Volume 39, Number 48, December 7, 2012


Greater Mideast: Trigger for War, or New Development Era  

In this, the second installment of EIR’s coverage of the Schiller Institute’s conference in Flörsheim, Germany, Nov. 24-25, we publish presentations from the panel titled, “The Greater Middle East: Trigger for World War III or for the Beginning of a New Era.” As Helga Zepp-LaRouche put it in her opening remarks: “What we propose concretely is an economic development plan for the entire region of Southwest Asia.... Rather than this area becoming the cockpit of the thermonuclear destruction of the planet, we should make it one of the most prosperous and well-developed regions of the world.”

The Global Consequences of Instability in the Middle East  

by Ambassador Ali Reza Sheikh Attar

A Revolutionary Development Plan for the Near and Middle East  

by Hussein Askary

Re-Reading Iran—A Friend Rather than a Foe

by Ghoncheh Tazmini


To Save the Nation: Time To Free Americans from Andrew Jackson’s Treason!  

by Nancy Spannaus

Nancy Spannaus introduces a groundbreaking new report from LaRouche PAC’s Michael Kirsch, which digs into American history to uncover the source of the stupefication of today’s U.S. population: the treasonous Presidency of Andrew Jackson, which undid the burgeoning American economy, particularly, Hamilton’s Bank of the United States, and replaced it with “popular democracy.”

Obama Revives Truman ‘Loyalty Program’

by Edward Spannaus

In his latest power-grab, Obama issued a Presidential Memorandum on Nov. 21, establishing an Insider Threat Program, targeting potential whistle-blowers and anyone else who is deemed to represent a “threat to national security.”

Life in the Doldrums... What Happened to ‘The Times’?  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

It’s what the venerable New York Times does not see fit to print that you should be concerned about.


Global Showdown Goes into Deadly New Phase  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The Obama Administration is working out final details of the next-phase escalation in the U.S./NATO drive to overthrow Syria’s Assad government. At the same time, the planned deployment of Patriot III missiles in Turkey will be seen as an act of war by Russia and China, one they cannot accept.

Not Fit for Public Office: Defeat Susan Rice for Her Genocide in Africa  

by Lawrence K. Freeman

In addition to Rice’s lying about the terrorist attack in Benghazi, her mass-murderous activities in Africa, going back 20 years, render her grossly unqualified to hold any high office, including that of Secretary of State.


To Rebuild after Sandy: Unleash the Army Corps of Engineers!  

by Marcia Merry Baker

After the reality shock from Superstorm Sandy, Congressional delegations from the Northeast testified at a Senate hearing Nov. 29, on the storm’s impact in their districts, striking the common theme that the Army Corps of Engineers must be unleashed in the region.

Congressmen Look to ‘Big Vision’ Projects


They’re Giving You the Right To Die