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This article appears in the January 3, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

LaRouche: Ukraine's Decision
Averts World War for Now

by an EIR Research Team

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Dec. 28—In a series of policy papers released during the Christmas to New Year's week, Lyndon LaRouche reviewed the Nov. 21, 2013 decision by the government of Ukraine not to finalize a free-trade agreement with the European Union, and its earlier decision to drop its bid to join NATO; he warned that, while Ukraine's moves to ally with Eurasia have for now averted an otherwise inevitable plunge into global war, the danger will persist as long as Barack Obama occupies the U.S. Presidency, and the Anglo-Dutch financial oligarchy retains its control over global finance. While the trans-Atlantic region, including Europe and the United States, continues to plunge into physical economic and financial ruin, the nations of Eurasia, from Russia to China and India, continue to forge economic cooperation plans for genuine growth. This factor is driving the Anglo-Dutch imperial faction to pursue policies provoking regional conflict, genocidal wars, and mass starvation.

LaRouche's "The Strategy for the New Year" is the Feature in this issue. His other strategic studies of the past week include "Science and Christmastime" and "The Science of the Human Mind." Taken together, they represent an important advance in the comprehension of what is unique about the human mind and, by extension, about human society, which is uniquely capable of conceptualizing and organizing the future. These documents are critical to a positive outcome to the global struggle today.

In Eurasia, leading nations are conspiring to secure a future of scientific advancement, sovereign cooperation, and economic progress. This was highlighted by the successful landing of a Chinese Moon rover, which is transmitting data back to Earth that will provide potential breakthroughs for the Strategic Defense of the Earth against asteroid and comet threats.

At the same time, economic cooperation agreements have been struck among Russia, Ukraine, China, India, Japan, and South Korea, which hold out the prospect of a bright future for the population of Eurasia, which represents that vast majority of the 7 billion people now living on this planet (see Documentation). Asian nations are also in the forefront of advances towards a commercial thermonuclear fusion reactor, which will provide almost infinite access to cheap power, vital minerals, and water. As LaRouche has emphasized repeatedly in the past year, a thermonuclear fusion breakthrough, combined with a nested series of trans-Pacific development projects, including the North American Water and Power Alliance, the Bering Strait Tunnel, the New Silk Road, and the Kra Canal, can secure a century of progress and prosperity for all mankind.

Such an agreement, involving the leading nations of the trans-Pacific region—including the United States—is the only alternative to the population reduction plans of the Anglo-Dutch oligarchy, including its Wall Street and Obama assets in the United States.

The Anglo-Dutch Strategy

Ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the Anglo-Dutch strategy has centered on encircling both Russia and China with hostile powers, to prevent Eurasian development plans that would mean the end of centuries of oligarchical power. The plans of the Anglo-Dutch, most directly spelled out by Prince Philip, the British royal consort, and the late Prince Bernhard, the Dutch royal consort, involve the reduction of the human population to below 1 billion people, through various methods of mass killing.

To accomplish this objective, the Anglo-Dutch first concentrated on the trans-Atlantic region, particularly the United States. Through outsourcing vital high-technology and machine-tool capability, cuts in scientific research and education, speculative looting, and other means, the United States has been virtually destroyed as an industrial and technological power. Under the European Union system, Europe has been even more destroyed, with Germany the last breathing element of economic potential in continental Europe.

Within this overall scheme, Ukraine was a particular target. By forcing Ukraine to capitulate to membership in the European Union and NATO, the Anglo-Dutch forces aimed to destroy Russia and to break the developing Eurasian bridge. Ukraine's capture by the Western imperial bloc would represent a deadly threat to Russia's ability to defend itself.

Indeed, the current policy, which has now been severely set back by Ukraine's sovereign decision to reject the EU blackmail and maintain its economic ties to Russia and points east, is a replay of the late-19th-Century program that led to the two world wars and the Cold War of the 20th Century. As LaRouche has written in his recent papers, the ouster of German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck in 1890 marked the beginning of a century of world war.

What is different about the current situation is that Russia and China both possess overkill second-strike nuclear weapons capabilities. This means that any attempt by the Anglo-Americans to launch a nuclear first strike to wipe out any future challenge from Russia or China means human extinction. Top Russian officials have made clear in recent weeks that the U.S. new strategic doctrine of Prompt Global Strike will be met by massive Russian nuclear second strikes. Russian military officials have also repeatedly warned their Pentagon counterparts that they are vastly underestimating the size of China's second-strike capabilities. Taken in combination, Russia and China can counter any U.S. nuclear first strike.

Nonetheless, there is every indication that the British imperial faction is intent upon pursuing its confrontation strategy, as recent developments in East and Southwest Asia indicate (see Documentation).

The Obama Factor

While the renewed emphasis on this Russian-Chinese second-strike capability has thrown a serious obstacle in the way of those contemplating world war, the danger will persist so long as Anglo-Dutch pawn Barack Obama remains in the White House, and Wall Street (an appendage of London) maintains control of U.S. policy.

The collapse of the Obama Presidency, under the weight of the failed Obamacare and Dodd-Frank policies, Edward Snowden's revelations of NSA spying, and other impeachable crimes too numerous to itemize here, does hold open the possibility of Obama's near-term removal from office. The biggest obstacle in the way of this happy prospect is the political bankruptcy of the two political parties and the overall lack of genuine patriotic political leadership. Under the U.S. Constitution, the case for Obama's impeachment is open and shut. And his remaining in office all but certainly dooms the United States to collapse, with grave global implications.

An early impeachment or forced resignation of Obama, combined with the restoration of the Glass-Steagall law to break the power of Wall Street, is the urgent solution to the war danger. Only by such actions, in the early weeks of January when Congress returns to Washington, can there be a secure guarantee that thermonuclear war can be averted. Under a Joseph Biden Presidency, the United States could return to the basic principles of Constitutional government and launch the kind of recovery and genuine economic growth that can only be achieved by Glass-Steagall cancellation of the cancerous gambling debt of Wall Street and London. Glass-Steagall in the United States is the most powerful blow that can be delivered to the Anglo-Dutch system of oligarchical, monetarist rule.

This is the New Year's mandate for 2014.

For more, see Lyndon LaRouche's Dec. 27 webcast, at

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