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This article appears in the December 7, 2012 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Time To Free Americans from
Andrew Jackson's Treason!

by Nancy Spannaus

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Dec. 3—The hammerlock now preventing the U.S. Congress from taking the actions required to save the United States and the world from the British Empire's policies of depopulation through genocidal austerity or nuclear war, does not lie in any procedure or political force, per se. It resides in the minds of the majority of American citizens, who remain enslaved by the myth of the most treasonous President we have ever had, Andrew Jackson.

It was the Jackson Presidency, from 1828 to 1836, which ripped apart the American System of economics and politics, with repercussions that still potentially fatally corrupt our system today. Steered by his British controllers, the manipulable Jackson both founded the political party system, and ripped apart the American credit system, most importantly by destroying the Second Bank of the United States. These actions amounted to treason, and led directly to the Civil War, as Congressman and former President John Quincy Adams pointed out at the time. They have done permanent damage which must now be reversed.

Today, the Obama Administration is poised to finish the destruction of the United States which Andrew Jackson's Presidency began, using populist and partisan rantings to destroy the country economically, and perhaps in World War III. The Jacksonian Republicans are buying into the same game. To create the conditions to thwart this threat, the LaRouche Political Action Committee has released a new exposé, How Andrew Jackson Destroyed the United States, which is must-reading for those who would save the United States from being crushed by the British Empire.

Documenting the Treason

Lyndon LaRouche PAC leader Michael Kirsch has put together a devastating, airtight case, that should convince any patriotic American that Jackson's actions in taking down the Second Bank of the United States were directed by British/Wall Street operatives determined to crush this nation's industrial power, and that these actions dealt the country a devastating blow. He shows that Jackson operated as a tool of traitors, such as Alexander Hamilton's assassin Aaron Burr, and Burr's close collaborator and partner Martin Van Buren, who exercised their control with the utmost secrecy, in order to avoid any popular blowback. The "war hero" Jackson suited their purposes just fine, to dupe the population into cheering on its own demise.

Jackson's controllers, such as Van Buren and Kentucky newspaper man Amos Kendall, actually created the Democratic Party machine which mobilized to destroy the Bank of the United States (BUS), based on accusations and lies which were all ultimately proven to be false. But the lies, sent out through the party press, did generate the partisan fervor—supplemented by a generous dose of payoffs and other corruption—that could be used to ram through policies that ripped apart the nation. Jackson's controllers then used that popularity to usurp the powers of the Congress, and take the first steps toward a dictatorship of the Executive branch, while declaring that he represented the "will of the people."

The largest of those lies was that the Bank of the United States (BUS) was a merely a tool of the rich and of foreigners. The reality, as Kirsch documents through the words of contemporaries, is that it provided the credit for rapid industrial and infrastructure expansion in the 1820s, expansion which benefitted the common laborer, small entrepreneur, and free landholder. To the contrary, the Jackson-Van Buren anti-Bank measures were to the benefit of the slaveholders and Wall Street—a fact attested to by dozens of letters from organizations around the country opposing the shutdown of the Bank's operations, many of which Kirsch quotes.

One way Jackson got around the opposition was, of course, distributing the spoils, and opening up opportunities for hundreds of state banks to be set up, allegedly "freed" of regulation by the National Bank. But this program resulted in hyperinflation and ruin, as the international financial powers moved in to take control, and ruin spread across the land.

Ultimately, the Jackson-Van Buren operation so destroyed the nation's credit that the United States not only went through the Depression-Crash of 1834-37, but lost control of its own credit, and was increasingly ruled by the British Empire, through the imposition of the restrictive gold standard and free trade. Then came the Civil War, which was only won due to the extraordinary leadership of pro-National Bank Abraham Lincoln.

Kirsch's full paper is posted on, and will be produced in pamphlet form in the weeks ahead.

The Relevance Today

The astute reader of Kirsch's history will be stunned by the similarity of tactics and the substance of the policies of British tool Jackson, and the Obama Administration today.

Most clear is the way both Presidents violated the Constitution by usurping the powers of the Congress. Jackson, often called "King Andrew" in his day, did this by running roughshod over the legislature in his removal of national monies from the National Bank, contrary to his legal prerogative. John Quincy Adams described Jackson as having become prosecutor, jury, judge, and executioner in his destruction of the Bank. That very same description applies to Barack Obama today, in his imposition of police-state powers, his killler-drone policy, and initiation of wars without Congressional consent.

Then there's economic policy.

At the moment, the Congress and the American population are being confronted with the so-called choice presented by the "fiscal cliff," allegedly a crisis calling for a decision as to whether to raise taxes or decimate government spending for the public welfare. In reality, this is no choice at all, because both sides proceed from the Jacksonian idea that the country is divided on the basis of those who have money, and those who don't. Neither side understands that the welfare of the nation depends upon the government's creating credit, by investing in increasing the productive powers of the nation.

Such a credit policy, however, depends upon the national government having sovereign control over its currency—precisely the policy which the LaRouche movement proposes with its three-point program of Glass-Steagall restoration, a National Bank, and major infrastructure projects such as NAWAPA XXI. Jacksonians attacked that policy as "big government" and a "monster bank"—precisely the attacks we hear today from the Jacksonian Republicans. The Jacksonian Democrats' alternative—free trade, redistribution of money to "the people," and cutting back lending (austerity) for a "balanced budget"—is precisely what we hear from the Jacksonian Democrats today, most emphatically including Barack Obama.

The Party System

Most people today, even Members of Congress, don't think in terms of such overarching economic policies, of course. They are too stuck in local issues, or just fighting to defend what they have, without paying any attention to how to create new national wealth. They are controlled not by the lure of policies, but by political party ties, the other major curse that has come down to us from Andrew Jackson.

Jackson himself, Kirsch shows, never created anything. His personality was simply the vehicle for Wall Street types such as Martin Van Buren to build a mindless political party system, which would direct the energies of the public into supporting a party leader, even if they absolutely disagreed with his policies. This happened repeatedly with Jackson's campaign to take down the BUS and the credit system. Democrats who knew Jackson's policies were destroying the nation, nonetheless went along with them out of party loyalty, or because of party patronage on which their livelihood might well have depended. They capitulated to what appeared to be popular, an expression of the "democratic will," rather than thinking about what policies would benefit the entire nation.

Today, the very same process prevails. The partisan warfare in Washington and around the country overwhelms any discussion of the real political and strategic issues that confront us: bankruptcy and potential nuclear war. The so-called democratic process is nothing but a power struggle between two factions whose loyalty is to their short-term advancement, and leaves them open to manipulation by the oligarchy which in fact controls the financial system—centered in London.

You know it's true. Red team vs. Blue team? Is this what should determine the fate of the nation on which the world's future heavily depends?

This is why we must break the Jackson myth, once and for all, freeing Democrats to take the necessary actions to remove Obama from office for his impeachable crimes, and Republicans to embrace the economic policies of the American System, which their standard-bearer Abraham Lincoln gave his life to defend.

By the way, Abraham Lincoln knew what treason Jackson was up to. But you'll have to read How Andrew Jackson Destroyed the United States to get the story.

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