the LaRouche emergency program promoted by Rogers, which calls for immediate re-implementation of Glass-Steagall banking regulations, a return to a Hamiltonian credit system, and funding for major job-creating, wealth-producing projects, especially the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA) great water engineering project—all of which are opposed by Obama, who is a puppet of City of London-Wall Street speculative financial interests.

Press Our Advantage

When briefed on Rogers' victory, Lyndon LaRouche said that this is an opportunity for American patriots to "press our advantage," to remove Obama. "We have been right about him," LaRouche added. "He is evil, and is destroying the nation.

"Look what his campaign did in Texas," he continued, "engaging in voter suppression." Obama and his allies "are destroying what's left of their own base.... Most Texas Democrats ought to be ashamed that they tolerate such evil; at least some [those who voted for Kesha, and gave her the victory] emerged with their dignity."

It should be noted that Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder, who is under scrutiny for his role in the "Fast and Furious" gun-running scandal, and who has angered many Democrats with his defense of Obama's dictatorial measures to extend spying on American citizens, while offering legal justifications for the President's right to kill Americans suspected of links to al-Qaeda, may have added to the voter suppression. Holder had ordered Justice Department officials to monitor the vote in the 22nd District, allegedly to guard against "voter intimidation." While the officials reported no incidents, the real voter intimidation was done by the Obama Democrats, in convincing voters, especially African-Americans, to stay home, to prevent them from casting their ballots for Rogers.

Rogers' victory was the result of two things: her personal determination to take a "top-down" approach, leading with the life-and-death strategic issues, especially focusing on the need to remove Obama, and to implement the LaRouche three-part solution to reverse the economic collapse—Glass-Steagall, a national credit system, and NAWAPA—and an intense effort by her supporters, who realized that every discussion with voters, whether at book tables, door-to-door organizing, or phone calls, was a critical battle to move each person they were addressing. This was not just a matter of saying that "every vote counts," but of communicating that every citizen must take personal responsibility for the future of the nation.

At her victory celebration after the vote, Rogers emphasized that this victory is just the start, that beginning the next morning, she and her supporters will be mobilizing to recruit more and more people to the mission of restoring the American System, to create a better future.

Defeating the British Empire

It is this optimism which threatens the continued control of the British Empire over the U.S. If the American people can be awakened to battle—what LaRouche calls the "Pearl Harbor syndrome"—they can become an unstoppable force.

The day after Rogers won in 2010, the London Economist, voice of the Empire, took notice of her declared war against London, in a sarcastic item titled "America on verge of war with British empire." But clearly the message had gotten across that there was a mood among the American people which made them responsive to LaRouche's leadership—and that was reason for London's alarm. Similar alarm obviously spread through the London-aligned U.S. establishment, and it has done its best to bully any opposition to Obama that might have been encouraged by Rogers' win.

It will be more difficult this time. Two years later, the American population is increasingly disgusted by this President, as well as his anointed Republican opponent, and is running away from the political system as rapidly as possible. Rogers' victory, as part of the National Slate which is pursuing a unified campaign for Glass-Steagall, a national credit system, NAWAPA XXI, and ousting Obama, will potentially moralize them into action.

Rogers, like the other members of the LaRouche National Slate, did not campaign on local issues, or play on local prejudices. Her concerted focus was to present a program of national leadership, a true Presidential campaign platform, which would address the needs of the nation as a whole.

For lawful reasons, the population in the Texas district where Rogers was campaigning is among the most demoralized in the nation. Not only have they lived under the Bushes and their like for years, but the corruption that goes with a loser mentality has dominated the Democrats. It was clear throughout this campaign that many "regular" Democrats admired Rogers' courage and her vision, but were intimidated into keeping silent. Yet, a sufficient number came forward on election day to give her a narrow, but decisive win.

The fear of further LaRouche Slate victories is spreading. A blog called "Democratic Underground," tied to funding by British operative and drug-promoter George Soros, posted warnings that there are LaRouche candidates running in New Jersey—Diane Sare, whose primary is June 5—and in Washington State, Dave Christie. "LaRouchies are dangerous and can sneak up on you," wrote the frightened blogger, who advocates the kind of smear campaign which did not work against Rogers. The same tactic is being used in Michigan, where Obama Democrats are slandering LaRouche Democrat Bill Roberts, because they do not dare to debate him!

As LaRouche commented, another decisive defeat of the Obama Democrats, such as that handed to them by Kesha Rogers, may trigger mass defections, opening the door for his abrupt removal.

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